Green Kyanite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Crystals are a God-given gift, made from our mother Earth, composed of natural elements, as the way to connect us to ourselves.

Everything we need could be found on the earth, every cure, and every medicine.

Crystals are there to help us connect with the energy of mother earth.

Each of them has its own properties and influence on our soul and body.

Certain crystals are meant to be worn by certain zodiac signs.

Each zodiac sign has its own crystal that it should have with it to help it be the best version of itself.

If you are just a bit familiar with crystal therapy then you know that some of the rarest crystals on our planet are blue crystals, as this color isĀ  the rarest hue in nature.

Of course, the diversity of our planet would not be so wonderful if there are not some exceptions, and when we speak of the blue color, we can speak of one of the most wonderful crystals in the world – the kyanite gemstone.

It is a rare rock that earns its name from its bright blue pigment, but even here we see some exceptions – Kyanite is not always blue.

Its color can vary, and this stone is known for its spiritual abilities and is used abundantly.

With a lovely shine and charming crystal structures, this stone is all about esthetical and spiritual abilities.

As a stone it is rare, but the mineral that creates is not.

Only some of them can become gemstones.

And what is even better is that this stone does not have to be cleaned, here we are talking about the green Kyanite.

Green Kyanite Crystal Origin

Its structure can vary a lot, but most commonly, all Kyanites are made out of aluminum silicate minerals.

It is worth mentioning that this stone is very unique when it comes to its hardness – it is very unique.

Kyanite is what is called anisotropic -its hardness changes.

Kyanite often develops inside other rocks for example quartz.

One of the oldest names of this stone was disthene.

This is connected to the specific hardness of Kyanite, as it has two degrees of it, and when translated it means the two strengths.

Other names you may hear of this stone are kynite, Rhaeticite, and blue talc.

It has the same structure as minerals andalusite and sillimanite.

Kyanite is at times confused with sapphire and tanzanite.

But they do have differences as sapphire is more durable, and tanzanite has a somewhat different color.

Its name that we know today came from 1789.

German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner is the one who is responsible for its name.

And in the meantime, after its discovery, it was mistaken for sapphires.

The best stones are found in Tibet and Nepal, but Kyanite is also found in Russia, the US, Kenya, Myanmar, Italy, Mozambique, Brazil, India, Switzerland, Cambodia, and New Zealand.

Different Colors

Now, in the beginning, we have said that these stones are most commonly blue and very rare, but they can also come in green color, or a mixture of the two being blue-green.

This is not all -there are other shades of this stone – Kyanite could be black or even orange.

And speaking of an orange Kyanite it was discovered only recently.

All of them have their own meanings, symbolism, and purpose – all of them can be very costly, and all of them can be your perfect meditation assistant.

Spiritual Meaning

Green kyanite will help you with its energy by influencing your chakras in such a way that it will dispel all your illusions.

It will open your eyes so that you can see and feel things as they really are for the first time.

It will also help you to see and know yourself better.

To see all your flaws and virtues that you possess and that you can work on them in order to become a better and better person so that you can be better for yourself and for the people around you.

No matter how you carry it with you, you will see the truth even when the biggest liar tries to deceive you.

This is very important because your spiritual condition will improve day by day if you also take care of green kyanite.

It, like other crystals, must be emptied and filled in order to renew the influence that it can have on you.

By carrying green kyanite with you, you will experience a spiritual awakening so that your chakras will be activated, and if you practice daily meditation with this crystal, you will speed up the process.

Green kyanite will help you to heal both your spiritual and physical wounds because, with its energy, which it acquired during its stay in the depths of mother earth, it will help you on the way to your comprehensive recovery.

Trust in it and its energy, whenever you have any doubts about life, be sure to have them with you.

Because he has the power to show you the truth even in a mountain of lies.


Kyanite stone is a greek word and it is translated as a deep blue as we know that this stone is the most common in its blue color.

In a wider sense, the meaning of Kyanite stone guides to balance and harmony.

Kyanite’s spiritual name is the “Gem of Alignment”.

It aligns energies, your body, spirit, and mind; it elevates negativity and it can make you become calmer and more “down to earth”.

It is something that we need very much in the stressful environment, and many people who go back from their jobs and rush, want to use this stone to be more balanced.

This stands for the process of better comprehension and understanding, not only for you but the world that is around you.

It is also used in the automotive industry, as by using kyanite you can make spark pins and insulators.

Although we cannot say that this stone has a major usage but we can say that is associated with wisdom, spirit, and overall growth.

Green Kyanite Crystal Healing Properties

This stone should be used when you want to be more grounded and when you want to enter the process of mediation without being interpreted.

Green Kyanite calms negative vibrations, and repulses distractions, concentrating your attention on your present physical and emotional condition.

All Kyanites have this trait but the Green one is the best of the best, and it should be used when you meditate in nature.

It is believed that its green color can calm you down, and even promote growth, mood, and link to Mother Earth.

For all those who are dealing with some kind of emotional problems or are in the process of healing after a hard breakup, they should use Green Kyanite.

This stone can open up the heart chakra.

This implies that it can close any emotional injuries, and unfurls our hearts to obtain love once again.

Green Kyanite Crystal Metaphysical Properties

Green Kyanite is one of the most fascinating stones.

It is able to activate the whole chakra queue, nevertheless, it echoes powerfully with one’s soul.

As healing energy is directed from Mother Earth and infuses your aura, you, as the user of this stone can become more aware of your emotional requirements.

It can also help you create the capacity to let negative energy move as far from you.

In this sense have in mind that all Kyanite stones are able to transmit and boost high-frequency forces, generating them into wonderful rocks that could be used for meditative processes and contemplation.

The Green Kyanite also can do this – it can bring soothing, tranquilizing vibrancy to the organism of the person who uses it.

It removes pain and negative forces that may be around you, and not only that these stones can relax your preparation to meditate and assist in obtaining instinctive and psychic reflections, as well as dream recollection.

Other Benefits and Uses

This stone is used and mentioned in Feng Shui, as a relevant stone that is connected to the energy of the wood, and it is complementary to it.

Perfect for learning, when you put it on the ground and you can easily learn, as it allows body, mind, and soul to learn.

The Green Kyanite cultivates forgiveness, we can restart our lives, and we can evolve people should always reach, meditate, and pray when they have made some mistakes in their lives and they want to move further.

This stone is incredibly durable and this is what makes it perfect to be used for the creation of various objects, like ceramic and porcelain items.

Zodiac Birthstone

Green kyanite has a special effect and influence on the zodiac sign of Pisces.

A person in this zodiac sign should have this crystal with them and use it properly.

She should definitely wear it in situations where she is not sure if someone is telling her the truth.

Because green kyanite will open your eyes and ears and if they try to lie to you, they will not succeed because you will feel them and see through their intentions.

Green kyanite is there to complement the people of this zodiac sign where they are weak, and to shine even brighter where they match.

With him, they will dominate in every aspect of their lives and captivate wherever they appear.

Pisces who want to introduce drastic changes in their life should definitely wear it because green kyanite has the power of a new beginning.

If you are determined to change your occupation and start doing something else, he will help you to quickly acquire new knowledge necessary for your occupation.

It will also help you to discern who from the new environment really appreciates you and respects your hard work and the sacrifice you make for the sake of gaining trust and progress in your new job, and who tries to deceive you, trip you up, and harm you in any way.

Green kyanite is a crystal of leadership, and since the people of this zodiac sign already have it in them, this crystal will additionally express that trait in them, which many people from your environment appreciate.

Taking the initiative will be the number one requirement for everyone in every job interview.


Green kyanite can be of various tones of that color.

From bright green to turquoise green, transparent green, and it depends on which precious metal the master jeweler will combine it with and what kind of jewelry to insert it into, and what to make of it.

You can carry green kyanite as a piece of crystal in your pocket, but it is much more beautiful when paired with some of the precious metals.

Bracelets can be made from small crystals of green kyanite where its color will dominate.

A larger piece of crystal can be processed to be in the shape of a heart and placed in a pendant that the master jeweler will match to some platinum with which the green kyanite will fit perfectly because the platinum will express its wonderful green color.

Especially when it comes to the darker shade of green of this beautiful crystal.

How to Cleanse and Charge Green Kyanite Crystal?

One of the best things that this green stone does is that it does not need to be maintained, as it does not collect any negative energy.

Green Kyanite does not require to be cleansed and charged.

But, you will not make a mistake if you do this.

It is important that it be a place with plenty of suns during the day and moonlight during the night.

Thus, he will pick up the energy of mother earth and continue to do his job, i.e. positively acting on you.

And cleaning is done by holding it under a stream of cold water until you feel it is enough, which usually takes 5 to 20 minutes.

How much does Green Kyanite Crystal cost?

The amount of money you will pay for this stone depends on its quality, as we have said, the best specimens could be found in Tibet and Nepal.

But the key rule is that the color dictates the price.

So, if the Kyanite is very clear, nicely cut, and greener than blue, then it can cost a lot.

Translucency also plays an essential role in cost, with translucent pieces having higher costs than less translucent specimens.

If this stone is cut in the shape of a heart then is even more pricy.

Lower quality can cost around 35 dollars per carat for 5ct.

But, better stones that are clear can go up to 100 dollars per carat for 5ct.

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This stone is a favorite for people who love nature and who love to spend their time outside.

They usually love to set Green Kyanite into the ground of a plant in a pot so that they ensure it will grow well and be healthy.

It is also believed that when you meditate with this stone you can transfer knowledge from one chakra to the other; which also has a connection to it.

Like from the third eye to the heart.

It can be incorporated into one’s aware wisdom for usage in the material domain.

Green kyanite has very powerful healing effects and powers on the human body.

For starters, it promotes and accelerates the healing of both spiritual and physical wounds.

He picked up this healing energy while staying on mother earth.

That’s why if you use it, for example, to heal a wound faster and better after an operation you recently had, it is very important that you use this crystal correctly. bury the underground or somewhere in nature for two or more days (you yourself will feel how much is enough).

By meditating with green kyanite, you will open all the chakras and speed up and strengthen the effect that your body and consciousness have on you. people because of a very stressful lifestyle.

He will weaken the anxiety attacks to the extent that you will be able to deal with them and understand where they come from and what you should do in your life so that these episodes do not happen again.

Since green kyanite is a crystal for overcoming fear, you will not be afraid if a new anxiety attack or panic occurs.

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