Ceres in Aquarius – Personality Traits & Meaning

Stars are the key to the doors of our destiny.

The ever-flowing cosmic energies shape up our collective and individual life paths.

In search for answers, we gaze into the heavens above.

Astrology has been in use since old times and is still being actively practiced.

Although it is considered a pseudo science, it is widely popular and many people turn to experienced astrologers, curious about their own life and future.

Astrology does not actually predict future, that is, it cannot tell you this and that will certainly happen in your life, when speaking of personal astrology, horoscopes and natal chart interpretations.

It rather gives us information on some potential events or, even better, it introduces us to some capacities, qualities, potentials we have, some of which we have never been aware of.

Of course, astrology can tell us much about our interpersonal skills and relations.

Astrological charts, natal charts, in this case, offer us a deep insight into someone’s personality.

For this reason, we can also get comparative charts, to see if we were compatible with someone whom we find interesting, or someone we live with.

Natal chart represents your astrological identification card, as it is based upon the exact time and place of your birth.

It contains numerous specific details that make your chart distinctive and unique.

Even in the case of twins, when people are born practically under the same astrological coordinates, there could be little differences.

Moreover, similar chart does not mean all potentials are going to develop the same way.

Life is full of surprises! Astrology helps us dig deep beneath the surface of our own being and meet people around us on a completely new and more profound level.

Asteroids in Astrology

As you probably know, natal charts contain zodiac signs, planets, fields and other elements of which many make mutual aspects; aspects could be favorable or not, just as the positions of planets within a natal chart.

We cannot say this or that planet or sign or field is positive or negative; each has potentials to become both.

The same stands for our own personal potential. The trick is to recognize it and use it well.

Asteroids are less known horoscope details; in common talk, people usually mention only zodiac signs, maybe planets and houses.

True, asteroids are added to astrological field recently, considering some of the planets were known in ancient times.

Asteroids were discovered about only two centuries ago, but they were not included in astrology back then.

They were incorporated into astrological readings much later, but the end of the twentieth century.

The introduction of asteroids into astrology was associated with specific socio-cultural changes of the time.

Thus asteroids were primarily associated with the feminine principle.

Before the introduction of asteroids, only two celestial bodies were associated with femininity – lovely Venus and mysterious Moon.

There are many asteroids within the astronomical space called asteroid belt.

However, four of the asteroids hold a prominent place in astrological readings.

They are Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres, each named after a powerful goddess of ancient Greek and Roman pantheon.

Each of the goddesses and each of the asteroids are associated with feminine archetypes.

Asteroids in natal charts tell about the feminine principle in our life, about the role of the women in our own destiny and the feminine energy within ourselves.

Each of the asteroids carries very specific meaning.

Ceres in Astrology

Asteroid Ceres is, of course, associated with attributes of the goddess Ceres/Demeter.

In order to understand what Ceres means in natal charts, let us learn something about mythology and goddess of the earth, Ceres in Roman pantheon, Demeter in Greek.

The myth of Demeter is that of a devoted mother, a protective, loving and caring parent.

You have certainly heard about the story of Persephone, the daughter of the goddess Demeter, who was taken away by Hades, the lord of the underworlds.

According to the myth, when her daughter was abducted and made the queen of the realm of dead, Demeter got so mad that she withdrew all the blessing from the earth.

As a goddess of fertility, earth, agriculture, she could do that.

The earth went barren, until the conflict over Persephone was resolved.

Hades and Demeter made a compromise, so Persephone was about to spend half of the year with her husband and rule the underworld, while the other half of the year she would spend above the ground.

This myth explains, in an allegorical tone, the change of seasons, but it tells much more.

Demeter is associated with parenthood, grief, sorrow, sacrifice, separation, the process of growing up, the rite of passage and much more.

Asteroid Ceres in astrology tells about the place and subject of our care and devotion, it tells about our ability and need to protect and safeguard.

Ceres in astrology tells also about our need to feel safe, comfortable, taken after and secure.

It tells about the need for unconditional love.

Transiting Ceres tells about the nature of our current needs regarding all this.

Aquarius Personality and Traits

In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the placement of Ceres in Aquarius, introducing you to some basics of this positioning; the concrete, deep and detailed analysis requires a full natal chart.

Before we move on to the actual placement, let us say a couple of words about Ceres’ destination in this case, the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius is an Air element sign and it reigns over the Eleventh House in the natal chart.

The Eleventh House is the field of friendship and various types of companionship, unification.

The constellation of Aquarius is dominated by two ruler planets, Saturn, the last known of the traditional planets and Uranus.

These planets are often associated with karma and destiny. It is interesting to note that Aquarius sign is associated with mutually exclusive principles, that of Saturn and that of Uranus.

While Saturn is about conservatism, limitations, boundaries and slow pace, Uranus is eccentric, impulsive and fast.

Aquarius people are often considered ’children of tomorrow’, children of future, people who are ahead of their times, great visionaries, people with eccentric, unusual, bold ideas not many could understand.

These people are highly individualistic, authentic and original, amazingly intuitive, non-conventional, idealistic.

They live for an idea, they are ready to sacrifice everything for the idea that guides and moves them.

Aquarius people are free-spirited, open-minded, humane, social, altruistic. Uranus dominates their nature, far more than limiting Saturn.

They are very independent, but they are not isolated and insensitive.

However, Aquarius people tend to look at everything from a wider perspective.

They care about humanity in total, more than they care for an individual, to explain things roughly.

Aquarius people are the only ones who could probably match water signs, when it comes to intuition.

They approach life with enthusiasm and vision. Aquarius are brave in defending their ideas, to the point of fanatic.

Let us see how caring and nurturing Ceres feels when in the field of altruistic and visionary Aquarius. It seems to be a good placement for the humanity.

Ceres in Aquarius – General Information

Indeed so, Ceres in Aquarius turns into a great humanitarian and a progressive guardian of humankind.

People born with Ceres in Aquarius look into the future. They do not focus on past events and spilt milk.

They strongly believe the world could be made into a better place and they would love to contribute to it or even to inspire others to do so.

They have very tolerant attitude towards life, they are free-minded, they values freedom and independence.

People with Ceres in Aquarius support everyone’s qualities.

They firmly believe each human being is unique and special and, as such, worth of respect. They are optimistic and courageous.

Ceres Aquarius people will stand for others who find it difficult to express or protect their own values, for the diversity is something they hold really high.

These people seek for ways to build a better world, they find themselves in the role of protectors and caregivers, but on a wider plan.

Individual plan is a bit of a mystery to those idealists.

Ceres in Aquarius – Positive Traits

On a positive side, Ceres Aquarius people are driven, optimistic, believing, progressive, oriented towards better future.

They are full of original ideas on how to make the life better for everyone.

They look at things collectively, while praising diversity.

For a Ceres Aquarius, it does not matter where you come from, he or she wants you all to unite in a struggle for a better world for everyone.

They value others differences and believe everyone can unite.

They are very intelligent, even genius, somewhat eccentric and ahead of their times.

They are capable of challenging old systems, they bring new ideas and often turn them into practice.

Ceres Aquarius people feel best if they find the way to work on making the world a better place for everyone.

It is where they feel the most comfortable and confident.

Ceres in Aquarius – Negative Traits

On a negative side, these idealists often neglect what is right before their noses.

Occupied with big plans, visions and ideas, they neglect those nearest to them and often have a problem to become close to one particular person.

They are social, outgoing and friendly, but they have hard time committing to one person and close relationships.

Ceres Aquarius people are always on the move, they do not find it hard to travel half the world if it was for a right cause, but they do not do so well with everything that is actually right next to them.

Individual, intimate close relationships are a struggle to Ceres Aquarius.

Although they have so much love for the entire humankind, they often fail on the individual plan, with or without being aware of it.

Ceres in Aquarius Man

Ceres Aquarius men are creative, original, eccentric, often occupied with their visions and great ideas, working readily on them

. They enjoy learning new things about the world, travelling, experiencing unique and original things.

These men are very tolerant and with an open-minded world view.

They have an ear for everybody and they would always encourage people to embrace their differences. The same stands for women.

Ceres Aquarius men would know thousands of people, but there are not many they can consider friends.

They are always on the run, inspired and driven by their big and progressive ideas.

When it comes to relations in general and relationships, they do not show affection by cuddles, kisses, love letters or hugs, depending on what particular type of relationship we talk about.

However, they are there to listen to people and they enjoy sharing opinions and ideas.

Their humanitarian causes are a priority, while romantic relationships comes next.

They cannot get along with conservative people and it would be hard to imagine a Ceres Aquarius man with a conservative lady.

Ceres in Aquarius Woman

Ceres Aquarius women are similar to their male counterparts, very talented, intelligent, interested into humanitarian or similar causes, always looking for new experiences and meeting the world we live in.

It is said that Ceres Aquarius women are more emotionally closed than Ceres Aquarius men; both of them do not put a romantic relationship as their priority, although, of course, they feel the need to connect with someone.

However, these ladies are not flirty and romantic, they are excellent listeners and they enjoy profound and visionary topics.

Ceres Aquarius women are unique, independent, self-reliable, but altruistic and social.

They dedicate their time to saving the world, to say so, just like their male counterparts.

Ceres in Aquarius – Brief Summary

Ceres in Aquarius is a visionary and altruistic combo.

People with this placement of Ceres look at things on a big plan.

They have a strong urge to change the world, to make it a better and more loving place for everyone here.

These people are extremely tolerant and open-minded.

They feel best if they can employ all their capacities into a cause, a cause that will save all the humankind.

Ceres Aquarius people are protectors of humankind.

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