The Awesome Soul – About Us

There is much more to life than we can experience through our physical senses.

Other dimensions of reality and beings exist that are on a much higher level of evolution than ours.

These beings sometimes reach to us to share their knowledge and help us evolve and improve our lives.

Being invisible to us, they use various signs and symbols to attract our attention.

The Universe can sometimes send us signs through our dreams, and sometimes we can find guidance through the planetary positions in our natal charts and astrology.

We often find ourselves encountering the same sign everywhere without knowing its meaning and significance for our life. Or we have some questions we cannot possibly have the answers for.

This is when we begin seeking guidance and look for answers.

If you are looking for some guidance on the subjects of signs and symbols, astrology, dreams, and other spiritual matters, you’ve come to the right place to seek your answers.

Welcome to our site Awesome Soul!

On our website you will find useful and interesting information about signs and symbols you keep encountering in your life and you don’t know what they mean.

These signs and symbols are in your life for a reason. They are here to convey you important messages concerning your life circumstances and issues you are encountering, but also to give you encouragement to keep fighting for your goals.

You will also discover valuable information about astrology, dreams, and other spiritual subjects.

And who are we?

On our site Awesome Soul we have gathered people who are in love with the subjects of spirituality, meaning and symbolism of things, and are eager to share their waste knowledge and personal experiences about them in their texts.

Here at Awesome Soul we are lovers of all subjects related to the world of spirit and spirituality.

We have all the answers about the dreams you are dreaming, symbols you keep encountering, astrology, and plenty of other information about the spirit world.

All you have to do is start browsing our website and find the answers you seek.

For any suggestions or questions you have, feel free to email us at contact(at)