Blue Rose: Meaning, Symbolism & Care

Blue roses are the rarest and the most captivating type of roses.

They universally symbolize mystery, mysticism, priceless value, uniqueness, rarity, something unreachable or even impossible to attain, luxury, deep emotions, and being one of a kind.

The rose is a queen of flowers. A blue rose is a mysterious enchantress within the world of flora.

Rarely seen, yet breathtaking, a blue rose represents the fulfillment of dreams and obtaining something that seems unattainable.

Light blue roses symbolize serenity, calmness, optimism, and peacefulness.

Dark, midnight blue roses represent the depths of the imaginary realm, intuition, deep thoughts and emotions, mystery, and creative energy.

Blue Roses Meaning and Symbolism

True blue roses are a human creation. These flowers do not exist in nature.

Some species of flowering plants contain blue pigment, but roses do not. Blue roses are obtained through genetic modification or dying with blue pigment.

The symbolic value of blue roses is exceptional. These roses have the most unique, almost magical appearance.

They are unbelievably rare and thus expensive. True blue roses are hard to create.

However, the symbolism of blue roses crosses all boundaries.

Blue Roses Essentials

Like their warm-colored relatives, blue roses belong to the family of Rosaceae and fall under the Rosa genus, which usually presents with white, yellow, and red flowers and related shades.

True blue roses contain delphinidin, a type of blue plant pigment. Normally, delphinidin gives bluish pigmentation to flowers belonging to the genus Delphinium and Viola.

The same pigment is present in Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, cranberries, bilberries, and pomegranates.

Although this pigment cannot naturally be found in the Rosa genus, there are ways to add it by genetic modification.

Blue roses do not exist in nature and cannot grow without human intervention.

Genetically modified blue roses are not easy to create, which makes them exceptionally praised among gardeners. Rose plants do not possess the gene responsible for blue pigmentation. The production of naturally grown blue roses is a result of the long, serious and dedicated scientific research.

Blue Roses Symbolic Message

The language of flowers or floriography is a way to communicate emotions by sending or giving flowers.

The ’dictionary’ of flower language is rich in information and meanings. Roses have always been used to express romantic feelings, devotion, admiration, and love.

The message behind a rose flower is connected with the color. Red roses, as you probably know, symbolize passion, desire, devotion, and unconditional love.

Deep crimson and black roses express sorrow and death, but also mystery, elegance, and regeneration.

Pink roses stand for amorousness, romance, gentleness, and femininity. Yellow roses are associated with jealousy, but they can also signify joy, happiness, a positive attitude, and playfulness.

White roses are a symbol of beauty, purity, kindness, grace, spiritual bond, and peace.

Purple roses are close to blue ones. Actually, many so-called blue roses are purplish and not truly blue.

Blue roses are a symbol of mysticism and mystery. They are associated with thoughtfulness, subconsciousness, deepest feelings and imagination, dreams, and the unattainable and impossible.

The symbolic value of blue roses is different from that of other blue flowers and even greater, due to the fact that blue roses are a unique creation.

The process of obtaining blue roses by genetic modification is complex and demanding.

It took more than a decade of the most dedicated and thorough work for scientists to produce a true blue rose. This makes blue roses a symbol of something that is extremely hard to get, but worth fighting for.

In the Victorian language of flowers, blue species symbolized various ideas. Salvia flowers were a way to say ’you are in my thoughts’, for instance.

Bluebells were a symbol of modesty and humility, while hyacinth flowers signified consistency.

Blue roses send a unique message of uniqueness, so to say.

The color blue, associated with Neptune, the sign of Pisces, the sea, and oceans symbolizes imagination, elusiveness, deepness, intuition, emotions, creativity, artistic soul, and seeking deeper meaning.

Blue is the color associated with royalty, along with purple and red. Some blue gems and precious stones are the most highly valued crystals, such as, for example, the blue sapphire.

The enchanting shade of ’byzantine blue’ made of beautiful lapis-lazuli is another good example.

The color blue has always been considered a color of great value. Blue roses are associated with all the meanings and symbolism linked with the color blue. The rarity and difficulty of production make them even more valuable.

Blue Roses Symbolism – Uniqueness and Creativity

Blue roses are one of a kind in the world of flowers. Therefore, they represent uniqueness and rarity.

Moreover, blue roses are not natural flowers but a creation. The process of obtaining roses of blue shade is long and difficult, but the result is breathtaking.

Blue roses symbolize things that are unique. They are a unique creation, which makes them exceptional and valuable. A blue rose emblem or a logo could be a great choice for people with artistic tendencies and skills.

Blue Roses Symbolism – Mystery and Magic

Blue is the color of mystery and magic. Blue roses are flowers that came to life through human imagination. They did not exist before we created them. The creation of blue roses is like magic at work.

Blue roses represent the depths of imagination and dreams. In Japanese folklore, blue roses are a symbol of dreams that come true. Blue roses are a dream that came to existence thanks to creativity, deep research, and a little bit of genetic magic.

Blue roses have similarities with purple ones, in a symbolic sense. They represent the mysterious realm, the mystery of life, and the spiritual world. Blue roses represent unexplored realms of the wandering subconscious mind.

Blue Roses Symbolism – The Rare and Impossible

Blue roses are a good example of how something impossible came to be. They do not grow in nature, without our help. It makes them rare and unique, and hard to obtain. True-grown blue roses are a pricy luxury.

Therefore, blue roses symbolize goals that are difficult to reach, mountains hard to climb, people who are out of our touch, and everything we long for, but could only hope to be near one day.

However, blue roses did not exist, until we made them.

Blue roses suggest only the sky is the limit if you are up to something and if your intentions are good. Of course, sometimes we fail.

However, in order to succeed at something, you have to try. You will probably fail many times.

It was not easy for scientists to find a way to grow a blue rose. They have certainly experienced many disappointments and failed experiments, but they kept trying.

Finally, they proved able to create the most exceptional variety of roses in the world, the blue rose.

Blue Roses Symbolism – Love and Romance

Blue roses have a specific symbolic meaning in love relations.

As a symbol of unattainable, impossible, or hardly reachable goals, blue roses tell about being in love with someone who is for one reason or another out of our touch.

Blue roses may signify a platonic love, or longing for someone who is far from you, figuratively or really. It could be someone from completely different circles or surroundings we may find extremely difficult to enter.

It could be someone who is already taken or does not seem to be interested for other reasons.

However, blue roses symbolize magic, rarity, and uniqueness. Miracles can happen, although blue roses are often seen as a symbol of unrequited love.

On the other hand, blue roses are a way to express how highly you think of someone.

Blue roses can be a sign of true devotion, admiration, respect, and unconditional, indelible love. These wonderful flowers also stand for a spiritual connection.

Blue Roses Spiritual Meaning

Blue roses have a deep spiritual meaning and potential. Amongst other things, they awaken empathy and compassion.

These exceptional rose family members also stand for making changes and having an impact on the world.

Spiritually, blue roses are associated with abundance, care, nurture, peace of mind, tranquility, and the acceptance of your true self. The last thing the most important. It is a condition for everything else.

Blue roses are distinctive, due to their origin and color. They are not like other flowers and yet, their beauty is indisputable.

Blue roses are rare and their uniqueness is what makes them so admirable and precious.

We humans often fail to accept our unique selves. The truth is, we are all different.

However, some people do not fit the frame. These people could have great visions, immense imagination, amazing creative potential, and such.

They could be dreamers and idealists, feeling as if they do not belong in this world.

Others are either fascinated by them or take them odd and strange. Blue roses are odd, as well, if you think that way. They are one of a kind.

You do not see many blue roses around, right? You may feel as if you do not belong where you are. You may think something is wrong because you are different from others in a peculiar way.

However, we cannot fight our own nature. Blue roses symbolize the acceptance of the different and strange and, most importantly, self-acceptance.

The blue rose should make you think about your true qualities. You certainly have both flaws and advantages.

For example, if you dream about blue roses, it means you should accept your true self. Your downsides make you unique, just like all your gifts and positive traits.

Blue roses carry the energy of tranquility and peace. Their spiritual vibration is that of calmness and inner balance.

Blue roses are spiritually associated with motherhood, childbirth, and care. The color blue represents emotions, empathy, and sympathy.

According to certain interpretations, a blue rose in a dream indicates having a child.

Light Blue Rose Meaning

The meaning of blue roses depends on the shade of the flowers. The light blue rose represents kindness, sensitive feelings, peacefulness, serenity, and calmness.

Light blue roses do not have much to do with romance.

Roses of light blue shade are a symbol of hopefulness and peace. Their symbolic meaning is similar to that of pure white roses.

Generally, flowers of light and pastel shades symbolize kindness, gentleness, empathy, hope, peacefulness, tranquility, etc.

Light, celestial, or baby blue flowers stand for reliability, stability, trust, and honesty. This is an exceptionally rare shade of blue roses.

Aquatic blue roses are also hard to find. They signify prosperity, wisdom, luxurious life, and sophisticated taste, but also intelligence and wisdom.

Dark Blue Rose Meaning

Dark blue roses convey deep emotions, thoughtfulness, mystery, imagination, and dreams.

The dark blue shade is a color associated with elegance, sophistication, unique beauty, rarity, individuality, eccentric and artistic ideas.

Roses of dark blue shade are a symbol of royalty, exceptionality, impossible dreams, unattainable goals, and things that attract us without any explicable reasons.

Midnight blue roses are a sight to behold, extremely rare and valuable.

Giving someone a bouquet with a dark blue rose is a sign you do not have words to describe how much you admire someone.

Deep blue roses signify true admiration, inexplicable impression, worth, value, and preciousness.

Dark blue roses are a symbol of magic and mystery. Similarly to deep purple roses, they symbolize the connection with the realm of dreams and imagination.

Blue Roses Cultural Significance

Blue roses appear in many legendary tales, myths, and beliefs. Due to their unique coloration and symbolic potential, they are a fairly common motif in literature and art.

When it comes to biblical meaning, in Judaism they symbolize impossibility.

In Chinese culture, blue roses represent reaching the unreachable.

In Japanese tradition, as already mentioned, blue roses symbolically represent dreams coming true, which is a similar meaning.

The Chinese legend about blue roses is an excellent example of the cultural presence and significance of blue roses’ symbolism.

The Emperor’s Daughter and the Blue Rose

According to a Chinese tale, blue roses are a symbol of achieving things that appear to be impossible to achieve.

The story says there was an emperor who had a daughter for marriage. He did not want to marry his beloved daughter to anyone, so he proposed a challenge to the potential suitors.

Only a man who would bring her a blue rose could marry the imperial daughter. That was the only condition, but how difficult to achieve!

Roses grew all around the emperor’s land, but they were red, orange, pink, white, and yellow.

No one has ever seen a blue rose. The task seemed impossible. Many wanted to marry an imperial daughter, of course, but they could not find a rose with blue petals.

Some suitors tried to trick the emperor by bringing a false blue rose to the princess.

A notable merchant asked an artist to color a rose into a blue shade. He used the most sophisticated shades, but the paint stained the princess’ fingers.

There were other attempts. A silk trader asked the best of his workers to create him a rose of the most exquisite blue silk.

However, the silk rose could not beat a natural one, and his plan failed. Another man, a rich mine owner tried to deceive the court with a blue sapphire rose.

One of the suitors was a prince who made use of magic. His magicians created a wonderful illusion of a rose, but it was only an illusion, a trick.

The princess realized it as soon as she reached for the flower to touch it.

The story has a bit of an unexpected twist and carries a great moral. The princess did not fall for any of those wealthy, high-status suitors. She was in love with the son of a gardener and she loved him dearly. He was deeply in love with her too.

They found a way to make their romantic dreams come true. The gardener’s son came before the princess, brought her a regular white rose, and the princess proclaimed it a blue one! This way, her beloved won the contest.

There was never a blue rose in the emperor’s realm. A blue rose represents something that cannot be attained and yet, through imagination and creativity, and most importantly, through love, even blue roses come into existence.

Blue Roses in Popular Culture

The natural absence of true blue roses made them quite a favored symbol in literature, art, music, movie, games, and other domains of popular culture.

In Rudyard Kipling’s poem Blue rose, blue roses symbolize death and unreachable love. The novel The Blue Rose by Kate Forsyth recalls the Chinese legend of the emperor’s daughter and the blue rose.

Blue roses reoccur in George R. R. Martin’s The Song of Ice and Fire; lady Lyanna Stark receives a crown made of blue winter roses from prince Rhaegar Targaryen.

Blue roses appear in Joni Mitchell’s song of the same name. The song deals with the problem of occultism and appears on Mitchell’s album Clouds, from 1969. Another song titled Blue Roses appears on the album The Gunman and Other Stories, by Paddy McAloon.

Blue roses appear in various fantasy movies, such as the Thief of Bagdad. In the film, blue roses cause memory to lose to anyone who breathes their scent. Blue roses also appear in Twin Peaks and in Pan’s Labyrinth.

Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose is a secret society in the horror drama series The Order. There is an actual organization calling itself ’the order of the blue rose’, the Essene Church of Christ, from Oregon.

Blue roses are popular amongst anime creators. A character named Eugeo, from Sword Art Online, has a sword named The Blue Rose Sword. The weapon appears as if made of ice, having a rose inside.

Popular games, Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Rising both feature a blue rose, as a powerful symbol. An exceptional genetic scientist game character is associated with the rose, as well as another genetically engineered one.

Blue Roses Growth and Care

Blue roses were once only a dream. The first true blue rose was created by scientists in Japan.

They were the first to isolate the plant genes responsible for the production of delphinidin, the blue pigment present in some other plants.

They worked for years until they achieved their goal.

The next step was to implement these genes into the process of creating a true blue rose. They needed to introduce them to the rose cells. A decade of experimenting passed, with not much success.

Finally, the first true blue rose came into existence in 2002. It was of a pale twilight shade and the scent was gentle and pleasant. This specific genetically modified variety was named Applause.

There were much older attempts at creating blue roses. In a twelve-century Arabic book about agriculture, there is a reference to azure blue roses. According to the sources, adding a blue pigment to the plant’s root would make roses grow blue flowers.

Therefore, the old Orient knew how to produce blue roses.

However, these were only dyed blue, as opposed to true blue roses obtained through genetic modification.

Growing Blue Roses

Blue roses require similar treatment as other roses. The first step is to get the original, true blue rose plant.

Buy blue roses only from trusted garden centers and sellers, to avoid the inconvenience of obtaining fake blue roses.

Spring is the best time to plant blue roses. They require well-drained, but not too dry, fertilized soil.

The location should receive enough sunlight. The distance between the newly placed plants should be about 90 cm.

Freshly planted roses require proper watering. They need a bit of morning spraying to stay moist. Spray them once in fifteen days. After three months, use a rose plant fertilizer. Remove the weeds, if any.

Blue roses bloom in early summer. With a little effort and dedication this beautiful and unique flower could adorn your lovely garden.

There are various cultivars of blue roses, although they are not truly blue. Even the extraordinary example, Applause, the true blue rose, is more of a lavender shade than clear blue. Some of the popular ’blue’ rose cultivars are the following.

Blue Girl – Blue Girl is a hybrid tea rose with silvery lilac petals. ’Hybrid tea’ is a classification term for a variety of cultivated garden rose plants. The first was created around the half of the nineteenth century in France.

Blue Moon – Blue Moon is a hybrid tea rose characterized by lovely pastel lavender flowers.

Blue Nile – Despite the association with the blue river Nile, this type of blue rose has lavender-purple flowers.

Shocking Blue – Shocking Blue is not really blue, even though the name suggests so. This type of rose has mauve flowers. It has a wonderfully pleasant fragrance.

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