Indigo Gabbro Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Some people do not believe or are not aware of the power of crystal jewelry and crystals in general, but we think that with just a little bit of education all of us could become more aware of such an impact.

And it is high, there is no doubt about it, and when we know that everything is based on energy and that matter, in fact, does not exist, only energy, then it is easy to know that crystals that came from the earth, just share that kind of energy, and let it flow through our bodies, and of course souls.

It is easy and, we must add very essential when we are wearing a certain piece of jewelry with a certain crystal.

In this way, even when we do not know it, are constantly under the influence of necklaces, earrings, rings, and even watches that have at least one more crystal stone on them.

Each crystal radiates energy around itself, depending on its type, size, and the material it is surrounded by; they are made in such a way that all elements from which jewelry is made are compatible, and that they work amazingly connected.

Such an energy field can extend ten centimeters or more than 1 meter around the crystal.

It is not hard to know that even when you have a crystal in any part of the home, it has an effect on at least that entire room and even more, in some cases.

Using crystals with their perfect atomic configuration offers oscillations and energy that the body accepts and tracks and thus self-heals. Crystal healing can also be utilized to help someone accomplish goals or reach their full potential from the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person’s existence.

It is utilized to achieve more coherence in the whole person so that he can push onwards in his life.

It is important to know what kind of influence it has and how strong it is, as well as which piece to choose, why, and how to wear it.

But, before that it is important to choose the right crystal, in this case, we will speak of Indigo Gabbro, one of the most interesting crystals on the market today.

It sets itself apart from other stones by its wonderful dark and shiny color.

Indigo Gabbro Origin

This stone is a crystal that is now found in Madagascar and Alaska, but there is information that leads to Italy, most notably in Toskana, where it was found many, many years before.

It is said this crystal was first found in Italy, and that from this area it got its name – “gabbro.” It is the name of the Italian village.

It is the name of all these types of stones, not this, in particular, having in mind that this is the type of mineral in its raw condition.

Different Colors

Indigo Gabbro is the stone that is known for its wonderful color – it is very charming and it is most commonly black, but that blackness is not pure, it has so many other colors on it.

It has exceptionally attractive chatoyant shades on the gem that include indigo blue, dark purple-blue, or mild blue-gray areas, the type of color that is mostly lavender.

Relying on the minerals that are found in the stone itself, we can find so many other shades that can give this stone numerous other colors, or at least shades. One of them is bronze, for example.

Have in mind that this is a stone that has iron and magnesium, and some other minerals as well, like chlorite, serpentine, muscovite, and magnetite. This crystal is a mixture of quartz feldspar.

If you, for example, expose this rock to the light from the Sun, it will have a variety of violet radiance making Indigo Gabbro even more attractive and memorable.

Spiritual Meaning

An effective method to profit from the energy that comes from Indigo Gabbro is that it also, just like many other crystals could be used while you do yoga, or even better when you meditate.

Since it is the stone that can help us open our third eye, then you could place it, while you mediate precisely on your third eye location, between the eyes and higher, on a forehead.

It is believed that the Indigo Gabbro can assist people to obtain more in-depth spiritual understanding, and may produce a great number of skills or capabilities via its assertive energy.

Such a powerful stone should be used as a helping aid during mediations; since its energetic field can flow effortlessly downwards.

It covers it all, it goes all the way to the soul star chakra and goes before it on the crown, where the primary position is the third eye chakra. It can even flow through the throat chakra.

Such an impact will have a feeling like wonderful and clear energy goes through your body.

Utilizing Indigo Gabbro as the primary crystal, and the important one, it will, for sure draw straightforward notes while you meditate or have night vision while you dream.

In this way, we know that this stone is a perfect choice for all those who want to learn on an intuitive level.

It is also perfect, for following this context, when you want to connect, in any way with your more elevated mind.

On a more delicate deck of its work, this indigo crystal will reveal the darkest part of your soul.

It is the rock that forces people to contemplate their previous actions and their past recollections and old habits that they’ve held secreted even from themselves, and, of course from the world.

So, if you want to find out what is the darkest part of your soul, then you should use this crystal for that purpose; and of course, it will take you some time to truly accept what you are about to see.

This rock will reveal these unclear parts and how they are responsible to become your inspirations, maybe the biggest of all others.

It is believed that Indigo Gabbro will also allow you to notice how your unclearest parts interweave with your most elevated self.

This stone has such powers that it represents the wisdom that the most incredible magnificence that you can encounter in your life can be swathed in darkness and secret.


One of the most significant benefits of Indigo Gabbro is developing a person’s understanding of the world, in its most wonderful way and providing that person wisdom.

Some like to call this stone a wise one, or the wise soul, as it touches it, precisely in these ways, it is associated to your soul, but the accent is wisdom.

Also, this name suits it best, since it is a known stone that can explore the hidden inside of the person, elements he or she does not know to have. These are deep-rooted points in a person; where its relation to the source lies.

Indigo Gabbro will support you in moments when you must be in balance with everything that is problematic for you, and it flows these elements providing you with them.

These elements, that when you use you can deal with anything in life are courage, inner strength, and love.

Speaking of darkness, that must be mentioned when we speak of Indigo Gabbro, since it is the crystal meant for the process of facing to, then you must know that precisely this stone is a connection to our dark self.

It allows us to link and completely incorporate in that darkness, as some parts of us we cannot see whenever we want.

By doing so, we are completely abiding in the lightness and the dark in us, and we can function as complete human beings.

The ones that are complete have integrated both sides.

Indigo Gabbro Healing Properties

Have in mind that crystals and their healing properties are founded on a holistic knowledge of the human being, in which material health is considered as part of a larger picture that also includes emotions, mental state, lifestyle, and the specifics of each individual.

In this sense, we could say that a weak and sick body appears when the natural energy harmony or rhythm is failed.

Having said all of this, it is easy to see that this is the crystal that is so well used for any type of meditation, and therefore for the purpose of healing.

It helps the process of healing the darkness that lingers in you, and what is even more important it encourages you to operate with a more elevated and divine sense.

Indigo Gabbro is a stone that is important for one more thing, which is necessary for the process of healing.

We are talking about patience to wait for things to come.

It will likewise assist those who use it to discover that wishes and urges are not consistently the same as your requirements, but you will be provided with all that you may need for the achievement of your desires.

Those could be people, and those are definitely the needed experiences, that may be dark and gloomy, just like the color of this stone.

All that is important for a person to fulfill any wishes.

Indigo Gabbro is furthermore a perfect rock for contemplation since it is a known fact that this is a crystal that has very grounding energy.

It will help you by creating spiritual connections imaginable, but without allowing the powers to become so elevated that you forget to enjoy all that you have comprehended from the more heightened domains.

So, the lesson that comes with this crystal is to learn how to allow.

Also, one of the most notable aspects related to Indigo Gabbro is its ability as a stone of change; it can affect those that are happening right now or lead you when some are about to change in the future.

Here, we can clearly recognize the support you in your psychic and spiritual development.

Indigo Gabbro Metaphysical Properties

Some say that stone is very much used by all those who practice any kind of magic rituals, as it helps them to focus and wake up that sleeping energy.

This dark crystal allows us to get closer to metaphysical domains and also to intercommunicate more useful with other beings that live on this planet.

Not only animals, and plants, but also beings that we believe are in some other dimension.

Primarily, this is the stone that depicts spiritual development, it also has security and leveling vibrancy, which permits people to get closer to metaphysical domains while staying in our, humanly world.

It would not be fair if we did not speak of its benefit in the expansion of our natural psychic powers and is a wonderful crystal to use for spiritual growth, as we have said already.

More importantly, Indigo Gabbro is the crystal to choose when you want to wake up skills and abilities that are sleepy.

It wakes up those skills and blessings arising from earlier periods, and some will say from previous lives, as crystals are able to find a way through time and space, as it truly does not exist, only present time does.

Other Benefits and Uses

Crystal healing, which as therapy may seem like something new to us, uses the combined ideas and methods of many civilizations and today’s attraction to crystal healing is just a continuance of man’s centuries-old passion for precious stones and minerals.

There has not been a period or culture in human history that did not glorify crystals for their aesthetic, magical, or healing properties.

The current scientific knowledge of the chemical structure and properties of crystals is comparatively current, and on that ground, we can say that our modern world would not be possible without them. ​

This indigo crystal is beyond any doubt connected to us through our emotions; since it allows us to notice and discharge habits that do not serve us.

Even more, Indigo Gabbro supports some habits and feelings to flow toward the exterior so that they can be modified if needed.

Other benefits that are contributed to this crystal are assistance in any form of communication, as those who have any problem in communicating with others and understanding properly other people, or those who are not able to present themselves in the best way, this is the perfect stone, it helps.

This communication gift can go even further since some love to use it to locate and closely communicate with elemental creatures or natural energies.

Locate this stone somewhere in your bedroom, as it is the perfect night crystal that can assist you to recollect as many elements of your dream as possible.

Some people even claim that thanks to Indigo Gabbro, they experience lucid dreaming. This phenomenon is very much known, and it is basically the type of dreaming when you become conscious that you are having a dream while you are still in the dream itself.

In lucid dreams, you are aware that you are dreaming so that you can control the narrative of the dream itself while you firmly sleep and dream.

Such an amazing gift to control and enjoy the endless world of dreams where anything is possible.

Zodiac Birthstone

When it comes to its connection to Zodiac, then we could say that this is the stone that suits the best, and it is needed for those who are Sagittariuses.

Why do they need this type of crystal in life?

Well first, they are known to be very inquisitive and energetic, but on top of this, they are very open-minded and have a philosophical perspective.

This crystal can serve as a great motivator to roam the world in search of the purpose of life.

Also, Sagittarius is all about change; and using this crystal they can transform their thoughts into concrete actions and will do anything to achieve their goals.


When you get to know the abilities that this crystal gives to you, then you find a solution to how will you wear a certain stone.

One of the ways is to make jewelry from precious stones, which are placed in silver and gold and worn on the body, like any other type of jewelry.

Another way is to massage or place the crystal, and in this case, we are speaking of Indigo Gabbro, on the part of the body that needs to be treated or simply carry the stone in your hand.

Here, you should opt for whatever you feel is the best.

Holding the rock in immediate closeness to the body during meditation or when you sleep, is said to work to support liberty from anything that draws your power, harmful entities, etc.

Very commonly this stone is called Mystic Merlinite, and very often it is a gorgeous pendant on a necklace, that truly looks magnificent to look at, and of course, it has its numerous properties for your overall well-being.

Also, when Indigo Gabbro is a part of the jewelry, we could carry it as a ring, and it also looks magnificent.

Earings are also a choice for some.

How to Cleanse and Charge Indigo Gabbro?

After you have used your Indigo Gabbro crystal, it should be cleaned and this is mandatory after every usage.

Do it in a way you place it in a bowl with salt that is secured only for the purpose of cleansing crystals.

Put it in this bath of salt for one whole day.

Some people recommend putting the stone in this type of bath for 14 days if it has been used abundantly and vigorously.

After that, you just polish your stone, and it will look nice and shiny again.

How much does Indigo Gabbro cost?

The prices for this wonderful stone can go up to 250 dollars and this includes the purchase of stones that are bigger in their size, really massive stones.

Smaller stones can be purchased for just a couple of dollars, but the middle price is around 15 dollars, for a truly nice stone.

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Indigo Gabbro is the type of crystal that offers a lot of understanding.

It understands where you are vulnerable and what are those places where you can show your strength.

Bonding with the powers of this rock, you will be able to be freed of your layers and will be able to see the true you.

When this stone becomes a part of your life, you will be able to comprehend your entire complexness so that you can advance further the boundaries that you have set upon yourself.

Indigo Gabbro is a remarkably soft, confirming, relaxing, and affectionate crystal.

It is best used when the Moon is full, or when you see that in the night sky there is a new Moon because this is the moment when changes are plausible, and much needed.

It is recommended to always carry this stone with you because in all moments it will work in such a way that it is needed to be in balance.

Indigo Gabbro will function as a connection between the two domains and assist you to gain a better insight into your own instinctive capabilities and spiritual inheritance.

It will work like a signal that will revive your remembrances from the past and will make you recall them.

Indigo Gabbro will also build a connection between your good and bad aspects, counterbalance the optimistic and the opposite, the lively and the difficult, and the darkness and the light.

A human being is made in this way, and one side cannot go without the other, light needs dark, and vice versa.

The problem arises when these two are not in balance, and therefore, the usage of this crystal is seen as the best solution.

When you operate with the powers of this dark-colored crystal, you will learn to counterbalance and abide by your own dual nature and function in amicability rather than battle.

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