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20 Positive Affirmations For Overcoming Anxiety

Affirmations are certain types of positive statements that are meant to challenge your subconscious thoughts, usually with the intention of promoting motivation and positive change.

Positive affirmative statements can be particularly helpful during moments of distress and fear in challenging yourself to take control of your anxious thoughts and subsequently the situation itself.

Repeating an affirmation and hearing it often can boost your confidence and positive self-opinion, encouraging greater belief in your ability to achieve your goals, and overcoming any obstacles.

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How Can Affirmations Help With Anxiety

Affirmations can be immensely helpful in developing positive attitudes and behavior patterns that can strengthen self-worth in the long term. 

Research suggests that repeating affirmation may activate our brain’s reward system, which can soothe any physical and emotional distress and reduce our perception of pain. Apart from this, affirmations can also boost self-esteem and motivation, improve your mood, and help you deal with thoughts with increased optimism over a consistent practice.

During anxiety, our thought process seems to spiral around the worst possible scenario with the given situation (cause) and we begin to react in response to those anxious thoughts (symptoms). 

Repeating positive affirmations (to ourselves or out loud) during these situations can help our conscious mind influence our subconscious anxious thoughts with positive awareness. This interference of anxious thought patterns can in-turn help to alleviate the anxiety symptoms and enable us to take back control over our thoughts and the situation.

Positive Affirmations For Anxiety Relief

The ideal set of affirmations you to use during moments of anxiety and stress would be personalized and realistic positive statements. 

How To Create Your Own Set Of Affirmations

Use the following tips to create the most effective set of affirmations that will help to reduce the intensity and duration of your anxiety attacks.

  • Keep it short, preferably a single sentence
  • Begin with “I” or “My”
  • Keep it in the present tense
  • Identify your goals or objective for using affirmations and keep the statement relevant to it
  • Tie the affirmation to your core values and beliefs.
  • Make room for the acceptance of the negative thoughts/experiences so you can overcome it. For example; I don’t have anxiety and there is nothing to be afraid of (non-acceptance)v/s I am anxious right now but I can manage it (acceptance)
  • Write the affirmations according to how you talk or your personality
  • Incorporate your strengths and accomplishments, along with facts
  • Keep it realistic
  • Make it encouraging and powerful
  • Create affirmations around your anxious thought patterns and harsh self-talk

Examples Of Affirmations For Anxiety

Here are 20 affirmations to help you understand and create your own set of affirmations to challenge anxiety.

I control my thoughts; they do not control me

Remembering that you are feeling anxious only because of your thought patterns is important to ground your mind to the present reality of the situation. Acknowledging that your anxiety is caused by your thoughts alone can help you redirect your thoughts to positive and empowering realizations.

This situation is not good or bad

We tend to label situations as good or bad because of how we perceive it. However, in reality, any situation brings with it experiences, both positive and negative in nature that can help us learn and develop ourselves for the future. Acknowledging the true reality of the situation can be vital in challenging your anxious mind to stop perceiving the situation as unrealistically bad or dangerous.

My challenges are my opportunities of growth

Understanding the simple fact that growth can only happen when you overcome challenges is important to shift your anxious perspective on situations that seem challenging at first. Looking at any difficult challenge as an opportunity of growth and progress is vital in helping your mind to focus on your actions against the challenge ahead, instead of the potential difficulty of the challenge.

I can slow my breathing to release the anxiety I feel

Our brain and body are intimately linked and the breath is one major component of the connection. By voluntarily controlling the rate, depth, and pattern of breathing, we can change how our mind controls our body. Breathing techniques can be immensely powerful to manage the symptoms of anxiety and can help you induce feelings of calm and relaxation during any anxious situation. Acknowledging this power of the breath can help you remember how you can take back control of your anxiety.

My past does not determine my actions in the present / My success is not determined by my past experiences

In most cases, we experience anxiety because of a conditioned response from our past experiences. Acknowledging the reality that we can choose a different course of action to an experience that might have made us anxious in the past can be extremely powerful in choosing to not react anxiously anymore. It can provide you with the realization to change your mindset towards the situation once and for all.

I am safe with no threat from the world

I choose to react positively now

I can overcome every obstacle on my way

I am enough and I am growing

I am strong and ready to embrace change

I am in control of my life and everything in it

I am important and loved by all who care about me

I can control my breath to become calm and relaxed

I deserve what I can achieve

I have today(or the present) to make a difference

I trust nature and the process of life

I can be compassionate and positive to everything around me

My fear is in my thought and I can control my thoughts (for unrealistic fears)

I can perceive any situation positively

I am in control of my actions

…more to be added!

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Practice reading out your set of affirmations daily. Begin practicing with your affirmations in normal situations and it will become convenient for you to use them during anxious situations.

When you understand that anxiety is just a natural emotion, not a mental illness, it becomes easier to treat it when it goes out of control. Changing your attitude towards anxiety is the first step in your journey to managing it. Affirmations can be an extremely powerful tool for changing your attitude towards situations that make you anxious.

Next time you get anxious, challenge yourself to gain control back from anxiety by using your set of affirmations.

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