Chiron in Gemini – Personality Traits & Meaning

Astrology, just like the vast cosmic space we are still being exploring, is full of surprises and new discoveries.

Along with new astronomical discoveries, astrology changes a bit, that is, new findings only add to the rich and exciting field of astrology.

The ‘science of the stars’, which is the literal meaning of the term astrology, from Greek astrologia, is a wide and deep field, a set of various practices meant to unravel the mystery of our existence. According to astrology, the stars, that is, heavenly bodies affect our lives.

All belief systems, religions, mythologies, spiritual practices around the globe have something in common.

They all rely on the idea that there is something unfathomable and out of our reach that defines who we are and how we live our lives.

Astrology and natal chart readings are not a recipe for one’s life, nor they are straightforward predictions, divinations that would make our lives predictable and, well, less interesting, we have to say.

Proper birth chart reading offers an opportunity to dive beneath the surface, to understand corners of our being that is not as obvious and easily understandable.

A detailed natal chart interpretation includes in-depth understanding of various celestial bodies placement, their interaction, aspects they create amongst themselves and much more.

Besides traditionally known planets, there are other heavenly bodies playing important roles in our natal charts and they are worth of every consideration.

There are ‘modern’ planets, asteroids, planetoids and more.

Chiron in Mythology

Chiron is one of the newcomers in astrological practice. It is a minor planet or a planetoid, classified as both a comet and a minor planet, sometimes labeled as a centaur.

Centaurs in astronomy belong to a new class of heavenly objects.

They are bodies that orbit in space between the belt of asteroids in what is known as Kuiper belt; they are located in the outer solar systems.

Centaurs cross orbits of major planets or they have crossed them, so their own orbits are not stable.

Chiron the minor planet is named after the ‘actual’ centaur Chiron, from Greek mythology, if we may say so.

Planets and other heavenly objects have been named after the characters from ancient Greeks and Roman mythology since ever and the tradition goes on.

It applies to newly discovered objects, such as Chiron, as well.

Just to note, Chiron was discovered in the late seventies of the twentieth century, which really makes this one a true refreshment.

In order to understand the meaning of Chiron in astrology and within a person’s natal chart, we have to take a look into the mythological meaning of Chiron.

Who was Chiron in mythology, in the first place? What were his traits and attributes?

The story of Chiron is one of pain, suffering, virtue and healing.

According to Greek myths, Chiron was a centaur, a child born our of an affair of the titan Kronos and the ocean nymph Philyra.

The story has that Kronos, whose wife was Rea, fell in love with the nymph and secretly made love with her.

In order to escape his wife, he transformed into a horse. They got a child and it was the first centaur, a creature half human-half horse.

Chiron’s parents were not amazed by their newborn. In fact, Philyra was in despair for giving birth to an odd and imperfect creatures such was a centaur.

She did not even wanted to be herself anymore, which ended up with her being turned into a tree of linden.

Poor Chiron was thus rejected by both of his parents; Kronos did not seem to care about him. From an early day, the first centaur was meant to suffer.

However, there were gods who did not find him imperfect and useless.

The god of beauty, art and sun, the splendid Apollo decided to take care about him.

Apollo was a fine tutor to Chiron and he taught the centaur many noble things. He taught him how to heal, in the first place.

Thanks to the kindness and tutorship of the beautiful Apollo, Chiron became one of the few exceptions in the domain of centaurs.

Other centaurs came to existence, as well, but most of them were not highly regarded by gods and people.

Centaurs were considered rude, undisciplined, wild and generally not very pleasant fellows to have around.

Chiron was different from most of them. He was a wise healer and a good hearted one.

From his early days, Chiron found out that suffering that marked his birth should be taken as his advantage, to be turned into his strength.

Thus, Chiron devoted himself to the art of healing and tutorship.

Chiron’s death and its significance

Chiron became a great healer, a well respected oracle, a mentor to many of the future heroes of Greek mythology and friends to many.

He was the mentor of the famous Achilles, of Aristaeus, Actaeon, of Asclepius, Jason and Medus.

The noble centaur was also a great and dear friend of one of the most prominent figures in Greek mythology, Heracles.

However, the fortune decided that Heracles be the cause of his friend’s death.

The story says that Heracles accidentally shot Chiron with a poisoned arrow.

It happened during Heracles argument over the forbidden wine Dionysus gave centaurs to keep.

Chiron’s fate was to be at the wrong place in the bad time.

As Heracles was chasing wild centaurs, shooting them with arrows, he hit his friend.

The would was unbearable and Chiron was an immortal being, meant to suffer it forever.

Heracles was very sad about it and he tried to heal his friend, without success.

Chiron, the wounded healer, could save many, but he was not able to save himself from the pain.

He came to a noble solution to his own suffering. He made a deal with the god of the underworld, Hades.

Chiron proposed to Hades to exchange places with the punished Prometheus; in case you did not know, in brief, the heroic titan Prometheus was sentenced to never-ending torture, chained on a cliff, with an eagle eating his liver, over and over again.

The noble centaur exchanged his own wounded immortality for the freedom of Prometheus, which Hades agreed upon. Chiron died and Heracles rescued the bringer of fire.

Chiron saved himself from suffering by making an exceptional gesture, giving up his immortality for another’s return to being.

Chiron is one of the noblest mythological character, the wounded healer, the noble sufferer, and it definitely makes the planetoid Chiron an exceptional factor in astrology.

Chiron in Astrology

Discovered in 1977, Chiron is one of the most recent fellows to be introduced into the field of astrology, keeping in mind that traditional planets were known to people in antiquity.

This minor planet, a comet or a centaur was seen earlier, but was not recognized and identified.

It is not actually certain what Chiron is, in astronomical terms.

Some of its qualities remind of an asteroid, others of a planet, so it is generally classified as a planetoid, a minor planet.

Chiron brought some very important insights, when it comes to astrological readings.

It represents suffering, but not in a negative way, though.

Its purpose is not to cause pain, but to help you locate the source of your own suffering.

No matter how hard it is to admit sometimes, we all suffer, some of us more, others less, and it really depends on what causes our pain and distress.

However, it happens to all of us. It means to be human, amongst all the beautiful experiences that fill us with pleasure and joy.

Chiron stands for wisdom, the art and ability of healing, pain and suffering and the sources of those, teaching and learning, nobility and virtue.

It is about turning our weakness into our advantage.

The placement of Chiron is very important in terms of astrological charts.

Chiron represents our own capability to use our painful experiences for the greater good, to turn them into something admirable, to heal ourselves and become better persons.

Chiron’s lesson may sound a bit harsh, but, in truth, there is no beauty and relief of healing without pain, there is no value without loss.

That is how we operate in this world. Through suffering, we may achieve great things and ennoble our spirit.

It does not mean we should seek for pain and suffering, no.

It means to value life, even though it is marked by some pain and suffering.

The nature of Chiron is actually that of a noble hero, it is a knightly attitude towards life and other people.

Chiron was suffering from his birth, but he did not turned bitter and hated others who did better than him.

This is what Chiron means in a natal chart.

In a way, it tests our virtue and reminds us of the importance to stay noble hearted, even if we were struck by misfortune.

Chiron teaches us a hard lesson – we need to accept the pain, in order to relieve it.

The transits of Chiron may be very challenging, since they bring unpleasant experiences, discomfort, troubles, suffering.

The placement of Chiron within one’s natal chart is especially important.

It marks the most fragile spot in one’s life and person, it represents our greatest weaknesses, but it also reveals to us the area of life in which we are the most capable of providing help to other people.

In addition, the placement of Chiron is also about an area deprived of love and affection, which, at the same time, could inspire one to offer support, love and care to others.

Chiron teaches us about what makes us feel weak, insecure, in pain, and help us deal with it.

It help us grow through it, accepting our painful experiences, becoming better and more noble persons.

Chiron in Gemini – General Info

When it comes to Chiron in Gemini, there is an interesting note to make – Chiron, the centaur from Greek mythology, was a tutor to the famous Dioscuri, that is Gemini, brothers Castor and Polydeuces.

Gemini, in terms of astrology, are an Air element sign, ruling the Third house, the field of intellect and communication.

Their ruling planet is Mercury, a mutable, unstable, but extremely adaptable planet, associated also with communication.

Chiron in Gemini tells about the weaknesses associated with verbal communication, in the first place, with difficulties in establishing connection with the people around.

It has to do with one’s connection with the environment, surroundings, exploration of these.

People who have Chiron in Gemini are generally bad at connecting their reason and thoughts with the personal emotions.

They have hard times making a difference between what they feel on the inside and what comes from their surroundings.

It has to do with one’s relations with people close to them, like their closest relatives, siblings especially.

The Gemini area is closely associated with our learning skills, with our ability to speak clearly, to read, to approach and resolve problematic tasks.

Natives with Chiron in Gemini would often have difficulties in keeping track of how they use their verbal skills.

They tend to act out of impulse and they may even act unreasonably in certain situations. Their minds are in a state of chaos, in a way.

It does not mean that are insane or anything like that, but they do not keep their thoughts in order.

They are capable of absorbing tons of various information, but somehow they do not systematize them and classify them.

Their nature is mutable and they would often change opinions.

While the ability to change opinion is generally good, it is not how it plays out in this case.

These natives are prone to opinion swings, because they themselves do not really firmly believe in what they think or say, so they are prone to submitting to others’ opinions.

They are insecure and constantly in worry if what they do or say is good or bad, wrong on right.

Chiron Gemini people are full of interesting thoughts, but equally full of doubts.

They feel insecure about stating their opinions and in expressing their thoughts and feelings.

However, the truth is they actually have great verbal skills and others often see them great spokesperson.

Nevertheless, they struggle with great anxiety over what they say.

These natives are open-minded and very curious.

Their curiosity ad need to understand things happening around could reach the point of obsession, making them constantly feeling under great pressure, unable to relax.

They have to learn to slow down, take a deep breath and organize their thoughts,

Chiron in Gemini – Good Traits

Chiron in Gemini placement presents with some fairly positive traits that need to be recognized and valued.

These people would often be very gifted when it comes to using words.

They know how to communicate well, they know how to use words, in order to present their ideas.

The problem is, they cannot recognize the gift and they feel in doubt about it.

Chiron Gemini people should use the verbal channels to heal themselves and to help others.

It will not be an easy task, but the results would be amazing.

Chiron in Gemini – Bad Traits

On a negative side, Chiron Gemini people often feel as if they miss the point, having their thoughts chaotic and electrified.

They may be envious of other speakers, without realizing it is the talent they also possess.

If they do not learn their Chiron’s lesson, they could become very spiteful.

Out of their insecurity, they would try to bring others down, in order to make themselves look superior.

In addition, they can act unreasonably, foolishly and irrationally.

Chiron in Gemini – Summary

Chiron in Gemini is a very peculiar placement, dealing with the field of communication and interpersonal relations, as well as with an inner conflict regarding one’s own thoughts and opinions.

Chiron Gemini people have a great talent of communication.

However, they do not operate it very well, or, it would be better to say, they do not value it enough.

They do better with instincts and intuition.

Chiron Gemini people have difficulties in organizing their thoughts and their reasoning, but they can help others achieve a lot in that field.

They are strangely insecure about themselves, while, on the other side, they offer precious advices to others, ones that really help.

These natives are great at using words, but they cannot channel their own experiences by using words.

The placement is tough, when it comes to that, but if you understand its lesson, you could do really great.

The purpose of this placement is to make you realize the existence of connection between verbal skills and reasoning on one side, and your experiences, emotions and impressions of the world that surrounds you.

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