Juno in Libra – Personality Traits & Meaning

For those familiar with astrological readings, Juno is certainly a well-known factor in natal charts.

However, since it is an asteroid introduced into astrology only about half a century ago, many do not know about its purpose and place in astrology.

Astrology is a very complex (pseudo) science. It has been in use since antiquity and probably before.

Even in prehistoric times, people would look into the skies, observe Moon phases and more.

For some unfathomable reason, still unknown to humankind, we seek for answers in higher realms, in the heavens ago.

Various systems of belief and religions have been trying to explain our connection with heavens.

There is certainly a connection and celestial bodies undoubtedly affect our life here on earth.

Astrology and astronomy have been trying to interpret and give answers to many questions concerning this phenomena.

Astrology and astronomy were not separated in old times; they sought precisely the same answer.

Astrology, as separated from astronomy, interprets the influence of planets over personally and collective destinies.

Astrology has many branches and related fields.

Most of people are interested into what is called personal horoscopes, that is, personal astrology, which is based upon the readings of natal charts.

Natal charts are images of the planetary distribution at the moment someone was born.

A natal chart is created according well-established and concrete parameters: one’s precise timing, date and place of birth.

Each chart is unique, the manifestation of each chart in life is unique.

For even twins will present with slight differences and their lives will not be the same, even if they have similarities.

The miracle of life and destiny lies precisely in the fact that each one is unique.

Birth charts are complex diagrams, containing many elements, including planets, zodiac signs and other celestial bodies, aspects they mutually create, houses etc.

You are probably familiar with the most of it.

Do you know about the place and the meaning of asteroids in astrology?

Let us talk more on asteroids in general and our asteroid in question, Juno, as well as its placement in the sign of Libra.

Asteroids in Astrology

Asteroids are a specific kind of heavenly objects, discovered about some two centuries ago.

They were not known until modern times and they were not a part of astrological readings until very recently.

Traditional astrology knew about five planets and two luminaries. Planets Neptune, Uranus and Pluto were added upon their discovery.

However, there is an interesting thing to note. Amongst these ten in total astrological planets, only two were associated with the feminine principle.

Until the introduction of asteroids into astrology, only Venus and Moon were considered feminine planets, so to say.

As you certainly guess, the major asteroids in astrology stand for the feminine principle.

There are many asteroids within the asteroid belt, which is how the space they circulate has been called, the space between planets Jupiter and Mars.

However, four of them are of special importance.

They are Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres, four asteroids named after the four ancient female deities, present within the Ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

Juno in Roman, Hera in Greek, Vesta/Hestia, Minerva/Athena Pallas and Ceres/Demeter were powerful goddesses.

Each of them embodies an archetype of a woman, each of the goddesses possesses specific attributes and explains the place of a women within the society and illustrates the changes of ancient societies.

Asteroids were introduced into astrology in the era of great social and cultural changes, associated with the role of a woman within the society, so they were linked with the feminine principle.

In astrological readings, asteroids tell about the feminine principle and much more.

Human beings are fascinating and complex in so many ways.

As you likely know, we all have our masculine and feminine principles within. Asteroids help us understand it better.

The placement of asteroids offers us much deeper insight into our personality and life.

Juno in Astrology

Juno is one of the for major asteroids in astrology. It is associated with attributes of the goddess Hera/Juno.

In order to understand the role of Juno in astrology, we have to learn something about the mythology of Hera.

Hera or Juno was greatly praised and worshiped by the ancient societies. She is a mother-goddess, a queen-goddess, the supreme goddess.

Hera was married to Zeus, the mighty lord of the Olympian pantheon.

The myth of their relationship says Zeus was madly in love with beautiful Hera, but she did not want to be with him until he promises to marry her, and so it happened.

However, Zeus was unfaithful to Hera many times, she was cheated on and humiliated.

Nevertheless, she never really thought of abandoning Zeus and the couple has always remained the powerful divine couple of the ancient mythology.

Hera was worshipped as a protector of family and marriage, of married women, of motherhood and mothers.

Romans worshiped Juno as a goddess of fertility and childbirth, so pregnant women would always pray to her.

Although Hera had good reason to go mad about her husband’s actions, Hera remained the pillar of the union.

However, she was also associated with wrath and jealousy, even cruelty, in certain sense.

Hera is an archetype of a woman who is, at the same time, dominated by man, but also dominant over him. Her role is not any easy one, but it is impressive in a certain way.

Asteroid Juno is associated with our relationships, romantic ones, in the first place.

It tells about the partner we need, the partner we really should be, not the ideal we imagine we should be with. That is what Juno is about.

Juno is about marriage, commitment, long-term relationships.

Primarily about romantic partnership, we could possibly expand its meaning to some other very important relations.

Let us learn about one specific placement of Juno, Juno in Libra.

Libra Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the placement, it is of essential importance to know about the destination, to call it so.

The sign of Libra is one of the Air element zodiac signs. Libra rules the Seventh House, which is associated with the marriage and the married partner.

This field also tells about those who stand in opposition to our self, our Ego.

People born under the sign of Libra are charming, elegant, sophisticated, and in the love of justice.

Natural diplomats and peacemakers, Libras are excellent mediators.

These people avoid conflicts at all cost and have a talent to calm things down when arguments go heated; they are the voice of reason in heated discussions and fights.

They themselves would never start a conflict. They strive for harmony.

Libra people are adaptable, friendly, open and generally calm.

They can be extremely seductive and flirty.

In general, they are kind and polite, they are honest and cheerful. People love to be around Libra.

Only if the aspects of Venus, the ruler of Libra, were heavily afflicted, they could become lazy and depressed, and stubborn.

Libras are gentle, and of a loving nature and, although they would easily fall in love, they do not start a relationship easily.

Libras would carefully examine any new life situation, especially when it comes to relationships.

They do not make hasty decisions and they often procrastinate and hesitate to actually call something a relationship.

They are emotional and compassionate, while, at the same time, they have an excellent sense of justice.

Although they are not bellicose and confrontation seeking, Libras would passionately defend the cause of those who were unfairly treated.

Libras stand for their loved ones and for the truth.

They are a bit idealistic, which may lead to limiting themselves with the set of principles not actually applicable in the world of reality we all live in.

Libras are communicative and love to be around people, but they really have only a couple of close friends.

They value friendships and family greatly and treat people with respect.

Although there is a risk for Libras to become too dependent of someone they love.

Natural born aesthetes, Libras have a good taste in everything.

They seek pleasure in life and would greatly enjoy luxurious lifestyle, although they are adaptable to various situations.

Juno in Libra – General Information

Juno in Libra seems to be a very harmonious placement, as both the asteroid Juno and the sign of Libra are associated with similar principles, and with the planet Venus.

People who are born with Juno in Libra are loving, just, peaceful.

These people strive for harmony in life, but they do not need to force it.

Their nature produces harmonious surroundings, in a way.

They are philanthropic and friendly and they value relationships with others.

These kind and sophisticated people are trustworthy, honest and ready to make compromise.

They want to find a partner who will be their equal, when it comes to distribution of power.

They do not strive for domination, but they also do not like to be controlled and dominated by the other one.

Juno Libra are supportive of their loved ones.

In a relationship, they will have much understanding for their beloved and would expect the same in return.

They need to experience open affection, gentleness and romance.

They seek for commit and compassionate partners, calm and relaxed, those who do not seek conflict.

They believe everything could be settled, if it was talked through. They are capable of making deals and compromises.

Juno in Libra – Positive Traits

Juno Libra people are kind and in love of justice.

In a relationship, they will see to maintain the connection of honesty, mutual trust and support.

They treat people with friendliness and kindness and do not try to control others.

Above all, they are romantic and unafraid to show their feelings, when really in love.

They are affectionate and passionate lovers.

They do not commit easily, but when they do, they are all into it.

These people have an excellent sense of beauty and a good taste.

They dream about an ideal romantic story and, what is more, it could really happen to them, because of the way they themselves are.

They are not vengeful and jealous, they respect their partner and seek the same in return.

Their perfect match is someone kind, intelligent, affectionate and cheerful.

Juno Libra people are attracted with people whose inner life is rich, but whose life approach is actually simple, in a good way.

They are not complicated or hard to deal with; if aspects were favorable, they are open for any discussion and every potential problem could be solved with patience, dedication and through talk.

Juno in Libra – Negative Traits

On a negative side, the avoidance of conflict, so common in Libras and Juno Libras, especially when it comes to long-term relationships and married life, could lead to things eventually falling apart, because problems are often ignored and put aside.

In the long run, things cannot work that way.

Sometimes you need to fight and argue over something, in order to get to the bottom of the problem and misunderstanding.

While it is great to be peace-loving and calm, sometimes a relationship needs a bit of fire.

Juno Libra people often hesitate to start a relationship, because they put too much effort into evaluation, pluses and minuses of a potential union, instead of simply surrendering to it, to see what happens.

They also tend to give false signs to people who fall for them; although it is an innocent game, not meant to manipulate or hurt anyone, it could turn out bad and actually hurt someone’s feelings.

Juno in Libra Man

Juno in Libra men are kind, polite and true gentlemen.

They are romantic, they have a friendly approach to everyone and could be unbelievably charming.

These men do not seek spotlight or attention, yet others easily fall for them.

They feel comfortable with their emotions and thoughts, since they have a clear idea of justice and moral.

They stand for those who cannot defend themselves.

They are not complicated and conflicting, but they defend their own with genuine passion.

They are loving and devoted.

Unlike their feminine counterparts, Juno Libra men would be more ready to start a relationship, but they have to feel it as a right one.

In love, they are affectionate, committed, loyal and compassionate.

They do not try to dominate in a relationship; they prefer some sort of equality in power, so to say.

Juno in Libra Woman

Juno Libra ladies are true women, if we could call it that way.

Sensual, sophisticated, lovely, charming and gentle, these women are full of tolerance and understanding, while, at the same time, they have a strong sense of self-integrity.

Typically creative and inclined towards artistic expression, they are romantic and passionate.

Libra Juno ladies are emotional, but balanced.

They know how to manage their feelings and they know how to deal with others’ emotions.

They are empathetic and kind towards people.

These women are patient and do not simply jump into a relationship.

They seek for a partner who is stable, gentle, kind and who will show affection through romantic cats, by kisses, by words.

Juno Libra women are sociable, caring and altruistic.

For this reason, they will never match with a person who is self-centered by nature.

However, they need a partner who is strong-willed and decisive.

Since Juno Libra women would often hesitate to get into something, even though a potential partner is someone they really like, they need just a little bit more decisive one, a man who will take stars from the sky and who will not give up.

Juno in Libra – Brief Summary

Juno in Libra seems like a really good placement.

With favorable aspects, Juno in Libra presents with excellent qualities, especially when it comes to one’s romantic relationships and tendencies towards a certain type of a partner – which is what Juno is greatly about.

Juno Libra people love harmony, they are charming, loving and adaptable.

They need a partner who will understand, support them and who will be their equal.

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