Biblical and Spiritual Meaning of Cats In Dreams

Are you a cat lover or a dog lover?

One of the most common questions when we meet someone.

Cats are creatures that most definitely arouse different feelings in people, from bad and scary to most positive ones

Throughout the past times, cats were celebrated and hated, depending on the culture in question.

The most common example of positive emotion regarding cats, and more than that, cats were seen as Gods.

In ancient Egypt cats obtained the status of God, people of that era worship them so much, that they were celebrated as deities.

Such a status came to be since cars hunted rodents and snakes, and this was crucial for the food that Egyptians produced.

Having said all of this, unlike dogs, Cats are elegant and clean animals, and also devoted mothers.

They are very easy to have as pets, as they do not need to be walked, etc.

Some say that their biggest flaws are their cunning nature and along with the fact that they are very egoistic.

But on the different side of the story – we can say that Cats could not be manipulated.

They know very well how to get what they want and they put themselves first.

As such cats can appear in a dream world very commonly, and it is said that dreaming of cats is a very common dream.

Dreams about something related to Cats can mean many things with many different signs.

Some dreams with cats have a positive meaning, and some are very negative.

In the majority of them, dreams that have central motive cats, are a depiction of three things, all so important for us.

First is our close environment; second is our inner being, and third is news that we may or want to receive.

In any case, those elements could be seen as positive and also as very negative.

Dream of Cats in General

In a general sense, if you had a dream regarding Cats, but in that dream, there was nothing too special, then such a dream comes as an indication that someone who is close to you, maybe at work, is very cuddling and flattering to you, but that person hides their true nature.

That person is not what it represents to be, and it doesn’t mean it that way.

Your task is to pay attention to the people around you, and not fall on their flattery and kindness.

And if in a dream you see a cat that is clearly female, then such a dream shows that your attachment to one person is not sincere and it will soon be known.

You are not being honest and open, you must change your actions.

Either explain your intentions yourself or you’ll have to do it when it’s already too late.

Now, one of the relatively common dreams is the one in which cats are crossing your path, and such a dream signifies that you will be surprised by some news that you will soon hear.

It is not a sign that the news will be bad, but that simply you will be surprised with some news.

It will take you by the storm.

The color of cats determines a lot of how you will decipher the dream.

One of the most common dreams is the one in which cats are black, and this attribute is so interesting to look at.

The color in this sense could signify something bad, perhaps some bad news will not make you happy but worried.

But if cats that were passing your way were white, in reality, the voice you will hear will not be directly related to you, but it will surprise you.

For some, this means that they will very soon meet a nice person who will leave a positive impression on them.

They could become dear to them, or have a deep friendship.

If the dream is negative, and white cats are trying to hurt you, in that case, in reality, you may be in a situation where you are being unfairly accused by a person you love.

If white cats from your dream are succeeding to hurt to if they scratch you, then you will struggle to resolve the conflict in your favor.

But if you are bleeding at that time, then such a dream may indicate that you will take a long time until the real truth is known and the person apologizes to you, or until that situation is resolved.

And some people see colorful cats in the dream world and such a dream comes as an indication that the news you will hear will be news of a sudden change of plans that you are a part of.

If Cats from your dream were bright, then such a dream represents the discovery of some secret at work, i.e. someone will admit that they did something at work that they are not proud of.

But, cats that are spending time blissfully on your lap and around you because there aer so many of them, suggest that you will be blessed with great progress and profit.

You will soon be rewarded for your efforts and work.

It will come as a wonderful prize and primarily you will feel it internally, and this is the biggest “catch” when it comes to cats in dreams, they are pointing out the part that is internal, and that part is the spiritual one.

The one that should be taken care of.

But in the version of the dream, where cats are your common pets, and they are coming to your lap for you to stroke them, then such a dream, in reality, depicts a great pleasure due to some event.

And if you recognize the house, the place where the cats are “living”, in that version, it is very plausible that something nice will happen to your family members.

In a version of a dream where you are trying to catch cats that are wandering around your home, or in some similar scenario, in that case, such a dream is a warning.

It may be that you will come across paths with people who do not think well of you.

If you manage to catch some of those cats, you will put an end to some gossip, or alternatively, you will prevent others from interfering in your life.

Cats that are in a dream, and they are looking at you from the inside, and you are standing in the street and looking closely at cats heads that are inside of the house, and you can see their eyes and heads, then such a dream is the depiction of some news that you have been waiting for a long time.

In such a case, this dream may indicate that you are impatiently waiting for news that will never arrive, or they take a lot of time to do so.

Some say that the alternative meaning of this dream is that someone from the outside is will bring you the news, and you will not like it.

But if you are reaching that room and you are trying to enter that house, and you do not feel scared, then you may be pleased with the news that has just arrived.

If one of those cats is familiar, then the messenger could be one of your friends.

Numerous cats that are on roofs is one of the most common dreams regarding cats, having in mind that dreams regarding cats are very common, anyway.

If this was the dream you had, then such a dream could be a signal that

you will be relieved and soon you will be freed from some mental burden. Cats that are drinking milk in a dream are such a good sign – there is an expectancy of a smaller outflow of money due to unexpected expenses. But if there is a lot of milk or a large bowl, in that case, extra attention is needed.

You need to take care of some recent expenses, just for the sake that things do not get out of control.

Always pay attention to the behavior of cats in your dream, as it can say so much about its meaning.

For example, the meowing of cats is a symbol of needs.

Such a dream may show that you need to pay attention to something that is happening around you, and you are ignoring it.

If cats are purring in a dream, and you can hear it vividly, then such a dream may be an indication that you will be able to realize your envisioned plans exactly as you wanted.

Cats that are on a clear hunt in a dream, are a good sign.

It shows that you will get good ideas for new ventures, do not ignore them.

Cats that are running are a dream that shows some news – and those cats that are running towards you, show that you are assured of a bright future.

Some people clearly hear that cats in their dream are calling their names, and this is also a very common version of a dream,

It shows that it is very possible that you will soon receive news that will bring you new business opportunities. If you respond to them, then you are in a great position.

It is very likely that you will easily impose your conditions in some negotiations.

Biblical Meaning of Cars in Dreams

Now, in some versions of this dream, people see cats that are simply sitting by the road, nowhere in particular, and this is the dream that is very much associated with biblical symbolism.

Here, the dream is associated with a confession, as one of the most relevant parts of Christian practice.

Then this dream suggests that someone will confess something to you. If you suspected someone, now everything will be revealed to you.

If you dreamed of black cats sitting on the road, you will receive a confession from a person you trusted who worked behind your back and now has a guilty conscience.

In this sense, it is truly important to know that cats are in your home since that dream is the depiction of your inner state and all those who want to penetrate it.

This form of explanation of the dream suggests that cats are the representation of an event that has shaken you.

The bigger cats, the bigger the personal involvement; you could be personally involved in that event.

Maybe you will be shaken by the news of something that happened.

In any case, be very careful in the following days.

In some versions of this dream, it may be the case that someone is very envious of you, and it seems that that person keeps that envy to themself.

In some cases, such a dream can signify that the person who is envious is talking bad about you to other people; it seems that someone is spreading lies about you and your friends.

Another important part, that is related to the Holy book is the one in which you have a dream where cats are sitting and looking at you.

Such a dream means that some temptation is coming and you should be careful.

You will need a lot of care so that you do not succumb to it.

If you approach those cats, it says that from all of it you will get yourself into something, something that is really tempting.

And, if those cats are pitch black, then the alarm goes off.

In that case, the temptation could be great and you should think carefully before engaging in some actions.

Maybe you will be tempted to warn a friend about something that is happening, but you will not be sure whether he will be grateful for it or not.

Now, cats are the depiction of our homes, and what we carry inside.

If we take care of such things we are nurturing our souls – so think of a dream where cats are under the table.

What does such a dream suggest?

There are many questions that are present here.

This dream tackles the matter of a human soul – feelings of being helpless in solving a problem, and leading life.

Such a dream comes always when people are wanting to change something and they wonder if will they be able to do it – are the creators of their lives?

Dreams where cats are under or on a table, of any kind, are truly important.

Depending on the table, how does it look like, and what it is, is it a kitchen or work table this dream may indicate some different things.

If it is an office table, problems are related to work, and if it is a kitchen table, you will feel powerless related to some family problem.

In any case, this dream may be the representation of increased worry and nervousness about the outcome of solving the problem, you feel sorry and difficult that you will not be able to help in a situation.

But, all of this shows that you do not believe in the higher force, as you are not ready to let yourself and follow the lead of the Creator.

You do not have any faith, and the dream comes to remind you to restore that faith.

Spiritual Meaning of Cats In Dreams 

In any case, cats could be the depiction of the external influences that surround us, in both good and bad ways.

Cats that are sitting in the somewhere close to you, near the home or in it, and here the general rule applies, the closer to you, to bigger the impact, it suggest that you must pay attention to the people you are spending your time with.

In any case, your task is to be careful who comes to your house, who is close to your home, and to your heart.

They may not have sincere intentions for you.

This is very important to learn because knowing how others impact our life, is truly valuable when we look for spiritual growth.

We are talking about spiritual growth, there cannot be any if you are distracted.

If cats are looking bad and evil, and all of them are crawling into small spaces and are not approaching you, such a dream may indicate that in your life, in the way, you live it, there are some things that are hidden from you.

Pay attention to the behavior of people around you, some people that are close to you have a deep desire to present themselves as better than they are.

Be careful not to be deceived.

Some events and some people you cannot miss out on, but see them as lessons.

Some people dream of extraordinary cats, that are looking so fresh, clean, and beautiful – such a dream does not carry any negative symbolism, since it depicts the ability to take care of your inner being, and this is the primary task on your list.

You are very proud of something that you have done in life.

For some this dream is just a continuation of their care for themselves, it may be that they will make progress at work.

It is very likely that you get new ideas that will allow you to implement what you have long wanted to do.

In some cases, dreams that have central motive cats, are very deep; it is the depiction of our inner being, and, at times we will have a dream of cats that are so-called “ugly”, and, they truly look like street cats, abandoned and alone; then such a dream speaks of a call.

That call is the call for help.

Such a dream may show that you will, in some future time, need help from someone who is not particularly dear to you and from whom it is difficult for you to ask for it.

The idea here is to have as much faith as you can, and things will turn out better than you hope, just like cats are able to turn their nature in just a split second.

If cats that are on the street and look so pathetic look at you and are trying to get closer to you, then people who are close to you know well what you need, but you can never be sure that they will give it to you.

In some cases, this dream indicates that you will be faster to the resolution and easier than you expected, the person will offer it himself.

If in a version of a dream, with cats, you can see small, if you can see kittens, then you should be very happy.

In this case, you can be sure that progress and well-being are smiling at you.

Finally, all your work and effort will be rewarded.

You will receive recognition for your merits from all sides, whether it works in a company or engagement with family issues and its members. Relax and enjoy.

Cats that are sleeping are such a valuable symbolical sign, and there is no doubt, that its impact is mostly on a deep level, the spiritual one, since cats are symbols of things that are hidden, unlike, for example, dogs that are much more open and “in you face”.

Seeing cats that are sleeping in a dream, or just a depiction of cats with their eyes closed, seem like they are dreaming, is a good sign.

Any internal struggle you may have will be resolved.

Such a dream may indicate that you will be able to solve a problem and feel calm right after, and it is something that is mandatory for peace of mind and happiness.

Some say that this dream just shows that you will be in a position to solve a problem, but you will have to wait for a little for a solution since the solution is “on the doorstep”, just like those cats from your night vision.

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