Juno in Sagittarius – Personality Traits & Meaning

When we talk about astrology, we usually think of planets and zodiac signs and their placement within our or someone else’s natal chart.

However, there are other important factors deciding on the overall appearance and actual manifestation of our horoscopes.

Asteroids are one of such factors. Discovered only about two centuries ago, they brought refreshment and some new perspectives in astrology.

Before we move onto asteroids, let us talk a bit about astrology and astrological readings.

Astrology is probably the oldest of sciences, although, today, we take it as a pseudo science.

Nevertheless, astrological readings have been practiced since Babylonian era – the oldest horoscope discovered originate from this period.

Astrology studies the movement of planets and its influence over lives of people, the individual and the whole societies, as well.

Astrology is a complex science and it has many branches. We are most familiar with personal astrology and horoscopes.

Great figures of the past, wise men, scientists, religious figures, rulers, military leaders…all of them had at least some interest in astrology.

Many great kings or generals would ask their star-readers about the possible outcome of a campaign, a battle or any other strategic or political move.

Moreover, some of the well-known and respected astronomers of the past were also astrologers; the two sciences were not separated back in the day, as they are now.

Stars definitely have certain impact over our lives.

Since the beginning of human days on earth, we have been gazing into the sky, in search for answers.

All the religious and spiritual systems there are refer to higher realms, in connection with the heavens above.

According to astrology, planetary placement at the time of our birth defines who we are, in a way.

Actually, it defines what our potentials are; the rest is on us and our life circumstances.

There could be two people born at the same time, at the same place; all twins are like that, of course.

However, their lives will not be the same. Every human destiny and life path is unique.

It is uniqueness that makes this world such a thrilling and exciting place.

The millions of our lives are like millions of crystal snowflakes, each uniquely beautiful. Stars have made us so, one might say.

The more we know about our astrological destiny, about our birth chart, the more we will know about ourselves and about the people in our lives.

The complexity of natal charts is what makes each reading a unique experience per se.

Asteroids in Astrology

Asteroids were introduced into astrological charts and readings in the late twentieth century.

Compared to other chart elements, it happened quite recently and it happened at the time of great social and cultural turbulences.

The introduction of asteroids into astrology is linked to the new perceptions of the position of women within society.

Therefore, asteroids were associated with such new perspectives.

Before the introduction of asteroids, there were no other feminine celestial bodies, save for the charming Venus and mystical, emotional Moon.

The four major asteroids, one of which is Juno, are associated with the four female deities.

There are many asteroids, but these four are considered greatly important.

They are named after the four goddesses of Ancient Greece and Rome: Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

They are also known under the names Hera, Hestia, Minerva or Athena Pallas, Demeter, depending on the pantheon.

These powerful goddesses embody feminine archetypes.

The place and role of these goddesses in ancient mythology reflect the socio-cultural perspectives and their changes of the times.

Asteroids are a precious detail in natal chart.

They give a better insight into our potentials and capacities, revealing the part of our inner being that we have not been aware of.

The four asteroids aforementioned tell about the feminine principle.

As you probably know, we all possess both masculine and feminine principle, for that is what makes human beings so complex and wonderful.

Knowing about the placement of the four asteroids aforementioned will refine your insight into who you are.

Let us learn about the asteroid Juno, its place within astrology and about one of its specific placements, Juno in Sagittarius.

Juno in Astrology

Asteroid Juno is named after the Roman goddess Juno, that is, Greek Hera.

The mythology of Hera reveals the attributes and qualities of the asteroid Juno as seen in natal charts. Who was Hera/Juno? What were her powers, what was her mythological role?

Hera was the supreme goddess of the Mount Olympus, of the Olympian pantheon, the faithful wife of the mighty, but not always that loyal Zeus.

According to mythology, Zeus was madly in love with Hera, but she needed him to promise to marry her.

Otherwise, she would resist his charms. The two married and since then, they were known as the ruling couple of gods, the divine couple.

Hera was worshiped as the queen goddess, the mother, the loyal wife, the protector of marriage and married women in particular.

Hera was dominant and dominated, at the same time. She suffered humiliation from the Zeus’ side, since he cheated on her.

However, Hera never left him, keeping the marital bond intact, putting it above her shame.

On the other side, Hera is perceived as an incredibly jealous deity.

Hera embodies the archetype of a queen mother, a woman in high places, a royal one.

Hera was worshiped as a protector of motherhood, childhood and pregnancy.

As Juno, in Roman mythology, she was especially associated with childbirth.

The roles of Juno and Hera are not the same, but we could talk about both, when it comes to understanding the meaning of Juno as an asteroid.

Juno is associated with long-lasting bonds, partnership, marriage, endurance in crisis, trust, compatibility, but also with jealousy, maltreatment, divorce, separation, adultery.

Juno tells about our relationships.

The placement of this asteroid tells about the type of a partner we need, that is, the partner our being truly needs, not the one we idealize or think to be the best match.

The placement of Juno might reveal the needs of our being we might not at all be aware of, due to various circumstances, our train of thoughts or whatever else.

However, sometimes its placement would match our conscious ideas about an ideal relationship.

Sagittarius Personality and Traits

Juno in Sagittarius is an interesting placement. We will talk about it in details, but before that, let us say a couple of lines about the sign of Sagittarius, its main traits and characteristics.

In order to interpret the placement of Juno, we have to know about its astrological destination.

Sagittarius rules the Ninth House in astrology, coming right after the enigmatic and magnetic Scorpio and its house of death, mystery and carnal desires.

The Ninth House is about religion, philosophy, spiritual experiences, travel and long trips.

The constellation of Sagittarius is dominated by the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion, the deep and refined and profound nature.

This planet is associated with justice, nobility, ethical values.

Therefore, Sagittarius is characterized by the tendency towards embodying of these concepts.

Sagittarius people are not very interested into the tangible and visible world, although you might perceive them as very actively engaged with this life.

They seek the roots, the essence of things, they search for what lies behind the turbulent and mutable empirical experience.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are very intelligent and intellectual, they think about everything in their surroundings, their minds are philosophical.

They do not accept simple facts, they love to deconstruct and analyze.

Sagittarius’ nature is open, these people are broad-minded, thrilled by new discoveries and knowledge. They love to explore, research and learn.

These individuals are very independent and they love their freedom.

They do not have the need to impose their will over others, just as they would not tolerate anyone trying to control them.

These people are courageous and they readily engage with problems on their path; they will approach a problem from more than one side, seeking the most efficient way to resolve it.

Sagittarius people are open for others’ opinion and advice, but they make all the decisions on their own.

They are all but conservative, ready to fight for their ideals. Similar to Leos and Aries, in some sense, but way more subtle.

Although Sagittarius people have high moral standards, they are not shocked by others’ bad choices and immoral acts; they have enough broadness not to rush in judgment.

Natural born optimists, Sagittarius are not discouraged by failure and mistakes.

They explore many options before they decide onto something. Sagittarius people are daring and always on the move. They do not get along with authoritarian people.

Philosophical and merciful, Sagittarius care about people and humanity, especially the weak.

A higher natured Sagittarius is noble, royal in demeanor, while the low-nature one tends to become hypocritical, superficial and self-centered.

Juno in Sagittarius – General Information

There are much to be said about both Sagittarius and Juno, but let us now concentrate on the placement of Juno in Sagittarius.

What does this placement bring? How does it manifest in one’s life, if seen in a natal chart?

Juno in Sagittarius is an exciting placement, to say the least.

People with this placement are very intelligent, with philosophical tendencies, prone to exploring, researching, learning.

They are fascinated by humanity and human nature and mind.

People with Juno in Sagittarius are always in search for truth beyond the superficial, they seek the deeper sense.

They love their freedom, they are adventurous and courageous.

If they are interested into something, they will approach the subjects from different angles, in order to learn as much as they can about it.

They do not remain for long in one place, which might be a great challenge to their partners and generally, people around them, their friends and family.

For this reason, people born with Juno in Sagittarius need a partner who can understand and tolerate their explorative nature, their need to go here and there, their desire to learn and discover.

Also, they need someone who can share at least a bit of their philosophical interests.

These people are stimulated mentally and spiritually, rather than by pretty faces and romantic actions.

They need someone they can explore the world with.

Juno in Sagittarius – Positive Traits

Juno in Sagittarius people are kind towards others and very willing to share and explain their views and ideas.

They will not try to impose their opinion and will be ready to listen to what you have to say.

This is extremely important when building relationships of any sort, not to mention those meant to last for long.

Juno Sagittarius people have an ear for others, while their also highly value their own principles and cannot be easily swayed.

These adventurous souls are just, honest and open in conversation.

They are intellectually stimulated and they win others by their impressive ideas, knowledge, philosophical ideas.

Juno Sagittarius can be extremely charming and amazing to be with, if you are interested into profound, but also thrilling topics.

Their optimism is contagious, in the most positive way.

When it comes to relationships, they could be very attentive, they care to see their loved ones happy and they are very open.

They handle arguments quite well.

Juno in Sagittarius – Negative Traits

The downside of this placement is that Juno Sagittarius people could be so much in love of their freedom that they will not find time to commit to a relationship.

Although reliable, in terms of promises, they will rarely made ones.

The greatest downside of this placement is that Juno Sagittarius people are not really the best at maintaining relationships, because of their freedom and knowledge seeking nature.

Juno in Sagittarius Man

Men born with Juno in Sagittarius are active, intellectual, interested in philosophical topics.

They usually travel a lot, exploring the unknown corners of the world, especially when it comes to cultural and social diversity.

These men are optimistic, positive, of a noble demeanor.

They are very passionate about subject of their interests and would but much effort into discovering more about it.

They are communicative, open, great interlocutors.

In love, they seek for someone who will share their passions, someone with whom they can share their need to explore, learn and discover the world.

Juno in Sagittarius Woman

Ladies with Juno in Sagittarius are amazing interlocutors.

Smart, philosophical, daring, these women have a broad palette of intellectual interests and they like to share their knowledge with others.

These women are charming and easy going.

Just like her masculine counterpart, Juno Sagittarius women value freedom above all.

The freedom of thought, in the first place.

Traditional set of values do not suit them, if we could say so.

Juno Sagittarius women are attracted by people who can make them laugh, who are intelligent and who can keep them engaged with a certain subject.

They love to talk and discuss opinions.

These women are always active, a bit restless, having no problem to change their plans minute to twelve.

It takes much effort to make them decide to commit to a romantic relationship.

In love, they need someone who will accept their free-spirited nature.

Juno in Sagittarius – Brief Summary

Juno in Sagittarius is an exciting placement.

The manifestation of this position of Juno in an individual horoscope will vary depending on the rest of the natal chart, of course.

However, we could say that Juno Sagittarius people are philosophical and free-spirited.

Open-minded, tolerant, interested into what others have to say, a virtue of great importance, they love to learn and seek for deeper sense of things.

Juno Sagittarius people are amazing to be with, but they are not the best at maintaining relationships.

Putting freedom above everything else, these people need a partner who can understand and tolerate their need for personal freedom, or the one who is willing to share their adventures.

Optimistic and courageous, they bring refreshment and thrill into a relationship.

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