Juno in Gemini – Personality Traits & Meaning

What is the secret of our destiny? Who am I and where am I going? Where should I look for the answers?

These are some of the questions each one of us would ask. The answers could be found in the stars.

Stars hold the secret of our existence and our destiny. Since unknown past, humankind would look into the skies, in search for answers and explanations of various phenomena they notice.

Even in prehistoric era, humans observed the movement of celestial bodies.

According to astrology, the oldest of sciences, movement and placement of planets affect our life.

Planetary positioning plays a major role in our destiny, shaping up our personality and our life path.

Planetary placement at the time of one’s birth define who the person is and what will become of one.

In fact, astrology offers us an insight into potentials and possibilities; the rest would depend on the complexity of overall factors.

Everything has been written in the stars, many would say. The life is, in a way, predestined.

However, it does not mean it lack uncertainty and flexibility. After all, we do not know what will happen next.

Astrological readings do not tell us this and that will happen for certain.

Instead, it help us realize what might happen in the future, by helping us better to know who we are.

Once we realize who we are, it will be easier for us to thread our life path.

Much can be learned from a natal chart. A proper birth chart interpretation tells about the complexity of one’s personality and life, helping one bring into awareness their traits, be it flaws or positive qualities, talents, potentials, capacities, weaknesses.

It help us become aware of the exchange of energy with other people and with the whole world and cosmos.

Natal chart help us see what we normally would never think of. It will open an exciting and colorful field of one’s life path.

Asteroids in Astrology

Horoscopes and astrology are commonly being mistakenly taken as one and the same.

However, it is not like that. Astrology is complex and vast, it is the science of the stars, divided into many fields and branches.

Horoscope is an integral part of astrology. It literally translates to the ’observance of time’.

We are mostly interested into individual, personal horoscopes. In that case, the ’observance of time’ relates to the time of one’s birth.

Personal horoscopes are presented in the form of natal charts, schemes of planetary distribution at the precise moment of one’s birth.

As we have mentioned, according to astrology, planetary position defines our main personality traits etc.

Traditionally, only five planets were taken as astrological ones, plus the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, which are, in astrological terms, also considered planets.

Therefore, in traditional astrology, there were seven.

The three planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were added later.

However, in recent times (recent, in comparison to discovery of traditional planets), many other celestial bodies have been incorporated into astrological charts.

Asteroids are one of those. Discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century, asteroids entered astrology in by the end of the next one.

There are many of them, but four asteroids are of great importance, when it comes to astrological readings.

These four are named after four ancient female deities: Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres.

Asteroids were included into astrological interpretations during the period of great social and cultural changes; for this reason, they were associated with the feminine principle in the first place.

Until then, there were only two ’female’ planets.

Before asteroids’ inclusion, only Venus and Moon were associated with the femininity.

Asteroids in astrology tell about feminine archetypes and about the feminine principle in each individual.

They are associated with the attributes of four goddesses, ancient deities found within the Greek and Roman pantheon.

Each of the deities carries attributes associated with a particular feminine archetype.

Let us see what Juno is about and how it manifests when in the field of Gemini.

Juno in Astrology

Astrological meaning and purpose of Juno derives from the mythology of Juno the goddess.

Juno is the Roman counterpart of Hera, the wife of Zeus (Jupiter in Rome), the ruler of Olympus. Hera and Zeus were the supreme deities of the Olympian pantheon.

Hera was much appreciated by the ancients, as the great governess, the guardian of the sacred matrimonial oaths.

Hero was considered the Queen of Heaven, the goddess of marriage, fertility and reproduction, the threefold goddess of the Moon.

Hera was associated with nurture and nourishment; cow and her milk were considered sacred symbols of the deity.

In Roman mythology, Hera/Juno had similar attributes and was considered the goddess of childbirth and of married women.

The archetype of Hera embodies both the dominant and the dominated women, both characteristics derive from the complex mythology of Hera and Zeus relationship.

In mythology, although powerful, beautiful and loving, Hera was also humiliated and cheated on.

Hera remained the lifetime partner of Zeus, despite the turbulent relationship they had. Some of the traits of the Hera archetype are jealousy and vengefulness, though.

The archetype of Hera is dominated by the need to bind to a partner, to get married and to preserve the marriage.

Hera archetype is inclined towards finding a successful, well-known, high status partner, at all costs; remember, Zeus and Hera were the supreme couple.

All these characteristics and attributes are seen in the astrological Hera, that is, astrological asteroid Juno.

Asteroid Juno represents the part of our being that is tightly bound to our romantic partner.

In contrast to Ceres, who puts children before everything else, Juno puts the partner before even children. Juno will never leave her partner, despite his adultery and other misdeeds.

Juno is associated with the need to have a notable partner and a high-status marriage; reputation is of great importance, so Juno sees to preserve the marriage at all costs.

In astrological charts, Juno indicates the partner we actually need and whom we will be with.

Juno does not represent the partner we think we should have – Venus and Mars are responsible for such inclinations, but the one our being deeply needs.

While Venus and Mars tell about the type of a person we believe could be our perfect match, Juno goes beyond that and reveals what our soul, body and mind actually strive for.

Juno tells us about our best match, operating on a much deeper level than the aforementioned two.

Gemini Personality and Traits

Let us talk a bit about Gemini, for it will help us understand what the placement of Juno in Gemini means and how this placement could possibly reflect on our relationships and love life, in the first place.

Gemini rules the third field, the Third House, and is governed by the planet Mercury, the messenger of gods in ancient mythology.

The third field is associated with communication and mental abilities.

Gemini people are extremely flexible, adaptable, very communicative and adventurous, youthful and insatiably curious.

They readily engage in conversation, they love to exchange experiences and are optimistic and fun to have around.

These people are of a lively, youthful spirit and they often appear younger than their actual age.

Gemini people are a bit inconsistent and irresponsible at times, due to their versatility. They are interested into various topics, even contradictory ones.

Many would say Gemini people are shallow. However, while their knowledge might not be that deep, it is a broad palette of all sorts of information.

Gemini are intelligent and logical, but prone rather to gathering all sorts of info than focusing on a deep study in one particular field.

Gemini are empirical and bright. They are some of the most optimistic zodiac signs; you will hardly find a traumatized or depressed Gemini.

Gemini individuals have a practical mind and a multifold personality.

They are not double-faced, as some would suggest, but they manifest different aspects of their personality in different circumstances.

These people are always on the run, exploring the world, they hate routine and are terrified of boredom. They would try as many things as possible, only to see what options there are and to prevent boredom.

Gemini people fall in love easily, but they also quickly lose interest. Their mutable and instable, adventurous nature reflects in all areas of a Gemini’s life.

Gemini are charming, easy to fall for and flirty by nature. They are not even aware of that – it is their modus operandi.

It does not mean Gemini would cheat on their beloved – it is very difficult for them to commit to someone in the first place and actually start a relationship.

Juno in Gemini – General Information

How does Juno, the archetype of one who seeks lifetime commitment, ready to deal with all the challenges, feels in the field of unstable, adventurous and curious Gemini?

What does this placement tell about your potential partner?

Juno in Gemini is a very interesting combo. Perhaps you have never thought of your beloved to be in this way.

Juno in Gemini indicates you need a lively, talkative, youthful spirited partner, someone who will enliven you, in a way.

People with Juno in Gemini seek for a partner who they can talk to, endlessly. Communication is the basis of a quality relationship.

In addition, Juno Gemini people need a partner with whom they can engage in all kinds of activities together, be it social gatherings, travels, sports and whatever one is interested into.

They seek for an intellectual partner with whom they can share everything.

These people are attracted by people with whom they can have a quality communication. Besides romantic relationships, it stands for all other types of relations.

Juno Gemini people are optimistic, youthful and they often do not take things seriously, or they need someone like that by their side.

They love to discuss various topics and feel fueled by intellectual exchange.

People with Juno in Gemini enjoy company of those who can stimulate them intellectually and make them laugh.

Juno in Gemini – Positive Traits

Juno in Gemini people are very open-minded, approachable, ready to engage in conversation with anyone.

They do not judge people, they are fun to be around and they enjoy sharing.

Juno Gemini people would make you laugh even if you feel down.

These people are clever, they have a quick mind and enjoy simulative intellectual talk, although not necessarily deeply philosophical.

People with Juno in Gemini have adventurous spirit and they can inspire and encourage others.

They enjoy entertainment and being entertained. Be sure you will never get bored with a Juno Gemini.

These people have a optimistic approach to life and there is hardly anything that can bring them down.

To a Juno Gemini, life as a never-ending adventurous journey. Life is a game we all play together.

Juno in Gemini – Negative Traits

However, Juno Gemini people are unstable and with an afflicted placement, they become unreliable and irresponsible.

They especially lack patience and are fearful of any commitment.

Juno in Gemini people could become addicted to constant verbal exchange, incapable of being on their own.

They feel nervous and anxious if they are disconnected in a way. They are afraid of missing out.

The position of Juno in Gemini could lead to having a relationship with someone whose intentions are not stable, who is moody and unreliable, even cheating on you.

Juno in Gemini Man

Juno Gemini men are spirited, adventurous, intelligent and funny.

They love to travel, learn and explore the world.

They seek for a women they can experience the world with.

Not ready to commit, Juno Gemini men are not attracted by conservative ladies; they prefer a bit of uncertainty and they love playing flirty games, before they actually enter a relationship.

They are charming, talkative and open.

Juno Gemini man will find happiness with a lady who shares his interests and whom he could engage in various activities.

In general, Juno Gemini people, including both women and men are too curious to commit easily.

They might even be interested in an open relationship.

Juno in Gemini Woman

Juno Gemini ladies are lovely, charming and outgoing. They are of adventurous spirit and very communicative, easy to talk to, but not easy to win.

Just like their male counterparts, they need someone who will stimulate them mentally, someone ready to take on a journey of life with them.

They usually make great friends, but it takes time for them to commit.

Curious and lively, they enjoy being around people they can learn from, including a romantic partner.

They seek for someone who can make them laugh.

Juno in Gemini – Brief Summary

Juno in Gemini is a lively and interesting placement.

People who have Juno in Gemini need a partner who is communicative, intellectually simulative and optimistic, curious and adventurous.

They seek for someone they can share their interests with.

On a negative side, this placement might indicate unfaithfulness and instability in love life.

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