Juno in Cancer – Personality Traits & Meaning

Who does not want to know what awaits around the corner of our destiny?

Who does not want to have a guideline through life?

Astrological readings could offer us a couple of answers or, more precise – guidelines.

Astrology has commonly been identified with the term of horoscope, while horoscopes are often being simplified and identified with short and generalized zodiac sign predictions, given on a daily basis.

Both astrology and horoscopes are way mote complex.

Yes, they both have to do with the placement and movement of planets and other celestial bodies, including asteroids, such as Juno.

Astrology is vast and deep. It is an old practice, the science of stars, as its name says.

Astrology as we know it dates back into Babylonian times and had a very turbulent history of practice.

Today, it is labeled as one of the pseudo sciences.

Horoscopes are en essential element of astrology. The term horoscope could be translated into the ’observance of time’.

Horoscopes are presented in the form of astrological charts that show the position of the heavenly bodies at one particular point in time.

Most of us are eager to know about personalized astrological readings, that is, personal horoscopes or natal charts.

By looking into one’s birth chart, which is a chart showing the planetary placement at the time of that person’s birth, we could learn about personality traits of that person, attitude towards life, tendencies, potentials, capacities and much more.

This astrological insight will help us find out what areas of life are going to be one’s safest places or greatest weaknesses.

Natal chart provides with precious information about ourselves, info we might not even be aware of.

Horoscopes and astrological readings are much more than generalized insights about zodiac signs alone.

Planets and other celestial bodies, zodiac signs and aspects seen in one’s natal chart shape up the personality and pave the path one threads throughout the lifetime.

Not everything seen within the natal chart will be necessarily manifested.

Asteroids in Astrology

Personalized astrological readings are all about heavenly bodies placement at one specific moment in time.

Planetary placement affect the personality and over our lifetime, planetary transits and positions affect all of us.

Traditionally, astrology knew only seven planets, with Sun and the Moon counted amongst them.

Later, three planets were added, so, in total, we could talk about ten planets, that is, eight planets of the solar system plus luminaries.

However, there other important heavenly bodies we should take into account, when interpreting a natal chart.

Astrology, as any other science or field of research and analyses, always grows and develops, keeping the pace with the latest scientific discoveries in other areas.

In the past, astrology and astronomy were not separated.

Asteroids were incorporated into astrological study quite recently.

First, they were discovered in the nineteenth century. They were added to astrological readings even later.

Asteroids that circulate within the so-called asteroid belt, a space between Jupiter and Mars are many, but four of them are of special importance, when speaking about natal chart interpretations.

The four major asteroids with the greatest astrological value are Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

They carry attributes of four ancient deities they were named after.

As you probably realize, four asteroids are named after four major ancient female deities, the four mighty goddesses that could be found in Ancient Roman and Greek mythology.

These are names of Roman counterparts of Ancient Greek deities.

Asteroids have entered astrology at the time of re-questioning the position of women within society, so they were naturally associated with female principle.

Before asteroids, there were only two astrological planets associated with feminine energy, Venus and the Moon.

Astrologically, asteroids represent the feminine principle, the four feminine archetypes, as seen from the mythological background of the four deities.

The placement of asteroids within the natal chart could help us see deeper into our cosmic profile.

Not all astrologers use asteroids in their readings, but it is becoming the practice.

Juno in Astrology

Asteroid Juno is associated with partnership, marriage, long term relationships.

The placement of this asteroid tells about our romantic tendencies, about the type of a partner we need for a long term relationship.

It illustrates the type of a person with whom we should be, whom our own being really needs.

It is not about the ideal partner we imagine, regardless of what type of a person we imagine we should be attracted to.

Mars and Venus make us be inclined towards one particular type of a person, believing we need it.

Juno has a deeper insight into what we really need, not into what we imagine we need.

Of course, it does not necessarily mean that the former will not be similar with the latter.

Juno is named after the supreme goddess (Juno in roman, Hera in Greek mythology, the wife of the supreme god  Jupiter/Zeus.

The myths of Hera and Zeus reveal the attributes of Juno in astrology.

Hera was the goddess of marriage, matrimonial oaths, fertility, reproduction, the great governess of gods, the Queen of Heavens.

She was married to Zeus, the mightiest of gods, the king of Olympus. Zeus fell for Hera’s beauty and personality, and they got married.

However, throughout their divine marriage, Zeus was unfaithful, cheated on Hera and much more, which made Hera humiliated on various occasions, and jealous, even destructive.

However, she remained married to Zeus and never thought of separation.

Hera is a powerful deity, but she represents the archetype of a woman who is both dominant and dominated by her partner.

Hera is also the archetype of a mother, the deity associated with childbirth and the protector of married women.

Juno is an archetype of a woman who would tolerate all kinds of misdeeds, if it serves to keep the family together and to keep her relationship status untouched. Juno puts her partner before everyone else.

In astrological readings, Juno reveals much about our relationships and it help us realize what kind of a partner we actually need.

Relationships are definitely one of the most exciting, but also the most troublesome areas of one’s life.

In the following paragraphs, we shall see how Juno feels when in the field of emotional Cancer and what does it means when it comes to romantic partners and relationships.

Cancer Personality and Traits

Before we move onto Juno in Cancer, let us say a couple of words about the Water element zodiac sign of Cancer, the ruler of the fourth astrological house, the first of the three occult houses; the two others are reserved for Scorpio and Pisces.

The Fourth House is the field of family and home, the beginning and the end of life, ancestors.

Cancer is governed by the Moon, which represents the feminine principle; all representatives of the sign possess a certain dose of more emphasized feminine principle.

It does not have to be visibly manifested, of course, but every Cancer person has it present in one form or another.

They psychology of Cancers is very complicated. They stand for some of the most emotional zodiac signs, if not the most.

Cancer people are extremely sensitive. They are moody and often oscillate between extremes of emotions; from euphoria to deep sadness. Cancer people could feel what others cannot.

They are stricken by the pain of the world and always a bit melancholic. They could also feel extreme excitement and happiness.

The scale of their emotional statuses is vast and they change quickly.

The mutable nature of cancer often brings the representatives of this sign into problems with their surroundings. These people are often misunderstood.

One would have hard times understanding a person who cries the whole morning and then laughs in the afternoon, gets irritated in the evening.

The melancholy and sadness are, however, dominant. Cancer people are often overwhelmed by sadness.

When it comes to emotional expression, they are spontaneous and even chaotic. They need comforting and solace from others; rational advices would not do much.

Cancer people are melancholic because they live with the awareness of passing of all things. They are very empathetic and compassionate.

These people, although very sensitive and often appearing weak, carry the strength within, which derives from their emotionality.

They will do anything for people they love. Although timid by nature, when it comes to their own thing, they will never let you behind.

Love for others gives Cancers incredible strength.  Cancers are bound to their roots, their childhood and past, family home. They are caring and gentle.

Cancer people tend to be persistent, despite their vulnerability. They are loyal to the bone and they would never ever cheat on someone. They are dreamers and romantics.

Cancer people value family above all. They are ready to suffer much only to keep the family together.

They are deeply emotional, but aware of their sensitivity and vulnerability. It is actually hard to reach through their shell.

For this reason, many Cancers appear to be unconquerable, because they try to save themselves from being hurt.

Juno in Cancer – General Information

Now, let us see how Juno feels in the field of the emotional Cancer.

It seems these two share many qualities, for both are associated with loyalty to partner and family, suffering and sacrifice, readiness to preserve something at all cost.

Juno and cancer are both associated with the idea of commitment, belonging, unconditional dedication and devotion.

People with Juno in Cancer are very affectionate, they seek bonds and comforting corner.

They need in their surroundings people who will understand them and who will be capable to get along with their deeply emotional nature.

On the other hand, their empathetic and compassionate nature gives them incredible strength, when it comes to people in their lives.

Juno in Cancer will put dear ones in the first place and sacrifice whatever it takes for others, family and partner, in the first place.

When it comes to this placement of Juno, it tells about one’s deepest needs, when it comes to emotional relationships.

They need someone who will be there for them, someone who will never abandon them.

Juno Cancer people seek for long term commitments, they are inclined towards long term relationships and marriage.

They do not open their doors easily, despite of all the emotional eruptions one could expect from them.

Once they feel ready to commit to someone, they need fully to trust that person.

They will do everything it takes for the relationship to last and they need a partner who will invest the same effort.

Juno in Cancer – Positive Traits

Juno in Cancer is a wonderful combo, if aspects are favorable. It speaks about true love and deep commitment.

This placement of Juno suggests relationships that are meaningful, full of mutual appreciation and especially understanding, with freely and spontaneously expressed emotions.

Juno Cancer people are loving and they know how to maintain bonds, with their romantic partner, with family members, with friends.

They deeply value profound relationships of any sort.

Juno in Cancer – Negative Traits

On a negative side, people with Juno in Cancer could feel helpless and lost if being alone.

They also tend to put everyone else before their own needs, which makes them easy to manipulate.

Sometimes, they cannot really see behind one’s intentions.

The risk of this placement is becoming dependable on others, fearful and anxious if there is no one around.

Juno Cancer people risk of being used by people who do not have nice intentions, to be cheated by wrong partners and humiliated.

Juno in Cancer Man

Juno in Cancer men are family oriented, nice, sensitive and devoted.

They are very attached to their nuclear family and everyone they have a deep connection with

. They need to find their safe spot and they will readily provide it to their loved ones.

These men are compassionate and loving.

They need a partner whom they can freely show their love.

On a negative side, they tend to be jealous and possessive.

Juno in Cancer Woman

Just like their male counterparts, Juno Cancer women are caring and loving.

They embody an archetype of a mother and a wife who would sacrifice everything for their family and partner.

Juno Cancer women are emotional and attached to their partner.

They often tend to idealize their (future) partners and need their men to be true heroes, kind, gallant and loving.

They need someone who will be their emotional support and vice versa.

Juno in Cancer – Brief Summary

Juno in cancer is an emotionally powerful combination that comes with great risks, though.

People with Juno in Cancers are very sensitive and empathetic, putting others in the first place.

They may appear a bit timid or even distant, but they would readily give up on everything for their loved ones.

Juno Cancer people work on maintaining relationships and bonds.

They believe the greatest strength lies in bonds. They value romantic love, marriage and family above all.

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