Ceres in Leo – Personality Traits & Meaning

Have you ever wondered what the heavens have in store for you? What is your destiny and that of your loved ones?

Astrology can answer some of your questions. It is as old as great part of our civilization.

Since the dawn of time, humans have been gazing into skies in search for answers.

Even in prehistoric era, human beings would capture phases of the Moon in their inscriptions. The stars and the skies have always been alluring mystery to us.

And definitely not without reason, since everything that exists is related to one another.

The father of astrology as we know it is the famous Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, whom we consider ‘the father of astrology’.

Throughout history, many notable figures, such as great scientists and inventors were astrologers.

Every king and leader would often consult astrologers to help them in governing the state or to lead military campaigns.

Of course, astrology has always been an excellent field for manipulation, which would be the main reason why many disregard it as a nonsense.

However, astrology, the science of the stars or pseudo science, as some take it, reveals much about our lives.

In the past astrology and astronomy were one and the same. Both start from the same perspective and questions – the movement of celestial objects and their relations.

Astrology tries to figure out the effect s of planetary movement upon our lives.

Asteroids in Astrology

Traditional astrology counts seven planets, that is, five planets as we know it (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) and Sun and the Moon. Neptune, Uranus and Pluto were discovered much later and than added to astrology.

However, astrology is far more than zodiac signs and ten planets when taken together.

Most people simply identify astrology and especially horoscope with their ruling zodiac sign, the Sun sign, that is, the sign on which the Sun is positioned.

Horoscope encompasses the positions of planets and other celestial bodies at one precise moment; it represents the scheme of the sky with distribution of the aforementioned.

People are mostly interested into what is called personal horoscope or birth chart.

We have mentioned other celestial bodies. Besides planets, there are other elements within each natal chart. Asteroids are one of them.

Asteroids were discovered at the very start of the nineteenth century, but were included into astrological interpretations much later, in the late twentieth century.

The most important asteroids for natal chart interpretations are Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres.

There are more asteroids within the so-called asteroid belt, the space between planets Jupiter and Mars. These four are named after four ancient deities, the four mighty goddesses of Greco-Roman era.

Astrologically, asteroids offer a deeper insight into natal chart, that is, in one’s personality and life path. They tell about the feminine side, potentials and capacities. Each of the asteroids is associated with attributes of the goddess.

Asteroids are associated with feminine archetypes, as seen in the goddesses. Learning about the placement of asteroids within one’s birth chart and aspects they create can help us better understand the whole chart.

Ceres in Astrology

Ceres is one of the four major asteroids in astrology. It is named after the Roman goddess Ceres, that is, Greek Demeter.

Ceres is an archetype of a caring, strong mother, originating from the time when fatherhood was probably of secondary importance.

The most popular and wide known myth about this deity and the one that will help us understand the meaning and purpose of Ceres asteroid in astrology is the story of Demeter and Persephone.

Persephone (Roman Proserpina) was Demeter’s beloved daughter.

According to the myth, Persephone was abducted by Hades (Roman Pluto), the god of the kingdom of the dead.

Demeter, who was the goddess of earthly abundance, fertility and motherhood suffered greatly because of the circumstances. She was full of sorrow and angry, which reflected on the realm she reigned.

When Persephone was taken, Demeter withdrew her blessings and love from the land, which went barren and miserable.

The story ends with a deal; her daughter, married to Hades would spend half of the year in her new kingdom and a half above the ground.

This story explains the change of the season and has much to do with agriculture.

However, is a myth about separation, parenthood, protection, the role of a mother, care, nurture, the female power.

Asteroid Ceres helps in understanding the relations between parents and children, it is about rites of passage, sacrifices, authorities (of men), loss, sorrow and difficulties of growing up.

Ceres in signs reveals the way and the intensity we care about other people and ourselves.

Leo Personality and Traits

Ceres in Leo represents a very intense combination worth of every respect. As any other placement, it has its good sides and downsides. Before we move onto that, let us tell a couple of lines about Leos.

Leo is the ruler of the Fifth House in astrology. This field is associated with love, talents and skills, attitude towards kids, as well. Leo is a Fire element, typically masculine sign. It is ruled by no less than the golden Sun.

The best way to understand the essence of Leos’ power is to compare the effect and attributes of its ruling planet, the mighty Sun to that of its opposite, the Moon.

The Sun is active and masculine; the Moon is feminine and passive.

Leos naturally possess strong will and are determined to succeed. They are generous, loving people, ready to do whatever it takes for the dearest ones, especially their kin and friends.

Leo is, however, guided by heart, rather than mind, so we can say those born under this sign are intuitive. However, the intuitive Leo is very different from deeply intuitive Water signs.

While Water signs can read everything and everyone, but remain mostly passive or at least, more passive than Leos, Leos’ intuitive nature is associated with action, with what they have to do.

Leos are direct, open, honest. They have high moral standards and are respectful. They can be full of themselves, though, and they just enjoy the spotlight.

Leo is not intolerant and is generally full of understanding, but this sign cannot be manipulated. Leos strongly believe they ’know the best’, so you will have hard times persuading them otherwise. They are natural born leaders, charismatic and brave.

They love unconditionally, dignity is one of their best traits, they are noble and elegant. They love luxury and strive for high status.

On a negative side, if their Sun position is somehow threatened, they can become bullies, sadists, dictators, insensitive of other’s needs, very arrogant, pompous and egocentric.

Ceres in Leo – General Information

Ceres in Leo creates a wonderful combo, if the aspects are favorable. The nurturing Ceres, combined with honest, generous, brave and protective Leo is a combination worth of every respect.

What is very important to note is that Ceres is highly affected by Leo’s pure masculine energy, so it manifests its values and attributes in a more masculine manner.

Ceres in Leo is fearless, unquestionable, domineering.

Leo’s natural inclination towards success, recognition, status and fame goes very well with powerful and determined Ceres.

Let us not forget that the goddess was ready to deprive whole of the Earth of its riches, because of the abduction of her daughter.

Ceres in Leo is seen in protective, brave people who are not afraid to show their unconditional love and to act according to it. They are ready to sacrifice everything.

Ceres Leo people are especially caring and protective parents, not the ones who spoil their kids, but the ones who raise them to become noble, fearless before life challenges and generous, honest people.

People born with Ceres in Leo would do everything for friends, family, partner, children.

They need affection and attention on a high level, so to say. They expect much from others, but would give even more.

Ceres Leo people enjoy doing charity work, they are philanthropic and humanitarian. However, we have to say they sometimes do these for a greater glory.

However, in essence, their intention is honest and humane.

Ceres in Leo – Positive Traits

People born with Ceres in Leo are very generous. They do not calculate in life and would do what is necessary to provide for their loved ones.

Just as a lioness protects her cubs, without fearing of putting herself into danger, so do Ceres Leo people act in their reality.

Ceres Leo people leave the impression of nobility and royalty, even if they have nothing to do with it.

That is because they treat their loved as if those were o royal blood. Their attention is not vane; they want to provide the best life to a loved person, but would at the same time teach them what are honor, dignity, respect.

Ceres Leo people care for others through dedication, admiration and respectfulness. They expect the same in return.

However, if they do not receive the same from others, they will not be discouraged or think of themselves as unworthy. They have a lot of dignity and self-respect.

Ceres Leo people feel great if they can actively support people they care about. They would never shatter your goals, but would see to help you achieve it.

People with Ceres in Leo are not afraid to express their feelings. They are fearless, gallant and self-confident.

Ceres in Leo – Negative Traits

In general, Ceres in Leo manifest wonderfully. These people are warmhearted, passionate and would readily sacrifice for those beloved. This is especially important in parents-children relation.

There is not much of negativity to speak, when it comes to Ceres in Leo.

However, it could happen that Leo’s energy overruns Ceres, so the person becomes controlling, overly-protective, a dictator.

If aspects are unfavorable, Ceres Leo people are prone to spoiling their loved ones, especially their kids, making them snobbish and too self-proud.

Ceres in Leo people can become arrogant. They can start believing that only their loved ones are worthy of the best, while underestimating others.

For example, their kids have to go to the best school, their partner should be of high status and lead luxurious lifestyle and so on, while they will disregard everyone else.

Ceres in Leo Man

Ceres Leo men are true gentlemen and devoted fathers. These men are brave, extremely charming, born to be leaders.

They enjoy being in the spotlight and they would readily use it to inspire others. They are stylish, they have excellent taste when it comes to every aspect of life.

These men cannot let themselves appear ordinary.

Men with Ceres in Leo are supportive friends, relatives, romantic partners. They would blow your mind away by their attention, in the most positive way.

They feel great if they can help someone reach their goals. They are fathers to look upon, but also fathers who do not spare their kids their warm hug and love.

Ceres Leo men are men of taste. They are creative, they have a lot of talent and are daring. They do not mind working hard and their work always repays.

Ceres in Leo Woman

Ceres Leo women are divas with a warm and generous heart. These ladies are true lionesses, when it comes to raising children.

These women have a strong character and strong will. They are elegant and stylish, always best dressed. For these women, every situation is like a red carpet.

However, they are definitely not tender princesses, but queens. These women have masculine traits in their character, although they appear mostly feminine in its best light.

They are fearless if their loved ones are in danger and in need of help.

Women with Ceres in Leo, just like men, do not mind working hard, having a goal before their eyes. They are capable of building life of their own by their own hands.

Ceres Leo woman would freely expresses her love and could be a femme fatale. She would expect they same in return.

Ceres in Leo – Brief Summary

As we have seen, Ceres in Leo is a powerful and amazing placement of this asteroid.

With a little bit of favorable aspects, it makes one a daring, honorable, protective and caring individual worth of every praise and respect.

Ceres in Leo main attributes are bravery, nobility, warm-heartedness, support, honor, respect, unconditional, freely expressed love.

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