Brown Crystals – Names List and Their Meanings

Crystals carry the same unchanged vibrations for thousands of years (since their creation), so they act on our system and its disturbing pulses with their field, getting order and harmony, starting the healing procedure, triggering inert potentials, removing blockages, opening and starting energy flows.

In this way, the crystals act on the very cause of the infection and lead to healing, and this has been proven for thousands of years since ancient men used crystals for various purposes.

Some crystals give power to an inactive and sluggish organ, others relax an overactive organ, others relieve pain, etc.

Crystals are worn in the form of gravel or jewelry, carried in the hands or on the body, in bags (pockets, purses), and spread in living and working areas.

Our planet is a wonderful place – there are many wonders, and the beauty of the planet is seen in its colors there are so many of them that our world is truly great because you could just imagine what would it be if our world is black and white.

It is no wonder why we say that colors make our world.

And when we speak of crystals we can freely say that there are so many of them, some are known for centuries and others are known for just a couple of years (in a sense that we have only discovered them recently, and we are starting to get to know their benefits).

So, all crystals and precious stones can vary in their color, and it is because they are made from different elements that are found in nature, and are wonderfully combined together.

Now, one of the colors that spark our interest even if in the world of crystals is not our favorite crystals mostly come from the elements that are obtained from the ground.

And when you look at any object that has a brown color, you’re almost instantly reminded of the earthly elements of our world, our planet Earth.

Brown Color

The brown color is the color of friendship, protection, comfort, and material wealth.

The earthy color signifies stability, responsibility, and a sense of duty. Brown color gives a feeling of security and constant attachment. Simplicity, quality, and physical comfort are reflected through this color.

This color is amazingly pleasing for our sight – from the symbolical point of view, it is connected to homes, feelings of warmth, and anything that is pleasing and not at all treating.

It is believed that this is the color that makes us feel relaxed and overall very good.

It is grounded in color, nature, and our connection to the Earth.

Such a color is a very wonderful color that is very common in the world.

If you look at the plant or animal world, you will be able to see numerous of them that are brown.

Now, all of this mentioned can also be applied to the crystal world – all crystals that are brown also, in general carry such energy, they are associated with consolation, association, core, grounding, battling chaos, and centering capabilities

All of these reasons tell you to have this crystal in your collection and truly you can have a lot to choose from.

All brown crystals, minerals, and precious stones are excellent for many parts of our internal and external life that needs healing and contemplation.

So you can use them for prayer, in moments you crave to walk away from the stress, to feel more relaxed, and to find your connection (that you have maybe lost along the way) with nature.

Brown crystals and amulets can be an excellent idea; if you want to be more relaxed and calm if you want to be calmer and close to the Source.

But we have to also say that the brown color is associated with ecology and environmental movements, as it can be a clear association with the earth.

It is connected to all in our lives that are natural and organic.

Brown is about dependability, strength, and reliability.

The Brown color is associated also with development, fertility, earth, and soil.

Also, a known fact is that brown color and all other colors can affect our mood and makes us feel a certain way; so this is why they are used for different purposes, and psychology confirms these claims.

Specifically, this is the color that is associated with strength, but for some, it can be a boring and dark color.

But, brown color has various hues – there can be light brown which is more neutral, and t is seen as a very elegant shade, and it is abundantly used in the fashion industry, and also in the decorative industry.

Feng Shui recognizes this color as a very usable and important color, as objects like rocks and wood may have this color and are used in those rooms and parts of the home where grounding is necessary.

All for the purpose of obtaining the balance.

Brown Crystals – Names List and Their Meanings

Brown crystals, and we mean all of them are emitting various energies, and they are not the same.

Such powers are constructed by combining various styles and hues, as well as diverse kinds of brown.

The energy of brown crystals is always very useful and effective; the power they emit is very stable and it brings a lot of balance.

When you use them, then you can obtain physical strength, and regain inner powers.

They also, in general, can provide a sense of stability, while for some they could be seen as boring crystals.

Nevertheless, brown crystals are warm and comforting, just by looking at them you can feel much better.

They can be combined in your home with ease as they are natural, and they are wonderful to have in homes.

There is also a general rule that says that these crystals are more connected to the material part of our lives, and less associated with the spiritual part of our lives, and their usage should be regarded through this context.

These are some of the most common ones: Leopardskin Jasper, Tiger Eye, Camel Jasper, Grain Stone, Obsidian, Tiger Iron, Axinite, Wooden Agate, Brown Marble, Enstatite, Mahagony, Boulder Opal, Petrified Wood, Grossularite Garnet, Feldspar, Sphalerite, Smoky Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Waldo Stone, Andalusite, Cassiterite, Agate, Landscape Stone, Sillimanite, Chrysanthemum Stone, Andalusite Garnet, Scapolite, Chocolate Opal, Kornerupine, etc.

Some of them we will describe in full detail right here.

Number 1 Brown Crystal – Tiger’s Eye 

This Brown Crystal is one of the most famous, it is known for its ability to give us protection, make us more self-aware, and give us courage, and determination.

It is associated with the Zodiac sign Capricorn.

It has an effect on all chakras, but mostly on the root, sacral, and solar plexus.

This Brown crystal is a quartz aggregate of fine limonite fibers. It is made when the iron is exposed and oxidized turning it into limonite when the element called crocidolite breaks down.

Tiger’s Eye crystal can be found in countries like South Africa, Burma, Western Australia, Brazil, India, and the United States.

This Brown crystal is a protector of the energy of the wearer or the space in which it is located.

It acts like a mirror shield, reflecting all harmful and toxic energies back to the sender!

In addition, wearing it on us gives us the courage to create and build our dreams, helping us to get out of our personal fears and be who we are – whole and ourselves.

It offers us the perseverance, motivation, and stamina to safely move forward on our life’s journey.

With this crystal, the energy of the third chakra is activated.

Thanks to the strong frequency of this crystal, we will step into the reality of our dreams and projects with our heads held high, as bold, strong, and courageous beings.

In other words, the vibrations of this crystal lead us to recognize our true dimension and worth outside the shackles of prison and imposed fear.

The energies that are found in this crystal of Brown color are there to help us control our emotions, and therefore we no longer lose energy.

It teaches us to be pragmatic and ready for all life’s opportunities and difficulties because we are responsible beings towards ourselves but above all towards our families.

Number 2 Brown Crystal – Brown Andalusite Gemstone

Andalusite is a gemstone of stunning color and appearance that got its name from the place where it was first found, which is Andalusia in Spain.

Now, the Brown kind of this gemstone is used abundantly, but you need to use it in the right way, or it will not have any positive effects on you.

So, this stone is a perfect one to be used for the restoration of sleep, so anyone who is sleep-deprived can use this stone.

It elevates insomnia and speeds up and facilitates the procedure of sleeping; when you are suffering from insomnia.

Also, all those who are hypertensive can use the Brown Andalusit as this is the stone that lowers the pressure.

It is amazing for having a wholesome influence on the nervous system, reducing sadness, and causing the mind to be more stable.

Its impacts you will most notably notice when you are under major stress, and when you are having anxieties.

The Brown Andalusit can make your immunity stronger and your body rejects any bacteria and viruses.

Number 3 Brown Crystal – Brown Tourmaline 

With its intense color, Brown Tourmaline is not quite like the Black kind that is even stronger, but for sure, this is the Crystal that can serve as an inspiration for gaining respect, maybe not at first glance, but most certainly on the second glance, when things are much calmer and relaxed.

The Brown Tourmaline is a stone of extraordinary strength and power, if not one of the most powerful crystals that nature has created.

There is information that they knew about tourmaline before, and that it was used by advanced civilizations such as ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

Tourmaline has been used by shamans from North American, African and Aboriginal tribes for its healing and protective powers.

Because of the property of magnetism that it exhibits, black tourmaline has been considered since ancient times and is still considered a special crystal.

Since ancient times, people who practiced magic and somehow tried to control the forces of nature and bend them to their will, used black tourmaline to protect them from evil spirits and other invisible forces.

Even today, this stone is considered the most important protector against psychic attacks, which repels and disperses negative energies and entities that may try to attack and possess a person.

Number 4 Brown Crystal – Brown Jasper Gemstone

This stone in general is seen as the perfect stone for attracting happiness.

It was the most beloved stone in China, and it was associated with the eternal mystery of life, and it was known to be the Crystal that has the power to transform our lives.

The Brown kind can improve our energy, and give us both courage and humility.

It is often a part of different amulets, as when you carry it with yourself, then you know that you can focus the best way you can, and it pledges prosperity and soundness, provides articulateness, and enhances memory.

It is good for any hearing problems, and it can improve the sense of smell, as it is believed.

Many scientists and astrologers in the past have used this stone for experiments.

Internally, this is the stone that can assist people who have problematic blood pressure, who have problems with the stomach, who are in chronic pain, or who have a lot of bruises on their skin.

Ladies should use it, as it is amazing for bleeding and regulation of menstrual bleeding if it is excessive.

The Brown Jasper should be used for extreme aging, skin illnesses, and different allergic inflammations.

It stops neurotic anxieties, hallucinations, and hasty addictions.

It is highly recommended to wear a charm or bracelet with the Brown stone as it can shield the person who carries this stone from any harm.

Number 4 Brown Crystal – Brown Diamond

Brown diamonds are the most prestigious of all brownstones, as they are very interesting to examine as they have many powers of their own.

They are very common kinds of diamonds, and they can be bought for reasonable prices, as they are much cheaper than regular ones.

It’s acknowledged that the glorious brown diamond combines the person who carries the Crystal with the world of natural wonders.

The Brown Diamond is the symbol of demand, strength, and clearness.

Number 5 Brown Crystal – Brown Topaz

Brown topaz is intended for the Sagittarius zodiac sign, but other zodiac signs can also wear it.

Brown topaz will help Sagittarians by directing their inexhaustible adventurous energy in the right direction so that they can benefit from what they are doing.

It will help them to be more emotionally stable and to find the right person for their companion.

Brown topaz will help both Sagittarius and other zodiac signs to have more empathy and understanding, patience for the people around them so that they can connect more easily.

Sagittarius are sporty types and therefore prone to frequent injuries, and the brown crystal will help them not to overestimate their abilities in order to prevent injuries and, if an injury does occur, to speed up the recovery process itself.

Because of their adventurous spirit, the lucky ones are prone to situations that can be dangerous for their lives, and the brown topaz that they will wear will use its energy to help them avoid dangerous situations.

Sagittarians tend to suddenly end friendships, even long-term friendships, without any explanation.

Brown topaz will help them to be honest with their friends and to tell what is bothering them, in order to strengthen the friendship and not suddenly end it.

The healing effects of this crystal provide a handful of benefits for its wearer.

Especially if used properly and with meditation.

It provides the wearer with empathy, which can be reduced in people who consume prescription drugs, such as Rivotril and Alicea.

People who drink these drugs for more than 6 months have an absence of this emotion, and brown topaz will bring this condition to normal and prevent other side effects of any drugs you take.

With meditation, your wounds will heal faster and you will recover much easier mentally from all the stresses you will be exposed to during the day.

It will help you to clean your chakras and thereby improve the overall condition of your body, both mentally and physically.

A better flow of energy and circulation through your body will bring you many benefits. Thus, it will help you to cleanse yourself of toxic particles that you have taken into yourself through food and air or by staying in a polluted environment.

With it, you will solve problems with sinuses and joints, as well as problems with migraines.

Number 6 Brown Crystal – Smoky Quartz

Quartz, in general, can come in a large variety of colors, and all of them have different meanings and benefits.

The Smoky kind is the brown quartz, and the name comes from a particular for its sheer formation that resembles the smoke that is inside of the crystal itself.

It is used of course for the manufacture of interesting jewelry, but it can also be used for the creation of electrical devices.

This kind of Quartz has the power to make a person grounded, and has an amazing ability to bring us some form of clarity.

Keep this Quartz when you are having a mental struggle when you are brainstorming and studying, as it will clear your mind and bring you to focus and positive energy.

Number 7 Brown Crystal – Mahogany Obsidian

This stone was known in even prehistoric periods of human history, when ancient man used this stone that is in fact made out of molten lava, for making different tools.

Ancient man-made tools for cutting, different kinds of weapons, jewelry, and of course mirrors.

Obsidian was even used for the creation of masks.

Today this rock is used for making surgical tools as they are very sharp and hard.

Mahogany Obsidian is a kind of red-brown color, with parts of a grey color that makes it very interesting.

This kind is also used for the process of learning, as it can enhance our concentration span and makes us think more analytically thinking.

Some like to use it as a powerful drink that can make our stomachs work better, and it has inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Number 8 Brown Crystal – Brown Citrine

Brown citrine is a crystal that will give its wearer everything he lacks and strengthen him psychophysically.

Brown citrine is the best for the Scorpio zodiac sign and it will exert its greatest influence on them.

Scorpions are notorious for frequently injuring themselves and being most injured by iron, which is why they are also prone to various wound infections. Their stomachs are also sensitive, and when the infection of the wound is combined with the antibiotics they have to drink because of that, chaos ensues in their bodies.

Brown citrine will help them to reduce their injuries and infections from them to a minimum, and thus the harmful consumption of medicines.

Brown citrine will calm Scorpios’ sexual energy and direct it to achieve some higher goal, for example, they will direct it to the development of a business or they will be able to use that energy to heal people.

Scorpios have incredible energy, but few of them know how to direct it where it needs to be.

They are usually chaotic, impulsive, and very critical, in a quarrelsome mood, and then the energy they have drains away, and after that, they are exhausted and nervous.

Brown citrine will help them to curb their passionate nature and direct their energy to the right places and thus achieve unimaginable things for them.

This crystal will help them to find the right job for themselves and to be among people who will appreciate their true values and positive qualities, and they have quite a few.

In order to use the maximum potential of this crystal, its maintenance should be regular and correct, in order for it to exert its maximum capacity of effect on us, which it can provide.

This crystal does not require energy cleansing as often as other crystals because it does not absorb too much negative energy into itself, but redirects it and turns it into a positive one.

But it is still desirable to sometimes leave it overnight in a container with sea or Himalayan salt, taking care not to let it get wet before placing it in the container.

It can be rinsed under a stream of lukewarm cysts for about two minutes.

And in order to renew its energy of action, it is best to bury the fungus in nature where it came from to rest for two to three days, to absorb the energy of mother earth and to be ready for us again.

If you are not able to bury it, you can leave it on a moonlit night, and that way it will absorb all the energy you need.

If possible, make sure that the moonlight is strong (full moon and clear sky).

Brown citrine has a special effect on the sacral chakra and during meditation, it would be desirable to be in alignment with it. Or to hold it between the thumb and forefinger.

During meditation, think about everything bad and good that you have gone through and what you intend to go through.

Immerse yourself in these thoughts and concentrate on the feeling of the crystal between your arms, so that it will draw out bad energy from you and give you good energy that will overwhelm you.

With this, you achieve both spiritual calmness and health benefits such as cleaning waste from the body, speeding up circulation, symptoms of illness, and much more.

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Brown citrine crystal as well as other crystals are a gift from Mother Nature, who implanted her healing energy in them in order to cure us of various psychophysical diseases, improve our lives and make us happy and wonderful both with others and with ourselves.

The planet has given us a wide range of crystals and almost all Zodiac signs can wear all crystals except some.

So be well informed before buying any of those that you think are suitable for you.

Some crystals are rare and their price can be high, while some are so widespread that they can be bought at a very affordable price, which again does not mean that their effect on us is weaker.

Look to choose a crystal for you that suits your zodiac sign and your needs and the character you possess.

Crystals are not an inexhaustible source of energy, but it is renewable. This means that they are not put away after use, but there are procedures for their cleaning, filling, and maintenance.

When you choose a crystal for yourself, make sure you don’t lose it, because the more you use and carry one crystal with you, then it will have a stronger and more positive influence on your being, as the years go by, so you can combine it with a necklace or bracelet, in order to have it with you and thus avoid the situation of it falling out of your pocket and losing it.

They can be combined with all metals, but due to allergic reactions to certain items such as jewelry, it is best and most beautiful to combine them with precious metals, and it is far more beautiful.

Having a crystal that has a mostly brown color, and if this Crystal has found a place in your household, and if you are having it near you at all times, you will definitely handle yourself when you are evolving in life.

It will be that you become fully conscious of the globe where you reside, where is your life, and what is your environment, body, soul, and mind.

You will be able to sense how others who are close to you feel, what they are thinking even, and maybe what will they do next.

A brown crystal may make you feel truly inspired to support people who are close to you, to assist them if you can, and it is said that all brown crystals have enormous power on our families, and this especially includes females, like a mother. Or any motherly figure.

Using the Brown Crystal, your family life will be a wonderful and one-of-a-kind place where you feel so safe, and any of the personal connections in your life will improve.

All these connections will be full of bliss, happiness, and devotion.

Also, as we have said all brown crystals are known for their ability to dismiss hostile energy and dangerous radiation that can at times be at our home, and that can ruin our well-being.

Whenever you are under some kind of stress you should use one of these crystals and you will most certainly get out of the stressful and painful situation.

If you are found in some difficult moments in your life, it is sufficient to hold any Brown crystal near you and the positive energy will simply flow through your body, you will become more lively and will have much more power, when you are sad or in some kind of a pain.

The energy of these crystals is calming and can soothing effect on your body, mind, and soul.

In any case, their price can vary, but they are not considered to be expensive, it is only important to know what are you buying, and where you are purchasing it, as there are many fakes on the market.

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