Biblical Meaning of Doll In Dreams

Dreams of dolls are very common, they can appear for different reasons, and believe it or not they are usually positive signs.

These dreams can have various meanings, that depend on the details you see in your dream.

You can have a dream of seeing a beautiful doll, scary doll, bloody doll, buying a doll for someone, playing with it, etc.

There are many possible scenarios when it comes to dolls, every scenario has a meaning of its own.

That’s why it is important to remember your dream, and the details you see in that dream.

These dreams usually represent creativity, they can be connected with your relationship, and they might be a warning sign for you to change something in life.

Sometimes they appear for you to understand that people are evil, perhaps someone is trying to manipulate you into doing something you don’t want to do without your knowledge about it.

Always be careful around people.

So, find your meaning right here.

The Most Common Dreams of Dolls

Dreaming of seeing a beautiful doll

This dream is a good sign for the dreamer.

It usually represents good times ahead of you, it means that this next period of your life is likely to be peaceful.

Perhaps you’ll have some great moments with the people you love.

This dream may even be a sign of some sort of date you wish to make.

Perhaps you are in love with someone, or you have a crush on them, so you want to spend more alone time with them.

This person may be a big influence on you, but it can also be a short-term relationship.

That’s not something to be worried about, focus on having a good time and ignore the rest.

This dream may even be a sign of fertility, perhaps you are either expecting a baby or thinking about making one.

Dreaming of seeing a Vudu doll

Vudu dolls are really popular, most people are very well aware of these dolls.

They are scary because they are used as a form of magic to harm someone.

A person makes a Vudu doll, to bring pain to someone they want.

It isn’t always a beautiful world out there, most people believe that Vudu dolls can cause pain to someone.

So, dreaming about them isn’t a pleasant experience.

This dream doesn’t mean that someone bought a Vudu doll for you, but it is a warning sign for you.

Someone around you is trying to control your actions somehow, they don’t like your potential and what you can do with your potential.

So, people, you would never expect to try to harm you are likely to do so.

If you are naive, people will use that to their advantage and they are going to manipulate you.

When your emotions are all over the place, that’s something else that makes you vulnerable also.

Keep your eyes open, and your guard up, and don’t trust anyone right now.

Dreaming of seeing a wooden doll

This dream represents your issue when it comes to priorities.

You are not someone who knows how to straighten up your priorities.

You have a job or a business, and that should be something you spend the most time doing.

But, that’s not the case because you are focused on truly unnecessary things that are only holding you back from making any progress.

Your biggest enemy is yourself, you are the one who is disrupting your life improvement.

That’s not how you should do things in life, you should fight hard to make something out of it not spend your life on worthless things.

Perhaps you are now focused on having fun, drinking, partying, or something like that.

That fun you’re having won’t get you a roof over your head, and it won’t bring any food to the table.

So, don’t spend so much time doing worthless things, instead try to focus on things that truly do matter.

Your duties shouldn’t be ignored just because you think that you’re living a better life.

Partying, and clubbing are truly great ways to have some fun but they are not the main priority.

Who focused only on partying, drinking, and smoking, never actually had a normal steady life.

Your money shouldn’t be wasted just for fun that lasts for a night.

It will pass, but when it does you’ll end up being the one with regrets about everything that happened before.

Dreaming of seeing a creepy doll

Many dolls are creepy.

Thanks to horror movies like Annabelle or Chucky, we all became afraid of dolls because they began to look more sinister than we think.

Dolls are so scary because people can curse them and there are real-life cursed dolls in museums.

So, having this kind of dream is a nightmare.

But, it doesn’t have a sinister meaning behind it.

It means that you are afraid of something, and that fear you’re having is making you lose a lot of good opportunities in life.

Your fear is truly holding you back in life, that’s not good at all.

When you look at this situation, you are the one who is holding you back.

Sometimes you’ll need to get over your fears and fight for yourself.

This whole life is a battle where you need to be prepared all the time.

When you want to do something big, it is natural to feel afraid especially when it’s a not familiar area for you.

You need to make risks in life, that’s the only way to grow.

When you’re not making any risks, then what are you doing with your life?

You are not making any progress in life that way, you are staying in the same place.

It is important to step out of your comfort zone once in a while, that way you’ll get more comfortable with changes.

Focus on your fears, and focus on resolving those fears.

Dreaming of seeing a possessed doll

So this dream is way more related to Annabelle, right?

It may appear if you’ve watched a horror movie recently, but it can appear for other reasons.

Fear in your life is something that causes this dream to appear.

You are constantly overthinking, and you are constantly afraid of something.

This is not a healthy way to live your life at all.

It is normal to have fears, but being constantly on the edge of breaking down isn’t something normal.

It means that you truly do have issues that need your awareness.

Perhaps you should seek some professional help to stay sane.

Constantly being afraid brings stress into the picture, stress, and fear negatively affect your body so you end up being ill because of these two.

Don’t ruin your life just because you have bad thoughts.

Start working on this, focus on the core of your problem then find the right solution.

Maybe you just need someone to be there by your side in these hard times, perhaps you are lonely.

Or maybe you are suffering from previous trauma, that’s not impossible.

Maybe you are so afraid because of the trauma you’ve survived earlier in your life.

That’s not a reason to hate yourself, it is something that can be solved with good therapy.

Don’t avoid going to therapy because you feel embarrassed, you should go to therapy and be better.

Always focus on your health, then on everyone else.

Also, this dream may be a sign of conditions like depression or anxiety.

If left untreated they can become a nightmare, so try to resolve your issues.

Understand that everything starts within you, you have full control of your thoughts even if it seems like you don’t.

You can be better, just don’t give up.

Dreaming of seeing many dolls in dreams

It isn’t a pleasant sight to see many dolls looking at you, somehow you feel lost within them.

That’s the meaning of this dream, you feel lost and you feel like you don’t have the right direction in life.

Maybe you are unsure about your desires, you don’t know what you want out of life and it’s making you feel crazy.

Perhaps you feel like you are not currently a part of this world, you feel strange.

That’s not uncommon, it is completely normal to question your existence sometimes, not always of course.

You simply need some rest, and you need to figure out what you want out of this life.

Remember that every person on this planet has a purpose, existing in this world is a purpose of its own.

So, don’t be too worried about it you’ll find your purpose later.

Another possible meaning behind this dream is that you’re likely to have a conversation with someone that’s going to turn your whole life upside down.

This person may help you with something, or you’ll end up having even more worries than you did before you had this talk.

Dreaming about a doll playing with you while talking

This dream may seem weird, but it has a positive sign.

This dream represents your creative nature, you are someone who has a creative way of everything in life.

You are very good at finding interesting ways to get out of a certain situation, you also know how to solve a problem without putting too much effort.

Somehow by nature, you are someone who loves creativity.

Creativity isn’t only art, it is knowing how to deal with situations normal people couldn’t deal with.

It is a gift, you should use it and cherish it because it can be quite rare.

This dream may also represent your inner child, you are someone who never wants to grow up.

You loved your childhood, being a child and seeing things like a child can be great.

It takes your worries away, and not many people understand why it is important to stay a child as long as possible.

Enjoy the little things in life, watch the colors in the sky and enjoy life in general.

This life is one great gift, treat it like that.

Dreaming of a bloody doll

So, this dream represents exhaustion.

You are completely exhausted right now from everything in life.

Not only physically, but also mentally you are tired.

Likely, in this past period, you didn’t pay too much attention to your needs, and that’s something that got you into this situation.

When we get busy, it gets hard to manage everything.

Unfortunately the one thing we should always do we don’t do, and that’s taking care of our own needs.

Right now you are so tired, and you don’t feel anything.

You need some proper care and rest.

Try to do whatever makes you happy, watch movies or sleep through the entire weekend.

Just make sure that you stop working, and take some time to regain your energy.

Maybe you should go somewhere for a vacation, that way you can change a room and at the same time you can gain back your strength.

Do whatever feels right, but make sure to take better care of yourself than you did before.

Don’t get yourself in this same position again.

Dreaming of buying a doll for someone

This dream represents your good character, you are someone who loves to give to others.

You are not selfish by any means, you want to help people out in life and make things easier for them to handle.

Maybe you don’t see it, but you make people happy.

They get excited to be around you because of the positivity you’re spreading.

It is important to treat people in a good way, no one is going to remember your money but they’ll remember the way they felt around you.

When you make someone feel special, they are likely to remember that for the rest of their life.

So, always be kind and you are already kind.

Don’t think that you don’t have something out of it.

You’ll receive many blessings because of these good deeds.

During these hard times, it is important to give some hope to others, especially the people who aren’t used to kindness.

That’s why you should always try hard to remain this way.

Always look for ways to make things easier for someone, and to brighten up someone’s day.

Dreaming of playing with your doll

This dream represents your control over your life.

You know exactly what you want, you know how to get what you want, and you don’t hesitate on getting it.

Also, you are very well aware of your qualities, and your flaws so you find a way to make the best out of it.

This dream is also a sign of the strong discipline you have in your life.

You are not someone who can be told to do something, you are the one who has control over your own life and you’re acting according to that.

Dreaming about bathing a doll

This dream means that you need to acknowledge your success.

Don’t work so hard after you’ve made something big already, take some time to reflect on everything.

You need to be proud of yourself and how far you’ve made it.

Treat yourself like you would treat someone you love after a big win.

Never downgrade your effort, talk proudly about it and focus on your needs.

Perhaps your parents or someone you loved made you feel like you weren’t enough.

But, you are worth it and you’ll always be worth it.

Don’t let some words get in the way of your happiness.

Remind yourself that you’re great, you’ve made a lot of progress and you deserve some kind of award.

Maybe you should treat yourself to the spa, buy yourself tickets to your favorite play, or go on a trip.

Choose your award, and never ignore your success again.

Dreaming of seeing a dollhouse

This dream represents the desires you’re afraid to talk about.

You want to have a family, children, and a great partner by your side, but sometimes you feel like you aren’t going in the right direction.

This meaning applies to you if you’re single.

If you are not single, if you’re in a relationship then this dream means that you are ready to take the next step with your loved one.

You want children, and you want to start a family.

Hopefully, your dream is going to come true eventually.

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