Juno in Aquarius – Personality Traits & Meaning

Asteroids are kind of newcomers, when it comes to both astronomy and astrology.

Discovered just a bit more than a century ago, asteroids were first introduced into the field of astronomy, of course.

Quite a time passed until they’ve got their place in astrological readings.

It is useful to note that astrology and astronomy were considered one and the same, in the pre modern era.

Be it as it may, asteroids are today an important and valued factor when it comes to astrological interpretations.

How so? Asteroids offer us a deeper and a more detailed insight into the complexity of our natal charts.

More on that in the following paragraphs. Let us first say a couple of things about astrology itself.

As you probably know, astrology has been around since unknown times.

Even before the raise of civilizations, our far far ancestors would turn to the skies, seeking for answers, trying to understand and explain the life around them.

They were known to record the change of Moon phases.

Later on, astrology grew to become a serious discipline.

The oldest known horoscope, that is, a detailed astrological analysis, originates from Babylon.

Throughout the history, astrologers were both praised and admired and cursed.

Many notable astronomers, physicists, scientists of the past, as well as other wise men and spiritual people were inclined towards astrology.

There is no emperor or king of the past who did not seek advice from the stargazers, in order to organize his reign and campaigns.

Notable military leaders, great generals and strategists would also rely on astrological forecasts.

However, this would not always play out well.

There are many historical examples in which astrologers’ predictions completely failed the army, for instance.

It is truth that astrology cannot give concrete answers and that it greatly depends on the ability to carefully and correctly interpret what was written in the stars.

In addition, as expected, astrology could be an excellent field for manipulation.

For these reasons people have always had a sort of ambivalent attitude towards astrology.

It is similar with all paths and beliefs and disciplines in which there are no exact answers.

Nevertheless, astrology is still widely practiced.

Since thousands of years ago, it helped us find our way on this wonderful and sometimes troublesome journey we call life and existence.

Astrology is not simply a divination practice or a well of prophecies; it offers much more than that.

Asteroids in Astrology

Traditional astrology knew about planets visible with the naked eye and the two luminaries, the ’lights’, which are the Sun and the Moon.

Later, some planets were added to the list, upon their discovery. We speak about the planets of the solar system.

Thus, contemporary astrology uses ten planets in total; all these celestial bodies are labeled as astrological planets, including the luminaries.

However, there are even more celestial bodies that could be of great use.

As we have mentioned earlier, asteroids were discovered at the very beginning of the nineteenth century.

They entered the field of astrology in the late twentieth century, though.

The moment of their inclusion was socio-culturally specific.

The introduction of asteroids into the astrological readings correlated with big cultural and social changes, which were associated with the question of the role and place of women within society.

As the heavens above are in strong connection with what is happening in our earthly lives, this phenomenon of asteroids, so to call it, was tightly bound to the changes aforementioned.

Asteroids were associated with the feminine principle, in the first place.

Four of the asteroids within the so-called asteroid belt, which is the space between planets Mars and Jupiter, where asteroids are to be found, deserve special mention.

They are named after the four powerful female deities of Ancient Greece and Rome.

These four asteroids carry the names and attributes of goddesses Juno/Hera, Vesta/Hestia, Minerva/Pallas Athena and Ceres/Demeter, as those were known amongst Ancient Romans and Greeks.

Although there are some differences between the portrayal and worship of these counterparts, depending on whether we look into the Greek or Roman ancient traditions, there are many similarities and astrology relies on both.

These four goddesses embody the feminine principle and archetypes of the woman.

Each of them has very specific place within mythologies aforementioned.

In astrology, asteroids named after them represent their qualities as seen within personal natal charts.

Juno in Astrology

Each of the asteroids has a special role in a natal chart. While some astrologers do not use them, that is, do not focus on their place, it has been a growing practice.

Asteroids’ placement offer a detail more and make the whole reading more profound.

Asteroid Juno is named after Roman goddess Juno, that is, Greek goddess Hera.

Hera was the supreme goddess of the Ancient Greek pantheon. She was the wife of Zeus, the all-powerful ruler of Olympus.

Hera was a queen-goddess, the queen-mother, the loyal spouse to her husband.

She was worshipped as a protector of marriage, marital oaths, married life in general, family, married women in particular and here is why.

According to mythology, Zeus (Jupiter in Rome) was in love with beautiful Hera, but she did not want to allow him anything, unless he decides to marry her.

This eventually happened and we all know about the royal divine couple of ancient mythologies.

However, Zeus was not particularly loyal to Hera and he cheated on her repeatedly.

Hera was humiliated and angered, and she definitely stands for an extremely jealous deity.

Nevertheless, she did not want to break the oaths, she never left her husband.

Hera represents the woman who is extremely powerful and domineering, but who is, at the same time dominated by her man.

She embodies the core of the family, the lioness mother who would save the unity of the family at all cost. That is her power.

Juno was especially worshiped by pregnant women, as a deity of fertility and childbirth.

Women would pray to her to save them from the troubles of delivery and to save their newborns. Juno/Hera embodies the principle of motherhood.

When it comes to astrology and the asteroid Juno, this asteroid reveals information associated with our relationships, romantic relationships in the first place, that is, long-term relationships and marriage.

The placement of Juno tells about the type and the nature of a relationship we need.

It tells about the type of a partner we truly need in our life, not the one we fool ourselves to be the best. Juno tells about the true match, not the one we imagine to be the one.

Aquarius Personality and Traits

Before we dive deep into the analysis of the specific placement of Juno in Aquarius, we have to say a few lines about the very sign of Aquarius, its basic characteristics and it nature.

How are Aquarius people like? What would be the main traits of Aquarius sign?

Aquarius rules the Eleventh House in astrology. This field is the field of social connection, communities and friendships.

The constellation of Aquarius has two planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus.

Both of these planets are considered karmic by astrologers, planets of fate, so to say. Saturn is a gloomy sage, the planet of suffering and limitations, conservative approaches, strictness, diligence, and slowness.

Uranus is quite different, being eccentric, ahead of the times, very movable, impulsive, hasty.

The principle of Uranus is dominant in Aquarius. Aquarius people do not follow conventions, they are unique, original, futuristic, avant-garde.

It is often said that Aquarius people are a step ahead of their times and most of people cannot understand their vision.

Aquarius people are, indeed, visionary, and they look upon things from a wider perspective.

They care about the bigger plan and what they do, they do convinced they are on a mission for the greater good.

They are informal, intuitive, unpredictable, free-minded and free-spirited, impossible to control or manipulate.

Aquarius people are idealistic, ready to sacrifice everything they have for the sake of the idea they follow.

They are very tolerant, the understand and accept differences, they do not judge people, but they would never allow others to guide them.

Aquarius chooses its own path and allows the same to others, even encourages it.

These people are very independent and self-reliant, however, they are altruistic sociable, outgoing.

Aquarius people do not burden themselves with petty things. They have a strong idea that guides them throughout life.

They do not commit easily to a relationship, because they are hard to catch.

These people could be fanatic about their interests and ideas, similar to Scorpio, but, unlike Scorpios, Aquarius could be more openly bellicose.

When it comes to love, love life of Aquarius people is usually thrilling, exciting, interesting.

The problem is that Aquarius are benevolent and they are in love with humanity, so intimate and close relationships could suffer.

In addition, you can hardly tell when an Aquarius is truly interested into you, as a unique individual, and not a representative of the humankind as a whole.

Aquarius never shows love in a conventional way, which could be quite confusing.

Juno in Aquarius – General Information

So, what is the meaning of the placement of Juno in Aquarius?

This is an exciting and a complex placement, having in mind different, if not somewhat opposed principles that characterize Juno the asteroid and Aquarius sign.

As we have recounted, Juno is about long-term relationships, marriage, conventions, while Aquarius is eccentric, altruistic, more in love for humanity than in love for an individual.

This could feel a little strange, but the placement should be carefully examined.

People with Juno in Aquarius tend to be out of the accepted frame.

They are unconventional to a certain degree, while they seek for some stability within their unconventional attitude. It sounds a bit paradoxical, but it is perfectly normal.

Juno Aquarius people are visionary and idealistic. Their intuition is powerful and they use it to help people.

They are of benevolent and philanthropic nature.

Overall, people with Juno in Aquarius tend to be very interested into the well-being of the whole humanity.

They are outgoing and social, tolerant, capable of acceptance and understanding even those concepts they find opposite to their own. Mutual respect is what they offer and expect in return.

They do not express their emotions in a usual, common way; sometimes they would act exactly the opposite from how they feel, so it is difficult to catch their true emotion, unless you have a powerful intuition as they have.

Juno in Aquarius – Positive Traits

On a positive side, these altruistic and loving people are open-minded, free-spirited.

Without second thoughts, without any sign of possessiveness and jealousy, capable and independent.

They live for the idea and they are true idealists and optimists.

These people need to have enough freedom in a relationship, and they need a partner who can understand and accept that, that is, someone with similar appetites.

Communication is what they praise the most.

People with Juno in Aquarius are humanitarian by nature, so their ideal partner is the one who has the same tendencies.

Balance and equality is very important to them. It is common that they will meet their ideal match precisely while doing some humanitarian work.

They respect others’ freedoms and they have trust in their partner.

There would be no cross-examination, jealousy and passive-aggressiveness with a Juno Aquarius.

Their perfect partner is one with whom they find the common tongue intellectually and spiritually.

Juno in Aquarius – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Juno Aquarius’ philanthropy and altruism could reflect badly on a romantic relationship or family life, because it often appears as if Juno Aquarius cares more about other people than he or she cares about their own.

They tend to neglect close relationships for the sake of what they consider greater good for all the humanity.

While there is nothing bad in the essence of their driving ideas, intimate relationships can suffer greatly.

In addition, Juno Aquarius’ inability to express the intimate feeling in a ’normal’ way often feel awkward and could hurt the other person and or make him or her misunderstand what has been expressed.

While Juno Aquarius people have no problem expressing their love for the world, they sometimes fail when it comes to areas where they should be more intimate, more close to a particular individual.

Juno in Aquarius Man

Juno Aquarius men are humanitarian and benevolent.

They care about other people and would never hurt anyone intentionally.

They are great listeners and they are tolerant. Idealistic, daring and brave, they pursue their goals.

These men believe in the power of community, they like to work with others and could be chosen to be leaders, which they would gladly accept, without arrogance and too much pride.

They are inspiring and charismatic.

Juno in Aquarius men love their freedom and need enough space to do what they truly find meaningful, so they need a partner who is willing to accept this.

The same stands for their female counterparts.

Juno in Aquarius Woman

Juno Aquarius ladies tend to be altruistic, ahead of their times, even eccentric.

They are very intuitive, creative and full of original ideas.

Independent and brave, they would readily follow their dreams.

These women are optimistic and very tolerant.

They find great satisfaction when helping people on a great scale, so they could be engaged with the humanitarian or charity work. The same stands for the men.

They value their personal interests and personal freedom, so do not try to tie them down or manipulate them.

They are honest and sociable, very open and outgoing.

However, they do not commit to a relationship easily.

Just as all Juno Aquarius ones, these ladies need a partner who will understand their need for freedom.

They are probably the least jealous and possessive of all zodiac ladies.

They women are lively and with sparkles in their eyes.

Juno in Aquarius – Brief Summary

Juno in Aquarius is an exciting placement, to say the least, for it combines the qualities of traditional Juno and unconventional Aquarius, which shapes up the nature of Juno, in this case.

People with Juno in Aquarius need to make a convention out of unconventional ideas.

This is especially noticeable in their relationships and marriages.

They need a person who could accept their need for freedom and pursuing ideas associated with the greater good.

They will not feel sad and depressed if alone.

They understand it is not something easy to accept, for giving your partner enough space and freedom requires immense amount of mutual trust.

They are ready to seek for the perfect one, with optimism and living their vision.

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