8 Roses: Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Do you think about the symbolism and the message you send when you give flowers?

In many situations, flowers seem like ideal gifts.

We are happy to give it to loved ones, friends, and family.

For some people, flowers are just a sign of attention, but sometimes, they express gratitude, support, admiration, or love.

However, you should know that flowers have extraordinary symbolism and many hidden meanings.

It’s precisely why not every flower is a suitable gift for every situation.

Throughout history, people have used flowers to convey messages when social norms forbade emotions from being expressed clearly and unambiguously.

It’s how a unique language of flowers was developed, which was especially important in the Victorian era.

Even today, flowers have the same power to “speak” instead of the one who gives them.

That’s why it’s important to know what each flower symbolizes and how the symbolism changes concerning the color of the flowers and the number of flowers you give.

What Does it Mean to Gift Eight Roses? 

Eight roses are traditionally considered a symbol of support.

When you give someone a bouquet of eight roses, it is a sign that you are with them and that they can count on you.

This bouquet is usually given to someone who is going through a difficult period and is facing difficulties such as divorce, illness, job loss, and similar misfortunes.

A bouquet of eight roses is an optimistic message that everything will be fine and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

You can give eight roses to a friend, family member, or any person you care about and want to let know that they can count on your support and help.

Also, a bouquet of eight roses can be a way to thank someone for their support.

If someone has been by your side during a difficult period, you can give them a bouquet of eight pink roses as a sign of gratitude.

Alternatively, a bouquet of eight roses can be a way to wish someone luck, prosperity, and well-being, especially in Eastern cultures.

The reason for this interpretation lies in Chinese numerology, where eight is considered the luckiest of all numbers.

Finally, a bouquet of eight roses can have another meaning – a declaration of intense love for a partner.

This meaning is associated with giving your significant other eight roses for an anniversary or similar occasion.

Sometimes men give women a bouquet of eight red roses for their eighth wedding anniversary.

Then this kind of bouquet is an expression of unchanged love that lasts.

Rose symbolism 

The rose is for centuries considered the queen of flowers worldwide because of its beauty, intoxicating fragrance, and potent symbolism.

Throughout history, the rose has appeared as a motif in art, mythology, literature, and religion and as a trademark in politics, activism, and revolutionary struggles.

This flower entered the beauty industry long ago through cosmetics, perfumes, and fashion.

The symbolism of the rose has changed somewhat throughout history, but this fascinating flower has remained, above all, a symbol of beauty, love, admiration, passion, and fascination.

According to Greek mythology, roses were created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

Legend has it that Adonis, Aphrodite’s lover, was wounded. When Aphrodite found him, she wept, and the mixture of her tears and his blood created a bush of red roses.

Roman mythology also associates roses with beauty, love, and loyalty. According to Roman legends, roses are associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty, love, and passion.

One legend says that roses were created when Venus went to warn Adonis, the god of beauty, that Mars was planning to kill him. Mars, the god of war, was also in love with Venus, and Adonis was his rival.

Venus, hurrying to warn Adonis of the danger, cut herself. Her blood turned into red rose bushes along the path she took to Adonis.

Another legend says that roses existed before Venus but did not have thorns and were not red. When Venus’ son Cupid was once stung by a bee, his arrows flew among the roses.

So these flowers got thorns, and when Venus tried to return the arrows to her son, she pricked herself on the thorns, and the flowers turned red from her blood.

However, some negative meanings are sometimes attached to roses.

A rose can be a symbol of vanity and conceit.

This symbolism came from the Roman Empire when emperors showered their guests with rose petals to show their incredible power and wealth.

Also, the rose can be considered a symbol of conspiracy and secrecy.

This meaning is also associated with the ancient Romans who decorated the ceilings with roses during lavish dinners.

A lot of wine was drunk at these dinners, and the guests behaved much more freely than on other occasions. However, the unwritten rule was that what happens and is said on these occasions remains a secret.

The expression “sub rosa,” meaning “under the rose” or “what was said or done in secret,” originates from that time.

Roses symbolized civil wars in England in the late Middle Ages. Those wars are known in history as the Wars of the Roses.

In the Victorian era, the red rose was the most powerful symbol of love.

In some parts of Europe, such as Italy and Spain, roses are given to partners as an expression of love on various occasions and certain holidays, such as St. George’s day.

While in much of the world, it is customary for men to give roses to women, in Japan, this flower is an appropriate gift for both men and women.

In Asia, roses have been cultivated for thousands of years. They are traditionally considered a symbol of romantic love if they are red and a symbol of innocence and silence if they are white.

The fact that in many languages, the name of this flower also appears as a personal female name speaks of how much roses are loved worldwide.

This name is happily given to baby girls all over the world in the desire to be beautiful, fragrant, and stunning like this flower.

The Symbolism of the Number Eight 

Like flowers, numbers have their symbolism.

Numerology attributes specific energy to numbers; therefore, it is believed that numbers can be lucky, unlucky, harmonious, mysterious, or powerful.

Precisely because of this, it does matter how many flowers you give to someone. Just as the choice of flowers and their color affect your message, the message’s meaning also depends on the number of flowers in the bouquet.

In different cultures, different numbers are associated with specific meanings.

In some cultures, such as the Chinese, numbers have great significance and are given great attention in everyday life.

The number eight is considered a symbol of balance, infinity, and a constant flow of energy.

Many meanings attributed to the number eight stem from how Western Arabic numerals write this number.

The appearance of the number 8 is reminiscent of the sign used to write infinity in mathematics, and because of its symmetry, it refers to balance.

It perfectly builds on the idea that a bouquet of eight roses sends a message of optimism after a difficult period.

Energy flows, and the universe strives for balance, so after the rain always comes the sunshine.

The number eight is also associated with continuity, routine, and practicality.

If you give a bouquet of eight roses to someone facing a job loss or financial crisis, it can be a message that you believe they will overcome their problems with their own work and perseverance.

The Chinese have several lucky numbers, but eight is the most fortunate. The Chinese consider the number eight perfect and believe it brings luck, prosperity, and wealth.

They associate this number with wholeness, thinking it symbolizes something that is perfect and lacks nothing.

The best indication of how much the Chinese love the number eight is that in this country, individuals and companies invest enormous effort and money to ensure that the number eight is found in their surroundings.

Apartment number eight or an apartment on the eighth floor can be far more expensive than others, for example.

Also, companies pay small fortunes to get phone numbers or bank accounts with as many eights as possible!

The fact that the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 began on August 8 at 8 hours, 8 minutes, and 8 seconds is widely known.

Because of all this, giving someone a bouquet of eight roses in China is the best way to wish them luck and great success.

Don’t forget that red is also a lucky color for the Chinese, so your sincere wishes will be even more emphasized if you give a bouquet of red roses.

In some cultures, an even number of roses or other flowers is associated with regret.

For example, in much of Europe, only an odd number of flowers are always given to living people.

8 Roses – Color Symbolism 

Colors also have meanings, so it isn’t the same did you give someone white, yellow, or red flowers.

Red Roses – Meaning 

Red roses are probably the most common choice of flowers for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or first dates.

Red roses signify romance, passion, and sincere love. People give them as gifts at the beginning of a love relationship, but also after many years spent in a harmonious relationship or marriage.

These flowers are suitable for courting but also for sending a message that your love is strong and unchanged even after a long time.

The color red is also considered lucky, so red roses can be a way to wish someone luck.

Because of all this, a bouquet of eight red roses can be an excellent gift for a loved one for who you want to wish luck or support during a difficult period.

White Roses – Meaning 

White roses are common at weddings because they symbolize innocence, sincerity, and a new beginning.

A bouquet of eight white roses can be a good gift for someone you want to tell that you think it’s time for a new chapter.

Ivory Roses – Meaning 

Ivory roses symbolize elegance and thoughtfulness and are usually given to women who possess these qualities.

Since you know that a bouquet of eight roses carries a message of support and optimism to someone facing challenges, you can choose roses in this color if you want to tell someone that their charm and mindfulness will get them out of their problems.

Orange Roses – Meaning 

Orange roses represent energy and enthusiasm.

This vibrant color carries optimism and good vibes, so it’s a great choice when you want to show someone you believe in them and remind them of their worth.

If someone you care about is suffering because of their problems and you feel they are losing their confidence, give them a bouquet of eight orange roses. It will be a great way to help him regain self-confidence.

Yellow Roses – Meaning 

Although associated with jealousy during the Victorian era, yellow roses today carry associations of friendship and warmth.

Eight yellow roses are a good gift for a friend you want to let know they can count on you.

Pink Roses – Meaning 

Although they usually symbolize femininity and refinement, pink roses are also a symbol of gratitude.

Eight pink roses can be a great way to thank someone for being there for you when facing problems.


Roses are among the most popular and loved flowers worldwide, so people often and gladly give them as gifts on various occasions.

However, each bouquet carries hidden meanings considering the symbolism of flowers, colors, and numbers.

In general, if you give someone eight roses, you send them a message of support and let them know they can count on your help.

If someone you care about is going through a difficult time full of problems and challenges, give them a bouquet of eight roses to encourage them and remind them that the difficulties will pass.

You can choose roses in more or less any color, as the message’s meaning will not change much.

The meaning of eight roses can also carry the return message; it can be a way to thank someone for their support and understanding.

For the Chinese, a bouquet of eight roses is a way to wish someone success, prosperity, and good luck, especially if the roses are red.

Be careful if you don’t know the cultural norms of the environment you are in because, in some countries, especially in Europe, any even number of roses means misfortune, sadness, and regret.

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