Juno in Leo – Personality Traits & Meaning

In traditional and earlier modern astrology, the experts would focus on the placement of the known planets within natal charts.

It was not until the last decades of the previous century that asteroids, newly discovered type of celestial bodies, were introduced into astrology.

Asteroids play an important role in our birth charts.

Before we move onto the interpretation of the placement of one particular asteroid, Juno, we should say a couple of words about astrology and horoscopes.

Many would say astrology is the oldest of sciences.

Although it is labeled a pseudo science in our day, it has been in practice since old ages, years before the beginning of the new era.

Astrology has been valued by kings and queens of the past, by greatest of philosophers, inventors, scientists…

Back in the day, astrology and astronomy were not considered separate fields.

With time, they ’fell apart’, so to say, but astrology still lives on.

Although not an acknowledged science, astrology is based upon well-known principles, methods and knowledge, just like other sciences.

Astrology interprets the placement of the planets and their effect on our earthly life, to put it simply.

According to this ancient practice, planetary positions, their mutual relations, the aspects they form, the energies they exchange, have a great impact over our destinies.

Can astrology predict future events? Can it tell about your personal life and future?

Astrology is not a simple divination, it is a complex analysis of given planetary position.

An expert astrologer has to know every detail about planets, zodiac signs and much more.

Each planet has specific attributes, nature and energy; each zodiac sign, as well.

One has to master profound knowledge of astrological planets, in order to interpret a placement.

The most popular type of astrological analyzes is horoscope reading, that is, natal chart interpretation.

Horoscopes, personal horoscopes particularly, are our birth charts – the chart representing the exact planetary placement at the time of one individual’s birth.

According to this ancient star science, the distribution of the planets define who we are and who we might become.

A detailed natal chart interpretation will tell us about our potentials, in the first place, and it might reveal both things from our past and presence we might not be aware of.

In short, natal chart reading help us better to know ourselves.

Composite and comparative natal chart reading is also very popular – it help us understand particular relationships with certain people we are interested into.

Let us move onto asteroids. How do asteroids affect our lives?

What is their role in your birth chart? How does an asteroid tell more about your personality, traits, attitudes? Let us find out more.

Asteroids in Astrology

As we have mentioned, asteroid entered astrology quite recently, as they were discovered only two centuries ago.

In order to give you a better picture of that fact, let us say that the earliest horoscope discovered originates from Babylonian times.

In traditional astrology, there were seven planets in total (including the luminary ones, the Sun and the Moon).

Later, three planets were added, upon their discovery – Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Asteroids are a newbie in astronomy and astrology.

Asteroids were incorporated into astrological analyzes during the late decades of the pervious century, in the moment of big socio-cultural changes, associated with the feminist movement.

Naturally, asteroids were associated with feminine power.

In traditional and earlier modern astrology, only two of the celestial bodies were associated with the female principle, the Moon and the planet Venus. Asteroids have changed that.

There are many asteroids circling within the asteroid belt, which is a space between Jupiter and Mars.

However, four of them hold a prominent place in astrology – Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres, for asteroids named after powerful Greco/Roman deities.

The four asteroids carry the attributes and characteristics of the four goddesses aforementioned: Hera/Juno, Hestia/Vesta, Pallas Athena/Minerva, Demeter/Ceres.

Each of them has a specific and a powerful role in ancient Greek and Roman myths.

These goddesses are associated with social and cultural changes related to the establishment of patriarchal society. They represent feminine archetypes.

In astrology, they tell us about the feminine part of our psyche, about feminine principle within our personality and much more.

Asteroids’ placement makes our natal chart more wonderfully complex and more colorful.

It help us get deep into our own self and helps us better comprehend the world and the relationships with people around us.

Juno in Astrology

Asteroid Juno is associated with attributes of the Greek goddess Hera, that is, Roman Juno.

Hera was the supreme goddess of the Olympian pantheon, the loyal wife of the mighty Zeus (Roman Jupiter), the supreme ruler of gods in ancient Greek mythology.

The goddess Hera is an archetype of a married women, the protector of marriage, solid, unbreakable relationships and bonds. Hera was the goddess of matrimonial oaths.

She was worshiped as the nurturing mother, the queen mother, a protector of women and the goddess of fertility.

Hera is associated with childbirth and pregnancy. She is strongly associated with the Moon.

Hera or Juno was greatly praised by women, as she is considered a protectors of mothers, motherhood and married women in particular.

Her mythological background reveals much about the nature of asteroid Juno in astrology.

The beautiful goddess did not fall for Zeus’ charms until he promised he would marry her.

However, Zeus was later unfaithful to Hera and she was humiliated and cheated on. Nevertheless, she remained Zeus’ wife and the queen-goddess.

In astrological sense Hera/Juno rules the sign of Libra and, as such, she is associated with partnership, especially marriage connection and relationships in general.

She is inclined towards harmony, balance and perfect emotional connection.

The relationship between Hera and Zeus is astrologically understood as the relation between Venus and Mars, two principles in desperate need for one another, but ones who can hardly reach a perfect harmony; you are probably familiar with another couple, Aphrodite and Ares.

Within a natal chart, the archetype of Hera, that is, asteroid Juno, describes one’s natural inclination towards harmonious relationships in general.

It also tells about sacrifice and pain due to unfulfilled tendencies in that sense.

Juno tells about loyalty, fidelity and dependability in relationships, about all the difficulties in emotional relationships (especially in marriage).

Juno archetype could be emphasized in both women and men, depending on one’s natal chart.

Asteroid Juno tells about one’s need to find one lifetime partner, if speaking of relationships.

Leo Personality and Traits

Juno in Leo people tend to find a partner who will praise them and gives them a lot of attention.

However, this is only the simplest interpretation of this placement.

In order fully to understand it, let us first learn something more about Leo sign.

Leo is a Fire element sign and it reigns over the Fifth House in astrology.

The Fifth House is associated with our ways to express love, affection, our talents.

It has to do with our attitude towards children, as well.

Leo is a typical representative of the masculine principle in astrology.

Ruled by the mighty, golden Sun, Leo is associated with glory, leadership, charisma, influence and high status.

People born under the sign of Leo need spotlight, they strive to be the center of everything.

The powerful Sun energy shapes the basic characteristics of Leo.

In contrast to passive, traditionally feminine Moon, Sun is active, engaged, leading. Leo is associated with great strength of will and self-integrity.

Leo people are guided by their heart, by their fiery soul. They are far more intuitive then it sometimes looks like.

Leo people are passionate and driven by their strong emotional nature, not that much by the pure ratio.

The intuition of Leos is different from that of the profound, deep Water signs; they can read people, they see through everything.

Leo’s intuition is linked to concrete activity, to action a Leo is about to take. They somehow ’know’ what to do.

Leo people are honest, open, trustworthy, big-hearted and loving.

They are incredibly protective of their own. They have a royal demeanor, they know they are meant for big things.

Even if a Leo does not achieve recognition in wider social circles, he or she will still appear impressive and royal.

If their horoscope was badly affected by certain aspects, Leos could turn into dictators and tyrants and they could even become very aggressive and imposing.

However, Leos always remain brave and ready to encounter any difficulties before them.

Leos are optimistic and generally benevolent. They do not purposefully arm others, unless their horoscope is really unfavorable.

They are prone to pompousness and they could be really hard to deal with when it comes to seeking attention.

On the other side, they will openly express their emotions to others and they will put their loved one on a pedestal.

Leos are not afraid of generosity, of emotional exchange or showing love.

They are fiery and passionate. Leos are loyal partners, supportive parents and reliable friends.

Although their pompous nature could make them appear overly egocentric, it is not their essence.

Leo people are excellent advisors, but they often tend to give opinions and advices even if they were not asked, because they firmly believe they know the best.

For a Leo, the world is a stage, the stage or a setting in which the throne is reserved for them and their most beloved alone.

Juno in Leo – General Information

Now that we learned more about the nature of Juno and Leo, let us see how Juno asteroid feels in the field of Leo.

Well, here we have two ’royal’ natures, two supreme ones, Juno/Hera, the goddess-queen, and Leo, the king of the zodiac.

People with Juno and Leo strive for attention and they know their value. They want to be treated with respect, even awe, and admiration.

When it comes to relationships, they need their royal counterpart, their king or queen.

They are strong willed and they need one who can match their energy.

Alternatively, they need a reliable partner who needs their support. Juno Leo people will truly feel their best if they can help beloved people shine.

Juno Leo people rarely get jealous and insecure in relations with people and in romantic relationships.

Their idea of a perfect romantic relationship is that of a royal couple, in a way. They care about status and recognition.

However, Juno Leo people will treat their loved one as royalty in their intimate surroundings.

They need a partner who can appreciate that and/or the one who will treat them the same.

There is a strive for competition in Juno Leo people, so they may seek for one who can challenge them, a person who will share their passion, but, at the same time, one who can be a decent rival.

They do not do well with people who are overly realistic, purely rational, without imagination and passionless.

They love being around charismatic, active and people full of enthusiasm.

Juno in Leo – Positive Traits

Juno in Leo people are incredibly passionate and loving.

They are capable of unconditional love and they will not mind consequences.

They are very self-confident and they do not calculate their emotions.

People with Juno in Leo will invest a lot of their energy in their relationships, be it a romantic one, a family one, a friendly one. They are hospitable and generous.

In short, people with Juno in Leo want you to feel like a royalty when around them.

They love to see people laugh and share their enthusiasm for life.

Caring, passionate, Juno Leo people freely show their interest and they speak up their feelings.

They are devoted to the bone and ready to put all of their being into something they consider worth of their attention and their love.

Juno in Leo – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Juno Leo people could become too domineering, bossy, authoritative, or it could be their partner.

There is a great chance of imbalance, when it comes to personal power within a certain relationship, of whatever type.

These individuals find it really difficult to be overshadowed by someone else.

They compete even with their most beloved ones and try to steal the spotlight, which could be very exhausting for everyone.

Juno Leo people could be very impulsive and lacking logic.

They need to learn to build relations with others not in others’ name.

Juno in Leo Man

Juno in Leo men are incredibly charismatic, self-confident, open and ready to pursue their goals.

They will blow you away with their smile and charisma.

These men know what they want in life and they have high standards.

Their ideal match is a classy, confident, good-looking woman.

They care not only of how the perceive one another, but how the society perceives the two as a couple.

They tend to dominate the relationship, but they truly need a woman who can match their confidence and share their ideals.

Juno in Leo Woman

Juno in Leo women act like queens and they need a partner who will treat them so.

These ladies are incredibly charming and they steal the spotlight.

Their emotions are intense and they do not try to hide it.

These women are attracted to people of authority and influence.

They perceive themselves as goddesses and they need to be treated so.

Although prone to drama (which could also be said for males), these women know their value and would not accept being disrespected.

It takes much to impress and win over a Juno Leo lady.

Juno in Leo – Brief Summary

People born with Juno in Leo are gods and goddesses of astrology, especially when it comes to relationships, in which they seek a partner who will treat them like a queen/king.

These people have a high opinion of themselves and they need see they are respected and admired by others.

Juno Leo people are passionate, devoted, dedicated to their goals and to their relationships with people.

Generous and warm-hearted, demanding of attention, deeply affectionate and ready to sacrifice for true love.

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