3 Roses: Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

The symbolism of flowers is rich and vast, and it varies depending on the region and its specific flora, the system of belief, religion, mythology, local customs, and more. In short, the symbolism of flowers is culturally shaped.

However, most of us would agree that different flowers and flowers, in general, represent various positive things.

Flowers are associated with rebirth and renewal, fertility, abundance, joy, happiness, prosperity, kind feelings, and gentle emotions.

Flowers are associated with the spring season, the birth of life, and promising times.

The custom of giving flowers is present all around the world, with a very complex set of meanings associated with different flower species.

People would often express their feelings towards someone by giving them flowers.

It is called floriography, which means ‘flower-writing’.

Each flower has a special symbolism, depending on the specie, number of flowers, and/or their colors.

For example, in some countries, it is inappropriate to give someone an even number of flowers, for it is associated with the deceased, it is a sign of mourning, and is associated with death.

Typically, three to five flowers are given to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or something of the sort.

Special occasions would require large bouquets of many flowers. Growing and taking care of potted flowering plants is a separate dimension.

In general, it is good to have flowers in your surroundings. They bring refreshment and color into life.

Giving flowers is considered a kind gesture of attention, affection, admiration, devotion, love, and much more.

Rose Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Rose flower is associated mostly with positive ideas and emotions.

It represents love, passion, devotion, admiration, respect, immortality, sensuality, courage, hope, and much more. The color of roses defines the specific meaning.

There will be more talk on the rose color symbolism later on.

In general, all lighter tones are associated with kindness, care, and friendship, while warm, fiery ones are associated with action, passion, and affection.

It is interesting to note that roses are featured on tarot cards.

Specifically, the card of the Fool, the Magician, the death, and the Strength. All these cards are associated with our potential to reach an inner balance.

They represent a bond between the world of spirit and the world of matter.

The roses, as flowers of eternity and immortality, represent a bridge between the world.

Roses are not symbolic flowers only. Beautiful, fragrant, and colorful, roses have many useful properties, so they are used in skin-care products, and perfumes, but also for culinary purposes.

Apart from their rich symbolism, roses are very useful flowers.

Rose Mythology and Religious Symbolism

Roses have been admired and grown since far past. They are probably the most symbolized flower ever.

The first thing that comes to mind when speaking of roses’ symbolism is love and passion.

Depending on the rose color, we use this flower to express our strongest emotions.

The ‘Queen of flowers’, the powerful, beautiful rose has been popular amongst all people, from poor peasants and commoners to mighty aristocrats, knights and ladies, kings and queens.

Roses have a very prominent place in mythology.

According to Greek mythology, roses are associated with the goddess of love, beautiful Aphrodite, and with her lover, the god of vegetation, lovely Adonis.

Following the myth of Adonis, we learn about how the first rose bush came into existence.

The story has that the first roses grew from the blood of young Adonis, thus symbolizing the idea of immortal love, the deepest emotions, and bonds that could never be broken.

In this sense, the rose reminds us of unceasing love, the power of love that could never be defeated by death and time.

The distance, be it measured by space or by time, cannot kill true love. There is a similar symbolism in Christianity, for red roses are associated with Christ’s blood.

We could say that rose represents both life and death, that is, eternity.

It is interesting to note that roses and wild roses can sometimes be found in the places where armies fell, where many men spilled their blood in the battle.

When it comes to death-life symbolism, Greek mythology, and roses, according to the Iliad, Aphrodite used the immortal rose-oil, to protect the body of the fallen hero Hector.

According to the ancient Roman legend of the golden donkey, the goddess Isis instructs Lucius – the protagonist, turned into a donkey – to eat the petals of roses, to return to his human form. Isis, in this case, is associated with Venus, the Roman counterpart of Aphrodite.

In Judaism, the rose is associated with the people of Israel, being compared with roses, the flower that is beautiful between thorns.

Some translators do not interpret this flower, mentioned in the Song of Songs, as a rose, but as a lily.

Roses have been featured in wedding ceremonies – the bridegroom’s wreath would contain roses.

Roses have always been considered a flower that represents royalty and aristocracy. In Judaism, it was associated with Israel and royal blood.

In Christianity, besides the aforementioned, roses are strongly associated with the Virgin Mary.

Roses have a particularly prominent place in Sufi Islam. It is associated with love and divine love.

Roses have a special place in old Persian poetry and are usually associated with love, longing, desire, and so on.

In the poems of Hafez, for example, the beauty of the rose flower is associated with the nightingale’s song.

Roses are also often depicted in heraldry and are often a subject of literary works. Roses are probably the most allegorical flower of all.

They are usually associated with love stories, romantic poetry, etc.

Rose Color Symbolism

Roses and their colors can send powerful messages. Let us look behind the meaning of the color of roses and find out what each of them, symbolizes.

Most people are familiar with the symbolism of red roses, for the meaning has been shared amongst many cultures around the globe, since far past. Red roses represent love, romance, passion, and desire.

The meaning can vary, depending on the specific shade of the color red.

Crimson, very deep-red roses stand for true love, deep feelings, and attachment, while bright-red, scarlet roses are more about desire, passion, and attraction.

Pink roses have a lovely symbolism of compassion, admiration, and gratitude.

Pink roses could be a way to say to a friend, a relative, or someone you greatly admire that you do.

Rose roses are associated with gentleness, femininity, and elegance, which makes them a nice gift for a lady.

Roses of pink shades stand for joy, happiness, and gratitude.

More striking tones represent appreciation, while soft pink, and baby tones, express pure joy, and grace.

Roses of lovely peach shades are simply irresistible. The symbolism of this color is gratitude, honesty, and sincerity of one’s thoughts and emotions.

If you search for a perfect gesture to say thank you to somebody, a bouquet of peach roses would be a nice choice.

Since the Victorian era, yellow roses have been associated with jealousy.

However, it seems that the symbolism has changed.

Yellow roses stand for joy and happiness, warmth and laughter, as they are associated with sun and light.

Yellow roses are commonly associated with friendship.

Orange roses are associated with energy, life force, enthusiasm, motivation, and happiness.

If you want to show someone you support them in their endeavor, give them bright orange roses.

White roses stand for purity, honesty, innocence, and grace.

White flowers represent eternity and loyalty, so white roses are a common wedding flower.

Roses of an ivory shade are not associated with gentle romantic feelings or divine love, like pure white roses.

Ivory roses are also associated with honesty and purity, but they stand for thoughtfulness and appreciation.

Purple roses are extremely rare. They are associated with royalty and are considered extremely valuable.

If you want to say to someone how high you think of them, you can give them royal purple roses.

Blue roses do not exist in nature but are created, which makes them an interesting exception amongst other rose colors.

They are associated with mysticism, something one cannot attain, especially when it comes to love and romance.

Black roses are associated with death and darkness, but this meaning has transformed a bit.

Black roses could be understood as a symbol of the end of a phase, a symbolical death, breaking up with old ways and patterns.

In that sense, they have to do with transformation and regeneration, and rebirth.

Number 3 Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Since we have recounted the meaning of the rose, let us move on to the numbers, for the number of flowers additionally defines the meaning of flowers, as a gift, for instance.

Here we have three roses. Let us see what is the spiritual meaning and vibe of the number three.

Number 3 represents youthfulness, enthusiasm, joy, happiness, curiosity, communication, and interaction.

It represents humor, friendliness, sociability, and compassion.

Three is also associated with art, imagination, and creativity.

This number is associated with a free spirit, adventure, and a need for exploration. Number 3 stands for youth and vitality, passion, and seeking freedom.

In numerology, the number 3 is associated with the art of performance. It is about self-expression and optimism.

The energy of number 3 is such that it always tends to brighten up the surroundings. People whose life path number is 3 are full of energy and youthful spirit, even at an advanced age.

Something is charming and innocent about the energy of the number 3.

This number represents the inner child, always curious, asking questions, and being playful.

Number 3 is associated with communication skills and verbal expression.

Number 3 does not really like boundaries and structure.

Number three is lively and people influenced by its energy are often out of routines, and they hardly have any strict plans. Or if they do have plans, they do not bother changing them.

The energy of number 3 brings joy and optimism into the world. It tends to make us take things just a bit less seriously than we usually do.

Number three is the number of fun and play, friendship, shared joy, and happiness.

Charm, attraction, lovability, sharing, exchanging, performing, and manifesting, are some of the concepts and ideas associated with this number.

On the negative side, number 3 is associated with a lack of concentration and focus, loss of stamina, indifference, and generally all the opposite of the aforementioned qualities.

How does number 3 fit into the symbolism of roses? What do 3 roses represent in a symbolical and spiritual sense?

Three roses could be a nice way to say to someone that you like them, care about them, and love them.

3 Roses Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

As we have mentioned a bit earlier, three roses are a sign of affection, devotion, and care, and are often given to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday.

Three roses mark special dates in our lives. Three roses as a gift could be a lovely gesture.

Many consider three roses a traditional anniversary gift, marking a month of a relationship.

In some cases, three roses are a three-month anniversary gift. Nevertheless, the meaning three roses carry remains the same.

The message behind three roses is ‘I love you’, ‘you mean to me’, and ‘I’m happy that we met’.

It is a sign of love, affection, attraction, and care.

Three roses symbolize the early stages of falling in love, the innocent days of being completely taken by someone’s charms, feeling those butterflies in your stomach, and being truly happy for meeting a special person.

It is a lovely and innocent gift. Three roses could also be a nice birthday gift, as they could represent a kind gesture of appreciation and care.

The meaning of the three roses could vary depending on the color symbolism of the roses.

For example, a bouquet of three deep red roses is a sign of true affection, but also deep passion and desire for someone.

Roses are royal flowers, so three roses would tell someone you hold them in very high regard, especially if you give them crimson or purple roses.

Three yellow or orange roses are a nice gift to someone whom you admire and whom you wish all the best.

Three bright-colored roses could also be a perfect way to express your gratitude.

Three white roses could be a very romantic gift, an expression of pure, innocent love, and a spiritual connection with someone very dear.

Number three is a powerful one. As we have seen, it represents youthful energy, enthusiasm, charm, communication, pure joy, and optimism.

Three roses, especially those of bright, striking color only emphasize these ideas.

Three roses of different colors could constitute a powerful message and could be a perfect way to express your truest and deepest feelings towards someone.

Three beautiful roses of different colors can tell how pure your love for someone is, and how much you admire and support them.

By combining three different colors of roses, you can at the same time express your gratitude, wish someone good luck, and say how much they mean to you in your life.

Roses Meaning by Number

A different number of roses carry different meanings. We have seen what three roses could represent.

Let us check out the rest of the rose numbers, in brief.

Keep in mind that the color additionally shapes the meaning.

One rose stands for the first love, the moment of falling in love, or love at the first sight. Two roses stand for sharing, for mutually shared feelings.

However, even number of roses is sometimes associated with mourning.

Three roses, as we have seen, mark romantic anniversaries, and the message behind them is ‘I love you’.

Six roses symbolically represent a longing for someone. Seven roses are associated with amorousness, regardless of the relationship status or phase.

Nine roses are a sign of deep affection and commitment. Ten roses have a similar meaning, while a dozen of roses is a level-up of that all!

Thirteen roses are associated with a secret love, a secret admirer. Fifteen roses express an apology.

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