Ceres in Cancer – Personality Traits & Meaning

What is a horoscope? What could an astrological reading offer us that we do not know already? The answer is very simple – astrology offers much more than we already see and know.

The roots of modern astrology can be traced into antiquity, with one of the most famous Ancient Greek wise men taken as the ’father of astrology’, Pythagoras.

Throughout the history of humankind, many notable figures were astrologers or relied on astrology.

Astrology has been with us for long and its path and development marked by periods of great popularity and loss of value. However, it is still here and widely practiced.

Astrology is based upon the specific principles and methods, just like any other science.

However, it is not counted amongst acknowledged scientific fields, but considered pseudo-science, because of the nature of answers it provides.

This wonderful field of research and study tells about the influence of planetary movement upon individual destinies and/or circumstances and events on a wider plan.

In other words, astrology deals with matters of macrocosm’s impact on microcosm.

Everything there is connected and the energies are being exchanging. Planets and other celestial bodies and other astronomical elements greatly affect the life on our Earth, as we know it.

Planetary positions and aspects they create affect each one of us individually.

Astrology interprets these relations and aspects, through what is know as birth chart, when it comes to individual destinies.

Birth or natal charts are personal horoscopes; images of the sky taken at the exact moment of one’s birth.

Asteroids in Astrology

According to astrology, the placement of planets seen in one’s natal chart, distributed in fields and zodiac signs, represent some sort of a celestial identification card.

Each natal chart is unique and each manifestation of a natal chart in reality is specific.

Many people are born on the same date, even in the same place and the same hour, but their lives are different.

What are the most important things to look for in a birth chart? Traditionally, there were seven planets in total; upon the discovery of the last three planets of the solar system, they were added to the list.

Therefore, astrology focuses on the positioning of ten planets (the so-called luminaries, Sun and the Moon are also labeled planets in astrological readings).

However, planets are not the only heavenly bodies astrology takes into account.

Although less known as elements of astrological readings, asteroids play an important role nowadays, offering even a deeper and a more detailed insight into one’s destiny and personality.

Asteroids are pretty new, when it comes to astrology. They were discovered only in the early 19th century, but included into astrological interpretations much later.

There are many asteroids circulating within the asteroid space between Mars and Jupiter. The four of them are given greater importance, when it comes to horoscope readings. These four are Vesta, Pallas, Juno and Ceres.

As you can clearly notice, they are named after powerful feminine deities of Greco-Roman pantheon.

Asteroids in astrology are associated with attributes and symbolical meanings attached to the four beautiful goddesses.

In a natal chart, asteroids indicate feminine aspects within one’s personality and tell about their potential manifestation.

Ceres in Astrology

Ceres is an archetype of a devoted, loving and caring mother and is also the goddess of agriculture and fertility.

The most wide known myth about Ceres, which is the goddess’ Roman name, is the one about the abduction of her daughter.

The myth tells how the god of the underworld (Hades in Greek, Pluto in Roman mythology) had forcefully taken Persephone (Roman Proserpina) and made her his wife. Persephone was a daughter of Demeter (Roman Ceres).

Demeter was mad about what happened and so she deprived the earth of the whole life and its riches, being the goddess of the earth and fertility. The barren land was a manifestation of Demeter’s grief and wrath.

The story ends with a compromise solution. Persephone remained Hades’ wife and became the queen of the underworld, but she was to spend half of the year (and at that time, the earth awakens and blooms) with her mother.

This myth tells about the change of season, but it is greatly about the changed role of a women within society, it is about sacrifice, separation, the rite of passage.

The myth of Ceres is about separation from parents, about difficulties of growing up, about care, nurture and protection.

Ceres in astrology stands for the way in which we care about others. It tells about how much and in what sense we care about people in our lives.

Cancer Personality and Traits

The manifestation of Ceres’ qualities will greatly depend upon the placement in particular zodiac sign.

For this reason, we have to understand the very nature of the sign Ceres is found in. What are the main characteristics of Cancer?

Cancer is a Water element sign and it rules the Fourth House in horoscope. The Fourth House is associated with home and ancestors, and Cancer is an extremely emotional sign.

The house of Cancer is the first of the three occult fields; the other two are those of the remaining Water signs, Scorpio and Pisces. The ruler of Cancer is feminine and passive, emotional Moon.

Cancer people typically have a feminine energy, both men and women. It does not have to be something visible, but it is deeply rooted within the complex psychological profile of Cancer sign in general.

These individuals are very sensitive and overly emotional, very moody and prone to mood swings. These people can feel deeply sad, they can feel the pain of the world, while in the next moment they could feel euphoric, exalted.

Cancer people are complicated, when it comes to emotions, because of the intensity and mutable character of their emotional status.

Others find hard time understanding them. It is not easy to follow one who is laughing from the heart ate one moment and cries in the next one. They are spontaneous in expressing their feelings.

These people are aware of the transience of this life, which makes them melancholic and thoughtful.

Being extremely emotional, Cancer people are highly empathetic. They can feel others’ emotions. They have a strong intuition and can deeply understand the difficulties others go through.

Although Cancer people are definitely not the most daring and courageous, they are fearless when it comes to people they love. They have hard times resolving their own inner struggles, but would never let you down.

Cancer people can be very creative and present with an amazing sense of humor, when in a positive phase. They actually love to dominate, but their attitude is subtle, not straightforward as in some other signs (Aries, for instance).

Cancer people are complicated, but reliable partner. In love life, Cancer expects to feel safe and protected and would do the same.

People born under this sign are afraid of showing their incredibly intense emotions openly, because they are vulnerable and sensitive. They could hide their love for someone for years!

Cancer people are faithful to death.

Ceres in Cancer – General Information

Ceres in Cancer could be an overwhelming placement. As everything else related to Cancers, this combination is complex and even conflicting, to a certain degree.

Ceres Cancer people are, as expected, extremely emotional, sensitive, caring. They are loving people, ready to be of service, sometimes crossing their own limitations.

Nurturing and naturally care giving, protective Ceres, who suffers greatly if it comes to separation of any kind, opens the emotional Cancer in a specific way.

Ceres Cancer people would use any means to show they care about someone, to the point their attention and servitude become too much.

They are affectionate, emphatic, understanding and honest, when it comes to showing love.

Yet, Ceres Cancer people are complicated and sometimes paradoxical. They feel hurt if others do not treat them the same way, while, at the same time, they feel uneasy if it happens so.

Everything about them is a bit conflicted and paradoxical. They are overly sensitive and a bit insecure, while at the same time they can suffer from the complex of higher value.

Ceres in Cancer – Positive Traits

Probably the best characteristic of Ceres in Cancer people is their immense empathy, nurturing and caring nature. They would really show you all their love and they especially care about family.

Ceres Cancer people would do their best to make their closest ones feel loved, safe and protected when around them.

They would never let the people they care for down. Although they really have hard times dealing with their emotions, if aspects were favorable, they will get over it for the sake of other’s well-being.

Although this intense emotionality could be a double-edged sword in many situations, if they can control it, these people are the most loyal and faithful partners, friends, relatives.

Ceres Cancer people embody the archetype of a devoted mother.

They have a feminine need to protect dear people and show them affection and gentleness.

Ceres in Cancer – Negative Traits

Ceres Cancer people tend to be childish. They are needy of attention and if things don’t go the way they like, they get annoyed, moody, irritable.

What is more, they simply expect people read their mind and needs.

They have hard times dealing with their expectations, especially in emotional sense.

While feeling insecure and odd if others show them desired attention, they feel even worse if they do not get it.

Cancer Ceres people can dive too deep into the conflicted and complicated inner emotional world, which makes them ignorant of all those others they would also like to show attention and affection.

They are often stretched between various emotional phases, which makes them instable. They are prone to anxiety and depression.

They tend to doubt their own worth and are prone to underestimating themselves, becoming completely delusional about others’ opinion or feelings towards them, thinking no one cares about them.

Ceres in Cancer Man

Ceres in Cancer men are sensitive and a bit complicated individuals, since their feminine and masculine side could be at odds with one another.

Their masculinity wants them to stay strong and unshaken in any situation, but that is impossible.

They are very gentle and caring. These men serve their family with all their dedication.

These men seek for traditional values and traditional family life. They feel the most comfortable in such surroundings. They value family, marriage and parenthood above all things.

Ceres Cancer men do not care about career, but about the well-being of people they care about the most, that is, their partner and kids. They would do whatever it takes to make their family feel stable, their children and wife safe and protected.

They tend to be overly sensitive, in comparison with other men. They could be melancholic, but they could channel their emotions through artistic expression.

Ceres in Cancer Woman

Ceres Cancer women are gentle, very feminine and sensitive. These ladies are some of the most caring and protective mothers there are.

They would always put their family first; their needs come next.

They need a lot of attention and gentleness in life. They are cuddly, sweet hearted, loving fairies.

These women love to be around the house and creating warm family atmosphere.

Like Ceres Cancer men, they do not have much of career ambition. Emotional fulfillment always come first.

They could be talented for arts, creative and skillful.

Ceres Cancer women would make you feel special when in their presence. They feel the best if they can make people around them feel nourished, loved and pleased.

Ceres in Cancer – Brief Summary

Ceres in Cancer is an intense placement, emotionally. Both Ceres and Cancer have much to with the feminine energy and with intense emotions.

Ceres embodies the protective, caring and devoted motherly figure; Cancer is all about care and emotions.

This placement can be hard to deal with, especially if aspects were unfavorable.

However, on the other side, it offers much. People with Ceres in Cancer are the most loving parents and family-people, so to say.

Ceres in Cancer is associated with self-sacrifice, nourishment, guardianship and faithful love.

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