Ceres in Sagittarius – Personality Traits & Meaning

Stars hide the secret of our destiny, according to numerous sources and notable figures of history, since the old times of ancient civilizations.

Although astrology had much more prominent place back in the day, it is still present and practiced.

No one can tell for sure how old astrology, the science of the stars, really is.

Astrology in our sense probably dates back to the days of Babylonian culture; the oldest discovered horoscope is associated with ancient Babylon.

Today, astrology is taken as one of the pseudo sciences.

However, it follows its principles and methodology and is based on abundant knowledge, just as acknowledged sciences.

Astrology studies the position of the planets and other heavenly bodies, aspects they create and their influence over our destiny.

Astrology deals with everything that happens on earth, in relation to planetary motion.

People are mostly interested into what we typically call horoscope, that is, personal astrological readings.

Personal horoscopes are birth charts.

Birth or natal charts are schemes of planetary placement at the exact moment of one’s birth.

That said, natal charts encompass various important elements.

What can be learned through a natal chart interpretation?

Horoscopes tell about our traits and personality, our capacities and potentials, our opportunities, relationships with other people, our attitude towards life and much more.

An insight into a birth chart can help us realize who we really are and what could become of us.

Although many would think of horoscopes as a set of predictions, it is not that simple.

Horoscopes tell about potentials rather than about concrete events.

However, the insight into potentials may help us in realization and manifestation.

Asteroids in Astrology

You probably know that natal charts are divided into twelve houses, that there are twelve zodiac signs, of which one is your Sun sign, that there are planets distributed in the fields aforementioned and that they create favorable or less favorable aspects.

Traditionally, there have been only five planets, plus Sun and the Moon (these are counted as planets in astrology, so we could speak about seven planets).

Later, three more were added, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.

In modern astrology, we can speak about ten planets, of which two are luminaries.

However, there are other important elements seen within a natal chart.

A deep astrological reading and interpretation would take into account all of the elements that a natal chart encompass.

Asteroids are a minor astrological element of great importance.

They were incorporated into astrological readings pretty late, in the twentieth century; asteroids were discovered only in a century previous to that.

Asteroids of greater importance for any astrological interpretation are Pallas, Vesta, Juno and Ceres.

As you can see, these asteroids are named after four Ancient Roman deities, of which all have counterpart in Ancient Greek pantheon, of course.

Astrologically, the four asteroids embody attributes of the four goddesses.

Asteroids in astrology are associated with the feminine principle.

In traditional astrology, only two planets represented the feminine – Venus and the Moon.

Asteroid-goddesses and their placement within a natal chart give much deeper insight into one’s personality, destiny and relations, as they reveal the importance of the feminine principle in life.

On a bigger plan, the introduction of asteroids as integral feminine elements of astrological reports offer an amazing insight into the fact that historical ages and cosmological objectives are tightly bound and changeable.

Ceres in Astrology

Asteroid Ceres astrologically represents care, nurture, guidance and protection, childbirth, love and devotion, especially mother-child connection and love, dependence, fertility and growth, nourishment, feeding and much more.

Ceres is an asteroid associated with the archetype of a mother; the meaning and symbolism finds its roots in the mythology of Greek goddess Demeter, that is, Roman Ceres.

Demeter/Ceres is the earth-goddess, the mother-goddess, the Mother Earth.

This deity is associated with bringing up children, care and love, which are attributes similar to those of the Moon, another feminine astrological celestial body.

The Moon is, however, primarily associated with love and care of the little children and babies, in this regard, while Ceres is more about the connection between parents, mothers in particular, with adolescents and older children.

Ceres is associated with the pain of separation, with worry and the need to protect, with safety and security.

The position of Ceres in a natal chart tells about one’s safe place, the place at which one feels secure and loved.

Transitions of Ceres tell about the current need for protection, nurture and safety.

The meanings of Ceres in astrology are associated with the myth about the abduction of Demeter’s daughter Persephone, by Hades, the god of the realm of the dead.

The separation between mother and her child is dramatically represented in this myth.

Ceres is, thus, about the difficulties of growing up, as well, about the need for protection, about unconditional parental love.

Sagittarius Personality and Traits

The sign of Sagittarius rules over the Ninth House.

This astrological field is associated with intellect and philosophy, matters of religion and spiritual experiences, travel, especially long and distant journeys.

Sagittarius is governed by the mighty Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, of abundance, prosperity and everything noble and deep.

The main attributes of Jupiter are honor, nobility, ethical values.

For this reason, Sagittarius people are naturally inclined towards questions regarding the aforementioned.

They are deep and very adventurous, actively searching for the essence of all there is.

Sagittarius people are not interested into the mundane and shallow, they are in constant search for something beneath the surface, for the roots and cause and essence.

Sagittarius people question empirical things, they do not stop at empirical facts.

These intriguing and interesting people are brave and ready to face difficulties of life, guided by their quest.

They have no fear before troubles and see to approach to circumstances from various angles.

Sagittarius person would listen to others’ opinion with full attention, but cannot be manipulated or easily swayed.

They respect others and expect the same in return. They make decisions based on their own judgment.

Sagittarius people are not inclined towards strict and traditional values and are not conformists.

They have ideals to fight for, but less aggressively than Aries or Leos, for instance.

These people have high moral standards, but they do not waste their energy on judging others.

They are open-minded and capable of understanding different orientations and choices.

Sagittarius people are incredible and unstoppable optimists, which makes they genuinely brave and worth of every admiration.

If they fall, they do not fall in spirit; one lost battle does not mean that the war is lost.

These people are very active, curious and of adventurous spirit.

They love to travel and explore other places and cultures, all in the search of answers that lie beneath the surface.

They are philosophical and intellectual.

Sagittarius people keep their youthful spirit for long, asking the existential questions, exploring the world from various angles.

They do not hide their enthusiasm and curiosity about life, which could be quite inspiring to others.

Although they often deal with big questions and higher purpose, they tend to be distracted and chaotic in their everyday life.

Ceres in Sagittarius – General Information

Now, let us see how nurturing, loving Ceres corresponds with the adventurous, curious and philosophical Sagittarius.

How Ceres manifests when in the field of Sagittarius?

Ceres in Sagittarius people present with a fantastic combination of Ceres and Sagittarius attributes, which shape up their attitude towards care and nurture.

These individuals are courageous, of a lively and adventurous spirit.

Ceres Sagittarius people are always on the go.

They enjoy exploring their surroundings in every single sense.

If they cannot travel far distances, for some reason, they will explore and learn from who they have around.

These individuals enjoy meeting new people and sharing experiences.

They learn from others and share their own findings and knowledge.

It is their manner of showing they care for others.

In truth, being open towards others, ready to listen to them, and willing to teach and share, is a very good way of showing you care about someone.

It is a relation of mutual trust and respect.

These philosophical individuals have a positive attitude towards life in general and their optimism is contagious.

Ceres Sagittarius people feel the best if they can open your windows and make you realize how exciting and beautiful this life could be.

They neither ignore potential danger nor they pretend everything is perfect.

They look into the future and would gladly share their viewpoints with you.

Ceres in Sagittarius – Positive Traits

Ceres in Sagittarius people do not hold grudges and they are all but vengeful.

Life is to short to spend it on being hateful and gloomy.

There is so much to be experienced and shared.

Ceres Sagittarius people are born curious and adventure seeking.

What is very important to note is they are not solitary types, indifferent towards people, on the contrary.

People with Ceres in Sagittarius find the greatest pleasure if they can inspire others and move them.

Their attitude is engaging and lively, they know how to tell a story and make you see beyond the everyday life.

As partners, parents, friends etc., Ceres Sagittarius people are warm and open.

They have no problem with expressing their thought and feelings openly and they are ready to take any answer they might get in return.

Ceres Sagittarius people encourage others to follow their goals.

Be sure, if you have a Ceres Sagittarius around, he or she would not let you lose your hopes, even if you fall.

One of their best qualities is that they trust others and they are themselves trustful people.

Ceres in Sagittarius – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Ceres Sagittarius people could become a bit naive, because of their sometimes overly optimistic worldview.

As they do not suspect bad intentions in people they get in touch with, they might get wronged by others.

However, they are strong enough to get over it and they will not seek revenge.

Such situations could make them very sad and shake their idea of the ultimate goodness in people, which they are guided by.

Ceres Sagittarius people also tend to be a bit distracted, as they cannot sit still.

Although not necessarily a negative trait, Ceres Sagittarius value their freedom above all, so, apart from all the sharing they do, they do not commit easily.

Ceres in Sagittarius Man

Ceres in Sagittarius men are true born adventurers.

They enjoy traveling and exploring the world, both empirically and intellectually.

They same stands for the women.

These men are lively and generous friends, always full of new amazing stories they like to share.

They enjoy inspiring others and are very supportive and encouraging of others.

Ceres Sagittarius men are not easy to follow by.

They prefer active, adventurous lifestyle, so their chosen one has to share their worldview, in that sense.

They are attracted to intelligent ladies, inclined towards research and exploration.

Their idea of a perfect relationship includes travel, philosophical talks and respecting other’s personal freedom.

Ceres in Sagittarius Woman

Women with Ceres in Sagittarius are very similar to their male counterparts, probably more similar than it could be seen in certain others Ceres/zodiac sign placements.

Intellectual, philosophical, inclined towards motion, adventure and research, ready to share and educate, Ceres Sagittarius women are ladies to admire.

They are approachable and friendly, having no fear in expressing their emotions and opinions equally.

These ladies feel the best if they can inspire you and motivate you.

As mothers, partners and friends, they will put great effort to make you value yourself and follow your dreams, regardless of how uncommon.

Ceres in Sagittarius – Brief Summary

The placement of Ceres in Sagittarius’ filed is often seen in people who are lively, friendly, intellectual and idealistic.

Ceres in Sagittarius people are oriented towards future and they truly believe there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

They live this life to the fullest; if aspects are favorable, they do it in the healthiest way.

They see life as a journey and, on that journey, they enjoy sharing their experiences with other people.

Ceres in Sagittarius value their freedom, but see the purpose of life in sharing.

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