Ceres in Aries – Personality Traits & Meaning

Natal chart readings can reveal much about one’s personality and life path. What an astrologist could see in a natal chart is a set of characteristics and potentials that mark one’s life.

There are different types of astrological readings, with personal horoscope being the most popular.

Astrology or science of the stars, as it name says, has been with us since very ancient times.

Roots of astrology could be traced into far past and into ancient societies. Its long history has been marked by various statuses.

Although astrology is considered a pseudo science, it is based on methodology and practice the same way as any other science. It is closely related to astronomy, of course.

As a matter of fact, the two have the same roots and the same basics. Some of the most notable scientists, astronomers in particular, were astrologers, as well.

Both astronomy and astrology actually deal with the distribution and quality of heavenly bodies.

According to astrology, planetary placement has much to do with what is happening on earth, that is, what is happening in each one of us and on a global plan.

Planets we talk about are those of our solar system, of course.

However, there are other celestial objects, besides planets, playing a very important role in modern day astrology.

It is, in fact, fascinating that astrology has been in use, since ancient times up to our day.

New astronomical discoveries changed the science of the stars, as well.

Newly discovered heavenly bodies had to be incorporated into astrological readings and their positioning and aspects carefully analyzed.

Asteroids in Astrology

Traditional astrology knew about only five planets, Sun and the Moon. Later, three other planets were added: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Modern astrology, thus, interprets the position of ten planets (for Sun and the Moon are also labeled so in astrology).

What people are actually interested into is the position of planets in their natal charts. Natal chart or personal horoscope is the most popular field of astrology.

However, there are important astrological chart elements besides planets. Asteroids are some of them.

Asteroids were not known for long; they were discovered only at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Asteroids were incorporated into astrology much later. There are many of them registered within the asteroid belt, a space area between planets Mars and Jupiter.

Four asteroid take special place in natal chart reading: Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

These asteroids are named after ancient deities, that is goddesses of Greco-Roman pantheon. In astrology, asteroids are associated with the feminine aspect of anyone’s personality.

Four asteroids aforementioned are associated with attributes and symbolism of the four goddesses.

Their placement within one’s natal chart gives a more refined and deeper insight into one’s personality.

Ceres in Astrology

Asteroid Ceres is associated with education, productivity, continuity, healing and health, and relations between children and parents. Asteroid Ceres caries attributes of the Greek goddess Demeter, that is, Roman Ceres.

The most popular myth about Demeter/Ceres is that of her daughter Persephone/Proserpina being abducted by Hades/Pluto, the god of the underworld. Ceres, the goddess of earth, withdrew her blessing from the world, out of sorrow and rage.

The myth ends with a compromise; Persephone married Hades and had to spend half of the year in her new kingdom and half of the year with her mother. The myth actually explains the change of seasons.

They story is mysterious and could have many socio-cultural readings. Associated primarily with agriculture, it also tells about the lost of virginity, the beginning of a new world order dominated by men.

The placement of Ceres within a natal chart tells about nurture and care, about one’s ability to offer love, gentleness and care to others, but also the opposite.

Ceres is also about control and protection.

Ceres asteroid has to do with maternal feelings and family relations. Ceres is associated with a transition from childhood to maturity.

It is also about death and grief mothers embrace for the sake of their children.

Asteroid Ceres also tells about learning from harsh experiences.

The goddess Ceres is the deity of parenthood and fertility.

In astrological sense it tells about one’s dealing with dependency, separation, rejection, loss, sharing, sorrow, but also about our ability to learn and to be productive.

Aries Personality and Traits

Ceres in Aries is a very specific position we will discuss in the following paragraph.

Before we do so, we shall say a couple of words about the zodiac sign of Aries. What are the basic traits of this Fire element sign?

First things first, Aries is the ruler of the First House. It stands for a freshly born individual, in need of vitality, energy and strength to grow and develop further.

Aries people feel that fresh energy and could be incredibly strong.

Aries people truly believe they are born to be leaders. They believe there is no place for failure and for this reason, they are incredibly determined, but also very stubborn.

There are no impossible goals for courageous and determined Aries.

Zodiac sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war. Mars makes Aries intense, impulsive, even aggressive.

What is interesting about Aries people is that they could be destructive, but not vengeful. They do not really care about other’s intentions that much.

Aries is all about action, so he or she has no time to deal with other’s motifs, nor could be intimidated by others.

Aries people look into future, they are very proactive, very optimistic and could not be easily discouraged.

If one tries to stop Aries from doing something or make him or her change the objective, all that comes in return would be argument and yelling. Aries people learn from their own practical experiences and mistakes.

Aries would not give up easily. One of the rare reasons that could actually make an Aries to retreat is a new and a better idea. Aries would approach that fresh idea and mission with the same, if not even greater passion and dedication.

What also characterizes Aries is their open nature and attitude. They do not save words and always speak directly.

With Aries, one always knows where one stands. Aries do not avoid conflict and could be a bit too harsh on others.

However, Aries people could channel their energy into great productivity. Their nature is tricky, because of brought to extreme, it leads to one dimensional mindset, violence and aggression.

Ceres in Aries – General Information

It seems as if Ceres qualities and Aries traits have not much in common.

However, all placements we can find within natal charts are natural and could manifest in different ways, in different people, since they depend on the rest of the birth chart.

Ceres in Aries is actually a very powerful combination. Ceres, with its care and nurture attributes manifests in Aries in a specific way and is associated with great self-caring. People with Ceres in Aries invest into their wellbeing.

These individuals are very intense and seem to be insensitive. The nurturing nature is primarily focused on the self. They care about their health and especially their physical abilities, looks included.

Ceres Aries people are typically active and sport-addicted. They love to exercise and build up their bodily strength. They are extremely aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike some others, Ceres Aries people are not discouraged by their own weaknesses, because they firmly believe they can improve it and, in truth, they are capable of taking out the best of themselves, when it comes to that.

However, on an emotional plan, they could be hard to deal with, impulsive and cold. They, of course, need affection as everyone else and enjoy attention.

They are rather doers than thinkers. Ceres Aries people know others need their gentleness and affection, but have hard time in showing gentle feelings and pampering others.

They would prove their love and care through deeds, rather than words.

Ceres in Aries – Positive Traits

Ceres in Aries people are known for their incredible activity. They are vigorous, proactive, optimistic and self-resilient.

These individuals can move mountains, because Ceres’ protective and caring nature combined with powerful, strong Aries.

This combination could be very good and productive, as Ceres, in a way, tames flaming Aries energy.

It protects what has been achieved and actually prevents it from destruction, if the chart allows so. People with Ceres in Aries are independent and brave.

Ceres Aries people are free-minded and they are ready to risk in order to achieve something great and noble, which, in proper circumstances, can be a great trait, although it also has its downside.

People with Ceres in Aries are bold and would sacrifice for what and whom they care about.

Ceres in Aries – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Ceres Aries people can be overly self-obsessed, aggressive, incapable of making any compromises and too cold and harsh on others.

They tend to be insensitive to the point they don’t even understand they have hurt someone.

Ceres Aries people have hard times showing affection and expressing their emotions.

This is particularly problematic when it comes to parent-child relationship. Their gentleness is often suppressed behind the intense, domineering energy.

Ceres Aries people often make a priority to be completely self-reliant.

Such a mindset is destructive, because it is, in fact, impossible. It makes them focus only on their own needs, completely ignoring and neglecting others, without being aware of it.

In the long run, it makes them suffer greatly, without knowing the reason.

What is worse, the suffering they cannot explain often turns into rage.

Ceres in Aries Man

Ceres Aries men are bold, very determined to achieve their goals and usually very physically fit and active. They are focused on their achievements and productivity.

Although they are devoted in their relationships, family life etc., they do not actually show much affection and are not tender.

They seek to provide for their loved ones, instead. Their love is proved through practical deeds not soft words.

These men are very straightforward, open and easy to approach.

They value their independence greatly. In relationships, these men are loyal, honest and definitely not prone to cheating; if others cheat on them, they will express their disappointment and hurt and leave.

The same stands for any kind of a relationship. Ceres Aries men love company of people who have the same or similar level of energy as they do.

They do not like to sit still and waste time talking. They would rather get into action.

Ceres Aries men enjoy challenges in every area of life, from romantic relationships to professional field.

Ceres in Aries Woman

Ceres in Aries women are sporty, active, open and straightforward. They seek for independence and are not easily intimidated by challenging situations.

These ladies are inclined towards active lifestyle and do not like to be bound by traditional setting.

They, however, care much about their loved ones and would do whatever is needed for their closest to feel secure, protected and safe.

Just as Ceres Aries men, they are not soft on words and gentle, but could be very feminine in a maternal, guardian way. They are strong and reliable, especially as mothers and friends.

When it comes to love Ceres Aries women seek for a partner who can challenge them, a man who can follow their energy. They love a bit of rivalry in the relationship.

Ceres Aries women are capable of building life for themselves and their family and would not break even if faced with the most tragic circumstances and life phases. They stand for what they care for and do not give up on it.

Ceres in Aries – Brief Summary

Ceres in Aries makes for an extremely intense combination.

Ceres in Aries position is characterized by intensity of energy, activity, determination, boldness, strong will, independence, deeds rather than words, protection.

This powerful combination is seen in people who stand for what they care for.

Ceres Aries people are persistent in their goals. The intensity of this positioning would depend on the rest of the natal chart, of course.

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