Chiron in Aries – Personality Traits & Meaning

Have you ever checked your natal chart? Any moment is a perfect one to do so.

Your birth chart, that is, your personal horoscope, can tell you much about your personality and traits, your potentials and given capacities, your lifetime and future.

Horoscopes date back into far past; the first known horoscope originates from the old Middle East.

Horoscopes, as an integral part of astrology, the science of the stars, have been in use since those ancient times.

Many people commonly mistake horoscope for astrology. Astrology is a complex (pseudo) science, divided into many branches and associated with other ones.

Horoscope is, to say, a part of astrology.

When it comes to birth chart readings, most people are familiar with several major factors, such as zodiac signs, Sun sign and ascendant precisely, probably with planets and houses.

However, there are many important others.

Besides ten planets in use in modern astrology, Sun and Moon included, there are other celestial bodies of importance, playing a special role within one’s natal chart and in one’s personal development and destiny.

Apart from planets, twelve zodiac signs and their houses, we should take into account other heavenly bodies, such as asteroids and planetoids.

Experts in astrology would carefully study the placement of each single factor and aspects they form amongst themselves.

Planetoid Chiron, the ’wounded’ and the ’healer’ holds a very special place in astrology.

Let us first talk about its mythological background.

Chiron in Mythology

Celestial bodies are mostly named after deities and figures from ancient mythology and associated with their attributes.

In order to understand their role in astrology, we have to unravel their mythological background.

Who was Chiron? What was his mythical role?

According to Ancient Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur, a son of the titan Kronos and an Oceanid, Philyra.

As you probably know, centaurs were mythological half-men, half-horse creatures; their mythical land was ancient Thessaly.

The Oceanid Philyra did not feel blessed that she gave birth to a being so odd and imperfect, as she perceived her son.

Out of despair, she wanted to become something else, and so she was transformed into a tree of linden.

Poor Chiron was hurt by the lack of love, of course, since his early days; the astrological meaning of Chiron is thus tightly associated with his inner suffering.

Not everyone thought negatively of Chiron; the most beautiful and noblest of gods, the brave Apollo, took care of the young centaur.

In ancient mythology, centaurs are not considered wise and gallant beings, on the contrary, but that was not the case with Chiron.

From the god of beauty and wisdom, Chiron acquired the best qualities and lessons.

In contrast to other centaurs, Chiron grew into a wise and noble, exceptional character. He became a tutor and caregiver himself.

Chiron lived on the Pelion mountain and gave lectures and tutorship to some of the greatest Ancient Greek heroes, such as Achilles, Jason, Telamon, Dioscuri brothers.

He has a wife, the nymph, and they had several children, daughters and a son.

The famous Heracles was Chiron’s close friend and it was Heracles himself who was responsible for the further tragedy of Chiron.

According to the myth, Heracles accidentally shot Chiron with a poisoned arrow.

Although desperately trying to save his friend, neither the hero nor anyone else could heal Chiron from the pain of the Hydra’s venom, for the arrow was dipped into the venom of the mythical beast conquered by Heracles.

Chiron was immortal, so he had to suffer the deadly pain. However, despite the terrible pains, his heart was not blackened.

He asked the Lord of the Underworld, god Hades, to have him in his realm of darkness.

With the approval of Hades, Chiron sacrificed his immortal life, although a life of suffering now, for another, the bound Prometheus.

Thus, Chiron finally relieved himself from pain, but also freed the tortured Prometheus from his terrible destiny.

Chiron is probably one of the nobles and dearest characters from ancient mythology.

The astrological meaning of Chiron is closely associated with the divine creature’s mythology.

Chiron in Astrology

Chiron was discovered quite recently, in comparison to traditional planets known since ancient times, in the second half of the twentieth century.

Scientist are not really sure where to put it, amongst dwarf planets and planetoids, asteroids or comets.

Astronomically, the little Chiron presents with characteristics of different types of celestial bodies, so its actual nature is a subject of many debates.

Chiron travels slowly and it requires fifty one year to complete its journey over Zodiac; it is located between planets Saturn and Uranus.

Astrological meaning of Chiron derives from the myth about the centaur Chiron.

Chiron is associated with nobility, modesty, healing, wisdom, sacrifice, endurance, teaching, learning and more. It is associated with wounds, pain and healing.

Chiron represents the archetype of a wounded healer, for only the wounded one would know how the pain feels and how could it possibly be healed.

Pain is what also help us grow and develop; in Chiron, suffering is a mean of ennoblement and growth.

Astrologically, Chiron is precisely about our inner suffering and disappointment, but also about the strength of character needed to rise above our suffering and remain good and noble, or to become one.

Chiron is not vengeful or wrathful because he suffered, but calm and good-hearted, full of empathy.

Chiron also represents the acceptance of imperfection; most of the time, we believe nobody accept us, because someone rejected us, but also because we reject ourselves in the first place.

If we never experience pain in life, we would never know what life is and we would hardly value all the good things there are. We cannot avoid pain at all costs, because we are not perfect beings.

Chiron stands for weakness being turned into advantage. Chiron is about finding strength in the most difficult situations and times.

If we go through great pains and accept our weaknesses, we become noble, emphatic, and loving life.

Chiron is about the inner struggle, personal deeply hurtful experiences and our way of dealing with it.

Chiron help us remain valiant, good-hearted and strong, in spite of all our pains and flaws.

The placement of Chiron in one’s birth chart tells about one’s attitude towards pain and healing processes.

Chiron tells about the sources of suffering in our life, but also about the healing sources. Chiron help us find both.

The aspects Chiron forms within one’s natal chart tells about one’s ability to deal with pain and heal.

It is especially associated with self-healing processes.

Chiron tells about our deepest wounds and offers us gifts of healing.

Aries Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the placement of Chiron in Aries, it would be of great importance to note some of the most important characteristics of the Aries zodiac sign.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac signs and it rules the First House.

Aries people are full of energy, they are newborn, they are vital and aware of their strength and power. They know they are being first.

Thus, the firmly believe they were born to lead and to be first in everything. Ambitious, bold and straightforward, Aries would hardly give up on something. Failure is not an option for an Aries.

The ruler of Aries is Mars, the mighty planet of passion and war; it gives Aries and incredible energy and drive to pursue the goals.

Aries could become wrathful, destructive, aggressive and violent, but is never vengeful.

Always active and on the go, Aries does not have time to deal with others’ calculations and motives.

Aries does not look into the past, has no regrets and is everything but melancholic and nostalgic.

Aries would hardly give up on something because of failure; only a new engaging idea would make an Aries turn to something else.

People born under the sign of Aries are naturally straightforward and open, which could be a bit too much to sensitive people.

They are dynamic and active, but not very intuitive. They could hurt people accidentally, but would be ready to reconsider their actions.

Energetic, courageous, self-confident and determined, Aries people could become true warriors of light, but also those of darkness.

Their incredible energy, a gift of priceless value, should be handled carefully.

The aspects of the natal chart would decide upon that.

Now, let us look into Chiron in Aries. How does this placement affect Chiron’s attributes?

Chiron in Aries – General Information

How does Chiron feel in Aries’ field? Wounds are not something unfamiliar with Mars, the fiery and warlike ruler of Aries. Wounds do not weaken Aries, the bold and determined fighter.

Chiron tells about transformative wounds and pain, to say so. Its placement give us an insight into the source of our inner weakness and pain and directs us towards the means of healing.

When it comes to Chiron in Aries transit, we may speak about turbulent times and bellicose tendencies that would open a path to healing on a major plan.

In a natal chart, it tells about the core pain and struggle we have to deal with.

One’s aggressiveness is the cause of all inner pain, although a person does not have to be aware of it.

In fact, Chiron in Aries could be a tricky placement, because the nature of Aries is quite powerful and it does not let one accept weaknesses.

Aries’ energy is about being the first, knowing the best, heading right towards the goal, without making any compromises or thinking through it, receiving and giving blows. At the end of the day, it could be destructive.

Chiron in Aries may be an uncomfortable placement, but, with good aspects, it helps one face the core weaknesses and heal inner wounds, often ignored and overlooked.

People with Chiron in Aries would likely have hard times reaching into depths of their souls and actually dealing with unresolved traumas and suffering.

They would rather ignore it and mask the pain by concrete action.

However, Chiron in Aries would make them aware of the necessity to deal with such matters.

Chiron is a healer, a teacher and a guide through personal transformative processes, marked by pain, but also regeneration, compassion and (self) healing.

Chiron in Aries – Positive Traits

Chiron in Aries tells about the source of suffering in one’s life; it this case, the suffering is associated with aggression, one’s destructive attitude towards life.

The sooner one realizes there is something to be changed, the better.

Chiron in Aries helps one go through the process of change.

First, it helps us realize that our aggressiveness is what makes us feel uneasy, although it might not appear so, even to ourselves.

People with Chiron in Aries usually present with injuries that are visible only through their natal charts and known only by people they consider very close.

These individuals have amazing inner strength and their resilience is admirable.

No one can actually tell if they suffer. Most people see them as powerful, invincible, unshaken and almost perfect.

However, they do have deep personal wounds they deal with.

These people would not complain about their traumas and they will, in fact, look upon those who do so with wonderment. They generally regenerate quickly and efficiently.

Chiron Aries people are an embodiment of the saying ’what does not kill you, make you strong’.

On the outside, they appear as if they have never been injured or hurt, physically, emotionally, mentally.

The truth is the opposite, the thing is they typically know how to handle it, if the aspects were favorable.

Chiron in Aries is a generational placement. People born during this transit are tough – the times they were born made them so.

Deep within their being we can visualize an inscription – there is no time to cry and regret.

Chiron in Aries people have been through much pain or they carry the legacy of it, in a way. They know how to deal with it and they could greatly encourage others.

Their manner could be a bit too loud and even brutal, they will not spare you tough words, but they know why they are doing so.

In Chiron Aries, you can see a person who has gone through tough times, survived and who firmly believe there is only one direction to follow – forward.

Chiron in Aries – Negative Traits

Resilient and courageous Chiron Aries, who know how to get up and carry on, even if they experienced terrible injuries, could be a bit too aggressive and rough towards people around them.

Since they are being tough, they have problem understanding people who are gentle and sensitive; they cannot recognize the strength in these people and tend to underestimate them.

They strength is sometimes subtle, and Chiron Aries cannot actually fathom it.

On a negative side, Chiron Aries people, forged by tough experiences, tend to lose subtleness and gentleness.

They are open, direct, straightforward and honest, which is good, but they can actually hurt people unintentionally.

They often lack compassion, they become obsessively competitive and cannot manage their anger.

Negatively, Chiron Aries people hurt themselves and others because of their unhealthy ambitions, exclusiveness, proneness to desperation if they were not number one and so on.

They become irritable, lack tolerance and understanding.

Instead of encouraging others to embrace their injuries and carry on, stronger and braver, they tend to bring others down because of their incompetence and weaknesses, because thy cannot manage their own flaws.

Chiron in Aries Man

Chiron Aries men are bold, determined and tough. They are independent, competitive and born to be leaders.

These men would never complain about the difficulties of life, they will embrace life as it is and from there build their own path.

They are devoted, honest and ready to give life for people they hold dear.

Chiron in Aries Woman

Chiron Aries ladies are resilient and strong. They deal with their inner struggles unbelievably well.

They never complain, but move forward.

Self-confident, ambitious, Chiron Aries ladies are true warrior princesses.

These ladies are optimistic and they do not let failures bring them down.

They would do whatever it takes for the ones they love.

Both Chiron Aries men and women are ready to sacrifice their own comfort for whom they hold dear, they are not afraid of pain and suffering if it will help their loved ones.

Chiron in Aries – Brief Summary

Chiron in Aries is a challenging placement that could bring one much, but it could also present with incredible negative characteristics.

Of course, the manifestation of this placement would depend on the rest of the natal chart.

Chiron in Aries is seen in people who have gone through much pain and suffering in life and who were shaped by such a path, growing stronger through pain, never complaining, but boldly carrying on.

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