Elestial Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Elestial Quartz, also named Elestial or Elestial Crystal, is a unique gemstone with many layers of crystals.

Most commonly, it has a step-and-repeat pattern and often looks like there are several tiny crystals meshed together.

This crystal’s uniqueness is due to its hexagonal shape, natural terminations, and crystalline layers.

Elestial Quartz has several other names, including Alligator Quartz, Jacare Quartz, and Skeletal Quartz. The latter has a multilayered crystal structure.

The high-vibrational Elestial gemstone is excellent for the whole chakra system.

The crystal clusters joined and overlapped together to form a unique type of healing crystal connected to the element of Earth.

However, the high-vibrational energy connects one to the Higher realm and the Divine love surrounding every living being.

Elestial Quartz helps to ground but also connects to 5D.

Moreover, this crystal is known to help angelic communication and overall spiritual progress.

No less importantly, Elestial is genuinely an incredibly healing crystal with some magical metaphysical properties.

Elestial Quartz Origin

Elestial Quartz is often found as a Smoky Quartz because finding clear Elestial crystal is very uncommon.

The crystal is made of multiple triangular or pyramidal step-like terminations layered over each other.

Elestial gemstones typically have unique patterns, etchings, cavities, and sometimes even water bubbles.

The silicon dioxide crystal has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

It s most often found in Brazil, the USA, Romania, Madagascar, and Africa.

Additionally, Elestials can be found in Tibet and Australia also.

Elestial Quartz Different Colors

Elestials have been discovered more often recently.

Experts and spiritual people believe it’s because we live in a time when spiritual healing is needed – at a large scale.

And although Smoky Quartz is often discovered, many other deposits are found in the quartz formation.

These include many unique varieties and many different colors occurring, including:

• Elestial Rose Quartz
• Celestial Citrine
• Elestial Amethyst
• Black Elestial
• Clear ELestial
• Brandberg Quartz
• Brandberg Amethyst
• Cathedral Elestial
• Mango Quartz
• Citrine Elestial
• Lodolite Elestial Quartz (contains minerals)

The light brown Smoky Quartz Elestial is typically the easiest to find. Besides these, Black Elestials are also relatively easy to obtain.

A beautiful-looking pink Rose Quartz is rarely seen, but if you’re lucky, you might find it. The same goes for yellow Citrine Elestial crystal.

However, suppose you want the incredibly unique and magically looking lavender Amethyst Elestial Quartz.

In that case, you should get it from crystal sellers.

Unfortunately, these gemstones are not that easy to obtain.

Elestial Quartz Spiritual Meaning

To have the Elestial Quartz is to have a profound spiritual connection with the Divine.

Moreover, Elestials are attuned to the Higher realm vibrations and can enhance one’s link to the Source. They are powerful crystals to help one’s spiritual awakening and journey.

This is especially true for those already hearing the call of the Spirit and receiving spiritual downloads.

Since that connection to the Source and spiritual downloads doesn’t come without its challenges, Elestial Quartz comes as a Divine lifesaver.

In fact, the gemstone is excellent because it regulates and helps to tune in to spiritual vibrations.

Moreover, Elestial Quartz is known to attune these powerful energies from 5D with the person on the receiving end.

Thus, Elestial Quartz serves as a channel through which one gets Divine love and light, but at a level-out frequency without adverse or uncomfortable side effects.

Elestial crystals help you deal with spiritual awakening, personal growth, and healing.

However, these powerful crystals do it at a frequency more comfortable to your progress, so it doesn’t impact your overall sense of stability.

The latter also makes Elestials fantastic grounding crystals.

We’ve already mentioned they are connected to the element of Earth, which is another reason to use them if you need to ground your energy or emotions.

Elestial Quartz is commonly used to help with cleansing and healing, even on a mass scale.

The latter is especially important since we live in a time of great awakening and attuning to the new Divine frequencies.

However, this process is challenging.

Luckily, Mother Earth has blessed us with crystals to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Elestials support cleansing, healing, and releasing fears and doubts.

This crystal also brings comfort and serenity during the most critical moment of one’s life – passing on to the other side.

In fact, the prefix “el” in Elestial means “above the horizon” and is strongly connected to the word “celestial” (the Divine, heavenly, spiritual).

Therefore, Elestial Quartz is a door to the spiritual realm, a gemstone connecting your emotional body to the universal consciousness.

In addition, Elestials are known to help the opening of the Third Eye Chakra and link one’s Spirit to the higher dimensions.

Moreover, Elestial Quartz is magically beneficial to the whole chakra system. Therefore, it’s an excellent gemstone for cleansing and balancing the seven chakras and activation.

The powerful crystal is especially magnificent when paired with Hematite, Galena, or Garnet stone since they balance the powerful Elestial vibrations.

This is especially beneficial when receiving spiritual messages anding angelic communication.

Furthermore, Elestial Quartz’s layers contain the Higher realm wisdom one can tap into when meditating or simply living in the present moment and carrying the crystal.

In fact, this gemstone is known to be an excellent aid when looking for past life insights.

This knowledge is fundamental since the blockages and traumas stored in one’s subconscious and emotional bodies frequently hinder progress.

The unique thing about Elestial crystals is that their appearance reminds us of the multilayered nature of the Universe and the life experience itself.

They also talk about the many opportunities and destinies we can live and experience.

The beings of the celestial realm are closely linked to Elestial Quartz.

The crystal vibrates with the high-frequency energies of these Higher realm beings that want to help us move through our human experience and find the Divine inside ourselves.

No less importantly, Elestial crystals are incredibly protective and capable of transmuting negative energies into those of love and light.

The gemstone works as a field of protection, so no negative frequencies can reach you.

Moreover, the crystal purifies one’s energetic sphere and rids them of toxicity and all lower vibration energies.

Elestial Quartz Symbolism

Elestial Quartz is filled with powerful symbolism. After all, the word “elestial” means “crystal of the angels.”

That means the uniquely beautiful crystal is strongly connected to their realm, carrying the energy of beings from the Divine realm.

The 5D is about love, light, compassion, and Divine wisdom.

That is why the carrier of Elestial Crystal receives the love and light from angels and spirit guides through attuning the frequencies in their physical and emotional bodies.

The sense of wholeness Elestials bring to humans is hard to describe; it has to be experienced.

But those that did are more than aware of its powerful vibrations and the sense of oneness and unity it provides.

The gemstone is an incredibly supportive, especially for those on the path to enlightenment.

Elestial Quartz channels important information from higher dimensions and helps connect the dots spiritually.

The Divine wisdom one receives is a massive help in everyday life and the challenges it brings.

The crystal symbolizes love, wisdom, and knowledge.

But moreover, it helps send these vibrations across the dimensions and all levels of consciousness.

The crystal helps cleanse, heal, transmute, and release negative emotional patterns or worries.

Elestial Quartz Healing Properties

Elestials are incredibly powerful when healing both physical and emotional pain.

Moreover, these crystals are one of the most helpful things you can use to eliminate stress and anxiety.

It’s very beneficial in healing broken bones and the skeletal system overall.

Furthermore, Elestials are incredibly helpful to the endocrine and pituitary glands.

As a matter of fact, crystal can help with the side effects of drug addiction.

Indeed, the number of illnesses and diseases this crystal helps clear is astonishing.

For example, this crystal helps rebuild brain tissue and help the healing following bone cancer surgery.

Elestial Quartz can help even people with vertigo, epilepsy, depression, and schizophrenia.

It also helps with insomnia, nightmares, and paranoia.

If you’re in pain, simply place Elestial Quartz on the spot and watch the pain go away.

No less importantly, Elestials are excellent detoxifiers capable of purifying one’s physical body of toxins.

That said, there is a type of Elestial Quartz that vibrates with extra powerful and profound spiritual healing energy.

This gemstone works more on a human’s subtle body than many other crystals.

The Smoky Elestial Quartz has some additional benefits that other kinds don’t.

The combination of Elestial and Smoky Quartz carries the energies of both gemstones.

As a result, it brings incredible healing to one’s etheric body.

These are the crystals that people with sleep issues love to have by their side.

Additionally, Smoky Elestials are excellent for the root chakra and for meditation.

These crystals can help you learn invaluable things from your past lives and help you release the karma providing you with stagnant energy.

Therefore, Smoky Elestial Crystal is fantastic for anyone looking to release past trauma, pain, and old negative patterns to cleanse their auric field.

Elestial Quartz Metaphysical Properties

The healing vibrations of Elestials are the Divine assistants to one’s Soul on the deepest, even karmic, levels.

So if you’re looking for a change and ascension, Elestial Quartz is a fantastic catalyst.

The powerful vibrations it carries are mind-blowingly successful in healing the deepest karmic wounds.

The cleansing and transmutation that follow can propel you to the spiritual growth you never imagined possible.

This crystal can open the doors to angelic realms.

Still, even more importantly, Elestial Quartz is the stone that will continuously bring the higher realm energy to your aura.

In fact, the crystal is a channel for the Divine love and light to wash over you, whether you wear Elestial Quartz jewelry or keep it in your home.

These Divine conduits are excellent for opening the crown chakra and other higher chakras but also aid the overall chakra system.

Their most beneficial metaphysical property is the potent vibration stimulating the psychic gifts all humans carry deep inside.

Unfortunately, however, most people still need to learn about those.

Elestial Quartz is known to intensify the innate gifts you carry inside, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, or clairaudience.

Moreover, Elestial crystals can protect you from psychic attacks and negative vibrations.

Once your energetic field is cleared, you can receive and channel the Divine love throughout your physical and emotional body.

Elestial Quartz will help move the energy of light up and down your entire chakra system.

Elestial Quartz Other Benefits and Uses

Alongside providing an excellent connection to the Spirit and the Divine, the powerful Elestials are fantastic to use in meditation but also to enhance communication.

To explain, this crystal will help you put your thoughts and emotions into words more easily.

This property is especially beneficial for people with blocked throat chakra that find it challenging to express their deepest feelings.

How to Use Elestial Quartz for Meditation

No matter the color or shape, Elestial crystals are always a fantastic aid to meditation and mindfulness activities.

Simply hold it in your palm when meditating and feel its powerful vibrations connecting you to the Divine.

Let the angelic realm heal your physical and emotional pain and wash you with love.

The only thing you need to do is breathe and believe.

Once you get deep into silence and awareness, slowly focus on the crystal in your hand.

Move your fingers gently over the creases and cavities, and stop if you feel like it.

Then, press the spot where your finger stopped, relax, and be open to receive your spiritual downloads.

Of course, the information you integrate won’t come instantly, but keep your eyes and ears open and stay attuned to the Higher realms.

You will discover signs and synchronicities carrying messages in your everyday life more often. This will prove your enhanced connection to the angelic realm.

And who knows, you might soon experience the “music of the spheres,” following the feeling of the all-encompassing, Divine love we are all made of.

Alongside meditation, Elestial crystals are often used to help cure emotional pain.

It’s especially beneficial to people carrying heaviness and trauma deep in their hearts.

The crystal will magically transmute those emotions and turn them into positive ones.

Essentially, Elestial Quartz helps one to see the world through the eyes of a child again.

No less importantly, it’s a fantastic emotional cleanser and healer.

The deep emotional wounds will gently come to the surface and soon be healed with Divine love.

Elestial Quartz Zodiac Birthstone

Every person on the planet can reap the magical benefits of Elestials.

However, crystal experts and healers typically recommend Elestial Quartz to the zodiacs Capricorn and Saggitarius.

These signs have deep spiritual bonds with the Divine, and Elestial crystals help strengthen that connection.

Additionally, the crystal is known to be especially beneficial to Scorpios with past grudges; it helps them learn, forgive, and move on.

Elestial Quartz Jewelry

Since Elestials have such incredible healing, protective, and Divine frequency, why not carry the powerful crystal wherever you go? Elestial Quartz jewelry is a fantastic way to do that.

Such jewelry looks lovely and helps open up your inner core to the Divine, protect, guide, and heal you.

Moreover, Elestial crystal jewelry will help your inspiration and support your spiritual progress.

The fascinating thing about Elestial jewelry, like any crystal jewelry, is that every piece is unique.

However, the high vibe of Elestial necklaces, bracelets, or rings emmit is the same.

Wearing Elestials as jewelry will assist you at every step of your spiritual path and protect you from negative energies.

Moreover, the jewelry with Elestial Quartz can help you heal deep karmic wounds.

Lastly, wearing the powerful crystal is especially recommended to those wanting valuable life lessons and changes for their highest good.

How to Cleanse and Charge Elestial Quartz?

Elestial crystals can be of immense help, but only if they are appropriately cleansed and recharged every once in a while.

How often you do that depends on the usage; the more you use it, the more energy it stores. However, it’s recommended to do it approximately once a month.

There are several methods to cleanse Elestial Quartz:

Clean it under running water for one minute; it’s best to find a natural stream, but the faucet will do.

Saltwater is used to cleanse the negative energy, so it’s wise to clean your crystal with ocean water.

If you don’t have that possibility, mix a tablespoon of sea salt and a bowl of water. Soak it for a few hours to several days.

You can also submerge it into brown rice for 24 hours or simply place it under the sunlight or moonlight for 10 to 12 hours.

Lastly, you can use bundled sage to cleanse your Elestial Quartz. Simply let the smoke envelop the crystal for approximately 30 to 60 seconds.

How Much Does Elestial Quartz Cost?

Elestial Quartz is typically sold as a polished crystal or as raw chunks.

These gemstones come in many sizes and colors, so their price varies.

Naturally, the Elestial cost depends on the rarity and Source of the crystal.

There are precious and semi-precious types of Elestials, with the stones costing more than the ones used for kitchen countertops.

The price range of the latter is between $340 and $7.000.

However, the jewelry quartz price goes between $20 and $900 per kilogram.

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Elestial Quartz is one of the most unique and beautiful crystals you can obtain.

The silica crystals are the gemstones to balance the entire chakra system, heal, protect, and connect you to the Divine.

In fact, sometimes called the “elixir of life,” quartz crystals heal the physical and emotional body.

In fact, Elestial jewelry helps tune in with the Higher realms and balance the mind and body.

Finally, Elestial Quartz is one of the most special gemstones because it provides constant, pure spiritual vibrations infused with Divine love and light.

Using the crystal helps alleviate the pains stored in the body and Soul.

But more importantly, Elestials strengthen the bond between angels and humans, connecting one’s Spirit to the Divine to bring positive changes to one’s reality.

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