Ceres in Pisces – Personality Traits & Meaning

Ceres is an asteroid of great importance in astrological readings.

One of the four major astrological asteroids, Ceres tells about our ability to care and protect, as well as about the field of life we feel the safest and the most comfortable in.

Before we move onto the analysis of Ceres and its placement within a natal chart, let us say a few words about astrology, horoscopes and birth or natal charts.

Astrology is probably the oldest of sciences, although today we consider it a pseudo science.

Nevertheless, it uses well established principles, knowledge, methodology and rules just as any recognized scientific field.

Astrology has been with us for millenniums; the oldest horoscopes have been discovered in the Middle East. What is a horoscope? Is it simply our ruling zodiac sign?

When horoscope is mentioned in a common talk, people usually stick to the daily horoscope forecast, to say, and their dominant, ruling sign, that is, their Sun sign.

However, the Sun sign is only one of the important elements, when it comes to deep astrological personal analyses.

Your Sun sign determines some of your basic traits and characteristics, but the manifestation of your given potentials depends on the whole natal chart.

Natal charts are images of the sky, frozen in time – the time of your birth.

The are made according to the exact place, time and date of one’s birth.

The planetary position at the time of your birth determine your personality and life path.

However, things are not that simple, for each natal chart is unique or, even better, the manifestation of each chart is unique and unrepeatable.

Even if you have a twin, your life path will be different, because you will not grow and develop in the completely same way, regardless of similarities.

Natal charts encompass many factors that determine who is one supposed to be; our destinies are, indeed, written in the heavens above.

Sun sig is only one of the important factors, there are many more, such as, for example, asteroids.

Asteroids in Astrology

In common talk about astrology and horoscopes, people do not really mention asteroids; they rather focus on the ruling sign, maybe ascendant and the position of the Moon, discussing, perhaps, some of the houses.

However, a deep astrological interpretation, done by an expert, includes every single element of the chart and analyzes all the aspects they create.

Asteroids entered astrology quite late, for they were discovered about two centuries ago.

Considering planets of the Solar system were known back in ancient times, we can think of asteroids as newbie in astrology.

It was not until the late twentieth century that asteroids have been included into astrological readings.

In astrology, asteroids are associated with the feminine principle and energy, which was quite refreshing at the time of their introduction.

Before the introduction of asteroids, only two celestial bodies were associated with femininity, Venus, of course, and a luminary, the Moon.

Asteroids, in astrological terms, represent the feminine principle and amongst many of them, four are considered the most important: Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

As you clearly notice, they carry the names of the four goddesses of ancient times.

Each of the asteroid is associated with the attributes of those magnificent female deities and they embody the feminine archetypes.

Let us see what asteroid Ceres is about in astrology.

Ceres in Astrology

Ceres or Demeter was an ancient goddess of agriculture, fertility, childbirth, grain, abundance and more.

The most famous myth about this goddess is the Greek one, about Demeter (Roman Ceres) and her daughter Persephone (Roman Proserpina).

The myth tells much about the attributes of the goddess and qualities of the asteroid Ceres in astrological terms.

According to the story, Demeter’s beloved daughter, lovely Persephone was taken away by Hades (Pluto), the god of the realm of the dead.

The aggrieved mother was desperate and angry, so she made all the land barren, is it was her dominion.

Finally, Hades and Demeter reached an agreement, so Persephone was to spend half of the year in the underworld, ruling her new realm, and half of the year above ground.

While she was with her mother, the earth would bloom; during her time underground, the earth goes cold and barren.

The myth obviously explains the change of season, but it gives insight into something much deeper.

Ceres/Demeter and Persephone/Proserpina are associated with parenthood, protection, care, nurture, separation, traumatic childhood, rites of passage, maturity, forceful growing up, grief and sorrow, sacrifice.

Asteroid Ceres in astrology tells about what we care about the most, about our need to be taken care off, about the field of life we feel the most secure, safe and protected.

This asteroid is about our instinct to protect and safeguard, about the difficulties of separation, about our dealing with loss, our acceptance of loss and separation.

It is about the care we received and the care we offer.

Pisces Personality and Traits

The placement of Ceres tells about the aforementioned in more detail. How does caring Ceres feels in Pisces? Let us meet Pisces sign first.

What is it like, what are the main characteristics of Pisces and its house?

Pisces are a water sign, intuitive, emotional, highly imaginative.

Pisces rule the last astrological field, the Twelfth House, the field of sub consciousness, imagination, invisible obstacles, everything hidden and elusive, things beyond the visible reality.

The house of Pisces is the last of the three occult houses, ruled by Water element zodiac signs.

In old, traditional astrological views, Pisces were said to be ruled by Jupiter; upon the discovery of Neptune, they were associated with another ruler.

Indeed, the influence of Neptune is more dominant than that of Jupiter, when it comes to the nature of Pisces.

Pisces are creative, intuitive, imaginative, sensitive, emotional, unstable and a bit chaotic, often lost within the realm of dreams.

Pisces people tend to avoid the harsh realities, by traveling through the realm of imagination.

Although some would see it as a form of escapism, Pisces go through life using this channel. They are idealists, they sometimes try to deny the presence of evil.

Their approach to life is unconventional, they do not need pure logic and ration to read other people, they see through you, without you saying a word.

Pisces people resolve life challenges by intuition, not by reason.

They will not be able to tell you how they reached a conclusion, but they could do it, successfully.

However, due to their dreamy, imaginative and mutable nature, Pisces people have hard times defining life goals and aims.

They are extremely emotional and their mood can change quickly; they are best understood by their Water brothers.

Pisces are not aggressive and they are capable of enduring a lot of pain and suffering.

While some would perceive them as weak, because they rarely get into open confrontation, the ability to endure much is a form of a strength other signs do not possess.

In Pisces, the wisdom of the zodiac is united, as if Pisces have a bit of the nature of each individual sign; for this reason, they are capable of comprehending various realms and world views.

Pisces can feel everyone.

Ceres in Pisces – General Information

Ceres in Pisces is an interesting placement, due to the deeply emotional and intuitive nature of Pisces and caring and nurturing nature of Ceres.

People born with Ceres in Pisces intuitively know what others are in need of.

You may pretend that you do not need a certain form of love and affection, and protection, but Ceres Pisces would see through your iron mask.

These people are highly intuitive, caring, gentle, loving and compassionate.

Although very sensitive, even vulnerable, Ceres Pisces people possess a unique form of bravery – they are not afraid to show their feelings.

They do not hesitate to express empathy and kindness.

In fact, they will readily help people who face difficulties, especially those of emotional nature.

Ceres Pisces people will know if something bother you, even if you try to hide it or if you are ashamed to say it aloud.

Pisces Ceres people have a powerful intuition and tons of empathy, which actually keeps them going.

These creative and imaginative individuals see beauty in the world around them.

They are excellent in observation of everything in the world they live in and they see beyond it.

They are devoted, loving and caring individuals.

Ceres in Pisces – Positive Traits

Ceres in Pisces people are deep and full of understanding.

They read people well and they will find a way to support and encourage even those who resist help and assistance, because they do not want to be seen weak.

Ceres Pisces people are not afraid of showing their vulnerability, which, paradoxically, makes them very strong. Not everyone is so bold, when it comes to emotions, sensitive topics etc.

Ceres Pisces people have a lot of love and care to give and they are ready to sacrifice themselves for those they care about. They are extremely devoted and loyal when in love.

People with Ceres in Pisces tend to be idealists, which sometimes makes them avoid negativities in life, but they have an incredible ability to find goodness and beauty in people and places no one would ever expect.

People born with Ceres in Pisces could not care less about material wealth. It means nothing to them.

They are romantic, creative, profound, and a bit mystical.

Ceres in Pisces – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Ceres Pisces people could get extremely moody and unstable, overwhelmed by their emotions, emotions of all kinds.

They find it really hard to control their emotions.

They are prone to depression and tend to be demanding, emotionally.

They give much, and they do not calculate their emotional investments.

However, they need others to give them love and devotion, in order to feel safe and complete.

They may seem to do well alone, but they truly need a connection. They tend to become dependable.

Ceres Pisces people are prone to critical emotional phases, which could be quite a troublesome and difficult experience for the people around them.

It gets hard to understand a moody Ceres Pisces and their actual needs.

Ceres in Pisces Man

Men born with Ceres in Pisces are extremely intuitive ones.

They are emotional and they do not hesitate to express their true feelings to anyone, be it a negative or a loving emotion. These men are compassionate and kind.

We can think of these men as a bit melancholic, since they can feel others’ emotions, especially sadness and grief.

They are supportive, loyal and devoted friends and partners.

Ceres Pisces men are prone to emotional stress exhaustion, because their own emotions are intense and because their intuition is deep.

In other words, they feel what even you cannot recognize as your own emotion.

These men are creative, often artsy, individualistic in the professional field.

Their priority is of emotional and above material nature.

Ceres Pisces men could become great poets or painters, for they use their talents to express and channel their emotions, apart from speaking openly about it.

They believe in true love.

Ceres in Pisces Woman

Just as their male counterparts, Ceres Pisces women have a very strong intuition and are compassionate.

They do not care about material values, although they see beauty in the world around, in everything visible and tangible.

However, they see beyond it. They value other human beings and feel their emotions.

These ladies are loving, kind, supportive, caring and nurturing.

Ceres Pisces ladies are loyal, devoted and affectionate.

They feel best if they have someone to care about, be it a partner, a friend, a child, even a pet.

They are creative, romantic, they love to share their emotions with dear people.

They do not hide their feelings from others.

Ceres Pisces women, just like men, are prone to fantasies, imaginative scenarios, they love romance literature, art, stories…they are often gifted artists or writers.

They use creative mediums to channel the excess of their emotions.

Ceres in Pisces – Brief Summary

Ceres Pisces people are intuitive, emotional and caring individuals who find the greatest fulfillment in taking acre about others, especially about those who feel emotionally down.

They can be excellent listeners and advisors.

These people have extremely strong intuitive powers, so they feel your worries even if you are unwilling to share them.

They would find a way to help those in need, especially in emotional need.

Ceres Pisces people are empathetic, capable of melting down even the hardest walls people put around themselves, in an intention to defend themselves from their own vulnerability.

Idealistic and romantic, Ceres Pisces people are capable of finding goodness in places no one would ever expect.

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