Juno in Aries – Personality Traits & Meaning

Juno, named after the powerful supreme goddess of the ancient pantheons, known as Hera in Greek mythology and Juno in Roman mythology, stands as one of the four major asteroids in astrological readings.

Asteroids were not known in traditional and earlier modern astrology.

Once they were introduced into the field, they added to the already incredible and profound understanding of the movement of celestial bodies and their effect on life on Earth.

Many would ask themselves if they should ’believe’ in horoscopes in the first place, that is, believe in astrology, as it is.

Astrology is not a set of beliefs, however. Astrology is one of the oldest sciences on our planet, although considered a pseudo-science nowadays.

What is astrology anyway, what can it reveal about our existence and lives, how does it work, and what an astrologer has to know, in order to offer valid answers?

To put it simply, astrology is a discipline that interprets the movement of heavenly bodies.

According to this ancient discipline, planets and their positions affect our lives.

They have an impact on every individual life and on our relations with one another.

Many people would identify the terms of astrology and horoscope with short passages they could read about each zodiac sign on a daily or weekly basis, in a newspaper or elsewhere.

However, astrology is far more complex.

Generalized zodiac forecasts, to call them so, cannot really tell you much about your own life and destiny.

However, astrology, as complex and vast field as it is, could provide you with valuable answers.

The most popular and widely used astrological practice is natal chart interpretation.

Natal chart interpretation is a demanding task and it could properly be done only by a qualified astrologer, a person who has a lot of knowledge and practice in the field.

In addition, astrology is very wide and it has many branches and related disciplines.

For example, numerology is often considered a branch of astrology or a closely related field. In any case, what interests us the most are natal charts.

Asteroids in Astrology

Since we are going to talk about asteroids in natal charts, let us briefly explain what natal charts actually represent.

Natal or birth charts are diagrams that show precise planetary placement at the moment of an individual’s birth.

What natal charts would present are ten planets, counting luminaries amongst them (the Sun and the Moon), relations between them, called aspects, and other heavenly bodies, such as asteroids, astrological houses, and zodiac signs.

Interpreting a natal chart is a demanding and complex task and it is not something anyone can do.

It requires dedication, time and effort, and a lot of knowledge about each segment of astrology, methodology, basic astrological principles, and so on.

There cannot be two same natal charts, even in twins.

Natal charts offer specific insight into our given potentials and capacities and each chart would unfold in a specific way, over one’s lifetime, depending on various factors and circumstances.

So far so good. You are perhaps familiar with the meaning of planets in your natal chart.

What about asteroids? Asteroids entered the field of astrology pretty late.

True, some planets were discovered even later than asteroids.

However, until recently, asteroids did not get much attention in general.

Nevertheless, they play quite an important role in astrology, offering even more details about one’s personal traits and potentials, when interpreted properly.

Asteroids were introduced into astrology in the second half of the twentieth century.

The moment they entered the ’science of the stars’ was critical in the socio-cultural context, as it was associated with the role and position of women within society.

The four major asteroids, amongst which Juno is counted, are associated with the feminine principle.

It is important to note because before that there were only two ’feminine’ planets and they were the Moon and Venus.

Asteroids brought some fresh air into astrology. The four major ones are known as Juno, Pallas, Vesta, and Ceres.

They carry names and attributes of Ancient Greek and Roman goddesses. Let us talk about Juno.

Juno in Astrology

Juno is named after the goddess Juno, as the deity was known in Roman mythology, being a counterpart of the Greek goddess Hera, the wife of the mighty supreme god Zeus. Hera/Juno was a powerful deity.

Hera was considered the goddess of marriage and married women, in the first place.

She was highly appreciated, adored, and much worshipped by the women of the times, as a protector of motherhood, and a goddess of childbirth and fertility.

Juno/Hera has some similarities with Venus/Aphrodite.

However, whilst the latter is more about the early stages of falling in love, about the attraction and all that goes along with it, the former is about a deeper connection, solid relationships, fidelity, and marriage.

The mythology of the goddess could help us understand the role of the asteroid Juno in astrology.

The queen of gods, to call her so, was married to Zeus and she never ever thought of abandoning him, even though the almighty supreme god was not always faithful to her.

In fact, Hera did not even want to be with Zeus, who was truly amazed by her and who fell in love with her, until he promised to marry the beautiful goddess.

Hera is the protector of marital oaths and loyalty, which demand a sacrifice to survive.

Even though her godly husband was not faithful, Hera did not break the union, placing it even above her own personal struggles and harm.

Hera is a protector of the family, the one who would do what it takes to keep it together.

When it comes to astrology, Juno is associated with the sign of Libra, which has much to do with relationships, especially marital connections and romantic partnerships.

Juno has much to do with our need for a harmonious emotional union.

In astrological terms, we could translate the problematic but stable relationship of the divine couple, Hera and Zeus, with the mutually attractive, though opposite energies of Venus and Mars planets.

In mythology, Venus and Mars would be equivalent to Aphrodite and Ares.

The two mythical couples are different in energy, while the core of their relationship is the same; it is about the two who need each other, but whose energies are somewhat opposing and complementary, at the same time.

If we were to look into the position of Juno within a natal chart, what could it tell us?

The placement of Juno within a natal chart tells about one’s personal attitude and inclinations related to relationships, especially long-term relationships.

Juno tells about our potential long-term partner, it reveals the area of life in which we could possibly meet our match.

It is about the partner we deeply need, on a much more sophisticated level.

While we often fall for people for various reasons, being insanely attracted to them, burning in passion about that person, it does not mean the one is the right for us.

Juno is not about superficial attraction, but about the partner we actually need.

Juno is about loyalty, marriage, compatibility, patience, and dedication, the ability to withstand crisis (especially in relationships), jealousy, trust, adultery, fear of abandonment, possessiveness, mistreatment, and separation.

Aries Personality and Traits

Aries opens the zodiac, it is the first of the zodiac signs. In that sense, Aries embodies a new individual, a newborn personality, in a way.

Aries rules the First house in astrology and knows it perfectly.

People born under the sign of Aries believe they were born to be the first in everything, born to do things and make no mistakes; it is simply set up like that, deep in the back of their brain, they do not actually need actively to think about it.

They do things. Aries people are optimistic, firmly believing there is nothing in this life that could stop them.

They rarely give up on something or even retreat. No, Aries are enduring and persistent.

These natives are ruled and guided by the planet Mars, the fiery planet of war, injury, passion, strength, and masculine energy.

Although Aries do not make compromises and would boldly follow their path, they are not ill-minded.

Aries are not vengeful, no matter how destructive at times. For that part, Aries are simple, in a good way.

They simply do not waste time analyzing why someone did this or that, how others see them etc.

The energy of Aries is oriented toward the future. There is something even childish in their approach to things; if someone tries to stop them from doing something, they will oppose and yell.

They do not think about the past, they look into the ideal future.

Aries natives are very open and direct, too much, if someone sensitive was asked.

They are indiscreet and they could unintentionally hurt other people, not even recognizing what they did. They are tough, so they simply expect others to be the same.

These natives are dynamic and active, they could act aggressively if unjustly challenged, and they stubbornly defend their opinion or even impose it on others.

Aries are prone to anger, but it usually does not hold them for long.

Aries people are warriors. However, their natal chart would reveal if they were more prone to the dark side of such energy or the light one.

Depending on their chart, they will have to invest more or less effort into orienting their fiery energy towards good ends.

Now, something very important about Aries, which would be of importance when it comes to Juno in Aries, is the inclination towards idealizing romantic partners.

However, once the illusion breaks, Aries is more likely simply to abandon the person, than to accept the flaws.

Aries easily end their relationships, if they do not like it. They tend to be extremely enthusiastic about new relationships and they believe in true love.

They love to lead and others should not try to control them to much or compete with them.

Juno in Aries – General Information

Juno in Aries makes for a powerful combination of energies.

Both Juno and Aries are strong, enduring, fearless when it comes to their main traits.

However, there are some differences between these two energies, which makes the combination interesting.

In a way, Juno and Aries are opposing and complementary.

This placement tells about what kind of person you are and what you expect from others, especially when it comes to emotional relationships.

Actually, it is not simply about what one expects, but about what one needs. People with Juno in Aries are very self-confident and full of energy to invest.

They do not like to be commanded and controlled by others.

They are leaders and protectors. These natives are bold and direct when they want something.

Juno part makes them aware of the importance of solid and lasting bonds, while the Aries part craves dynamic, power, and strength.

These people need someone strong by their side, someone who is capable of standing up for themselves, but also for others.

They need a partner who is strong-willed, self-assured, and open about their intentions.

Juno Aries people cannot stand others’ indecisiveness for too long. They would give others a chance, but would not tolerate it for long.

Others may find them harsh and even aggressive.

However, the truth is Aries Juno are simply being open and honest.

Juno in Aries – Positive Traits

On the positive side. These natives are honest, open, and direct.

There is no way a Juno Aries would hide things from you, play games, or hold secrets.

If there is anything to be discussed, they will say it out loud.

Juno Aries people are faithful and protective.

They may be dominant in character, but they will appreciate their partner’s strength and the power of character; in fact, it is what inspires them greatly.

These natives truly believe they could conquer the world by having a competent, loyal, passionate, and bold partner by their side.

They are incredibly optimistic and they will readily support their loved ones.

Juno in Aries – Negative Traits

On the negative side, Juno in Aries people tend to be too hard on others, overly imposing their own principles and opinions, being unable to tolerate anyone’s weakness.

They can superficially reject potentially amazing partners or friends because they take them weak at the first sight.

Juno Aries people are definitely not the most romantic or cuddly ones.

Their temperament is fiery and they are prone to all kinds of arguments.

Although anger does not hold them for long, they could hurt other’s feelings easily.

They do not hold grudges and they forgive easily, which is good, but they often fail even to notice they hurt someone.

Juno in Aries Man

Men with Juno in Aries are dominant gentlemen, masculine in every sense, powerful, adventurous, and always ready to take action.

They feel like natural born leaders and they exercise that feeling in real life.

These men are very open and direct about what they want in life.

When it comes to a romantic partner, they need a self-confident woman, confident about her feminine energy, in the first place.

Juno Aries men like to be the ones who lead.

Their relationships are intense and passionate. They need something that would challenge them to fight for.

Their ideal match is a woman who is powerful and strong-willed, but who will still allow them their masculine dominance.

Juno in Aries Woman

Juno in Aries women are true queen-goddesses. Their power lies within their feminine, Hera-like energy.

They are fearless when it comes to defending things and concepts they value the most.

These ladies are confident about who they are and about where they want to be.

They are attracted by dominant men who have no fear to express their desires. In the love life, these women need adrenaline and passion.

They need a partner they could rely on, someone who will challenge them, but who will still be able to dominate.

They demand openness and honesty in all sorts of relationships.

Juno in Aries – Brief Summary

Juno in Aries is a powerful placement, for it shapes up individuals who are fiery and passionate, fearless when it comes to challenges, demanding honesty and an open approach in relationships.

These natives need adrenaline and excitement in long-term romantic relationships.

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