Juno in Pisces – Personality Traits & Meaning

Asteroids are newcomers in astrology! This type of heavenly objects was discovered quite late, in comparison to planets we knew about since ancient times.

Nevertheless, they play an interesting and important role in astrology.

Before we would speak more about asteroids and their astrological place and role, let us talk a bit about astrology itself. Is it reliable?

What does astrology actually tell? Can it predict the future?

Why it has been so popular throughout the history?

Astrology has been both praised and cursed, throughout history, its answers taken either as a rule or as a complete nonsense.

However, no doubt that it has been around us since old times.

Many of the greatest and the wisest people of the past relied on astrological readings.

Astrology studies the influence of planetary movement over our earthly lives.

According to astrology, it affects our destiny, it shapes it up.

If we look into other fields of research, we will definitely find some similarities and even the same conclusions.

However, astrology is not an exact science; moreover, it is labeled a pseudo science, in our times.

Astrology does not provide us with information set in stone. It speaks rather of potentials, capacities, possible outcomes, tendencies.

Astrology offers valuable information on who we are deep inside, for it can reveal some traits and potentials we might not be aware of.

We can read those from personal horoscopes, that is, from natal charts.

Natal or birth chart is a diagram, a scheme representing the exact placement of planets ate the time you came to this life.

According to astrology, this placement defines who you are and it plays a major role when it comes to your main traits, but also potentials.

That said, not everything we see in a natal chart will definitely manifest in the way we expect it to develop.

Life is not a strict set of rules, but a turbulent journey, sometime awesome, sometimes not that enjoyable.

Knowing about the exact placement of specific celestial bodies can help you much better understand your own self, the people and the world around you.

Let us begin with the asteroids – the less known factor in personal horoscopes.

Asteroids in Astrology

Most of you are probably familiar with eight planets and two astrological luminaries, that is, with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Sun and the Moon.

You also know about zodiac signs and houses.

However, these are accompanied with certain other astrological chart elements and other celestial bodies.

Asteroids being one of them. Asteroids, as we have mentioned, were included in astrology pretty late.

Asteroids were discovered at the very beginning of the nineteenth century, but it was not until seventies of the twentieth century that they were introduced into the field of astrology.

Moreover, it happened during the time of great social and cultural changes, associated with the question of femininity, the position of women.

Asteroids were associated with the feminine principle precisely.

Before asteroids were included, there were only two feminine planets in astrology – Venus and the Moon.

With asteroids, it changed. Four of the asteroids deserve very special mention, with Juno being one of them.

The four major asteroids we are concerned with are named after ancient goddesses.

They are Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres, that is Juno/Hera, Vesta/Hestia, Pallas Athena/Minerva, Ceres/Demeter. As you can see, these are ancient Greek and Roman deities.

In astrological sense, these asteroids embody some of the major qualities of these powerful goddesses.

They represent feminine archetypes and each has a special role within a natal chart.

Juno in Astrology

Juno is named after Roman goddess Juno, that is, Greek goddess Hera.

While there are differences between these Greek-Roman counterparts, the asteroid Juno is understood through both.

The mythology of Hera says much about the role of the asteroid Juno.

According to Greek mythology, Hera was a powerful goddesses, worshiped as a queen of gods, the supreme deity, the supreme mother, one could say.

Hera was married to Zeus, the almighty ruler of Olympian pantheon.

Zeus and Hera were the divine couple of Ancient Greek pantheon (Jupiter and Juno, in Roman) and it is precisely their marriage, which is important to understand in order to know about the role of the asteroid Juno.

The mighty god was in love with beautiful Hera, who refused his offers, unless he marries her.

While it happened, Zeus was not particularly faithful to his divine wife and Hera proved to be a particularly jealous and vengeful deity.

Their marriage was not perfect, we could say, but here is the thing – Hera did not want to leave her husband.

She was powerful and she had power over him, and vice versa. She embodies the preserver of marriage and family unity.

Hera was a goddess of married women, of marital oaths, of marriage as it is, the goddess of family, motherhood and childbirth.

Juno was admired as a protector of pregnant women and they would pray to her, to save them and their children.

When it comes to the asteroid Juno, it has much to do with mythology of Hera/Juno.

Asteroid Juno is specifically related to our relationships, that is, romantic partners.

Asteroid Juno reveals the type of a partner we truly deserve and truly need.

While we may imagine our ideal partner to be like this or that, influenced by some other astrological factors, it does not mean it is the right type of a person for us.

Juno reveals the type of the partner our being needs, on essential, core level.

It help us find the one whom we would find perfect to spend our lifetime with. Juno is the asteroid of marriage and long-term relationships, in essence.

Its placement, however, tells about the nature of our relationships in general, the one corresponding with our personality and our temperament.

The placement of Juno is a precious piece of our personality puzzle.

Pisces Personality and Traits

Before we would speak about the placement of Juno in Pisces, it is very important to learn a bit more about the placement itself, that is, the sign of Pisces, the last of the three Water signs in astrology. Its water. Brothers are Cancer and Scorpio.

Pisces sign rules the last astrological field, the Twelfth House.

This is the field of everything beyond our consciousness, imagination, intuition, invisible obstacles, the hidden and profound essence of life events.

Pisces are mysterious, imaginative, creative, often dreamy and poetic.

This is one of the most emotional signs of horoscope,

The constellation of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusions, dreams, mystery and imagination.

The twelfth field is the third of the occult fields in astrology; the previous two are ruled by Scorpio and Cancer.

According to traditional astrology, before the discovery of Neptune, it was thought that Jupiter dominates Pisces.

Both planets have their influence, although Neptune proved to be the dominant one.

Jupiter in Pisces is wider in its views and wiser than it is in Sagittarius.

Neptune brings in creativity, intuition, but also a bit of chaos.

Pisces people are incredibly creative and imaginative, but also unstable and often chaotic.

They are sensitive, emotional, compassionate and dreamy.

Pisces often try to avoid the harsh reality of life, travelling through realms of their rich imagination.

People under strong influence of Pisces are idealistic and unbelievably intuitive.

They literally read people and there is nothing you can hide from them. Pisces are noble and kind and they would readily take up the victim role.

Pisces do not need logical premises in order to resolve certain life problems.

They unlock everything by their intuitive nature.

These people are peaceful and tranquil on the surface, although they can be prone to mood swings, as their experience of feelings is intense.

They are flexible and not particularly stubborn.

If aspects were favorable, Pisces are sociable, talkative, charming and easy-going, and only the intuitive ones could notice traces of the deep inner pain of the world Pisces feel.

With negative aspects, Pisces become capricious, completely unreliable and chaotic.

When in love, Pisces love deeply. They are devoted and full of understanding, very romantic and subtle. They would readily sacrifice for the one they care for.

Similarly to Cancers, Pisces could hide their emotions for very long, prone to platonic relationships.

Although very sensual, they put the spiritual connection above everything else.

Juno in Pisces – General Information

What does Juno in Pisces bring? Juno in Pisces is a subtle and lovely placement, if aspects were favorable, of course.

Keep in mind that the precise interpretation of one particular placement would always depend on the rest of the chart.

Juno in Pisces people are kind, loving, devoted, very emotional and ready to sacrifice for those they care about.

Subtle and calm, they do not show their emotions immediately.

They are prone to daydreaming and romantic fantasies.

These people are incredibly intuitive, there is no way you can pretend to be what you are not in front of them.

They can read a stranger, let alone someone who is close to them.

Idealistic and romantic, they would like to avoid the dark side of reality.

They are escapist, journeying through the realm of imagination.

They are, however, great listeners and they would be there for you.

Juno Pisces people support those they love and, in general, they have a gentle demeanor and benevolent.

They bring peace and a bit of mystery into every relationship.

Speaking about romantic partners and relationships, Juno Pisces people seek for someone who will understand them and with whom they could form a strong spiritual bond.

They love in secret for long, without their potential partners even recognize it.

They need someone who is intuitive enough to read their emotions, but probably a bit more realistic then they are.

They need someone who will support them and help them keep their feet on the ground.

In turn, Juno Pisces people would enrich their life with romance, magic and a bit of mystery and imagination.

They are loving, kind, sensual and gentle.

Juno in Pisces – Positive Traits

Juno Pisces people are noble and benevolent. They do not find it hard to sacrifice for those they love.

They love deeply and they value connections above the pure physical relation.

People with Juno in Pisces read people well and they know what others need.

Juno in Pisces are incredibly imaginative and dreamy.

It has its benefits, for it saves them from pessimistic and nihilistic views.

They will enlighten your day and would help you see the better side of the coin, even if realty was very difficult. They are devoted, faithful and romantic.

Juno in Pisces – Negative Traits

On a negative side, their dreaminess and proneness to escapism has its downsides.

Juno Pisces could be misguided by their own idealistic and illusory projections, so they, for example, choose bad partners, people who are not fit for them.

They themselves could be emotionally manipulative, but they could also be manipulated by others, because of their gentle and deeply emotional nature.

Due to their overly dreamy nature, they could invest their time into people who are not really worth of their love and attention, people who would readily use their weakness for their own gain.

Juno Pisces would not even see it, until it was late.

Juno Pisces people could be attracted by people with serious problems, because they, by nature, want to comfort and help someone.

While this is not necessarily a bad trait, there are scenarios in which it turns out to be very destructive to Juno Pisces.

Juno in Pisces Man

Men born with Juno in Pisces are very subtle and romantic.

They are not typical alpha males, but gentlemen of a more subtle demeanor and approach.

They can even be platonic, when it comes to love.

They win people over unintentionally, by their natural calmness, charm and creativity.

They are prone to artistic expression, since they are not always willing to express their emotion verbally.

Incredibly imaginative, well-read and creative, these men have an irresistible charm.

They understand others’ troubles and joys and would readily listen.

When in love, they are romantic and devoted.

They need a woman who can share their dreams.

They are often attracted by women surrounded by a veil of mystery, women with a complex personality and those who experience certain emotional problems.

The ideal partner for them is one who has many similarities, in terms of imaginative and intuitive nature, but one who is probably just a bit more realistic.

Juno in Pisces Woman

Juno Pisces ladies are romantic, dreamy and very imaginative.

They are prone to idealization and dreamland escapism, but it is their mechanism of coping with certain difficult real life experiences.

These women are incredibly intuitive.

They are guided more by their heart than by reason.

They seek for bonds built on a spiritual level.

They enjoy spending time with people with whom they can talk about beauty and the essence of life.

They are sensual and mysterious, which often turns out to be magnetically attractive.

People are drawn to their mystical aura.

Pisces women could be a bit shy and quiet, but when they love, they love deeply.

Fully devoted and faithful, they often choose partners who need some sort of emotional uplifting and support and they could be very good at that.

Juno in Pisces – Brief Summary

Juno in Pisces is a dreamy placement.

People with Juno in Pisces are peaceful and idealistic, people who feel others’ emotions and who can read everyone.

They need a partner who is full of understanding and intuitive enough to recognize their signs.

They are often attracted by people who need some sort of emotional help and uplifting; they heal by their mysterious, imaginative, idealistic aura.

Their ideal partner should be intuitive, but probably just a bit more realistic than they are.

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