Ceres in Capricorn – Personality Traits & Meaning

Life is full of surprises and unpredictable events, full of unexpected changes for better or for worse…a rollercoaster of happiness and sadness, of growth, learning, sharing and receiving.

Who would not like to know what awaits around the corner?

The thrill of the anticipation make us excited or worried, and each one of us sometimes thinks how easier the life would be if we knew what is next.

We can never know for sure, but we could know ourselves better.

Since old days, people would turn to heavens above, in search for answers.

We would ask the higher realm to help us and to offer us guidance, regardless of our specific confession, set of beliefs, religion…

What is typical for all humankind is that we often search for answers in the heavens above, in the sky.

Since ancient days, people have been gazing into stars, trying to figure out what the connection is between us and those sparkly spots above.

Astrology is very old practice of stargazing, so to say. Astrology as we know it dates back into the days of ancient Babylon.

From there, it spread to Ancient Greece, to Ancient Rome and around the known world.

Throughout the world and history, regardless of cultures, people sought answers in the same sources.

The famous Ptolemy established both important principles of astronomy and astrology; until modern times, the two were taken as one an the same.

Of course, cultures other than European had their own astrological path.

Think about the Arab world, China and beyond.

In any case, although astrology is considered a pseudo science, it is still present and actively practiced.

Asteroids in Astrology

When someone mentions astrology, people first think about the ruling zodiac sign, that is, their Sun sign.

Those with a better insight know about natal charts and the role of planets and all of the zodiac signs in their own destiny.

Natal charts or personal horoscopes are represent planetary distribution at the time of an individual’s birth.

From a natal chart, one can learn about qualities, traits, characteristics of that person.

Personal horoscopes offer us an insight into our capacities and potentials and tell about what might happen in our lives; the actual manifestation depends on us.

For this reason, learning about your potentials from a natal chart could be of great use.

Your horoscope is not your Sun sign alone, but all the signs, planets, houses and other celestial bodies, and aspects they form.

Asteroids play an important role in astrological readings, since recent times.

They have been discovered in the nineteenth century, but were incorporated into astrology much later.

In comparison to other planets, asteroids are pretty new in astrology and their placement interpretation refreshing.

Amongst many of the existing asteroids, four take up a prominent place in astrology.

Those are Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres, asteroids named after four feminine deities.

The introduction of asteroids in astrological readings is associated with cultural and social changes, the new perception of the role of women.

Astrologically, they represent the feminine principle.

In traditional, old astrology, only two planets were considered feminine.

These two were Venus and the Moon.

Four asteroids embody attributes of four Greco-Roman female deities, astrologically speaking.

Their placement within natal charts tell about the specific feminine aspect and principle associated with a particular goddess and her mythological role in the first place.

Ceres in Astrology

Ceres is an archetype of a mother, in the first place, as it is primarily associated with the myth of Demeter/Ceres and her daughter Persephone/Proserpina, whom she loved and wanted to protect.

This asteroid is associated with mutual care, nurture, family bonds, especially mother-children relation, both physical and emotional needs.

Ceres is the greatest of the important astrological asteroids.

Ceres stands for care, growing up and bringing up, education and support, and it is similar to qualities of the Moon in this regard.

However, the Moon is primarily associated with the care about babies and little children.

On the other hand, Ceres has more to do with adolescents and grown up children; it has to do with the rites of passage from childhood to maturity, the transitional period from adolescence to the next age and parental role in all of these.

Ceres is the mother goddess, the goddess and the mother of the earth.

According to the Greek myth, Demeter (Ceres is her Roman counterpart), was a goddess of grain, fertility, abundance, motherhood.

The most popular myth, which has to do with attributes of the asteroid Ceres in astrology, is the one about Demeter, Persephone and Hades.

The god of the underworld kidnapped Demeter’s dear daughter and made her his wife.

Demeter was so sad and angry that she made the earth barren and cold, until they reached an agreement, according to which Persephone would share her time between her husband and her mother.

Taking this myth into account, Ceres has to do with grief, sorrow, difficulties of separation, care, worry, protection and guardianship, all the qualities of parenthood and especially motherhood.

Ceres in a natal chart tells about the area of life in which one seeks to find comfort and unconditional love, the place where one would feel safe and secure.

When in transit, it tells about current needs for these things.

Capricorn Personality and Traits

The sign of Capricorn rules the Ninth House in astrological charts, in the natural horoscope.

This field is associated with social status, professional life and achievements, recognition and the peak of life path.

Capricorn is an Earth element sign, governed by the somewhat notorious planet Saturn, associated with limitations, with suffering, pain, boundaries, in contrast to his neighbor Jupiter, who is all about expansion and growth.

Capricorn and Saturn have their good and bad sides, just as any other zodiac sign and its planet; they have their characteristics, rather, not necessarily positive or negative.

The manifestation depends on a natal chart.

Capricorn people are typically reserved, distanced, very professional, persistent with a good stamina and taking everything too serious.

They tend to look with a wonderment or even arrogance at those who make fun of things in life and laugh over difficulties they face.

For Capricorns, life is too serious phenomenon.

Capricorns can be happy, of course, but even when they are satisfied, they remain a bit cold and gloomy.

They are extremely calculated and they want to be prepared for every blow. Capricorn people don’t like unexpected turns.

They will make sure to prevent surprises, which make them tense, stiff and always on the watch, calculating and evaluating.

For Capricorn people, life is suffering and enduring, in the simplest sense.

Capricorn people are born stoic. They do not show pain and vulnerability.

They are very closed and do not share much, difficult to approach, cold and insensitive.

If someone tries to force them towards something, they resist in their stoic manner. They are not easy to deal with.

Capricorns can hardly go along with Aries’ forcefulness, while they cannot tolerate hypersensitive Cancers either.

Capricorns are patient, dedicated, determined to their goals. They bear characteristics of wise old men.

These people will survive, metaphorically, all tragedies and disasters. They do not react to offense, they are hard-shelled.

Capricorns are just, moral, guided by the idea of the absolute purpose and sense of everything.

Ceres in Capricorn – General Information

These were some of Capricorn people traits; there are much more and their manifestation in a particular individual would depend on the overall natal chart.

How does Ceres feel when in the field of Capricorn?

Ceres in Capricorn

Due to combined traits and attributes of Ceres asteroid and Capricorn sign, Ceres in Capricorn is seen in people who take their responsibilities seriously, especially when it comes to parent-child relationship.

It generally applies on their connections, in which they see to handle things with full dedication, but in a bit cold and calculated manner.

They are realistic.

These individuals enjoy habits and routine, which offer them a good base for progress.

They are very analytical and like to keep everything within their own hands.

They plan everything and keep to their schedules and to-do lists.

People with Ceres in Capricorn do not express their love and care in a warm, lovely manner.

They mostly keep quiet and do what they consider necessary.

Ceres Capricorn people are well-organized and they do not like to leave anything to a chance.

As parents, they have very clear (best) intentions for their kids.

On the other side, people born under Ceres in Capricorn have likely experienced such a childhood, their parents acting in the aforementioned way.

Ceres in Capricorn people are patient and determined, doing things for a purpose.

The main purpose is to make their loved ones feel secure and safe, so Ceres Capricorn people will be oriented towards the realistic and materialistic.

Actual results are very important to them.

Although they appear reserved, dutiful and cold, their main motivation is care for others.

They are capable of caring about themselves, as well, rarely asking for assistance.

Ceres in Capricorn – Positive Traits

These people are loyal, devoted and persistent in their intentions.

They are strong, serious and rational.

Ceres Capricorn people have high moral standards and they care about well-determined patterns, holding on to traditional concepts and values.

They strongly believe in well-established connections and relations.

People with Ceres in Capricorn would work hard to provide their dear ones with comfortable living, but they would never spoil them, teaching them about moral and ethics.

Their a bit stiff attitude presents as a positive in this case.

Ceres in Capricorn – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Ceres in Capricorn individuals really tend to become too cold and reserved, goal oriented and workaholic.

Although they have selfless motivation, it often does not appear so and could reflect badly on their loved ones.

Ceres Capricorn do not care about sweet talk, cuddling, hugging and kissing; some of them can think low of such ways of showing affection.

They value deeds over words.

Although it is not bad per se, it often leaves an impression of cold and calculated people who do not actually know how to love others.

They can also become too strict, serious and even demanding.

Ceres in Capricorn Man

Ceres in Capricorn men are cool-headed, oriented towards (professional) goals, determined and persistent.

They care much about traditional family values, in the first place.

These men find their purpose in achieving success, motivated by traditional concepts. They are loyal and reliable.

They might be very strict, but always just.

They can be overly ambitious, though, and it happens that they put their career before other interests, such as romantic ones.

In other words, it happens they do not want romantic relationships before they accomplish something in life.

This is a common characteristic of Ceres Capricorn people – they often think in black-and-white and become exclusive.

Ceres Capricorn men are loyal husbands and very supportive fathers, who would always seek to motivate their little ones to become strong, independent and accomplished.

Ceres in Capricorn Woman

Ceres Capricorn women share many traits with their male counterpart.

They are ambitious, goal oriented, they work hard and always seek to improve their skills.

These ladies are not romantic in a stereotypical feminine way; they might appear uninterested.

True, as Ceres Capricorn men, they could put their professional goals as a priority.

These women are not easily seduced, as they seek a partner equally strong, motivated, successful.

As mothers, they are supportive and offer their kids excellent education.

They tech them responsibility, morals, respect in the first place.

Ceres in Capricorn – Brief Summary

Ceres in Capricorn placement gives people who value actual deeds over sweet words.

These people do not show their affection openly, almost never.

Their attitude may be badly perceived as completely indifferent or insensitive.

However, people with Ceres in Capricorn would like to see their loved ones become the best versions of themselves.

Although they tend to be too strict and act in a coldly manner, their intentions are good.

Ceres Capricorn people have a realistic viewpoint, which makes them organized, pragmatic and disciplined.

You will always know where you stand with them, as they are ethical, moral and respectful.

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