Green Amber Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Amber stone, in general, is the fossilized remain of conifers, of which Baltic Amber has the most favorable effect on the human body.

It is the fossil resin of several species of conifers, the most famous of which is “Pinus Succinifera”.

It was created about 40-60,000,000 years ago, on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Today we will take a look at one specific kind of Amber, that is very rare and very expensive, but it has numerous qualities.

All Amber stones, including this one, are known to have electrostatic properties and can successfully absorb negative energy.

Ambers Stone creates negative ions (do not be confused with the term negative, since negative ions are good for our health, unlike positive ones).

It is known that Amber stone can reduce pain and supply protection against harmful radiation, which is such an important quality to have these days when there is electromagnetic radiation all around us.

Amber is actively used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and even babies could use these stones, since it is so completely safe, for example when they are toothing.

Some people like to call this stone Aurora Green Amber, noticing its similarity to the Northern Lights.

Green Amber Stone Origin

Imagine first men who found numerous wonderful pebbles on the shores and in coastal woods – they have certainly drawn their attention.

They have even discovered that when you put these stones into the fire, you can smell a nice gummy fragrance and fragrant smoke.

They have come to the belief that when you rub one stone on the other then you make some kind of magic, while in fact, we know that they are making static electricity.

Amber stones are so interesting to people even these days, but you will be surprised when you learn that they are old more than 50 million years.

In fact, they are fossilized wax in which we can get to see numerous insects and plants from that prehistoric time.

It is known that there are more than 1000 different species of insects in amber stones, that were found until now, maybe in the future, there will be more.

Now, the question is from where did this name come to be – Amber?

It comes from the word Ambra, which is connected to Latin and also the Arabic language.

Others claim that the name comes from the Greek word “peridona”, which when it translates means “to provide plenitude”.

In ancient Rome, this stone was known as the stone of the evening.

Amber stones can handle a lower warmness application to change entrapped water beads making discoid ruptures that are called sun spangles.

This stone is a mineral, in fact, a group of minerals called olivine.

The green stone has been around in a larger quantity, since the 15th century.

Nowadays it could be found in almost all parts of the world when it was discovered in 2007 in the Atlantic Ridge, close to Barbados.

It could be found also in South Africa, Burma, Pakistan, Austria, China, Canada, and Germany.

The best Green Amber stones come from the Dominican Republic.

Different Colors

Amber is found in an assortment of shades.

Amber can vary in color from yellow to red, from green to blue, but the color of amber is usually honey brown.

From pine tree resin one particular stone comes to life, so to speak, and it is distinguished by its green shade that is very dark.

The color itself comes from the material that is organic, since it comes from elements of the wood, and those elements are captured in the stone itself.

In expansion to the material that comes from fauna and flora, tiny particles of dust and elements like pyrite are found in these crystals. May also be found in amber.

We should also say that the best Green Amber is the one that is natural, and it is rarely artificially made.

In some cases, it could be made, through the process of alternation of the light on the Yellow Amber.

Spiritual Meaning

First of all, this stone has numerous qualities and could be used for numerous matters in our lives.

Now, it does make a difference when you use it.

It is recommended to use it early in the dawn at sunrise, just as the same as this is the time when this green stone is mined.

Spiritually, numerous people consider this stone to be the Guardian of love and that if you gift your loved one with the ring that has such a stone that person will remain faithful to you.

So, some like to call this stone the fidelity stone.

It is believed that it brings good luck to the person who wears this ring.

Some even believe that Amber is that stone that is made for women, since it can enhance their natural beauty, and makes women perfect, from the inside and outside also.

Did you know that when you touch this stone it is warm this is because it emits vibrations, and they are the ones that cure us?

Also, this stone is known for the emission of a relaxing scent when held in the hand.

Amber is a stone that will sink in freshwater but will float on the surface of salty water.

When it burns, it emits a light smell and aromatic smoke, which can be reminiscent of church ceremonies, and we know nowadays that this was the way this stone was used in some old days.

According to some old beliefs (in some countries it has remained till this day for sure), people dangle interesting amber forms on their clothes for decoration, protection, and good luck.

They believed that just the sound of it was enough to make evil spirits go away, and the warmth and wonderful scent were also useful in these ways.


This green beauty is the stone that could be used for beating depression, and it is also recommended to be used by people who have any form of anger problems.

Green Amber is the stone that is amazing in helping with any mental wounds and assists when you have the feeling that you are guilty of something, so it could be used abundantly when interpersonal relations are in a problem.

This crystal is known for its ability to ensure communication, forbearance, pleasure, and energy.

In some cases, this crystal is connected to love, and it assists in interpersonal relations as it can maintain love between a pair being always new and wonderful.

This stone wakes up hope in people and can be used to calm those who are nervous or have a lot of stress in their daily life, because of the hectic schedule or too many obligations that they put on themselves.

Not, only this, it is known that this green crystal is used for the creation of harmony between mind and body.

This is why such a stone is used very much during the mediation or at any moment during your day when you want to calm down and be with your own thoughts.

Green Amber Stone Healing Properties

As previously mentioned, it is the only fossil resin with 3 to 8% succinic acid, which has multipurpose therapeutic properties.

As you were able to see, there is virtually no part of your life where you will not be able to use this stone.

It can heal your mind, body, and soul, by putting them all in perfect alignment.

You can elevate your love life, and you could use this stone for the process of mediation on a daily basis.

The Green Amber rock can even support us when we have some form of life problems and traumas since it is amazing for hope and action.

It should be used in all those times when we are looking forward to someone or something; it not only gives us hope, but at the same time, it takes us to a place where we are certain that we are going to be happy and pleased.

Unknown goals and viewpoints are presented when you use this stone, and as it is also known this Green Amber stone gives us a sense of justice.

When we are in some form of doubt and ask ourselves what is the right thing to do, then the answer is simple, we will find it by using this amazing stone.

The idea of right and wrong is so clear with the usage of this green crystal.

The purpose of fairness is also supported by the gem, whereby the person who wears it also evolves into a human being who is much more honest, not just internally but also externally.

We become honest with our own actions good and bad and also look objectively at others.

Green Amber Stone Metaphysical Properties

The idea that the Green Amber Stone has metaphysical properties is not new.

This stone was regarded as the stone that gives “divine motivation” to the person who carries it; and just think, that this was the old time, in ancient Greece.

They use this stone whenever they wanted to become more inspired, to have some new ideas, and moments of inspiration.

This was the stone they would use, and when we think of how advanced their civilization was, it is not easy to conclude that one green stone has something to do with it.

In the past, people were also so aware of its benefits, and therefore they were making a drink that they believed had many benefits for humans, but not only that they believed that by drinking such a drink they would become immortal.

Also, this drink was so-called the drink of “immortality”, and it was very famous.

Other Benefits and Uses

The Green Amber has many other effects that are beneficial for human health – it is known to influence eyesight and liver problems, for those who have so-called fat in the liver, who have been drinking, or who have some autoimmune disease.

This stone also has a favorable impact on the pancreas which is really important, since the cancer of this organ has been rising, and it is very hard to discover it.

The regular usage of this stone has an amazing effect on the thymus gland.

The Green Amber is as well useful for the skin, with the problem with fungus on any part of the body, where it is recommended to hold this stone in that place.

It is amazing for any sort of allergies, as almost all people have one, as it can be developed during life, and it is common with kids, and assistance with the green crystal can be the perfect solution since it is not toxic.

Use this stone for curing eczema, or any problem with the skin, as we have said it makes your skin to be nice and smooth, even hydrated, so all those who have dry skin could use it.

Ladies who are about to have their baby, this stone, and meditation using this stone can promote labor and sustain the induction of delivery.

Use this stone to enhance blood cell production and boost the immune system.

All in all, in the health unit, the Green Amber is the stone to use, since it promotes general rejuvenation of the human body.

In every Amber stone, there is something which is called Amber oil, and it is the part that is used abundantly in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Such oil could be found in numerous creams and ointments, and amber mouthwash has a bactericidal effect; and one that is completely healthy, and organic.

Zodiac Birthstone

For all people who are born in the tender Zodiac sign Cancer, this is the stone that they are recommended to use.

They should use it for healing – it is the stone that could assist them with their struggles, particularly with gloominess and anxiety.

One more thing is relevant to mention when we speak of Cancers that should use this stone; they should know that it boosts energy and understanding capability (that may have a problem at times because they are busy worrying and being anxious).

The Green Amber is known to be the solver of outrage, sorrow, and irritation, and cleanses up any limitations a person may have, and this is the reason why all Cancers should have this stone by their side, at all times.

For them, it can be an assistant in problematic relationships, as it can help them better comprehend their present love problem and be decisive when they must make some choices, and some of them may hurt pretty much.


The market offers numerous types of every with this stone, as it looks truly remarkable when it is put on a ring, brooches, earring, or something else.

There can be a place for necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and cufflinks.

The inclusions in Green Amber can be eye-catching and are attractive in a way that we are wearing something that has been on this planet for millions of years.

Jewelry made out of Green Amber is definitely stylish.

How to Cleanse and Charge Green Amber Stone?

The Green Amber stone must be cleaned, and you should do it in the same way as the majority of other crystals.

Do this when you put the used stone under mildly warm water, and some even recommend using a bit of natural soap.

Some even say that you do not have to wash the Green stone more than two times per month.

How much does Green Amber Stone cost?

It can cost a lot, primarily those specimens that have more fossil remains in themselves.

On the market, we can find some specimens that cost whopping 3500 dollars, but some more modest ones are around 350 dollars or less.

A rule is that the brighter the green color of the stone, the price is going up.

In this sense, have in mind that some Amber stones can cost a staggering 40 000 dollars, the ones that are very rare.

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All in all, we can say that this stone has always been regarded as the rock that has permanently stood for magnificence, peace, and righteousness.

Its impact on the mind is thus closely related to this idea, and as you were able to see, it is what sets this stone apart from many others.

There is nothing that this stone is not good for or does not have any effect on.

Having in mind, that the Green Amber conveys many limitations that the mind has, and in return, it gives back harmony and clearness.

When you use this stone, the senses can relax.

The power acquired can then be utilized for new projects, since all difficulties and reflections are viewed as more reasonable.

Even the opinion of the environment that we have around us, including people and everything else, could be presented by the Green stone and released from intolerances.

Awareness and blessing will come to us as a direct consequence of such an attitude.

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