Chiron in Cancer – Personality Traits & Meaning

What makes us human being are our weaknesses, amongst everything else.

Chiron is a recently discovered (in astronomical terms) celestial object that gained a very significant place in astrology.

It is a planet of suffering, healing, pain and virtue.

Astrology, meaning the ’science of the stars’ is a very old set of various practices, meant to unravel the mystery of our existence and life on earth. According to astrology, our lives are influenced by higher powers, by cosmic vibrations, by the movement of planets.

This oldest of the sciences, although astrology is considered a pseudo science nowadays, and its many branches, attempts to analyze and interpret planetary positions and their effect on our life and destiny.

Astrology is not simply a divination technique, but something more complex.

It has its rules and principles, knowledge to rely upon and methodology, just like any other scientific field. In truth, back in the day, astrology was just another scholars’ discipline.

What people are the most interested into, when it comes to astrology today, are their birth charts and those of their loved ones.

A birth chart is basically an astrological diagram, showing the exact position of each solar system planet ate the time you were born.

According to astrology, the placement of planets, but also other celestial bodies, which, in astrological terms may be simply called planets, shapes up one’s character and traits, capacities and potentials.

Therefore, astrology does not actually predict what will happen in your life, but it gives you better insight into who you are and how you are supposed to fare in this life, if using your potentials in this or that way.

In traditional astrology, only five planets were known to scholars, plus the luminary bodies, the Sun and the Moon.

Much later on, with new discoveries, other planets and heavenly objects entered the field of astrology. Chiron is one of them.

Chiron in Mythology

The planetoid Chiron, a minor planet, as it has being designated, is a fairly new one in astrology.

It has also been categorized as an asteroid or a comet. It is also considered a centaur; centaurs are specific class of heavenly bodies.

Centaurs orbit somewhere between the Kuiper belt and the asteroid belt, and they travel within the outer solar system.

The orbits of centaurs may have crossed orbits of main planets or they did it in the past, which alters their own orbit stability.

Chiron is a centaur both in astronomical sense and mythological, for this tiny heavenly object is named after the centaur Chiron from Greek mythology, a very interesting and inspiring mythological figure.

In order to understand the place and meaning of Chiron in astrology, let us learn about its mythological background.

Who was Chiron the centaur, what was his mythical role?

The myth of Chiron is a striking one, in both tragic and noble terms; sure, there is always certain nobility and purity in all the stories of suffering and pain.

The Greek myth has that Chiron was an unwanted child of Kronos the titan and the nymph called Philyra.

Kronos, the cruel titan known for devouring his proper children, saved from their father’s guts from the only who was spared the grave destiny, Zeus, was married to the titan Rea, with whom he had the children aforementioned, the later gods of Olympus.

However, there is a specific story about Kronos and Philyra, the nymph the titan fell in love with.

He desired her so much and wanted to make love with her in secret. He turned into a horse and went to the nymph.

Out of their affair, the child was born, but it was as odd as it could be. It was a centaur, a being half-horse-half-human.

Kronos did not care about the child at all, while Philyra was so desperate that she gave birth to an odd and bizarre creature like that.

She even stopped being Philyra and was turned into a linden tree.

Poor Chiron, the first of centaurs was left alone, abandoned by his prideful parents.

Not everyone thought Chiron was unworthy of love and care, as it turned out.

The beautiful sun god, Apollo, had a lot of empathy and compassion for Chiron and he took him under his own tutorship and protection.

The mighty Apollo provided Chiron with the finest education he could ever receive.

Apollo taught Chiron what was the most necessary for the broken one, he taught him the healing art, amongst many other things.

Chiron was not the only centaur to come to existence.

There were many others, but these kin of his were not educated, sophisticated and kind, as Chiron was.

In general, centaurs in Greek mythology are considered pretty barbaric, rude, without discipline and order, very wild.

Chiron, with a couple of others, was an exception. He spent his life as a tutor to many of the greatest Greek heroes.

Chiron was a tutor to the heroes such as Achilles, Actaeon, Asclepius, Aristaeus and Jason.

He was also a teacher to the Dioscuri brothers and a friend to the one of the best of the Greek mythology heroes, the mighty Hercules, who has that unfortunate legendary role to be the cause of his good friend’s death.

Chiron’s death and symbolism

The story of Chiron’s death is of major importance for understanding the role of the planetoid Chiron in astrology.

As we have mentioned, Chiron was a friend to the hero Heracles. The two were also the saviors of Prometheus, as we will learn.

What happened, according to the story, was the following. Heracles had an argument with the wild centaurs protecting the sacred wine, given to them by the god Dionysus.

There was a fight and a chase and Chiron was around, having no role in the conflict himself.

While chasing the wild centaurs using his bow, with arrows poisoned by the venom of Hydra, Heracles accidentally shot Chiron.

He was very sorry and tried to help his beloved friend.

However, Chiron, who was an immortal being, was doomed to suffer the unbearable pain from the would forever, for he could not die.

He was not mad at his friend, though. In order to save himself from the intolerable pain, Chiron made a very noble gesture.

He asked Hades, the lord of the dead, if it was possible for him to give up his immortality for another.

That other one was Prometheus, the heroic titan, punished for the stealing of fire. Prometheus was chained to a rock and an eagle was eating his liver.

It would grow again and the eagle would return, with the suffering continuing endlessly. Hades agreed with the proposal of Chiron.

Chiron died and Heracles freed Prometheus. As you can see, Chiron was one of the noblest characters in Greek mythology.

Chiron in Astrology

Let us now turn to Chiron’s astrological role. Chiron is associated with many important things that make us who we are in life.

It is a difficult planet to deal with, but its lessons are precious. Chiron is about our weaknesses, about suffering, pain and nobility and virtue.

This celestial object was discovered in late seventies of the previous century, so we could consider it a newcomer in astrology, at least in comparison to traditionally known planets ancient astrologers looked upon.

Chiron was spotted before that, but not recognized or labeled in a specific fashion.

Although it is not actually certain what Chiron represents astronomically, it is generally taken as a minor planet.

So, what is it about, when it comes to birth charts and transits?

The planetoid Chiron represents or weak points, pain and suffering in our life.

Although it may sound pretty heavy, the purpose of Chiron is not to bring us pain, but to help us locate it and locate the cause of it, so we can heal.

Remember, Chiron is a wounded healer. Although he could not repair himself, he helped so many other ones, which made him virtuous and noble.

In life, people often feel relief and feel good about themselves, if we do something for someone else, even if they cannot heal themselves.

We all suffer and that it is the unpleasant truth. No matter how hard we try to avoid pain, it eventually finds its way.

We should not deny it, but accept it, as a lesson. Only then we can grow and heal, perhaps.

Chiron is about using our own harsh experiences and our pain into our advantage, that is, it is about transforming them into something useful.

Chiron is basically about turning our weaknesses into our strength.

The process is not easy, for no one wants to admit the weakness and flaws in the first place.

We, human beings, are quite stubborn when it comes to that. Chiron’s lesson is a difficult one, but it is priceless.

In a natal char, Chiron represents our suffering and our virtuous self.

It reveals our soft and vulnerable sots and help us accept and understand them. We can never heal, unless we admit we suffer.

Many people spend their whole lives unnecessarily suffering the pains they could have relieved if only they were capable of accepting it.

Chiron tells about our fragility, it strips our being from the fake strength.

Although we cannot always find a way completely to heal our own wounds, Chiron also points out the area of life in which we could possibly provide much help to others.

Helping others would always have an incredible and positive effect on ourselves, as well.

Chiron reveals to us places we usually do not want to step into.

It makes us realize which would be the aspects of our life in which we were deprived of the deepest needs of our being, love and care and affection.

Deep down inside, everyone wants to be loved and taken care of.

Chiron was abandoned by those who were supposed to love him the most, his own parents.

However, he was taken care by somebody else, kind and compassionate enough.

Chiron did not grow bitter because of his sufferings, even when he was hit by the poisoned arrow, doomed to suffer from unbearable pain forever.

He remained noble and virtues. To be good, one might say, is to stay good even if you are not being well yourself.

Chiron in Cancer – General Info

Chiron’s placements have very important effect on a person’s life.

When Chiron transits certain places, it could bring experiences that we might not find very appealing.

Transits of this planetoid could be very difficult to deal with, but its lessons are important.

In a natal chart, Chiron’s placement mars our most vulnerable spots and tells about our potentials to help other people.

It teaches us about our specific weaknesses and flaws and it help us turn them into our strength.

Chiron in Cancer is a peculiar placement, for Cancer itself is a very vulnerable zodiac representative, the sign associated with great sensitivity and emotionality, very fragile and very compassionate.

What is very important to know when it comes to this placement is that Cancer rules the Fourth house and the fourth field in astrology is associated with family and relations within family.

Family is the core of human existence.

Family is something we all are at least a bit sensitive about. We care or are supposed to care about our closest kin, about our siblings, children, parents etc.

Family is a weak spot in everyone’s life. When it comes to Chiron in Cancer, it puts a great emphasis on this type of sensitivity.

As we have recounted, Chiron’s suffering was primarily caused by his unfortunate family circumstances.

His father and his mother did not want to take care of him, because he was this bizarre half-human-half-horse creature.

The family is the weakest point and the most vulnerable spot in people with Chiron in Cancer.

They are far more sensitive about the concept of family then everyone else.

This placement could indicate dysfunctional family relations the individual suffers.

It is very likely that a Chiron Cancer person has some problems when it comes to family relations or that they have suffered something like that in the past.

It always leaves a mark on the person.

Chiron Cancer people often have in their experience great pain associated with family relations.

It could be that they very hurt and disappointed by a close family member, betrayed, abandoned or whatsoever.

Their family relations are prone to be inadequate.

It is possible that these natives have suffered some inadequate family treatment or circumstances during their youth.

On the other side, it does not always mean that a Chiron Cancer person has had a difficult youth, childhood trauma related to the dysfunctional family.

Some of these natives suffer from an inner conflict, related to their perception and experience of their own family.

They find it hard even to conceptualize and think clear about the very idea of family.

Even if they have a pretty good family, kind and loving relatives, they may feel under pressure.

These tensions Chiron cancer people feel are often associated with their relationship with parents, daughter-father or son-mother, in the first place, regardless of if the trouble comes from deep inner misconceptions or from an actual problematic in-family circumstances.

Chiron in Cancer helps one identify these kinds of problems in the first place. Only then, one can start to heal.

Chiron in Cancer – Good Traits

Chiron in Cancer natives are very compassionate and they think of the very concept of family very highly.

They are very attached to their own kin and they can literally feel them, regardless of distance.

These natives are faithful to the bone.

They are loyal and protective of their loved ones.

Although they might not appear as the toughest people, they would do anything to protect those they care about.

They are committed and they love unconditionally.

They are excellent tutors, like Chiron himself.

They would see to provide others with enough information and kind advice, so that they do not have to suffer what they themselves went through, especially when it comes to (their own) children.

Chiron in Cancer – Bad Traits

These people tend to idealize relationships, especially when it comes to romantic ones.

They want to find an ideal partner who could actually fill the empty hole in their heart, one they got from previous negative experiences, usually the lack of love from their close ones, parents, in the first place.

They are extremely vulnerable emotionally and they are afraid of being hurt, suffering loss, being abandoned.

They hesitate open up their heart and let people in, while they have so much love to give.

Chiron in Cancer – Summary

Chiron in Cancer is about vulnerability that comes to close relations with people, especially family relations.

It wants to tells us that, even if we have suffered greatly, we should try to accept the fact, without closing ourselves within a shell.

People with Chiron in Cancer are loving, affectionate, compassionate and kind.

They have much to give, but they are afraid of being hurt, because of their previous experiences and scars.

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