Blue Light In Meditation – Meaning and Symbolism

Blue light and color in meditation mainly represent our relationship with other people and the people who surround us, as well as our relationship with ourselves, family, friends, business partners, and colleagues.

If during meditation you saw a blue light breaking through the clouds, it may mean that you are a person who always expects help from others when you run into a problem.

Your subconscious tells you that you have the strength to deal with everything that comes your way, with every obstacle and challenge, but that you’re asking for help only because you don’t believe in yourself as much as you should, and that’s your biggest problem.

The subconscious tells you that it’s high time to deal with the challenges that life brings to gain confidence in yourself and gain the self-confidence that you will need in all spheres of life.

The blue color in General

In general, the color blue is associated with the freedom, liberty, options, and choices in life we take, with the beauty and joy we see in life.

For others, it can be the symbol of fear, and the symbol of a thing that disturbs them, but this can be a wake-up call to deal with such fears.

The sea and the sky, so there is a connotation of the limitless power that is associated with the blue color.

Blue Light In Meditation – Meaning and Symbolism 

Blue light during meditation can mean many things depending on how you felt at that moment and what you experienced during meditation.

The lead chakra is the throat chakra and it is closely related to our physiological condition of the jaw, teeth, gums, neck, lips and when it is in balance, we will not have problems communicating with people and we will be able to express ourselves beautifully and properly.

However, when it becomes blocked, various psychophysical problems occur due to poor energy flow through it.

Chakras are like the bloodstream and they must have a good flow of energy, just as blood must flow through the veins unhindered, to be healthy.

The better the circulation, the better our immunity and resorption of nutrients in the body.

And when the chakras are normal and have a good flow of energy, our consciousness and psyche are balanced and we think normally and soberly and our intuition is awakened, especially through the practice of meditation.

Meditation is a type of training, the more we practice it, the better results we will achieve, as in any sport. In sports, we rely more on non-physical strength, and in meditation, we rely on our spirit and psyche.

If you saw yourself glowing blue during meditation, it could mean that your throat chakra is in balance and is passable.

The blue color you radiate means that your organs connected to the throat chakra are healthy and that your communication with people is at an enviable level.

Lately, you have probably been dominating your creativity at work because this chakra is in charge of it.

If you saw blue people around you during meditation, it could mean that you have a lot of people you keep in touch with and that your social life is at an enviable level.

You are very communicative and open and an interesting interlocutor who has a lot of smart things to say and from whom you can learn a lot, and that’s why people love you around them.

If you saw a blue pigeon during meditation, it may mean that you will receive some good news soon.

The pigeon represents a voice, and you will get it very soon. An invitation to socialize with a person you haven’t seen for a long time is possible.

Or in your subconscious, you have the desire to call someone you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time.

If during meditation you saw yourself talking to the deceased who glow in blue, it may mean that you miss those people and conversations with them, their advice, and comforting words very much.

These are probably your family members that you lost and you feel guilty for not being able to say goodbye to them.

It is possible that they lived abroad and that you still long for them, and you likely dream about them often.

What you saw during meditation also means that you are in danger of getting your throat chakra blocked because of that feeling of sadness that you carry inside you try to get rid of it because life goes on and don’t allow yourself to blame yourself for any reason.

If during meditation you notice that all people have blue eyes, it may mean that the people around you see you in your best light and feel a positive energy that you radiate.

You are always there to cheer everyone up and always find the right words for comfort and advice.

You are a very wise person who is an excellent speaker and advisor, and you should be engaged in a job closely related to the art of speaking, such as a motivational speaker because that is where a bright future awaits you.

If you saw an unlocked blue door during meditation, it may mean that you will soon have a conversation with a positive outcome.

It’s something you’ve been waiting for a long time, but it wasn’t up to you.

Now someone has decided that it is time to talk to you and make an offer with a positive outcome for you and you should accept it when it comes in the coming days.

If that door was somehow locked and you couldn’t get through it, it means that you will encounter obstacles in communication with some people, from whom you did not expect it.

You will be unpleasantly surprised, and even though you already feel inside that it will not turn out well, you refuse to believe it.

Listen to your instinct because it will never deceive you and rely on it as it will because that way you will open your chakras and third eye and it will develop to its full potential.

It’s your meditation the action started to help with that and your throat chakra now has a better flow of energy and continues with it.

If, during meditation, you may have seen yourself crossing a bridge made only of blue light and you do not dare to cross it for fear of falling, this may mean that someone almost offered you a hand of salvation, but you did not accept it because you had doubts about that person.

You thought she was trying to trick you in some way and you gave up on helping her to your detriment.

But if you crossed that bridge made only of blue light, it means that the help you accepted helped you a lot to solve some of your problems and now you are on the way to progress.

If you failed while walking over that bridge, it means that you accepted help from some person who does not think well of you and now you have wasted your time because you were left stranded halfway and left to fend for yourself.

This should be a lesson for you from now on and in the future to trust your instinct and to develop it so that you can recognize the people around you, do they wish you good or bad?

If during meditation you saw yourself bathing in blue light, it means that your soul and body are being cleansed and filled with positive energy during meditation.

In this case, blue light represents your psychophysical health and mood.

You are now at the peak of your strength in every sense of the word, and you should use this period for literally everything that can benefit you and your family.

This will be a period of prosperity for you both on a spiritual and physical level and do not miss it.

If during meditation you flew between and through blue clouds, it may mean that you have begun to rise spiritually and understand the point of life.

Before you were probably someone who got angry both when you should and when you shouldn’t, you were a pessimist and that didn’t bring you much good in life.

Now that you have awakened your mind and opened your chakras, it is much easier for you to channel your feelings and see obstacles as challenges, which will help you rise spiritually above it all and overcome every obstacle that comes your way.

If during meditation you saw yourself swimming in a very blue and cold light, it may mean that you will soon recover from an illness that has been bothering you for a long time and with which you are suffering a lot.

This is a sign that your treatment and meditation will bear fruit and that you will soon be on your feet even stronger than before.

If you walked through blue light during meditation, which warmed you, it is not a good sign.

You may suffer from some health problem that is related to the throat chakra. And these can be teeth, jaw, ears, brain, and central nervous system.

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Your subconscious is sending you a reminder that you should visit a doctor so that you can determine what ails you in time and heal yourself.

It is possible that you only have problems with your teeth or you will have them, which is completely banal and can be solved very quickly, but when it comes to other organs, longer treatment is required and diagnosis is more complicated.

If during your deep meditation, you saw a blue ray of light hitting your face directly from the sky through the clouds, it may mean that you have to find a way to direct your energy in the right way.

You are someone who wastes too much energy and spends it on situations and people who don’t deserve it and keep it for themselves, offering you nothing in return.

When we are intimate with a positive person, we send them our positive energy and in return, we get theirs, and that way we don’t waste ourselves.

But if we are intimate with energy vampires, they will devour our energy and we will cut ourselves exhausted like a sponge without a drop of water in us and you will need a lot of time to restore your energy reserves to be able to function normally daily.

So this sign is a warning to you that you have to save your energy because without it you can get sick.

If you saw the blue light going out during meditation, it could mean that your energy reserves are running low for some reason and you need to unclog your chakras to recharge them.

See that you spend as much time as possible next to large water surfaces, next to which you will meditate, perhaps even with one of the crystals in your hand, to open your chakras as soon as possible and renew your energy sources.

You are probably behind in a stressful period in which you did not have time to devote yourself and your health in general, and we advise you to set it aside for yourself now so that you can rehabilitate yourself in the right way and heal your body and spirit in the right way.

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