Ceres in Virgo – Personality Traits & Meaning

Astrology dates back into days of old civilizations.

Throughout the planet and world history, astrology has been practiced by various cultures.

Since far past, humankind has been looking into stars.

There is something unfathomable and magnetically attractive in those high and still unreachable heights that have always been intriguing us.

Whenever we start thinking about the purpose of our existence, we gaze into the skies above.

Since ancient civilization, the science of the stars has been in practice.

Many of the greatest historical figures of the past, be it kings or generals, or scholars and healers, would often rely on astrology.

Astrology has had various treatments throughout our history and is today considered a pseudo science.

However, it is based on a set of principles just as any other science, it has its methodology and knowledge it draws from.

History of astrology may have been a turbulent one, but this ancient practice is still widely in use. What does astrology study and why is it so popular?

Astrology tries to interpret the motion of heavenly bodies in relation to life on our planet, with our destiny.

According to this ancient science of the stars, planetary positions have much to do with our destinies and lives, on both an intimate, personal plan and a wider one, in terms of the whole countries, societies, cultures etc.

Long story short, astrology analyzes the effects of macrocosm on microcosm.

The most popular and the most widely practiced branch of astrology is definitely personal astrology, that is, interpretation of individual horoscopes.

Asteroids in Astrology

Personal astrology is in fact interpretation of birth charts. Birth or natal charts are personal horoscopes.

As the term ’horoscope’ suggests,  a natal chart is an image of the sky, frozen in time. The term derives from Greek words.

Literally speaking, the term is derived from Greek words ’time’ and ’observer, observing’.

Personal horoscope or birth chart is an image of the sky, that is, a scheme of planetary positions, at the time of one’s birth.

According to astrology, the specific distribution of heavenly bodies shapes up one’s destiny and life path.

Of course, many people are born at the same place, same time and date.

However, the specific placement of heavenly bodies and aspects they create make one’s birth chart unique.

Moreover, even if the birth chart was the same (in twins, for instance), it still represents a set of potential, rather than a set of rules.

Natal chart is not a prophecy or prediction in a simple, straightforward sense.

You are probably familiar with the importance of zodiac signs, ten planets and horoscope house.

However, there are other very important factors and elements seen within a natal chart. Asteroids are one of those.

Asteroids entered the area of astrological interpretations quite late, since they were first discovered in the nineteenth century.

They have not been taken into account until the late twentieth century, though.

Ceres in Astrology

There are many asteroids we know of today. They circulate between two great planets, Mars and Jupiter.

Four of those have a special place in astrology and they are named after the four goddesses of Greco-Roman pantheons.

These four asteroids are associated with ancient deities of Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Ceres.

As you probably guess, they carry attributes and characteristics of the four goddesses and are related to the feminine aspects of each one’s personality.

Ceres has certain qualities similar to that of the Moon, one of the two traditional feminine astrological planets.

Ceres represents the motherly principle, deriving from the mythology of Demeter, the earth-goddess, the Mother Earth.

Ceres in astrological charts represents the place at which one feels loved, safe, secure, protected, nurtured, just as children should feel in relation to their parents, especially mothers.

Ceres stands for love and protection, dependency, the parents and children in the phase of separation, the loss, the pain that accompanies the separation process, sacrifice, solace, care.

Thus, asteroid Ceres is associated with many attributes of the goddess Demeter, with horticulture, growth, fertility, nourishment and feeding, agriculture, everything that has to do with our bonds to the Mother Earth.

The myth about Demeter’s daughter Persephone, and her being abducted by Hades is not only the allegory of the seasonal changes, but it also tells about men-women power and positions, the process of growing up, the difficulties and traumas regarding one’s maturity.

Ceres is associated with the suffering of separation that inevitably comes in life, between parents and children.

Ceres is about one’s need to care about someone, and has to do with sacrifice and devotion.

When in transit, Ceres tells about one’s current need to feel safe, protected and nurtured, and about one’s search for the fulfillment of these.

Virgo Personality and Traits

Virgo rules the Sixth House, the field of various attitudes, but especially towards health and work.

This field is dominated by mercury, the planet of intellect.

As Mercury rules two signs, Virgo and Gemini, its qualities manifest differently in the two.

In Virgo, Mercury is far more rational, in comparison to Gemini. Virgos are known rationalists and realists.

Virgo people take things in life seriously, they are guided by reason, they analyze and organize everything.

Typically, they cannot stand disorder, especially in their private surroundings.

Virgos are tidy, organized, classy, strict in their schedules. They want everything to be well-organized and planned.

They almost completely lack spontaneity and they feel very anxious if things do not go according to what they had in mind.

There are no coincidences, if you ask a Virgo. Virgos do not like unexpected events and surprises, and such situations could really disturb them.

Capricorns, for example, do not like surprises either, but their stoic attitude keeps them calm.

Virgos are distrustful of others, suspicious of others intentions, because they cannot control them.

Virgos feel lost if they have to face a situation they have no previous experience of. This is their biggest weakness.

On the other hand, Virgo people are organized, disciplined and methodical in everything they do, which make them successful in their fields.

They are very detail oriented and perfectionists. They have excellent memory and are pragmatic.

Virgos rarely make mistakes, because they analyze and think through every possible scenario.

They are modest, intelligent and capable of emotional abstraction, which help them keep their heads cool.

Virgo people feel good within traditional frames. They do not like pomp and kitsch, they are elegant, have a good old-fashioned taste.

These people are particularly obsessed with health, which has its good and bad sides.

It could be annoying and tiresome to others, and they are prone to hypochondria.

In general, Virgos are reliable, serious and dedicated, although often distanced and reserved.

However, they are honest in their goals and intentions. They do not open easily to other people and keep their weaknesses within.

Virgo people are ultimately realistic. Romance, imagination and daydreaming is something they cannot fathom.

Virgos make sure they checked on everything before they make a decision. Once they do, it is usually a decision for life.

Ceres in Virgo – General Information

Nurturing, loving Ceres and realistic, calculated Virgo sound as a challenging combination.

Let us find out what the placement of Ceres in Virgo really means. Ceres in Virgo is oriented towards structure, details and good organization overall.

Ceres Virgo people feel good if they can help and be of service, as they like to put things in order.

They are supportive and would help you with chaos in your life.

Ceres Virgo people are cool-headed, they carefully observe and analyze situations in order to see how to improve things.

When it comes to showing care and love, they are tactful and honest.

However, Ceres in Virgo placement is not easy for others to swallow, as these individuals might have a cold and calculated attitude.

They are not very physical and cuddly, nor they treat others with sweet words and hugs.

They have good intentions, but their calculated, disciplined manner could appear burdening.

Ceres in Virgo – Positive Traits

Ceres in Virgo are well-organized, disciplined and modest people.

If natal chart was favorable towards this placement, they offer valuable and precious advices, without much pressure on others.

They like to have things in charge and they are very realistic and pragmatic.

Ceres Virgo would readily explain you how to do certain things with ease and how to feel more content and organized in life.

Ceres Virgo people are supportive of others, they praise others accomplishments, but would not spare you of constructive critic.

They will encourage others’ improvement and achievements.

If they were parents, they will support their kids’ goals, but they will see to teach them honor, modesty and duty. They are excellent educators.

Ceres in Virgo people are highly responsible and they will never let you down.

Ceres in Virgo – Negative Traits

Ceres in Virgo people tend to be way too judging and critical of others.

Although the intention is, in essence, good, it is not pleasant and it could actually have a counter effect.

Ceres Virgos’ goal is to help others improve through better organization and healthier habits, but they can become very hard to deal with, as they would keep imposing what they think was the best for others.

Even if their ways are ultimately good, rational and helpful, they cannot find a subtle way to share their ideas and actually be of help, which, of course, frustrates them.

These people also tend to be overly protective, especially when it comes to health, including physical activity, eating habits, hygiene.

They try to show their love by protecting their dear ones from, well, even things that are normal.

It often turns out that Ceres Virgo people had perfectionist and demanding parents and they often follow the same pattern.

Ceres in Virgo Man

Ceres in Virgo men leave an impression of professional, responsible, self-confident and classy.

The same could be said for Ceres Virgo ladies. Both greatly care about their appearance and health, as well as that of people they hold dear.

These men are intellectual and they seek company of people they can discuss topics of their taste.

They tend to be workaholic, perfectionist and fully dedicated to projects they work on.

They are not particularly warm or open when it comes to expressing their emotions, so those extrovertly emotional ones would find their attitude sterile and cold.

Ceres Virgo men, however, could be extremely supportive.

They are the most loyal and trustworthy friends and partners.

These people keep to their promises.

They show their love for others by helping them improve.

They are protective and supportive fathers, partners, relatives and companions.

Ceres in Virgo Woman

Ceres Virgo ladies love to have everything in order, starting from their health and bodies, their living space, to relationships.

They like to control things, and if they cannot, they will try to find the field in life in which the control is possible.

These ladies are not particularly romantic and they can spend a lot of time alone, regardless of being single or dating, or even being married.

They are loyal, but not as cuddly and passionate, as the case is with certain other Ceres placements.

They will see to support people they love and would always have a good advice for their relatives, friends, kids, partner.

Ceres Virgo females are protective of those whom they care for, although they could be overly protective.

They are intellectual, interested into scientific topics, mentally stimulated, which stands also for their male counterparts.

They seek for a partner who will match them intellectually and who will value their orderly attitude towards life.

Ceres in Virgo – Brief Summary

Ceres in Virgo people generally appear to be a bit cold and insensitive, because they do not openly share their emotions and because their emotional self is not that passionate and burning as in some other combinations.

However, that only means these people have their own way of showing they deeply care about others.

Instead of cuddles and kisses, they would offer you valuable life hacks and constructive criticism.

Although not everyone can take it as a sign of affection and care, the essence is the same.

Ceres Virgo people love to see dear people improve and having a good life.

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