Calcite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

The calcite crystal is undoubtedly one of the most potent and abundant widespread minerals on Earth, ranging in different colors and transparency levels.

They fall under the softer gemstones category.

Nevertheless, calcite is an amplifying force; it vibrates with cleansing energy.

The crystal is also an excellent barrier remover, capable of speeding up the process of healing, growth, and spiritual awakening.

As a matter of fact, calcite is such an excellent purifier that it’s enough to leave in a room, and it will clean the space and raise the frequency.

This way, the powerful gemstone helps to remove the negative energy, which can leave one feeling stagnant.

The incredible healing and metaphysical properties of calcite are downright magical, especially since it’s an affordable crystal.

Moreover, you can find it in many locations all over the world, especially in the USA, UK, Belgium, Iceland, Peru… Almost anywhere, really.

One of the most fascinating things about calcite is that it’s capable of healing and cleansing all chakras in your body.

The variety of colors is one of the tell-tell signs of that fact.

Calcite Origin

The name of the crystal comes from the Latin “calx” and the Greek word “chalix,” meaning lime.

Regarding the physical properties of calcite, it’s a widespread mineral found in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks worldwide.

The rock-forming mineral with a chemical formula of CaCO3 comes in various shapes, sometimes forming prism-like and rhomboidal crystals.

Sometimes the mineral forms into a granular mass. For example, calcite can take the form of onyx, marble, or limestone.

On the other hand, the mineral shows up in fibrous also, as alabaster.

Calcites are typically translucent or transparent and measure 3 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

The gemstone is of a hexagonal crystal system and is most often found in sedimentary locations.

The mineral is abundant with calcium bicarbonate since it occurs via evaporation.

Therefore, these stones are often mixed with other gemstones.

If you would go looking for calcite, you would probably find it in Mexico, the USA, the Czech Republic, Iceland, the UK, Slovakia, Belgium, and Romania.

Different Colors

The beautiful calcite comes in various colors, each containing a specific vibration and metaphysical powers for a particular purpose.

For example, green calcite vibrates the divine energy of love and is thus incredibly useful for healing.

Additionally, the gemstone is excellent for eliminating negative thought patterns and old belief systems that are out of alignment.

It helps restore balance and cleanse the energy so healthy things can come in instead.

Gold calcite is an excellent aid to mediation practices since it raises awareness and grounds one’s energy.

In essence, this crystal helps you return to your inner Self and tune into Higher realms at the same time.

Calcite can also be black, which is an excellent crystal to use for past life regressions. It’s also called a “record-keeping stone.”

Moreover, this crystal is the stone you need if you need to recover after a traumatic or stressful event.

Black calcite helps align the should with the body and even deal with depression and anxiety.

Blue calcite is a stone vibrating the gentle, healing energy which is incredibly beneficial to people recovering from a long period of disease or illness.

In fact, it’s known to alleviate pain and also lower blood pressure.

Additionally, blue calcite is excellent for clearing the throat chakra to remove any blockages that might cause stress and anxiety.

Other than these, calcite also comes in red, pink, yellow, and orange color.

Sometimes they are found in grey and brown, but also colorless.

Finally, calcite is mainly fluorescent, making it an exquisite crystal.

Spiritual Meaning

As we’ve already mentioned, calcite is a powerful cleansing crystal.

But unfortunately, our manifestation is often delayed because of blockages and stagnant energy in one’s aura or environment.

These low vibrations are the primary manifestation blockers, so it’s critical to eliminate them from your energetic field.

This is where calcite can make a tremendous difference and remove any blockages hindering your growth and preventing you from realizing your desires.

Calcite is an excellent crystal to remove stagnant energy from the body and energy sphere, making room for progress.

Moreover, the gemstone is excellent to use when you need to discern what things are worth and wise to hold on to and what needs to be released.

Often, that comes with specific challenges and takes an emotional toll.

Fortunately, calcite is an excellent stone to eliminate emotional anxiety and stress.

The crystal transmutes those energies and replaces them with peacefulness and serenity.

Moreover, calcite provides stability and calmness because it improves self-trust and intuition.

In fact, the gemstone is excellent for enhancing the trust in your instincts.

The latter is what provides you with the motive and strength to overcome the challenges on your path.

It’s also a balancing crystal since it is used to cleanse and align all chakras, which makes it spiritually profoundly significant.

As a matter of fact, calcite is one of the crystals heavily associated with awareness, spiritual awakening, higher knowledge, and even psychic abilities.

This gemstone provides the link to higher consciousness, opening the door to your Soul’s path and remembrance.

Moreover, calcite is a crystal that can help you communicate with angels, spirit guides, and other 5D realm beings to unite with the Divine in unconditional, universal love.

Different calcite colors and chakras

Generally, calcite is a crystal you can use with any of the seven chakras.

However, different colors resonate with specific chakras more than with others.

So, for example, orange calcite is excellent for balancing the sacral chakra that governs one’s sexuality, creativity, and sensuality.

But on the other hand, the sacral chakra imbalance can lead to depression, apathy, pain, and lack of motivation.

Fortunately, orange calcite can bring balance and reactivate the chakra responsible for creativity and the spark of life.

Furthermore, yellow calcite is excellent for solar plexus alignment.

The solar plexus is responsible for confidence, security, and contentment.

However, if unbalanced, one can experience fear that creates blockages.

Calcite is excellent for cleansing out the aura of fear and insecurity.

Moreover, calcite is also a fantastic amplifier, enhancing the vibrations of crystals combined.

Finally, get clear or white calcite if you want to refresh, reenergize and balance your entire chakra system.

While lying down, put calcite on every one of your chakras, one by one.

The other way to do it is to place them near your lying body, positioned in correspondence to each chakra.

Then breathe and visualize the blocked, stagnant energy leaving your body and aura, turning into dust.

While doing that, imagine a clean, bright, white energy cascading down and out through all of your chakras.

Let it wash over your entire body and go through your whole system, leaving you reenergized and protected.

Calcite helps you find solutions

There probably isn’t a human on Earth that doesn’t have some old questions or dilemmas plaguing their mind.

Calcite is the crystal to use to find the answers you need. You will often learn those were right there, in front of you the whole time.

However, the imbalances and insecurities we carry often make us blind to the truths we need to see in order to progress.

Calcite is an excellent gemstone to use to clear the fog and heal emotional wounds at the same time.

After all, these kinds of blockages can delay your success and hinder your creativity and sexuality.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how much some internal, even childhood wounds, can influence one’s sacral chakra.

Calcite can be an excellent aid to the healing and recovery from traumatic experiences and reshape the perspective to one that clears the road to abundance.

Moreover, calcite is a crystal to use to enhance your will and get you moving since it enhances confidence and motivates one’s childlike playfulness.

These energies are incredibly beneficial as catalysts for inspiration, especially in spirituality and matters of the Soul.

Calcite is a highly versatile crystal that will provide what a specific person needs to align with their goals and purpose.

The vitality it provides works with the physical body in a magical way, associating it with almost unimaginable benefits.

For example, calcite can even enhance one’s lovemaking capabilities.

No less importantly, calcite is fantastic if you need to raise your physical endurance and boost your overall performance.

There is no doubt that calcite is a confidence booster, and keeping it close by might help you immensely.

Calcite combination for chakra balance

Calcite and carnelian work excellently together when dealing with sexual issues and trauma healing, especially emotional abuse.

On the other hand, rose quartz and green calcite are a fantastic combination for heart chakra healing and protection and opening it up to receive unconditional love.

Blue lace agate goes excellent with blue calcite to balance the throat chakra and release all the repressed emotions that are blocking you in any way.

This combination is especially beneficial for people prone to suppressing their feelings.

Aquamarine, aqua aura quartz, blue celestite, lapis lazuli, and sodalite also combine great with calcite.

For those with psychic gifts, calcite can enhance their abilities if they combine it with:

• Celestite
• Blue Sapphire
• Lapis Lazuli
• Hypersthene
• Sodalite

Essentially, the stone you will combine with calcite depends on the specific energies you need most.

So do your research to mix the vibrations to suit your needs and manifestations.

Also, don’t forget to lean on your intuition while experimenting with crystals.


Calcite helps both the body and the mind, raising awareness of the Soul residing in it.

In addition, the crystal raises the higher vibrations of empathy, emotional intelligence, and creativity.

Calcite symbolism is abundant with meaning, most often representing the cleansing, balancing energy incredibly beneficial to bridging the mind’s pace and heart space.

Moreover, the gemstone is fantastic for connecting emotions and intellect, which is where many blockages happen if there is an imbalance.

Additionally, calcite is a crystal of calmness, helping one ground their energy and use inner wisdom to make intelligent decisions aligned with one’s life purpose.

The cleansing power of calcite makes the crystal so abundant in any place they are put in.

Moreover, alongside clearing, calcite also magnifies the potent energies needed for specific goals and desires.

Calcite typically represents the energies of the heart chakra, providing balance to the space by pouring gentle, healing power into it.

The latter is the critical thing to be able to live your life the way you desire.

This crystal will help you harness these potent energies and amplify them to your benefit. As a matter of fact, calcite is also called the crystal of the creatives.

In fact, many artists use its magical vibrations to connect to the Source and remove blocks in inspiration.

Therefore, for many artistic souls out there, calcite also works as a sort of muse.

Calcite Healing Properties

Calcite is one of the most healing crystals one can find, with properties that help in both the physical and metaphysical realms of one’s Being.

First, we’ll look into how calcite can physically heal you.

Calcite and healing the body

This gemstone is an excellent healer regarding digestion, especially for treating kidneys, bowel, or bladder.

Additionally, calcite helps with calcium absorption and simultaneously helps dissolve the calcification build-up, which causes arthritis and bone breakage.

Moreover, calcite can make your bones and joints stronger.

Furthermore, the gemstone also reduces intestinal diseases and skin problems.

In fact, putting calcite water on your skin will help deal with ulcers and warts.

In addition, calcite helps tissue heal and strengthens the overall immune system.

In fact, it can even alleviate back pain and generally treat many common conditions.

Since it’s an amplifier of energy, the remarkable thing about this crystal is that it works with distant healing too.

It’s especially useful for those needing a quick recovery after an illness or stressful period.

Additionally, calcite also works as an antiseptic and a highly effective detoxifying crystal.

No less importantly, calcite is an excellent stone to use to increase concentration, memory, and focus.

Therefore, it’s fantastic for students and anyone who needs to enhance their cognitive abilities.

Healing the Mind and Emotions With Calcite

Calcite is an incredibly potent crystal regarding emotions and intellect.

In fact, the gemstone provides clarity and enhances emotional intelligence.

In addition, this crystal reduces emotional stress, anxiety, and apathy.

Calcite serves as a cleansing agent of the subconscious, clearing space for serenity and motivation.

Moreover, the abundant gemstone can make one feel more energetic and, at the same time, stable and optimistic.

So if you’re encountering any blocks or setbacks on your path, calcite might help you immensely.

This crystal will strengthen your self-confidence and self-trust.

But not only that, it will help you trust others more and eliminate feelings of doubt and insecurity.

Instead, calcite will fill you with revitalizing energy that will allow you to see the world with the eyes of a child.

The latter is what helps draw true inspiration and fulfilling your true purpose.

A fresh perspective provides the tools one can use to reach new heights in every aspect of life.

Calcite is a mighty crystal for emotional healing, providing stability.

Moreover, the stone can be a fantastic aid in healing relationships challenged by negative feelings such as jealousy, fear, trauma, or misunderstandings.

Essentially, for anyone experiencing any kind of setback in life, calcite is the crystal to look for.

It will help clear out the fuzzy feelings creating doubt and anxiety and replace those with clarity, peace, motivation, and hope.

Use calcite to remove blockages and stagnancy from your auric field, even if you don’t consciously know its root cause.

Once you do, you will see how even you feel and start getting some new transformative ideas soon enough.

Calcite Metaphysical Properties

The intangible benefits of calcite crystal are immense.

First, it’s an incredibly abundant gemstone vibrating with frequencies that benefit both psychological and intellectual sides.

And what’s particularly fascinating is that the positive effects of this crystal are felt almost instantly.

Besides enhancing emotional intelligence and clarity, calcite is also an excellent motivation agent.

Moreover, calcite is the crystal for you if you feel like you need a spark of inspiration, energy, and drive.

This gemstone will cleanse your energy and raise your vibration while amplifying these frequencies at the same time.

In fact, the vibration frequency of calcite crystal is close to the one of the human biofield.

This is the reason this powerful gemstone is so effective in removing blockages and stagnant energy in the body and mind.

Since this crystal is used for all chakras balancing, its rejuvenating and serene energy works magically on one’s subtle body.

Once the gemstone does its job, the aura is clean and abundant with new, high-frequency energy.

Spiritually, calcite is associated with higher consciousness and is excellent to use as a spiritual growth aid.

After all, the gemstone enhances one’s cognitive abilities, learning, and clarity.

No less importantly, as it’s called a “record keeper stone” and used in past life regression therapies, it’s even more spiritually significant.

Because the truth is, there is no spiritual journey without a challenging soul journey process.

In fact, calcite can even speed up the process, but this will only work if one keeps their body, mind, and Soul in alignment.

The road of spiritual awakening and awareness is full of challenges, but the calmness and higher knowledge that calcite provides work wonders walking the Soul’s path.

Calcite can help you realize your ideas and turn them into the highest-goal-oriented action.

The latter most often requires learning, which makes this crystal fantastic to keep close when gathering new knowledge.

Since it symbolizes cleansing, it’s especially beneficial if you use its powerful properties when making drastic life changes.

Therefore, calcite is extremely helpful to those needing a new beginning and a fresh perspective.

The stone cleanses the energy and provides the flow necessary to expand.

Calcite has one other excellent purpose. You can use it to eliminate bad habits, damaging patterns, or behaviors, especially if you’re having problems dealing with anger or frustration.

In fact, the crystal is known to bring positive energy and harmony to close relationships.

Some experts say calcite can help mend broken connections and heal relationships.

In addition, the gemstone can help you ground your emotions and deal with challenges associated with the heart chakra.

No less importantly, calcite is a highly protective crystal that can keep negative energy away from you.

In fact, the crystal can even protect you from psychic attacks and dispel harmful energies you collected in your aura.

Its cleansing vibrations will uplift and ground you into your balanced, serene place.

Essentially, calcite can provide you with inner peace and protect your energy so you can use it to enhance your inner wisdom.

This will heighten your intuition and immensely aid your spiritual journey.

Once your mind, body, and Soul are balanced and abundant with calcite energy, you will be closer to discovering and realizing your true purpose.

Finally, this crystal can open the doors to a higher realm so you can experience the joy of genuine awareness and the touch of the Divine.

Put calcite in any room you wish to raise the vibration or place it under your pillow for a reenergizing, cleansing, and healing effect while sleeping.

Zodiac Birthstone

Officially, calcite does not fall under the category of birthstone because it does not have associations with any of the zodiacs.

That said, the crystal community notes that calcite usually is typically chosen by Cancerians.

It all depends on the connection one feels with the stone and how it resonates with them.

Experience has shown that calcite improves innate gifts such as compassion, loyalty, self-expression, optimism, and tenacity.


If you want to truly utilize calcite’s powerful healing, protective, and enhancing energy, the easiest way to do it is to wear calcite jewelry.

That way, you will constantly benefit from the abundant vibrations and stay balanced and protected.

In addition, these frequencies will remain in your auric field, keeping any negativities away from you.

Since calcite comes in many beautiful colors, there is no lack of gorgeous jewelry on the market.

In addition, calcite is reasonably affordable, so the jewelry isn’t expensive.

Finally, wear it consistently; you will feel its emotional and physical benefits.

Whether you choose a ring, bracelet, or necklace with a calcite gemstone, it will undoubtedly connect you to healing and protective vibrations.

For an extra dose of protection, pair calcite with onyx, and your energetic field will be bulletproof.

For those lacking motivation and joy, orange calcite and citrine will do wonders together.

On the other hand, green calcite and rose quartz make a wonderful crystal mix for those needing a gentle but thorough heart chakra cleanse.

How to Cleanse and Charge Calcite?

Just as all other crystals, calcite must be cleansed to unload negative energies and recharged to stay abundant with positive ones.

However, since calcite is a soft mineral, it’s unwise to clean it with salt or other harsh solutions.

Instead, it’s perfectly okay to cleanse calcite with running water. You can also clean it by burning sage or placing it in the moonlight during the night.

The latter is especially beneficial if you decide to charge your calcite with specific intentions.

Calcite is also charged in sunlight, where it can soak up all the warm, lovely Sun vibe.

Better yet, you can cleanse it with a selenite cleansing plate or with the help of clear quartz.

In addition, Tibetan singing bowls and pitching forks are also used to cleanse calcite and boost its great metaphysical and healing properties.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you cleanse and charge your crystal daily because it will not be as potent after collecting everything negative that it was ridding you off.

How Much Does Calcite Cost?

The versatile mineral is one of the most affordable crystals in the world.

Calcite is sold as home decoration and used in medicine and jewelry.

This gemstone you can get anywhere and pay for depending on the clarity and size.

For example, big and clear calcites have a high value.

If you want to purchase calcite as a stone, you will pay from $5 to $2,000, depending on the size and quality.

On the other hand, if you wish to buy wholesale calcite powder, the price varies depending on the purity.

A ton of high-purity calcite can cost anywhere between $100 and $200.

But you’re probably wondering about the calcite stones price.

Crystals in the stone form are typically sold in kilograms, usually priced from $20 to $60 per kilogram.

So naturally, the size, quality, and clarity influence the price also.

For example, raw orange calcite costs from $1 to $30.

The more refined calcite is, the costlier it gets.

Therefore, calcite used in jewelry costs more than raw calcite stones.

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Calcite is one of the most versatile and abundant Earth minerals you can get anywhere and is reasonably priced.

However, this crystal’s healing, spiritual, and metaphysical properties are immense.

Calcite is a cleansing, rejuvenating crystal. It provides you with balance, flow, and clarity.

Moreover, this gemstone has excellent healing properties and serves as an excellent aid to spiritual development.

Since it’s used to balance and align all chakra systems, calcite can remove negative energies on all levels and transmute them to clean, inspired, joyful, and abundant vibrations.

Whatever you use it for, calcite will undoubtedly help you keep the positive vibes while you’re learning – and living your life to the max.

Place calcite in any room you wish to fill with energies of peace, clarity, and protection, or wear it as jewelry.

Calcite is also incredibly healing when placed on one’s body, or simply put the gemstone under your pillow for overnight reenergizing.

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