Juno in Scorpio – Personality Traits & Meaning

Juno is one of the four major asteroids known in astrology and analyzed in astrological readings.

Asteroids were not known until recently, in comparison to other known planets and celestial bodies.

They were included into astrological analyzes only about a half century ago.

Astrology is an old science, that is, a pseudo science, as it is labeled today.

However, it is based upon principles and methodology well-established and known, just as other, officially accepted scientific fields.

It originates from far past and it is considered one of the oldest sciences there are.

The title astrology literally translates as ‘the science of the stars’.

You are certainly familiar with the idea of astronomy; well, the two were not separated in old times.

Unlike modern astronomy, astrology focuses on the influence of the stars, that is, planetary movement over lives of us on earth, but on a spiritual, personal, elusive level.

According to astrology, stars shape up our personality and our life path.

The planetary placement definitely affects us.

Astrology reads it on a deeper level; the movement of stars can tell us who we are and where do we go.

Astrological readings help us understand our own life paths and our destiny.

Astrology is wide and complex and it consists of many branches.

The most popular area of astrology is personal astrology, that is, personal horoscope or natal chart readings.

Natal or birth chart interpretations help us understand ourselves and the people around us.

A deep insight into one’s natal chart provides even details the person whose natal chart was in question might not be aware of.

By looking into a natal chart, we learn about our own potentials, capacities, flaws, qualities and much more.

We may ask the astrologer to create a composite chart or to compare two charts, in order to find out if we were compatible with another person, for example.

However, the first step is to analyze each chart.

It takes great knowledge, dedication, talent and skill to do so.

Every single detail in the chart reveals a piece of valuable information.

Asteroids in Astrology

One of the pieces is asteroid Juno, amongst others. What are asteroids, in astrological sense?

What is their purpose and what does their placement mean in a natal chart?

How can the interpretation of an asteroid place help us have a better insight into our own person and our life?

Asteroids are new in astrology. They were discovered around the beginning of the nineteenth century, but they were introduced into astrology and became a part of astrological readings only by the end of the previous century.

Asteroids entered astrology ate the time of great turbulences, socially and culturally.

They came into spotlight at the time of socio-cultural changes associated with the women place within society.

Asteroids are associated with the feminine principle, the four major asteroids carry attributes of powerful ancient goddesses, Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

These four are of great importance, when it comes to astrological readings.

They tell about the feminine principle within us and in our charts.

As you probably know, we all possess both feminine and masculine principle characteristics.

They are parts of potentials within our personality.

Before asteroids were incorporated into astrological readings, only two planets were associated with femininity, Venus and the Moon.

Asteroids carry names of four Greco-Roman goddesses: Juno or Hera, Vesta or Hestia, Minerva or Pallas Athena,  Ceres or Demeter.

The secret of these asteroids in astrology lies in mythology of these four deities.

Each of them represents an archetype, an archetype of a women, in this case.

The attributes of the deities are seen as characteristics of astrological asteroids, that is, a source of a certain set of characteristics seen in one’s natal chart.

Knowing about an asteroid placement offers even a better in a deeper insight into who you are.

Although not all astrologers still include asteroids into their readings, it becomes a more and more common practice, for a good reason.

Juno in Astrology

As we have said, Juno is one of the four major astrological asteroids. Juno, as its name suggests, carries the attributes of the goddess Juno, that is, Hera.

The mythology of this deity will help us understand the meaning of asteroid in astrology.

Hera was the supreme goddess of the Olympian, Ancient Greek pantheon. She was the wife of the all-powerful Zeus, the lord over other gods.

Zeus and Hera were the supreme couple of the Ancient Greek mythology.

In Roman mythology, their names are Jupiter and Juno; the planets and asteroids carry the Roman names.

The supreme couple, however, was not harmonious in an ideal sense. Hera and Zeus had many troubles.

Zeus was unfaithful to his wife on more than one occasion and she was extremely jealous, although for a reason.

However, in the beginning, Zeus fell in love with Hera, but she did not want to be with him, unless he marries her, and so it happened.

Despite her husband’s unfaithfulness and hurt, Hera did not think of separation. She was worshipped as the deity of marriage and especially of married women.

Hera and Zeus had their divine children, and Hera was also considered a queen-mother, a goddess of motherhood.

Hera or Juno was also admired and praised as the goddess of family, fertility, childbirth. She was a protector of family unity, the queen, the ruler, the mother.

Although she suffered humiliation and betrayal, she remained true to her principles.

Hera is an archetype of a powerful woman, who is, at the same time, dominated and who is, in fact, dominant.

Juno, as an asteroid in astrology, has many characteristics of Hera.

This asteroid primarily tells about our attitude towards long term relationships and marriage, and it says about our potential partners. Juno reveals a partner we need, not the one we imagine.

Asteroid Juno, so to say, sees beyond our idealized images and desires; it reveals us the type of a person we really should be with, not the one we imagine to be the best for us.

Of course, these ideas do not have to be in opposition.

Scorpio Personality and Traits

The placement of Juno within a natal chart tells about our attitudes towards relationships and about our potential ideal partner; ideal in the sense of our truest essence.

Before we move onto the interpretation of Juno in Scorpio, let us say something about the placement itself.

Scorpio is one of the Water element signs, those most emotional ones.

Scorpio rules the Eight House, the house of death, regeneration, transformation and carnal desires.

This is the second of the three occult fields in astrology.

Rulers of Scorpio are tow – Mars and Pluto.

Mars makes a Scorpio dynamic, powerful, passionate and ready to take action, while mysterious distant Pluto makes it interested into things beyond this existence.

Scorpios are some of the most emotional and the most intuitive signs of the zodiac.

Many would characterize Scorpios as mystical, enigmatic, inexplicably attractive.

Scorpios steal others’ interest and heart not by the pomp and noise, but their magnetically attractive aura.

These people are highly intuitive and in search for deeper purpose.

They see beyond the surface; there is no way you can trick a Scorpio about what you feel or think. Scorpios may be quiet, but not shy. The hardest blows they process in solitude.

Scorpios do not need approval or confirmation from masses. They are solitary warriors, lonely knights. Scorpio would rather spend time alone than to waste it on superficial people.

As a rule, Scorpio’s presence carries something from beyond the visible reality. Scorpio knows there is more to life than what we see.

Scorpios appear distant and composed, as if the suffer nothing, but beyond the enigmatic facade, there is a volcano of emotions.

If not channeled well, Scorpio’s energy might become extremely destructive and especially auto-destructive.

Scorpios love to explain ideas others find controversial or scary; they are not afraid of pain and death.

Although prone to extreme emotions, and extreme changes of mood, Scorpios are capable of getting themselves together as no one else.

Scorpio raises like a phoenix from the ashes. These people have an incredible power of regeneration.

Although others would perceive them as dark, Scorpios are, in fact, great optimists. Otherwise, they would not survive.

When it comes to love and relationships, Scorpios are proverbially jealous and possessive, but only if their horoscopes were unfavorable.

They are devoted, loving, passionate and loyal to death. To their beloved, they are lovers, defenders, faithful friends, brothers in arms.

Juno in Scorpio – General Information

Now that we have learned some valuable information about Juno asteroid and the sign of Scorpio, let us see how these two combine.

How does Juno feel in the field of Scorpio and what does this placement mean?

Juno in Scorpio is a position full of passion, emotions, deep intuition.

Juno in Scorpio people are probably the most loyal and devoted, when it comes to relationships, not only romantic ones, but all else.

These people have high moral standards, they value chivalry, loyalty, fidelity, honor, justice and honesty above all.

They have unbelievably strong intuition and there is no way to trick them.

These people are interested into profound questions about life, spirit, existence.

They do not enjoy small talk and superficial subjects.

They seek the answers to the most unfathomable questions and they like to discuss about it.

They are incredibly sensual and emotional ones.

These people have no problem sharing their desires, although they would often keep the negative feelings to themselves.

They are compassionate and empathetic.

Juno Scorpio people cannot be easily manipulated, although when in love, it would often happen they completely surrender to the other person.

Ideally, they give the whole of themselves, without losing any piece of their integrity.

Juno in Scorpio people love until death. They may experiment in life, when it comes to relationships, but they seek the one to fully dedicate.

Each love story is true to them; they value everything shared intimately with another person.

Juno Scorpio people need the fulfillment in each of the relationship aspects they deem integral: mental, spiritual, physical.

Intimacy and bodily passions are very important to them, in combination with engaging intellectual sphere and the connection on the level of the soul and heart.

Juno in Scorpio – Positive Traits

Juno Scorpio people cannot imagine a relationship without deep emotional bond.

They are passionate, loving, devoted, ready to sacrifice themselves for their love. Fiery romantics, they will bow your mind away.

These people seek for full commitment in a relationship.

They are masters of love, in every single sense.

They are honest, ready to share their desires and dreams with their closest one, and ready to listen.

Juno in Scorpio people are a bit enigmatic, but that makes them even more attractive.

They have an impressive aura and a relationship with them is a true journey of transformation.

With a Juno Scorpio, you will both grow and discover the most mysterious corners of your beings.

Juno Scorpio people tend to be exclusive, which could be seen as both a negative and a positive trait.

They have high standards and expectations and they are not very forgiving.

If you cross the line and hurt them, they will probably close the iron door and never look back.

Juno in Scorpio – Negative Traits

Juno Scorpio people could develop a serious amount of possessiveness and jealousy, if their horoscopes were not favorable towards this placement.

The most difficult of Scorpio low type nature traits could grow and become dominant.

These people could also be too harsh in making judgments.

It is not necessary for them to become vengeful, but they often burn those bridges that should have been maintained, because of their fiery and impulsive reactions.

They tend to overreact and take things more dramatic than they actually are.

Juno in Scorpio Man

Juno in Scorpio men are incredibly and mysteriously attractive.

Loyal, devoted, passionate, these men are dream lovers.

They are deep and intellectual, but also very sensual and seductive, which could also be said for their female counterparts.

Men with Juno in Scorpio value honesty above all, in love, just as in other areas of life.

They expect people to be honest about their intentions and they have much respect for people who hold onto their principles.

These men are passionate and very emotional.

If these energies are well channeled, they become amazingly loving, faithful and compassionate.

If not, it could turn to aggression and drama.

In general, these men have a strong character, are charismatic and have a magnetic aura.

They are elegant, classy and in search for mystery.

They are attracted to enigmatic ladies who are not easy to seduce.

In love life, Juno Scorpio men like to dominate, but, in this regard, they seek for a partner who will be a great challenge to win over.

Juno in Scorpio Woman

Juno in Scorpio ladies are self-confident, mystical and appear a bit distant and unattainable.

They are passionate and emotional, just like their male counterparts.

However, it takes much effort to win a Juno Scorpio lady’s feelings.

These women are not into superficial things and they need a partner who is has a powerful self-integrity.

They need someone who will match their own energy, someone strong enough to get along their powerful aura.

Juno Scorpio women do not fall in love easily, that is, it is not easy to get their attention and interest.

These women find loyalty and honesty the greatest of values and they need to be sure they could trust you.

Emotionally and physically, Juno Scorpio women are demanding; the same stands for men.

It could happen that they get attractive by dominant men.

Juno in Scorpio – Brief Summary

Juno in Scorpio is a placement full of fiery emotions, a passionate, powerful and enigmatic one.

People with Juno in Scorpio value honesty, loyalty and devotion above everything else.

Demanding physically, emotionally and intellectually, they have high standards.

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