Ceres in Scorpio – Personality Traits & Meaning

Horoscope is very popular these days!

Everyone would like to know what can the stars reveal about our destiny and, even more, about one’s personality and traits.

True, stars can tell much about who we are.

Astrology has had its heights and its falls, when it comes to its popularity and evaluation of its actual purpose and authenticity.

Nevertheless, it is still widely present since very old times and still practiced.

Astrology is not an acknowledged science, although its name and main characteristics are similar to those of the recognized ones.

Astrology literally translates into the ‘science of the stars’.

It analyzes planetary motion and its influence over our lives.

Everything in the universe is in relation to one another.

Macrocosm affects microcosm and vice versa.

According to astrological postulates, what happens in the skies has an impact on what is happening on our planet.

More specifically, planetary motion affects our individual lives.

Astrology has many branches and fields.

The most popular and sought is definitely personal astrology, that is, astrological reading of a birth chart, a comparative analysis of two or more birth charts and so on.

In other words, people seek for answers about their own personality and their relation to the outer world within their natal charts.

And horoscopes can really give us a deep insight into who we and the people around us are.

Asteroids in Astrology

Traditional astrology knew only about the five planets and two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon.

With the discovery of three other planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – the number has grown to eight planets plus Sun and the Moon.

Modern astrology counts all of these as planets, so there are ten in total.

In a natal chart, you will see zodiac signs, houses and planets in a specific position, creating favorable or not that favorable aspects.

Natal chart is a unique pattern of planetary distribution at the time of your birth.

You may wonder what happens if two persons were born at exactly the same time, at the same place and hour. How their charts differ?

There could be subtle differences in the charts per se; we should also keep in mind that what the chart shows is not a definite prediction, the manifestation of potentials seen in the natal chart would depend on numerous factors.

Furthermore, there are other important elements we should pay attention to.

Natal charts and horoscopes are not only about planets and zodiac signs. Asteroids are also a valuable factor.

Asteroids are а newbie in astrology.

Discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century, they were incorporated into astrology much later, corresponding with major socio-cultural changes that took place at the time.

The for major asteroids we are particularly interested into are Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

As you probably realize, all are named after powerful female deities of the Ancient Rome, counterparts of Greek goddesses.

In older traditions, only two planets were associated with the feminine – Venus and the Moon.

Four asteroids aforementioned astrologically represent the feminine principle and its variant aspects, for each of these goddesses-asteroids has its unique attributes.

Asteroids in the natal chart tell about the feminine principle and its potential within a specific, individual and unique natal chart.

The interpretation of their position offers a better insight into the whole of our personality.

Astrologically, asteroids stand for the faces of the feminine archetype, which is a part of ourselves and our lives that should not be neglected.

Ceres in Astrology

Ceres is the greatest of the major asteroids in astrology.

It is primarily associated with the place we feel safe at, with growing up and bringing up.

Some of its major qualities are similar to those of the feminine Moon.

However, Ceres is more about the parent-older children relations, while the Moon is more about little kids and babies.

Ceres embodies the mother-archetype in the widest sense, for the goddess Ceres (Demeter) is Mother earth.

Ceres is best understood through the most popular myth about this deity, that of Demeter and her daughter, taken away by Hades, the lord of the realm of the dead, who abducted Demeter’s girl and made her his wife.

Aggrieved and bitter, the goddess of the earth and fertility made the land barren and deprived it of all goodness, until the agreement was reached, so Persephone, her daughter, was meant to spend half of the year with her mother and another half with her husband.

While the myth explains the change of the seasons in the first place, it also tells about the position of women, the men-women power struggle, the rites of passage, the separation between parents and children.

Ceres is associated with loss, dependency, pain of separation, the transition from adolescence to maturity and parental attitude towards it, with unconditional love and devotion, with protection, nurture and care.

The placement of Ceres in a birth chart reveals the area of life in which one feels the most protected, loved, comfortable and safe.

The transit of Ceres tells about the current needs of the aforementioned.

Scorpio Personality and Traits

Scorpio, often considered the most mysterious zodiac sign, rules the Eight House in the natural horoscope, one of the three occult houses.

The eight field, the home of Scorpio, is associated with carnal desires and death, with regeneration and rebirth, amongst other things. Scorpio is a Water element sign, deeply intuitive and emotional.

Scorpio has two rulers, the traditional Mars and ruler/co-ruler Pluto.

Thus, Scorpios are mystical, interested into things beyond this world, while at the same time passionate, dynamic, ready to take action.

Scorpio people present with an amazing intuition; they know you, better then you know yourself.

Scorpios cannot be fooled by pretense and outer mask. They see through every illusion and deeply feel the world around.

People born under the sign of Scorpio are hard shelled, but extremely sensitive and emotional, at the same time.

They will not show you weakness and would carry their burden in solitude. Scorpios are not prone to self-pity, although they could be dramatic.

Scorpios do not seek for the outer affirmation and praise; they are typically quiet and solitary, even if surrounded by a mass of people.

However, they are all but shy. Scorpios know they attract attention and they do not feel uncomfortable about it.

It is just that they could not care less about making such an impression, it is just how it is.

Scorpios have a high opinion of themselves and could be very self-critical.

Scorpio people are strong and capable of being alone, especially if the people around them turn to be shallow.

They do not need others to help them in their search for the meaning of life.

Scorpio people have a magnetic aura, due to their mysterious nature and complex, headstrong character. They intrigue and attract.

Scorpio people of the highest nature are noble, sophisticated, oriented towards all-human questions, the ontological etc.

They are extremely devoted, ready to sacrifice their own life for those they care about.

Scorpios support those in need, they are guardians of the weak with whom their share the same ideas.

Scorpios can be fanatic over things they like to do. They are moved by genuine intuition and desire.

Ceres in Scorpio – General Information

Scorpios are fatalists, and prone to extremes of all sorts, which reflects on all their relationships.

From exalted and noble emotions, spiritual enlightenment to darkness and utter destruction, followed by regeneration.

Ceres in Scorpio is, as expected, a very intriguing and emotionally powerful combo.

The house of Scorpio is a favorable place for nurturing Ceres.

Ceres Scorpio people are deep and very affectionate, expressing their love and care through subtle signals, well chosen words and, generally, through their presence.

They are passionate and have no fear in showing they care about someone.

Ceres in Scorpio people would sacrifice themselves for those they care for.

Their love is unconditional and unquestionable.

Of all Ceres placements, Ceres-Scorpio embody the idea of love and affection as the greatest inspiration, motivation and even purpose in life.

Ceres Scorpio individuals could not care less about materiality and short-term pleasures of this world, in comparison to deep bonds they have with certain people, their family, their chosen one.

These people equally value physical and emotional connection, as they find completion in it.

To Scorpio Ceres ones everything matters.

They will show their love through touch, word, gesture.

Ceres in Scorpio people are passionate lovers and they connect to others on a deeper level than carnal.

When it comes to relations other than romantic, they are loyal to the death, devoted, honorable and dignified.

Ceres in Scorpio – Positive Traits

Ceres in Scorpio people would make you feel special if they fall for you.

These people are not afraid of intense emotions, they would rather burn in the flame of their feelings than avoid it out of fear of being hurt.

They can endure much, if they have someone or something to fight for.

These people are just, honest, honorable and dedicated.

Ceres Scorpio people will make you sure they care about you, but their attitude is not simply servile or pleasing others.

They have strong self-integrity and their expression of affection is admirable. When in love, they love to the bone.

Ceres in Scorpio people have an attractive, magnetic aura, which is both intriguing and inspiring to other people.

If you have a Ceres Scorpio by your side, be sure you have a loyal, truth-loving companion, reliable and deep.

Ceres Scorpio may appear mysterious, but with their closest ones they will share the deepest of their being, in every sense.

Ceres Scorpio people are familiar with inner transformation processes all of us go through, but which could often make us feel lost, if unaware of the purpose of the process.

These individuals know how to handle transition and transformation and they can be of great support to others, when it comes to that.

Ceres in Scorpio – Negative Traits

The mystery about Ceres Scorpio could be perplexing.

These individuals are complex and tend to be very demanding, when it comes to emotions.

One of the low-nature Scorpio attributes is possessiveness, and it could also manifest in Ceres-Scorpio placement.

If natal chart is not favorable towards this placement, Ceres Scorpios could become vengeful and unforgiving.

Ceres in Scorpio Man

Ceres Scorpio men value loyalty above everything else.

These irresistible gentlemen deeply care about people in their life and cannot be fooled by anyone’s behavior.

They openly show their love and affection.

Although extremely seductive and magnetically attractive, they are fully dedicated to their partner and family.

Ceres Scorpio men are trustworthy friends, dutiful, honorable individuals who would never let you down.

They have a thing for mysterious themes, psychology, philosophy, religion, healing.

Just as their female counterparts, they are intuitive and deep.

Shallow relationships and small talks are not their thing.

They cannot tolerate lies and treason.

If you cheat on them, betray them or lie, they will turn away from you with dignity and style and hardly return, even if it causes a lot of pain.

Ceres in Scorpio Woman

Ceres in Scorpio ladies are truth-loving, deeply emotional, sensual and devoted.

They have a very strong intuition and can read almost everyone.

They are intrigued by those rare few that appear hard to ’decode’.

These ladies are all about profound interests, talks and, of course, emotions.

They are ready to sacrifice themselves for the people they love.

Ceres Scorpio women are brave, strong and they can do on their own, until they find the right person; this applies both to friendly and romantic relations.

Just like Ceres Scorpio men, they cannot tolerate dishonesty and betrayal.

Ceres Scorpio women have a mysterious and alluring aura.

They are guided by their heart and soul and could be demanding when it comes to affection and emotional needs.

Ceres in Scorpio – Brief Summary

Ceres in Scorpio is an intense placement, to say the least.

Ceres in Scorpio people are profound, emotional, unafraid of extreme feelings and expressing their love.

They offer much and they honesty care about people they love.

They are complex and demanding, when it comes to emotional needs, although they would not always appear so.

They value honesty, loyalty and devotion.

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