Ceres in Libra – Personality Traits & Meaning

Have you ever wonder about your future or felt intrigued by certain events in your life, those you cannot fully fathom or explain?

From time to time, everyone wonders the same – what is my purpose in life, whom will I share my life with, where am I going etc.

There are many situations in life we find surprising, miraculous, overwhelming and much more.

Whenever something of the sort happens to us, we turn to the heavens above and consider such moments a sign or a proof of some higher force.

Since the most ancient times, people have been gazing into skies in search for answers to million of questions that seem to always linger around our heads.

Astrology tries to give answers to such important questions.

According to this ancient science of the stars, what happens ’in the stars’ directly affects our lives on this earth.

Roots of astrology could be traced back into some of the famous of the old civilizations, namely, Babylonian.

Throughout history, it spread across the known world. Today, we all know about astrology.

The area of astrology most people are interested into is personal horoscope, that is, interpretation of birth charts, individual, comparative and so on.

Personal horoscope is like a celestial ID, for it is a unique image of the sky, based on your birth date.

You may wonder about people born at the same time and place – what is the difference between their horoscopes?

The horoscopes represent our potentials; while placement of the planets and other celestial bodies at the moment of our birth is a fact, everything else is simply a potential, something that might develop and happen.

Asteroids in Astrology

That said, natal charts are not strict set of rules and predictions.

They tell us much about who we are and who we are meant to be and what could become of us.

The rest depends on us. Deep and detailed interpretation of the chart might be of great help.

Natal chart reading reveals our traits, potentials, details about our lives and personalities we might not be aware of.

It tells about our place in this world and our relations with other people and so much more.

Planetary placement at the time of our birth shape up our potentials, due to energies created by planetary aspects.

However, it is not only planets and zodiac sign that matters.

Typically, we all know about our Sun signs, our ascendant and planetary placement within houses, at best.

There are other celestial bodies to take into account, besides ten planets (the Sun and the Moon are counted amongst five traditional and three ’new’ planets, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto).

Asteroids play an important role in natal charts.

Asteroids have been discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century, so they did not play the role in earlier astrology.

There are many asteroids to be found within the asteroid belt, the space between Mars and Jupiter.

Four of them have a very prominent role in astrology.

These four asteroids are Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres.

As you can clearly see, they are named after four ancient deities, four beautiful and powerful goddesses. As such, they carry attributes of these deities.

Asteroids in astrology are related to the feminine aspect within one’s natal chart.

The analysis of the asteroid placement offers a much deeper and better insight into the overall natal chart.

Ceres in Astrology

Ceres is a mother-goddess, archetypical mother. It is one of the most important asteroids, in the astrological sense.

The attributes of Ceres in astrology derive from those of the goddess Demeter; her Roman counterpart is named Ceres.

Demeter was a Greek goddess of natural cycles, fertility, earth, grain and more.

The myth about Demeter and her daughter Persephone gives us an insight into the meaning of Ceres in astrology.

According to the myth, Persephone (Roman Proserpina), was taken by Hades (Pluto), who forced upon her and made her his wife.

Demeter was, of course, devastated because of the abduction of her beloved daughter, so she deprived the earth of all her blessing.

Finally, Hades and Demeter reached an agreement.

Persephone was to spend half of the year with her husband, ruling the underworld, and half of the year above ground, with her mother.

They myth is an allegory of the seasonal changes, but there is much more to it.

Ceres is associated with transition and separation, especially the separation of am adolescent or a mature child from parents, a mother in the first place.

It has to do with the pain and grief that might accompany such events.

Ceres is associated with unconditional love, with care and nourishment, protection and safety.

In a birth chart, it represents the area of life, the place at which one feels the most secure and the safest.

In transit, it represents the tendency towards this kind of comfort and safety.

Libra Personality and Traits

Libra rules over the Seventh House in the natural horoscope and this astrological field is primarily associated with marriage, romantic partners and matters of one’s ego.

It is governed by the airy Venus, so Libra is an Air sign.

Libras present with many of the Venus’ easily recognizable attributes, such as charm and elegance.

Libra people are tolerant and diplomatic, ready to make compromises, excellent mediators.

They are adaptable, but they value themselves greatly. Irresistibly charming, Libras are amazing to have around.

People born under the sign of Libra are of a loving nature, often artistically inclined, in love with beauty.

They value subtleness and tenderness and typically avoid conflicts and arguments; they are more likely to mediate.

However, they will stand up for those who are oppressed and to whom injustice has been done. Libras value justice above all.

Libras are genuinely approachable, friendly, pleasant and polite.

They like to make others feel good around them.

They are compassionate and supportive, loyal friends.

Libra people will not make outright decisions. One of the most common stereotypes about Libras is their famed indecisiveness.

Well, there is some truth here. Libras do not rush and they like to inspect every situation before they head into something and make a choice.

People who are born under this sign strive to find balance in life, without making rash decisions that could make them regret.

This often leaves an impression of a feeble character.

Although they carefully approach every situation and have patience, before deciding on something, Libras are not coldly rational as, for example, Virgos.

They are idealists and they tend to balance everything.

Libras can be incredibly persistent and have an inborn sense of justice.

They tend to be objective judges in various situations and they can often help others resolve their conflicts.

Libras are efficient in things they like to do;  they are not obsessed with organization and order, although they are not chaotic – they are balanced.

People born under the Libra sign love company and enjoy working in a collective surroundings, being cooperative and creative.

Libras are reliable, just and honest companions and friends.

Although  prone to flirting and seduction, Libras are devoted partners, once they decide to enter a relationship.

It is simply in their charming, airy nature to play a bit of courting games, without any intention to cheat on someone.

Ceres in Libra – General Information

Ceres in Libra is an interesting combination, since both Ceres and Venus, the ruler of Libra, astrological representatives of the feminine principle.

The placement of Ceres in Libra is, thus, a beautiful one, in many senses.

Ceres Libra people are in love with beauty, so they will see to show their care and affection through beautiful things, including both luxurious gifts and romantic, kind and loving attitude.

In contrast to, for example, Ceres Capricorn people, who see no value in sweet talk and cuddles, Ceres Libra people are exactly the opposite.

People with Ceres in Libra are subtle, charming, loving and lovable.

They will pamper you and they expect the same from others.

They are devoted parents, warmhearted friends, and charming people to have around in general.

They will try to avoid conflict at all cost, working hard to deliver a peaceful, diplomatic solution.

They are understanding and capable of finding beauty in the most unexpected places.

Ceres in Libra – Positive Traits

If you happen to have a Ceres Libra person around, he or she would teach you how to value small things in life and how to find something beautiful and valuable in every situation and circumstances.

They enjoy fancy and elegant things, but they value the beauty in the ordinary.

Ceres Libra people openly show their affection and are capable of recognizing subtle signs of affection in others.

These people really know how to make others feel loved and safe.

Their sophisticated manner, fine expressions, subtle, kind deeds would make you feel divine.

Ceres Libra people have an eye for pieces of art, have subtle minds for well-written literature, a delicate taste in food.

They love to see others taking pleasure in life, especially if they were the ones to provide them with it or to share it with them.

These people typically put others’ needs, especially emotional, before themselves.

Ceres Libras are approachable, warm, kind and gentle and usually gladly seen around.

In their presence, one feels relaxed and appreciated.

People with Ceres in Libra are saddened by injustice, they stand for all those deprived and oppressed.

In other words, they strive to make this world we live in a better place to be, more harmonious and peaceful, full of love.

Ceres in Libra – Negative Traits

Ceres Libra people tend to cross their own limits when it comes to the latter; they find it difficult to stop before they get completely lost within their rescue mission.

They tend to neglect their own needs.

These individuals could become overly affectionate, which not everyone could tolerate, since people have different level of emotional and physical needs.

Ceres in Libra people often present with difficult upbringing, deprived of love and affection, so they seek to compensate it in their own lives, in their attitude towards dear people, especially kids.

While it does not have to be necessarily a bad thing, they can overdo it, so their loved ones become spoiled, demanding, even selfish, although it is exactly selfishness that makes Ceres Libra people sad.

Ceres in Libra Man

Ceres in Libra men are charming gentlemen and generous, reliable friends.

They make connections easily and people love to have them around.

These men are sophisticated, talented, eloquent and lovable.

They typically enjoy arts or they do it themselves.

They have a good taste, have an adventurous spirit and love to share with others.

They love company and especially value romantic relationship; they like to have it all together.

As partners and husbands, they are devoted, kind, gentle and their lady would feel like a goddess.

These men take great pleasure in showing their love and affection by small beautiful gestures, be it friendly relationships or romantic one.

They are devoted and appreciate the same in return.

Ceres in Libra Woman

Ceres in Libra women are similar to Ceres Libra men.

These ladies are sophisticated and modest, warmhearted, friendly and charming.

These women are devoted as friends, mothers, romantic partners, daughters to their own old ones.

They care about everyone they love and truly enjoy expressing their gentle feelings, in a subtle, but clear way.

These ladies have a delicate taste, they love luxury and fine things, they are often artistically inclined, they know with both gestures and words.

Ceres Libra women are not emotionally demanding, they will feel the best if people they care for receive and accept their love.

The true fulfillment comes from others accepting our love and embracing it.

Ceres in Libra – Brief Summary

Ceres in Libra is a fantastic and delicate placement which teaches one about the importance of giving love in the first place.

Ceres Libra people are gentle, kind, affectionate, open and warmhearted.

These people take pleasure in beautiful things and they can see beauty in ordinary places many people would simply take for granted.

These subtle, charming and lovable individuals ennoble the world.

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