Holding Hands In Dream – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Holding hands is considered to be a gentle action that can tell someone you care about them.

When this action appears in dreams there are many questions about the meaning behind.

Holding hands in your dream can represent your feelings to a certain person.

These dreams also could be a sign that you are going to have some issues with your relationship.

In most cases they are based on your love life and emotions.

These dreams can indicate on the issues you need to fix in order to have a better life.

Also, it is important to know that there is no negative meaning when it comes to dreaming of holding hands with someone.

It may even represent your feelings of loneliness, perhaps you really want to be in a relationship.

There are different interpretations and most of them indicate on something in your love life as said earlier.

Biblical meaning is that someone is guiding you, perhaps God is trying to help you get back on the right track.

They are all representation of your current life situation.

The Most Common Dreams Of Holding Hands

Dreaming of holding hands with your ex

You can guess the meaning of this dream.

It means that you are still not over your past partner and now you regret ending things with this person.

You are starting to think that you have made a huge mistake by letting them exit your life that easily.

Also, now you are starting to imagine all of the possible scenarios that could have happened if you have done something differently.

Perhaps you and your ex have broken up while you were still in love.

Or maybe you took this person for granted and now you see what you could have had if you were not so blind back then.

Whatever the situation is, it is never really a smart choice to go back to your ex.

Firstly you should remember the reason of your break up, there are rare cases where exes make it work again.

Perhaps the two of you were just not right for each other.

Exes can make it work if they develop their character and improve a individuals first.

Maybe it is time for you to accept the way things are and to get over this person.

Perhaps you could be in a happy relationship right now with the right person, but you are ruining it.

Past is in the past, accept it and focus on the present.

There is no time for you to waste on nonsense.

If two of you had a chance you would stay together, there are people and potential love interests out there that can give you everything you need.

Heal before you enter a new relationship, no one deserves to be treated like a second choice.

If you are not ready to love someone with all your heart then it is not time for you to be with someone.

Do not treat someone like that if you wouldn’t want to be treated that way.

Dreaming of holding hands with an unknown character

This dream represents loneliness.

You feel like you have no one in your life to depend on.

Or perhaps you miss having some kind of romance in your life.

There is a high chance that you are single and that you are desperate for a romantic partner.

You do not enjoy being single, you are a romantic person by nature and you would love to have someone like that in your life.

All you want right now is someone to take you out on some fancy date, not expensive one but a date where you will get attention from someone.

You want to feel loved and desired for, but you are simply not so lucky right now.

Relationships cannot be forced and you have no say when some potential love interest will enter your life.

Try to focus more on yourself and your personal development.

Love comes when you are not looking or waiting for it.

So, be busy with yourself and try to enjoy your own company.

If you are not able to be on your own then you can’t have a successful relationship.

Dreaming of holding hands with a religious leader

This dream represents your issues that are made by your bad decisions.

You are not living life according to your religious beliefs.

Actually you are doing quite opposite of that.

Nowadays it is getting really hard to keep up with religious way of living.

Modern times are here and a lot of things has changed.

Even though this does not make our way of living right, but it is understandable.

This dream may be a sign for you to get back to your beliefs.

Try to live your life the way you are supposed to live it.

Maybe you have distanced yourself from God and this dream is a sign that you should reconnect with Him.

There is also a possibility that your current lifestyle is making you miserable.

You just need more faith in your life, start choosing the right decisions.

It is easy to get off the right track, but it isn’t impossible to get back on it.

No matter how far you go, you still have the chance to get back and try again.

Every mistake can be fixed and every person can be healed.

Dreaming of holding hands with your crush

Dreaming of holding hands with your crush may be the most pleasant dream you have.

This dream actually represents your emotions.

This sudden crush is getting more intense, you are starting to really like this person.

Perhaps you may even fall in love with them, but you are still not doing anything about it.

Sometimes this dream may be an indication on possible relationship between the two of you.

Perhaps you manage to win this person over and start a relationship.

Perhaps you are not so sure if it is the right thing to approach your crush.

This depends on your situation, if you and your crush are friends be careful.

It can be really tricky and painful when having a crush on a close friend.

You can either push your feelings and forget about it or come clean.

Be aware of the possible consequences of admitting your friend that you like them in a different way.

If the feeling is not two-sided you could end up losing a really dear person in your life.

If you feel like they have same feelings then try to make them make the first move.

Dreaming of holding someone’s hand firmly

When you hold someone’s hand firmly in your dream it represents a side of you that likes to be in control.

You like to be the one who is stronger and has a little bit more control in a relationship.

Somehow you have what it takes to become a leader.

You never let anything out of your control, you like to feel the power of handling certain situations.

Be sure to have a limit in this behaviour.

If you are acting too controlling you could end up losing people.

No one likes to be absolutely controlled, especially in a relationship.

Perhaps you need to understand that relationships are as about compromises, it is not about your wishes but your similar goals.

But, you are not acting like a control freak, you have it all under control.

You know when and how to act and you know which situation requires advice and which requires silence.

With this attitude you can end up being in a high position.

Dreaming of holding hands with a friend

This dream represents your love towards your friend and not in a romantic way.

You really appreciate this person and you think highly of them.

This dream appears when you are thinking about the possibility of losing this person.

That makes you feel frightened because you want your friend to be by your side.

Or, there is a possibility that you and your friend are no longer connected like before and that makes you sad.

Perhaps you want to fix things with them and make your bond strong like it was before.

Call your friends and hang out with them, no matter how far you go from each other, you can always find a way back to each other.

Friends should be cherished and you should tell them how much you love having them in your life.

It is nice to know that you mean something to someone.

Dreaming of holding hands with a fictional character

Well, this dream is a good sign for the dreamer.

It represents a person that is going to bring out your creative side.

This person could be a great love interest for you and if the two of you end up being in a relationship you won’t regret it.

It is great to meet someone who has a completely different point of view, this way you can find out more about yourself.

This person simply knows how to bring out the best of you.

Hold on tight to them and have some fun.

Enjoy the moments you make together and even it may not be a serious relationship you can still love them.

Change yourself a bit, try out some new things.

Your love will make you try something new and you are likely to step out of your comfort zone.

Dreaming of holding hands with a disabled person

This dream may be confusing, it represents issues with your current partner.

Your relationship will get more and more difficult.

But this doesn’t mean that the two of you are going to break up.

It actually represents the reality of relationships, it is not all rainbows and sunshine.

Storms come and go, so if you really care for this relationship it is time to step it up.

You need to prove to your partner that you do love them and that you are ready to work on this.

The two of you must find a way to resolve these issues.

Perhaps you need to communicate better or start doing something together.

Maybe you need to spend more time together.

Plan a date and talk it out, hopefully you fix this situation.

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