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11 Daily Activities To Practice Mindfulness For Adults

I hope you have understood the true meaning of mindfulness and how the mindful mode is different from the default mode setting of our mind from my previous post.
I had also shared a simple 20 Step Guide to practice Mindfulness as a daily exercise. 

I highly recommend you read it if you haven’t yet.
Read the post here: How To Activate Your Mindful Mode

But as is with every other exercise, you need to take time off your daily schedule to perform the mindfulness practice.

But I know that you have a lot on your plate. And it’s totally okay if you can’t take out 10-15 mins to do the mindfulness practice on top of everything else. 

I believe that’s exactly why you are here.
You want to know how to become mindful without a dedicated practice routine. 

And here’s the good news!

Yes! It is possible.

And, I’m gonna share exactly how you can switch on your Mindful Mode during daily (and maybe boring) activities which you have to do anyway.

P.S. – That’s what I do as well.

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Objectives of Mindfulness

Before we hop into the details of how you can become mindful during daily activities, it’s very important to understand the objective of being mindful.
And there are only three:

1. Your Intention should be to become aware of the present (and return to it again and again)

2. Your Attention should be on what is occurring in the present (on the  thoughts, feelings, sensations as they arise)

3. Your Attitude must be compassionate, non-judgmental, and curious in the present

11 Daily Activities To Practice Mindfulness For Adults

The essence of mindfulness practice lies in its objectives.
No matter what activity you engage in, don’t forget about these:

Intention | Attention | Attitude

Now, let’s look at the activities where you can switch on your mindful mode and get the most out of your daily life.

Mindful Drinking

Water is life and no living being can survive without water.
Every time we drink water, we are rejuvenating our bodies.

Being mindful of drinking water can make you experience how water boosts our body.
How everything feels alive inside of us when hydrated.

Drinking water first thing after waking up in the morning is the best time to become mindful of it.

You can become mindful of drinking tea or coffee as well.
How the drink makes the inside of your mouth warm and goes down your throat making you feel calm and relaxed.

Tip: As you sip/pour the drink inside your mouth, hold it, and close your eyes.
Pay attention to how it feels inside your mouth and as you gulp it down your throat. Then slowly open your mouth and express your gratitude with a sigh of relaxation.

Mindful Workout

Being mindful during your workout is a great way to ease the tension you might feel in some exercises. Whether you workout at your home or the gym, pay attention to how your body feels when you stretch yourself, or when you lift weights.

It can make your workout sessions much more engaging and make you aware as you take care of your body.

Mindful Shower

If you shower after workouts, chances are you are already aware of how sensational the cool water feels when it touches your sweltering skin.

It’s just so relaxing that you feel like staying under the shower forever.

That’s how it feels being mindful of the showering experience.
Pay attention to how the water feels on the skin, before and after washing yourself clean.

Mindful Touch

We all have a tendency to touch and feel a textured surface.
From walls, wood, skin to just about any surface which isn’t gross enough to touch, you can pay attention to the texture, the color, and the friction it causes against your skin to engage in a deeply mindful touching experience.

Mindful Nature

We are creatures of nature and it’s no wonder we feel alive when we are amidst any kind of natural setting.
You could be gardening or hanging out in a park and still become mindful of the beauty, the sounds, and the smells of the place.

Tip: You can stand barefoot in the soil. It creates a sensational feeling of connection with the surrounding. I love to do it.
Keep some soil in a crate and stand on it barefoot, or touch it with your hand every morning. You will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Mindful Sun

Sun is the ultimate source of energy for everything on this planet.
Our foods are powered by the sun, so we are powered by the sun indirectly as well.
And it’s essential for our optimal health and wellness through the production of Vitamin D from cholesterol.

Being mindful of the sun can enhance how our bodies heal and thrive.

Take the time out to bathe in the sun. Go out for a morning walk. Feel the sunshine on your skin and pay attention to how it relaxes your body. Be grateful and rejuvenate yourself.

Mindful Eating

Research says mindful eating can help with obesity.
Eating mindfully can make you aware of the relationship between the food, your body, and your emotions. It helps to tackle binge eating and anxiety eating habits.

When you eat, try not to multitask and pay attention to what’s on your plate and when you become full. Becoming intentional about eating can help you recognize the right nutrition your body needs.

Mindful Music

When was the last time you let yourself flow freely to the music and danced like nobody’s watching?

Research says music can actually make your heart healthy.

Music can do so much more.
It can make you feel alive. It can boost your mood. 
It makes you wanna dance.
So dance more often.

Become mindful of how music makes you feel and let yourself flow to the tunes.
Turn on the music and dance like crazy even if people are watching.

Who cares! Feel alive and Live!

Mindful Relationships

Relationships are key to one’s happiness in life.

We build relationships through interactions with others.
Be it with your partner, your children, or with your friend, being mindful in your interactions is important.

Be present in the conversation with your undivided attention.
Observe and listen to them without any judgment and respond in a mindful manner without reacting.

Mindful Work

Working mindfully means you apply focus and awareness to everything you do from the moment you enter the office.

You can plan out your work before getting started and dedicate yourself to completing one task at a time.
Setting a time to check your emails reduces the chance of getting distracted by new email notifications.

Take as little as one minute to breathe mindfully before and after every task.
It will enhance your productivity and make you effective at your workplace.

Mindful Breaks

We all have lots of tasks and responsibilities to take care of on any given day.

Stay mindful throughout the day as you move from one activity to another by performing a simple mindful exercise.

You can focus on your breath or stretch yourself, or whatever feels convenient to you during a short break. This will relieve the tension in your mind and body, helping you to accomplish your tasks successfully.

Remember that mindfulness is a mode you can operate on.
Your mind will likely wander repeatedly from the experience when you are just beginning.

Just like with everything good in life, mindfulness takes practice and effort as well.
Have patience and don’t give up before experiencing true mindfulness.

Once you get better at it, you will be able to experience the positive change it will bring about in your life. Being mindful can significantly enhance your experiences in life and it will all be worth living for. Trust Me!

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