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Find Out Your Best Time To Meditate With 5 Questions

If you’ve made up your mind about starting a daily meditation practice already, this is how proud I am of you.

Find Out Your Best Time To Meditate With 5 Questions
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I promise you that this decision will transform your life for the good.

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So now, there’s only one question left to get you started with all of your dedication.

Which time of the day should I meditate?

Before answering that, let’s first remind ourselves about the two main objectives of starting a meditation practice.

  • First that your one and only objective when you meditate will be to dedicate all of your attention on one single thing.
  • And, Second that, no matter what happens in your life you will take the time out to meditate every single day.

The question of which time of the day should you meditate is significant for the second objective, i.e., doing meditation every single day.

Since you’re just beginning your journey into lifelong meditation practice, let’s reframe the question for your convenience.

Which time of the day should I meditate so I look forward to doing it every day?

Does it make better sense now?

This helps to make sure that you actively do the meditation practice every single day.

Meditation is an enlightening activity that should not feel like an obligation to you.
Rather, you should make the conscious decision to pursue it every day because of the feelings and emotions you’ll be able to experience through the practice.

Just like when you feel tired, you doze off to sleep and wake up all energetic, pursue meditation as a natural enhancer for your mind and body.

The best time for you to practice meditation should be the time you actually do it and get the most out of it.

We all have only 24 hours in our day, so we need to find a time that fits into our lives.

Before deciding on your ideal timing to practice meditation, you must make sure that your mind, body, and behavior are in the best possible state themselves.
This will help you not only to get immersed in the act of meditation wholly but also, to experience the feelings and benefits that it can provide at the present.

Ask yourself these five questions:

1. At what time of the day do I feel relaxed and well-rested?

2. At what time of the day do I feel more awake and active?

3. At what time of the day do I feel calm and peaceful?

4. At what time of the day will I be able to adopt a positive set of mind?

5. At what time of the day will I be able to look forward to experiencing the meditation practice in excitement and joy?

Find Out Your Best Time To Meditate With 5 Questions

You don’t have to think of any one particular time which will take care of all of the questions.

Rather, try to look for some commonality in the timings when you answer each question.

For example, most people would naturally feel relaxed and well-rested after their sleep.
Some might feel more awake and active after their workout.
Some might feel calm and peaceful before getting started with their work or after they have taken care of their work.

Lastly, having a positive set of mind and looking forward with excitement and joy is essential to experiencing any activity to its fullest possible extent.

Ask yourself when will you be able to have an attitude (positive mindset+excitement) that will allow you to experience the meditation practice wholly.

Depending on the kind of life routine you follow, by answering the questions, you should be able to identify some timing of the day which will have overlapped with each other.

That overlapped timing should be ideal for you to do the practice every day.

Once you have identified your ideal timing of the day, put it in your daily schedule.

Make sure to do the practice at this time every day.

This will help build consistency in the practice which, in turn, should help you get immersed and get the full experience out of meditation.

Also, remember to have 15-20 minutes of buffer time around the actual practice time.

This will ensure you have enough time to prepare, experience, and complete the practice, both physically and mentally.

Your objective should be to incorporate meditation into your life as a habit.
You should miss it(like you miss food or water) if you don’t do it one day. 

Once you get started, the next step is to build a sustainable meditation habit every day.
You can learn 10 ways to make your meditation practice a daily habit in this post: ‘10 Steps To Make Meditation Practice A Daily Habit

The best time to start is today and don’t look back once you do.

So, what are you waiting for?

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