Juno in Capricorn – Personality Traits & Meaning

Juno is an asteroid named after the Roman goddess Juno, a counterpart of the Greek goddess Hera.

In astrology, asteroids play a special role. They were introduced into the field quite late, bringing new perspectives.

Astrology has been known since ancient past, probably even before.

It is noted that our prehistoric ancestors would watch the skies and the stars, recording changes of Moon phases.

Since the beginning of humankind, we have been strangely attracted by the heavens above our heads, as we see it.

Astrology has been in use since old Babylonian society; the oldest horoscope originates from those times.

Throughout history of civilization, astrology has been having turbulent reputation.

It has been praised and cursed, readily practiced or used in secret. Nevertheless, it has always been in use, popular or unpopular.

There is something mysterious and magical in those sparkling spots we can see from our own planet.

For a reason, certainly, all religious systems, legends and mythologies always have to do with an idea of a higher, celestial realm.

There is a connection between life on Earth and something that is even beyond our ability of comprehension.

The power of heavens remains unfathomable, regardless of all scientific, religious, esoteric and other attempts to unravel its true nature.

Astrology is a science of the stars, as its name suggests.

According to astrology, our lives are, in a way, bound to the higher realm we talk about, that is, with other planets.

Astrological readings help us better understand the connection on minor and major plan.

The most popular branch of astrology is personal astrology and natal chart reading.

Natal or birth charts are diagrams that show exact placement of planets at the time someone was born.

The placement of the planets, their mutual connection, shape up the life of a person.

Astrological readings are not predictions, as many would think, at least not predictions in the basic, simple sense.

Natal charts reveal parts of our own personality and potentials we might not even be aware of.

Horoscope could tell us more about our own traits, our capacities, our relations with other people, the people who enter our life and so on.

A good astrologer could help us know ourselves much better than we do.

Asteroids in Astrology

Speaking of astrological readings and natal charts, people usually focus on ten planets, that is eight planets (although the actual nature of some of the heavenly bodies has been under question) and two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon.

However, there are other very important objects and factors to look upon.

One of those are asteroids, which are quite a newbie in astrology. How so?

Asteroids were not known in old times and traditional and earlier modern astrology did not know about them.

Asteroids were mostly discovered in the nineteenth century and quite a time passed until they were included into astrological analyzes.

Amongst many asteroids known today, there are four that deserve a special place.

Those four asteroids represent the feminine principle in astrology; before the introduction of asteroids, only planet Venus and the Moon were the representatives of feminine energy.

Asteroids were introduced into astrology during the times of big social and cultural changes, associated with the role of the woman.

The four major asteroids we have mentioned carry the names and attributes of ancient female deities, the powerful Juno/Hera, the modest Vesta/Hestia, the wise and warlike Minerva/Athena Pallas and motherly Ceres/Demeter.

In astrology, these four asteroids represent those qualities that are to be found in the mythical models of the four goddesses.

Each of the asteroids carries attributes of the four deities representing feminine archetypes.

The placement of asteroids within a natal chart is one more piece of the complex puzzle of our being.

Knowing their placement offers us even a deeper insight into who we are and where are we heading in life.

Juno in Astrology

Let us talk about Juno, the asteroid named after the powerful goddess of ancient pantheons, the queen-goddess Juno or Hera.

Although Juno and Hera are not exactly the same, they are still counterparts.

The meaning and the role of asteroid Juno in astrology is best understood through mythology of Hera, the supreme goddess of the Ancient Greek pantheon, the queen of Olympus, the wife of all-powerful Zeus (Jupiter, in Roman mythology).

Hera was a beautiful goddess, whom Zeus fell in love with.

However, she did not want to be with him, unless he would marry her.

Hera was the goddess of marriage, family unity and marital oaths, a goddess guarding the married woman, in the first place.

The supreme divine couple, however, did not live without trouble, arguments, adultery and humiliation.

Zeus cheated on Hera and she was this known as an extremely jealous, even wrathful deity.

On the other side, Hera never wanted to leave her husband; in her, the importance of family unity, of marriage is embodied.

She was powerful and dominant, but she was also dominated. Her role was not easy, but she remained strong.

Juno was especially worshipped as a goddess of pregnancy, fertility, childbirth and delivery.

Pregnant women would pray to her, to save them from dangers of childbirth and to save their children.

The goddess Hera was worshiped as a deity of motherhood, the figure of a mother, the queen-mother who knows sacrifices must be done in order to save the family.

When it comes to astrology, asteroid Juno is associated with long-term relationships, with our attitude towards relationships and with our partner of choice.

Actually, the placement of Juno tells about our ideal match.

When we say ’ideal’, we do not mean – the one you think of as ideal, because, for some (good) reason you are attracted by that person.

The ideal one is the one our being deeply needs, not the one we imagine to be ideal.

We shall see how the placement of Juno in Capricorn plays out.

Before that, however, let us say a couple of lines about the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn Personality and Traits

Capricorn rules the Tenth House in astrology.

The tenth filed is associated with the social status, with one’s reputation, with professional success and recognition. Capricorn is an earth sign, dominated by the planet Saturn.

The gloomy, strict and limiting Saturn has a strong effect over Capricorns.

Saturn is the planet of those who are enduring, serious, distanced people.

It is also the planet of suffering. There are not many other sign who can endure injustice for as long as a Capricorn can.

Capricorn people are not really known to be playful and joyful; they take everything too seriously to actually have some fun in life.

Having fun is a wasted time for a calculated Capricorn. Capricorns love calculating everything, even emotions.

Even when they are truly satisfied and happy, Capricorns often leave the impression of somber and gloomy.

Capricorns are natural born stoics; to them, life is indeed suffering, but that is how things should be.

Capricorn people never show they are in pain, hurt, touched by something, unless their nature was strongly affected by some other sign within their natal chart.

They are mostly reserved, cold, untouchable.

Many of the representatives of these sign appear as they were made of stone, so they are commonly elected as leaders.

A Capricorn does not attack, but is ready to take any blow, to which he or she will respond in a stoic manner.

Capricorns always organize their strategy and tactics, before they move forward. Once they do so, they become unstoppable.

They are stiff, not very sociable, unwilling to adapt. Very independent and self-reliant.

Capricorn people present with qualities of a wise sage, regardless of their age.

They are serious and reliable, they are workaholic and dedicated to their goals.

In relationships, Capricorns tend to be reserved and calculated. It takes a lot of effort to get closer to them.

In truth, Capricorns are afraid of being hurt; they hide their vulnerability.

They greatly value family, they are bound to it and are traditional and conservative.

Capricorns are rational, realistic and tend to control everything.

Both Capricorn men and women like to be in charge of things, especially when it comes to relationships and family.

Juno in Capricorn – General Information

Juno in Capricorn is a placement of great potential, when it comes to the maintenance of long-term relationships, marriage and family, because both Juno and Capricorn present with traditional, conservative ideas of these concepts.

People who were born with Juno in Capricorn tend to have a very serious attitude towards relationships and the idea of marriage.

They have similar attitude towards relationships of other sort, as well, such as friendship, for example.

They are responsible, enduring, strict and they want all things to have their proper place.

They also put much effort into their professional life and building reputation.

They will not tolerate people who try to guide them away from their path.

They are a bit cold in expressing their ideas and especially emotions.

Capricorn Juno people are loyal, true to their principles, reliant and serious.

When it comes to romance and marriage, Juno Capricorn people are into traditional and conservative patterns, even prone to idealization of these.

A Juno Capricorn would to everything only not to let people see things do not go well (in marriage, for example).

They would sacrifice whatever it takes to keep the family together, but they would also do it motivated by the fear of losing reputation.

Juno Capricorn people do not open up easily or let people to get close.

They take everything seriously and they need fully to trust you, until they can let you close.

They like to have things under control.

People with Juno in Capricorn need a person who will bring a little sparkle into their overly strict and stoic worldview.

However, their ideal partner has to be calm, rational and collected, in a similar way as they were, only a bit more lively, perhaps.

They need a person who will support their work and goals and vice versa.

Sometimes, their relationships may look like a business contract to the outer world.

Their attitude towards relationships in general is practical, rational.

Juno in Capricorn – Positive Traits

Juno Capricorn people are extremely devoted and faithful.

They have very high moral standards and they would never cheat or lie to their partner or whomever they interact with.

They have strong self-integrity and principles.

A trait that could be perceived as a double-bladed knife is their endurance and the ability to endure a lot of suffering, just in order to save something – such as a marriage, for instance.

While it is quite an impressive trait, it could be self-destructive.

Juno in Capricorn – Negative Traits

Juno Capricorn people sometimes tend to put more value into how things appear to the outer world than into what the nature of things really is like.

They would pretend a relationships goes perfectly, only to save themselves from humiliation.

They feel ashamed if things do not go according to their plans and certain natural and normal changes in life they can perceive as personal failures.

In addition, they could be too reserved and calculating in life.

Juno in Capricorn Man

Men born with Juno in Capricorn have a very strict set of values.

They known what they want in life.

They are extremely focused on their careers and professional path, followed by a stable, traditional marriage.

These men are very strong personalities, often intimidating to others.

They are very serious and they would rather work more then necessary than have fun with their friends, for example.

They are respectful of people who respect them and they have no problem to say their opinion out loud.

However, they hide their true emotions behind the iron mask.

Juno Capricorn men are not very romantic and cuddly.

Their approach to connections with people, relationships, family life, marriage and more is realistic, pragmatic.

They would rarely use sweet words or show physical affection.

They prove their love by practical deeds.

They are the most faithful and loyal partners.

In relationships, they like to dominate and have things in their hands.

They can endure much suffering, if it is for the sake of their family stability.

Juno in Capricorn Woman

Women with Juno in Capricorn are cool-headed and determined in life.

They know exactly what they want from their professional path to their family.

Just like their male counterparts, they idealize traditional ideas of family and marriage.

These ladies tend to be workaholic and they need a partner who can understand that and be supportive.

These women like to provide for their family and put it before everything else.

However, they are definitely not easy to reach and win over. It takes much to impress them.

The values they seek in people are respect, support, capability, pragmatism, understanding, not sweet talks and romantic gestures alone.

Juno Capricorn women would often take the leading role in a relationships and within their family.

They are not very physical, in terms of showing affection, but rational and intellectual.

Juno in Capricorn – Brief Summary

Juno in Capricorn is definitely an interesting and powerful placement, since both the asteroid Juno and the sign of Capricorn present with certain very similar qualities.

Both are associated with the conservative ideas of marriage and family, both care about status and reputation.

For Juno Capricorn people, reputation is very important and so is stability in life.

They are ambitious, career oriented, but also family oriented.

These people are very pragmatic and have a realistic worldview.

They are nor particularly romantic, physical, taken by emotions or imaginative.

However, they tend to be the most faithful of partners, very enduring, collected and cool-headed.

Juno Capricorn people are demanding when it comes to love life, since they seek for a person who would appreciate and support their ambitions, while being able to tolerate their need for control.

In turn, they are completely dedicated, loyal and respectful.

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