Ceres in Gemini – Personality Traits & Meaning

Heavens hide the secret of our destiny, our fate is written in the stars, people keep saying since the oldest days of civilization, up to our time.

However, many would doubt such a statement. Should we believe in astrological readings?

Do celestial bodies really play a role in our lives? Should we trust astrology to tell us about our life path?

If we are to answer this question, we actually need to return to the beginning of everything. Is there something above us? Do we really have a destiny?

These questions follow us throughout our lifetime, both collectively and on an individual level.

Having in mind that astrology has been around since very old times, regardless of its status or popularity, tells something important.

In various cultures, throughout history, people have been looking into skies, trying to find answers on deep existential questions.

Taken from a collective point of view, astrology is meaningful, it is associated with the most essential questions about our relation with the whole universe.

Many people take astrology as pseudo science, since it does nor provide concrete answers as exact sciences.

However, astrology is based upon methodology, principles and practice as any other science. Besides, back into past, it was one with astronomy.

Great figures of the past, amazing philosophers, intellectuals and acknowledged scientists were also astrologers.

Astrology studies the movement and distribution of celestial objects in relation to our lives on Earth.

According to astrology, planets and other heavenly bodies affect our lives both on a major and on a minor plan.

The most interesting and the most attractive field of astrology is personal astrology or personal horoscope, because it deals specifically with the life of an individual.

Personal horoscopes are actually natal charts, that is, interpretation of natal charts. Natal or birth charts are schemes of the distribution of the planets at the moment of one’s birth.

Planetary positions have a specific effect per se and they also create aspects between one another.

Asteroids in Astrology

There are many things to see in one’s birth chart. Most people identify horoscope with their ruling sign, their Sun sign.

However, natal charts reveal the whole palette of various elements and their relations.

Natal charts are divided into astrological fields, that is, houses. Houses are associated with zodiac sign and each represents a specific area of life.

Each sign has its characteristic attributes. Placement of planets and other elements make the whole image complex and intriguing.

Traditionally, astrology would look into the positions of five planets, plus Sun and the Moon, which are labeled as planets in astrology, as well. Three planets were added later, upon their discovery.

Therefore, astrology analyzes the positions and aspects of ten planets in total.

However, there are even more interesting and important elements of a natal chart. For example, asteroids.

Asteroids entered the area of astrology pretty recently, if we think of the history of astrology and its roots.

We could talk about astrology thousands of years BC, but asteroids were discovered only at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

At the time, asteroids were not incorporated into astrological readings; it happened later. What is the meaning of asteroids in astrology?

Asteroids are heavenly objects to be found between Mars and Jupiter. There are many of them, but four have a special importance for natal chart reading: Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres.

As you can see, they are named after four powerful Roman goddesses, that is Greco-Roman deities.

Asteroids in astrology tell about the feminine aspects within one’s natal chart. Each asteroid is associated with attributes and symbolism of one of the goddesses. Today, we talk about Ceres.

Ceres in Astrology

Ceres is Roman counterpart of Demeter, Greek goddess of earth, fertility, grain, agriculture. She is a powerful and strong goddess, protective, nurturing and caring.

The most famous myth about Ceres/Demeter is the one about the abduction of her daughter.

The myth reveals important details about astrological Ceres. According to the story, the god of the underworld, mighty Hades/Pluto, took Demeter’s daughter Persephone (Proserpina) for his wife, taking her away from her mother.

The goddess mother was aggrieved and furious, so she withdrew all her blessings from the world and the earth suffered with her. Hades, Demeter and Persephone ended with a compromise solution.

Persephone was to spend half of the year with her mother above ground and the rest of the year in her new kingdom. They myth is an allegory of the seasonal changes in nature and its effects on people’s lives.

However, the myth tells about the transition rite, loss, grief, pain, sacrifice, care, protection, separation, parenthood. It tells about the position of the women within men dominated society, as well.

In astrology, Ceres tells about parent-child relations, emotional relationships, dependency, self-perception and worth.

Ceres is especially associated with care, nurture and protection and its place in the natal chart would tell about one’s unique manifestation of these attributes.

Gemini Personality and Traits

Before we could talk about the placement of Ceres in Gemini, let us tell a couple of words about this particular zodiac sign. Gemini rules the Third House, the field of communication and mental abilities.

Gemini is ruled by mercury, the planet of youthfulness, communication, verbal expression, travel, adventure, curiosity and more. Gemini people are versatile, interested into many subjects, talkative and curious.

The cannot sit still in one place for long, their nature is mutable, they tend to be inconsistent and lively and extremely adaptable. There are no circumstances they cannot feel at home.

Gemini people would often deal with various things, but their interests could be shallow, that is, they would not go into deep involvement.

It is impossible, since there are often too many things. Their enjoy small talk, they are sociable, approachable and charismatic.

They are quick minded and have a strong sense of logic, empirical logic. They are very resourceful, courageous and would not mind taking risks.

Gemini people take things in life lightly, which has its good and bad sides. They are optimistic, they laugh easily and enjoy making others laugh with them. Gemini people are intelligent and pragmatic, but also rash.

These natives hate routine, since their Air element nature is unsteady and dynamic. They truly nurture the child within, throughout their lifetime. Gemini people often appear younger than they are.

Ceres in Gemini – General Information

Ceres in Gemini is commonly seen in people who are very friendly, approachable, easy going and communicative.

They are true extroverts, in the purest sense, since they feel refreshed and recharged after spending time with others.

Ceres Gemini people feel at their best when they are surrounded with people. They have much to offer to others.

These individuals just love to talk! They are adventurous and they enjoy travelling and meeting new people. They would share their experiences with joy and gratitude.

Ceres Gemini people are masters of words. They usually have a talent for writing, if not for talking publically. They would love to help other people by using their words and sharing their knowledge and experience.

What makes them very attractive to others is their youthful and easy going manner. They can talk about serious questions in a relaxed, even a funny way.

Ceres Gemini people would make others feel good in their own skin around them. They are open, free minded and they do not hesitate to say what is on their mind.

These people could become writers, bloggers, journalists, tour guides and so on.

When it comes to relationships and connections, they are not the most stable and consistent ones, because their inborn desire to explore.

Ceres in Gemini – Positive Traits

Ceres Gemini people are an embodiment of joyful energy. They are playful and pleasant to be with.

They are not harsh on other people and would readily talk to everybody. They do not judge or criticize much.

These people have a very youthful spirit, being daring and freely expressing their thoughts and emotions.

Ceres Gemini people truly enjoy when others feel good. They would try to make you laugh (and very likely succeed!), even if you are in a really bad state.

The caring Ceres combined with communicative Gemini make them ready to approach anyone in need of help and support. They are definitely not hesitant persons.

They do not expect others to do the same for them; simply, Ceres Gemini people would be glad to help and share something with you.

Ceres in Gemini – Negative Traits

On a negative side, they can be very inconsistent, starting numerous projects at the same time, caring about each and every one of them. It leads to distraction and chaos.

They are not the most reliable people. They promise things sincerely and the truly want to help; the problem is, they can forget about it the next moment, as their mind wanders elsewhere.

It is not as if they lie, but their focus and interests change quickly.

Although they are curious and adventurous, their primary mean of communication and contact is through words.

They might get very confused and lost if others try to tell them something by other means. For example, they may feel very uncomfortable if someone tries to seduce them by deeds, not words alone.

Ceres in Gemini Man

Men with Ceres in Gemini are young in spirit, intelligent and extremely communicative. They typically know many people and have a lot of friends in various circles.

They know how to use their words in any situation, which makes them feel comfortable wherever they are.

Ceres Gemini men are the life of the company, always smiling from the heart and making even the negative situation feels a bit easier.

Ceres Gemini men are open and freely express their thoughts. They will easily lose patience with people who do not open very easily.

However, they would do their best to help one who needs to open, but finds it hard.

These men would do great in any profession that requires using words, similarly to women. Both are easy learners when it comes to languages.

Ceres Gemini men enjoy sports, traveling, adventure.

It is difficult to win their heart, because their attention wanders a lot. This is a general trait for all Ceres Gemini.

However, if you can grab their attention intellectually, through talk, your chances are high.

Ceres in Gemini Woman

Women with Ceres in Gemini are lively, talkative, charming and open-minded. They love to explore new ideas and enjoy connecting with people.

These ladies have an adventurous, youthful spirit and can do much on their own.

For example, they would have no problem to travel solo, but they would enjoy making new friends and connections.

Ceres Gemini women seek for a career in which they can express opinions through words.

They could be excellent writers, television personalities, they could be excellent counselors, diplomats etc.

Women with Ceres in Gemini care about their loved ones and family and would do their best to make their closest ones feel good and relaxed.

Ceres Gemini women do not like conventional things and they are not conservative.

They are naturally charming and flirtatious. Even if in a stable relationship, they would likely innocently flirt.

Ceres in Gemini – Brief Summary

Ceres in Gemini manifests in a light, lively and refreshing way. Caring and protective attributes of Ceres unite with playful, talkative, youthful Gemini. These people are ready to talk at any given moment.

These individuals can make even the worst situations feel at least a bit better, which opens new doors to finding a solution. They enjoy being around people and have much to share and give.

They would readily talk about their own experiences, keeping nothing behind.

Others can learn many interesting information from them. Their knowledge is an encyclopedia, however, rather than profound one.

If aspect are not favorable, Ceres Gemini people tend to be extremely inconsistent and, in fact, unreliable.

They might have good intentions, but their wandering, even irresponsible nature drives them away.

Overall, Ceres Gemini people are good hearted, playful and good to have around individuals.

Of course, Ceres in Gemini manifestation would greatly depend on the rest of the natal chart in question.

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