Can Meditation Replace Sleep?

We do not even have to speak of the fact that we live very stressful lives and that we need to do as much as we can so that we can be relaxed as much as we can, and the truth is that we do not have always a lot of time to do it.

Even when we find enough time to do it, we are not able to fall asleep, we sleep so little time, and what is even worse, we do not have quality sleep.

This is a so-called disease of the modern age – and more and more people are sleep deprived, and this has a consequence so many, people are feeling sicker, and there are truly numerous diseases that are connected to the lack of sleep and rest that matter.

We do not want to count them, but there are many of them, even the worst ones, like cancer.

So, whatever you may hear, not long, but healthy sleep is very important for human beings to be healthy.

People have found many ways they could find relaxation, and one of them is, of course, good sleep, and the other is meditation, which has so many benefits.

Without any doubt, both of these two can make you feel better and calm, and silence your mind, to feel rested, both in mind and body.

Now, can mediation potentially replace a good night’s sleep?

We are here ready to discover.

The difference between meditation and sleep

Now, before we answer the question can a meditation replace sleep, we need to define the two.

When it comes to meditation, it is not an easy task to put a definition to it, as there are various practices related to it.

Whether it is reflection, a course of spiritual growth, prayer, unification, enchantment, a form of daze, or improved self-awareness – it can be all of these things and it can be all of them combined.

Also, it is not possible to definitely define the origins of meditation, and maybe the correct date is not what matters; we must say that all those who dealt with this issue have the same answer.

It is a very old discipline, and it is known to this day that it is used abundantly.

So, meditation is a method that includes part of all the most influential beliefs on the planet.

And when we speak of religion, we must say that meditation from a part of a religious belief has become a philosophical reflection, of a breathing technique, in the form it largely lives today.

There is also no doubt that this type of relaxation was always popular, but the biggest value is the opportunity to be used universally.

Always have this in mind when we speak of meditation, it comes from the Latin language and the word that is translated as thinking contemplating.

Today, as we have said, people mostly use it to deal with accumulated stress and anxiety.

Now, on the other side of the spectrum, we have a good night’s sleep – it is, without a doubt, a necessary part of our day that is essential for quality time-out, better attention, and for better productivity in our workplace.

We need to have enough sleep, and when you think that we spend about one-third of our lives in bed, sleeping, then you know how important it is.

It affects all of our life processes and the way we think and live.

Sleep is associated with our metabolism, and there is no suspicion that the claims of professionals are correct when they state that it is truly essential to spend around 8 (but some say that it is enough to have at least 6 hours of sleep per night for proper functioning).

And here we also come to the fact that sleep is very important since sleep deprivation is in charge of numerous health conditions and even gaining or losing weight in an unhealthy way.

People who sleep badly have unbalanced hormones and feel hungry during the day and have a true problem with their hands.

So, right away we can tell you that sleep is necessary and that all of us have to sleep, but not all of us have to meditate, even if it would be a good idea if we do since it has numerous benefits for us.

Can Meditation Replace Sleep?

Meditation and sleep are two completely different things.

We need sleep to reset our bodies and recharge our batteries for the next day ahead of us and to be ready for all the challenges that it will put before us.

However, if your sleep is disturbed, and the reasons for this can be numerous, you will not be able to charge your battery reserves and you will feel weak and without energy and will for anything all day.

The quality of sleep is a very important item in our lives and the average sleep should last eight hours, which is how long the body needs to recover from both the physical and mental efforts it had that day and it is simply necessary for the normal functioning of our body.

When a person sleeps soundly and brings himself to a rest phase in which energy is restored, he will wake up rested and in a good mood.

But if we were under stress and we have problems that we are trying with all our might to solve, there is a small probability that we will fall into deep loneliness and our brain will continue to work during the night even if we are not aware of it.

We will wake up exhausted and with a swollen faces as if we were in a mine for forced labor.

When you get to the point where we can’t get a good night’s sleep, even with a good bed and mattress, a pillow that’s adjusted to us, that’s where meditation comes into play.

During meditation, a person is aware of his surroundings and it is clear to him, unlike when we are in a dream, that we can control our thoughts and actions.

Through meditation, we get rid of stress, slow down our heart rate and lower our blood pressure, open our chakras for a better flow of energy through our body, and most importantly, over time, meditation will help us have quality sleep.

Meditation will help us to relax our body and our mind and therefore sleep will be of better quality.

After meditation, a person feels relieved, energetic and full of energy, and happy, because during it the happy hormone is released.

When we wake up in the morning, we need time to wake up and for our bodies to prepare for the day ahead.

Therefore, the difference between meditation and sleep is obvious and one cannot replace the other, but their combination is, let’s say, a complete hit.

When a person sleeps, he is in a state where his subconscious takes over the role and we cannot control the dream we dreamed, but we can only “watch the movie” and after that draw a lesson from our subconscious when we wake up.

During medication, we can experience visions and sensations and we can always shake ourselves out of that state, because it is under our control, while the opposite is the case with sleep.

Meditation is something like physical training, for example running or lifting weights.

If you practice running long enough and are persistent in it, you will get in shape and your body will begin to gain definition, you will lose extra pounds, you will tire more slowly during everyday activities, you will expel toxins from your body through sweat and many other benefits.

While with meditation, the benefits are different but not negligible.

If we practice meditation regularly, we will get rid of stress and learn to control it over time.

We will learn to control our breathing and we will learn to breathe from the stomach, we will be able to control our thoughts and we will not let bad ones come to us and reject them, we will purify our energy, especially with meditation with crystals, we will release the hormone of happiness and we will be more satisfied with ourselves at the end of the day.

Because of meditation, the people around us will also feel good because they will be filled with positive energy and thoughts that have a role and effect both on our lives and on the lives of the people around us.

Through meditation, we fight against anxiety and depression and get to know our true selves and our potential.

We clear our minds and think clearly because our thoughts are clear and we will see certain situations in the right light.

He could get many benefits, but also thanks to meditation, our sleep will be calm and deep so we will succeed thanks to the fact that we rehabilitate our mind and body in the right way.

If you are new to meditation, it wouldn’t hurt to ask around and find someone who could teach you and explain how to introduce yourself and your husband to it.

In today’s time, which is full of stress and when our days are reduced to work and home, it is very difficult to calm our minds, especially if we have existential problems.

Meditation leads to complete silence and you should practice it in moments when you are alone if at all possible.

You can use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed for about fifteen minutes in the beginning and up to forty-five minutes as you progress.

Try to quiet your mind as you go into meditation it is quite normal that thoughts will come to you on their own but try to ignore and dismiss them.

If you need to take a nap during the day, try to replace it with meditation because it will be more useful than an afternoon nap and you will recharge your batteries for the rest of the day.

In the evening before going to bed instead of reaching to meditate with your mobile phone.

The worst thing you can do before going to bed and after waking up is to immediately fiddle with your mobile device.

Because before going to sleep, it is necessary to switch off and quieten our thoughts so that we can fall asleep more easily.

And in the morning, your consciousness needs time to adjust, and the mobile phone and especially scrolling through the news will initially irradiate us and interrupt the normal process of waking up.

Instead, set aside a few minutes for meditation and breathing exercises.

If you have trouble falling asleep because your thoughts come to you and you cannot control and reject them, be sure to introduce meditation into your bedtime ritual and you will see how much easier it will be to fall asleep over time.

This is because during meditation we train our mind to reject thoughts that spontaneously come to it, we practice breathing, and the result is a better flow of oxygen to every organ in our body.

We lower our blood pressure and we will sleep in time like little children as if we don’t have a single problem in our life.

Many people practice this method in the morning and the evening and even at work because they were persistent and over time felt the benefits of meditation on their overall psychophysical condition.

And yet many people are skeptical and do not even try to try meditation, at the same time considering it to be only for members of sects.

Meditation is far from that, it is how we train our mind to reject the negative and embrace the positive in itself, and thus our lives become much better both in love and in work.

Nowadays, people are under so much stress that they can’t even stand the noise and commotion of their children while they are playing, and everything bothers them, and the commotion is the most, especially when they are trying to relax or concentrate on something.

This is the first sign and warning that you need to do something soon, to calm your condition.

And you will agree that meditation is a much healthier option than consuming various drugs that only poison your body.

Why would you do that to yourself in addition to meditation, with the help of which you can have much better results?

The results of meditation cannot be seen immediately, but a certain amount of time must pass.

We can compare it with getting our body in condition.

We can’t immediately go to the track to run 5 kilometers, can we?

It takes a lot of time to be able to reach that level, and the key to success in that is only and exclusively in being regular and nothing else.

If you run one kilometer every day for a week, you will be surprised how after that month you will be able to run up to three kilometers at a time without any problems.

It is the same with meditation, if you are persistent and regular in exercising it, you will be able to in a month to feel its benefits, which is more than useful for you and your mental state and general quality of life.

You will be able to have better communication with people from your environment, you will have more luck in love and at work, and you will have more patience in traffic jams and with people in general.

Meditation will surely cure your insomnia, believe it or not.

Your sleep will be calmer and longer, and you will sink into it faster with the help of meditation.

You will dream beautiful dreams and wake up fresher and more rested every day.


Regardless before going to sleep, we think about the constant “to-do” list if we make plans for the future, or as the majority of us, stress about crises and responsibilities, we know that we need to rest.

We can sleep, and we should sleep healthy for enough amount of hours, but having meditation as a part of our daily routine is never a bad idea.

These two things are not synonyms, sleep is much more important, as it is a psychological need of a human being, while on the other hand, meditation is perfect for the functioning of both body and mind.

We can sleep and not meditate, but we cannot just meditate and not sleep – for a better quality of life, you should have a good night’s sleep, every night, and if you can you should include at least a five-minute meditation per day.

Lie down, rest your body and breathe intensely.

Don’t think about anything else but breathing, and try to clear your mind of all; if you feel like it, you can make your sleep better by meditation before going to bed.

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