Ceres in Taurus – Personality Traits & Meaning

Everyone would love to know what awaits us in the future or, at least, we would like to understand our current circumstances better, that is, we strive to find our place within this word.

Since ancient days, people have been searching for the same answers.

The answers to our questions are written in the stars, many would say. It is not easy to fathom the truth stars and heavens hide.

However, there are ways to get closer to these answers and get to now ourselves and the world around us better.

Astrology has been in practice since early civilizations up to our day.

It is very likely the oldest science on Earth, although it is labeled a pseudo science, because it does not offer the concrete answers as many acknowledged scientific fields.

In any case, astrology has its methodology and principles like any other science.

Astrology dwells upon the idea of the interaction between macrocosm and microcosm. It would be more appropriate to say it analyzes the impact of macrocosm over microcosm, that is, Solar system planetary distribution effect over life on our planet.

According to astrology, the position of the planets affect each one of us personally and it also has a great impact on the events and circumstances on a wider plan. Planetary position affect the whole societies, periods in history, on a global scale.

On the other side, it shapes up lives and destinies of every individual on the planet.

Astrology is very wide and complex and it could be divided into many strains. The most popular is personal astrology.

Horoscope or natal chart is probably what everyone has in mind when it comes to astrology.

Natal or birth charts offer an amazing, deep insight into who we are.

Although horoscopes give hints about what could possibly happen in our lifetime, it is not a prophecy or prediction set in the stone. It rather offer us an insight into a set of potentials.

People learn about themselves and about people around them throughout their lives.

In that sense, horoscope interpretation can make the process of learning and implementing what has been learned more effectively.

Asteroids in Astrology

Speaking about natal charts and astrology, everyone probably knows that these astrological schemes present planets of the Solar system distributed over certain fields and related to zodiac signs. The most important is one’s Sun sign.

The Sun sign is the one people commonly identify with the whole horoscope, taking into account the existence and attributes of the ascendant.

However, birth charts and horoscopes are much more. Each planet and zodiac sign play an important role.

Traditional, older astrology would interpret the position of five known planets, Sun and Moon.

Upon the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the three were added to the traditional ones, so modern astrology deals with ten planets in total (Sun and Moon are taken as planets).

However, there are other important heavenly bodies that make the natal chart more complex and more intriguing.

Asteroids are minor elements of the natal chart, but its importance should not be taken for granted.

The position of asteroids reveals fine characteristics of one’s personality and traits. Asteroids are associated with the feminine qualities in each individual.

Asteroids of the greatest importance are Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres, named after deities of Ancient Greece/Rome.

The four asteroids are astrologically characterized by the attributes and symbolism associated with goddesses.

Ceres in Astrology

Ceres plays an important role in one’s natal chart, being associated with protection, guardianship, learning, parenthood, the concepts of rejection, sacrifice and much more. Its attributes find roots in the myth of Demeter/Ceres.

As you likely know Demeter (Roman Ceres) was a Greek goddess of health, agriculture, fertility, marriage, and is associated with the underworld.

The most widely known myth about this goddess tells about the abduction of her daughter Persephone/Proserpina.

Persephone was abducted by Hades/Pluto, the god of the underworld, who married her. Demeter was desperate about the loss of her daughter and her grief made the land go barren and unfertile.

The myth ends with a compromise solution; half of the year, Persephone stays above the ground with her mother and the other half with her husband, ruling the underworld by his side. The myth allegorically tells about the change of season.

However, the myth of Demeter/Ceres, Persephone/Proserpina and Hades/Pluto tells about men-women relations, about the dominance of the world of men, about motherhood and parenthood, about loss of virginity, about pain and grief and sacrifice.

Astrologically speaking, Ceres in natal charts is about one specific archetype of a woman, that is, it tells about traits and relations aforementioned. Ceres tells about care, nurture, transition rites, unconditional love, sacrifice.

It tells about our dealings with our own worth, about our relationships (parent-child included), about dependence, separation and emotional bonds in general.

Taurus Personality and Traits

The placement of Ceres in a birth chart reveals our attitude and perception regarding all aforementioned. The sign in which Ceres is to be found affects the manifestation of its qualities in an individual’s life.

Taurus rules the Second House, the field associated with materiality and possessing (material belongings, in the first place).

Taurus is a very earthly signs, so to say, the one who wants to feel everything under their own hand.

People born under the sign of Taurus need to experience things by their senses, especially touch.

They have a very strong desire to possess things they like. It applies both to objects and people.

Taurus people enjoy making things by their own hand, building their own life with great dedication and patience.

They care about people in their lives and see to provide for them.

Those born under the earthly Taurus are true hedonists.

Their idea of happiness is very straightforward and simple in its core.

They want stability, family, home and friends. Taurus people are unfamiliar with much abstract thinking; they are pragmatic and organized.

Taurus people are not dreamers; they know what is the place and purpose of every thing they can see, hear, smell and touch.

They are not into philosophical ideas and such. They can be very skillful in various crafts.

Taurus individuals are rational and realistic, ready to take the best out of what they see.

They are generally peaceful, calm and not easily shaken or irritated.

Ceres in Taurus – General Information

Ceres in Taurus finds in it its perfect, comforting spot. Ceres, associated with one’s ability to nurture and care for others, but also about oneself, feels very comfortable around the Earth sign Taurus, with its warm nature.

Hedonistic Taurus seeks for pleasure and comfort and is very willing to provide the same to people around.

In essence, this is a materialistic quality in its best light. With comforting and nurturing Ceres, it play out very well.

People who are born with Ceres in Taurus need a lot of intimacy. They are very tactile, they enjoy being close to other people in general. To them, the touch is essential.

Ceres in Taurus people are warm, cuddly and easy to approach. They love to hug and kiss people; to them, such intimacy is something completely normal, even with people they do not know very well. They love to be pampered and readily offer the same.

People with Ceres in Taurus are good hearted and benevolent. They care about the well-being of others. They will seek to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves.

Ceres Taurus people always make sure their loved ones do not lack attention and gentleness, but also material possessions and comfort in life.

Ceres in Taurus – Positive Traits

Ceres Taurus people are warm-hearted and generous. Their mindset is materialistic and they strive to get more and more, but they are not selfish.

They would readily share their wealth with those in need.

People born with Ceres in Taurus have an inborn instinct for protection. They are generally very peaceful and do not seek conflict.

However, they would stand up for those deprived. They would firmly and consistently defend things and people they love.

Ceres Taurus people are gentle towards their dear ones. They have no hard time in showing affection, unlike, for example, Ceres Aries people.

Individuals born with Ceres in Taurus are patient and dedicated, when it comes to achieving success. They might be slow, but they truly value the steps and the process, which is admirable, because they are persistent and they do not give up easily.

Ceres Taurus people would never abandon you. They are loving and caring parents, partners and friends. With Ceres Taurus people, you will feel relaxed and at ease.

Ceres in Taurus – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Ceres Taurus materialistic mindset can lead to great insecurity, since they tend to build their own self-image and self-worth on what they possess and provide.

Interestingly, they rarely evaluate others the same way.

If they cannot provide what they consider enough for their closest ones, they tend to feel unworthy and their self-esteem is shaken. They same happens if they cannot afford for themselves.

They tend to have a distorted image of people’s relations, thinking others value them for what they possess, rather than their personality and other qualities.

Ceres in Taurus people could easily become dependent on their finances. They start seeing the world only through material wealth. They could end up feeling miserable if they cannot afford luxurious things.

These people often build up their confidence on the wrong bases, that is, on what they have, rather than on who they are. As material things are inconsistent and expandable, they end up anxious and frustrated, lacking a firm ground.

These people could have been spoiled as kids and/or parents who spoil their own children.

Ceres in Taurus Man

Ceres Taurus men are very open in their intentions, stylish and true gentlemen. They are strong-willed and determined, especially when it comes to business.

These men enjoy luxurious lifestyle  and enjoy being admired for their success. They are open and generous individuals who can blow you away by their charm.

Ceres Taurus men are hedonistic in the best sense, if the aspects are favorable. They enjoy tasty means, but care much about health and physical state and appearance. They can be excellent and passionate cooks.

Just like women with Ceres in Taurus, men with the same Ceres position are very protective and ready to provide the best for their loved ones.

Ceres Taurus men are extremely affectionate when they fall in love.

Ceres in Taurus Woman

Ceres in Taurus women are protective and nurturing mothers. They want to provide the best for their children.

They are capable of providing both for their loved ones and themselves. They have similar attitude towards anyone they love.

Women with Ceres in Taurus love beautiful things and luxury. They have great taste, when it comes to fashion, food, lifestyle in general.

These women are capable of building their lives on their own and they want a partner who is the same. These ladies are straightforward, very feminine and elegant.

Ceres Taurus women enjoy sharing with dear people, especially close friends and family.

Although they enjoy being treated like queens, they are perfectly capable of doing things on their own.

They would see to provide safety and warmth to their family and people they spend time with.

Ceres in Taurus – Brief Summary

Ceres in Taurus is a wonderful combination, if aspects in a natal chart are favorable.

Of course, manifestation of Ceres in Taurus in an individual’s natal chart would depend on the rest of the chart and all the aspects.

Asteroid Ceres feels at home when positioned in the second House, the house of Taurus. People with favorably positioned Ceres in Taurus are warm, generous, calm, patient, self-confident and determined in their goals.

These individuals are loving and protective. As we have seen, their protective and materialistic nature could manifest two ways.

On a good side, they are loving, gentle, very straightforward, caring and supportive.

The downside is the possibility of becoming overly materialistic and obsessively protective, especially when it comes to parent-child relation.

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