Juno in Taurus – Personality Traits & Meaning

Asteroids play a very important role in modern astrology.

This type of heavenly body was not known until the nineteenth century and asteroids entered the field of astrology even more recently.

Juno is one of the most important asteroids in astrology.

Named after the supreme goddess of Ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the asteroid Juno represents a set of characteristic values and potentials that could be found in each one of us.

Astrology is a complex field, consisting of many branches and associated with various other paths.

In the past, astrology was another of the scholars’ disciplines, not a pseudo-science as it is widely known today.

Many people question the reliability of astrology as a whole, oversimplifying it and associating it with short daily horoscope predictions that are sometimes not even provided by astrologers.

A proper astrological reading requires a lot of time, understanding, and work.

Astrology is, of course, much more than your day-to-day zodiac sign predictions.

Astrology is, after all, not that much about predictions of concrete events, but about our given potentials and the possibility of manifesting them.

This ‘science of the stars’, as its name literally tells, could be the oldest of sciences on our planet.

It originates from ancient times and old Middle Eastern cultures, at least that is what we know so far. Since the earliest days of our civilization, we have been looking for answers in the stars.

Could stars really tell us about our purpose in life, about our life paths? Yes and no.

Astrological readings will not predict our experiences nor they would tell us: this is what we are supposed to be. Astrological readings could help us find the answers by ourselves.

In that sense, astrological readings offer us insights into what we could be and what we could do.

Sometimes, we are not aware of our own capacities and we need signs, revelations, or simply a lot of experience.

A proper, detailed, well-researched astrological reading could be of great help, as guidance in life.

Planets and planetary movement affect our individual lives, as well as our lives as human beings overall.

Planetary movements and placements define who we are at our core, affecting our growth and development, our relations with other people, and so on.

If you would like to get a personalized astrological reading, that is, the interpretation of your natal chart, it is advised to get it from a qualified and experienced astrologer, someone who is deeply in the field, both in theory and practice.

Asteroids in Astrology

The natal chart, the place where we will find our asteroids here and, specifically, Juno, is like a heavenly identification paper or something unique like that.

Yes, each natal chart is completely unique and there is no way two charts would ever become the same.

Personalized natal charts are based on a person’s date and time of birth.

According to astrology, the placement of planets at the time of your birth determines your potential, traits, and more.

The interaction and exchange of planetary energies shape us and our lives, for a decent part.

Besides planets you are probably familiar with, there are other heavenly bodies to consider when it comes to natal chart interpretation.

We talk about asteroids. Discovered only recently, in comparison to the planets known in ancient times, asteroids brought something new.

The placement of asteroids within a natal chart offers another piece of the puzzle.

Knowing their placement helps us understand ourselves even better, for they add meaning to the totality of our natal chart.

The four most important asteroids are associated with feminine energy, named after great deities of the ancient past, the four beautiful and mighty goddesses, known both in Greek and Roman mythology.

The four asteroids are known as Juno, Vesta, Pallas, and Ceres and they carry the energy and the attributes of goddesses Juno/Hera, Vesta/Hestia, Minerva/Athena Pallas, and Ceres/Demeter.

Each one of them represents a very specific feminine archetype.

It is always good to remember that each individual possesses both the feminine and the masculine principle; the amount and distribution vary, of course.

Before asteroids were introduced into astrology, there were only two planets associated with the feminine principle and they were the luminary feminine Moon and passionate, lovely Venus.

Juno in Astrology

Juno is, as we have mentioned, one of the four major astrological asteroids. Its name is that of Juno in Roman mythology, that is, Hera in Greek mythology.

Juno/Hera, as you probably know is the queen-goddess, the supreme feminine deity of the ancients.

The deity of motherhood, childbirth, and fertility, mothers and married women was greatly admired by the ancient people, especially women and even more especially, married women.

She was the protector of marriage and family union, a queen-mother, as well.

The mythological background of Juno could help us understand the role of Juno within the natal chart much better.

According to Greek mythology, Hera was the wife of Zeus, the supreme god of the Olympian pantheon.

Zeus was in love with Hera, but the goddess did not want to accept his love if he was not going to marry her.

The couple became the supreme divine couple of the ancient pantheon.

However, Zeus, known for his lustful nature, was not always loyal to Hera and he cheated on her.

Even though Hera knew about it and was jealous, she did not leave him.

Her role as a queen-mother, the supreme feminine deity, the protector of family union and marital oaths did not allow her to break the relationship, in a way.

Hera represents feminine strength, the sacrifice.

Although she suffered humiliation, she did not grow weak and Zeus would always come back to her.

Her power is incredible, even though she experienced mistreatment. To her, family is what matters the most, as well as stable relationships.

Juno/Hera is the goddess associated with endurance, especially when it comes to relationships.

Juno the asteroid is associated with the sign of Libra and it has to do with partnerships, bonds, and long-term relationships.

In natal charts, Juno represents our potential to meet the person we would be ready to stay with for long.

Juno represents the partner and life companion we should be with, not necessarily the one we desire.

There is a big difference between amazement, passion, and desire on one side and a true bond, on the other.

Although there are some similarities with another goddess associated with romantic relationships, Venus, Juno is, in that sense, a deeper one.

Keywords associated with asteroid Juno are trust and adultery, long-lasting bonds, endurance, persistence, sacrifice, humiliation and jealousy, mistreatment, even abuse, compatibility, marriage, faithfulness, and ability to overcome crises in relationships.

Taurus Personality and Traits

Let us dedicate some space to Taurus, in order to understand the placement of Juno in Taurus.

So, Taurus, the Earthly sign, rules the second house, which is the field of possessions and materiality in general.

The ruler of Taurus is Venus, but in this sign, Venus is a bit more down-to-earth and concrete.

Taurus is a very physical sign, in need of feeling everything under the tips of the fingers, literally.

Basically, all Taurus people have a strong desire for possessing things and people.

Taurus people simply have to have what they need and love. It applies to objects, but also to people they hold dear; they want to bind them in a certain way.

Taurus people are warm and generous, they enjoy providing for others.

Probably the best hosts ever, Taurus people will always welcome you with a table full of snacks and good food.

Moreover, they would treat you with warmth and kindness, enjoying they can do something to make you feel good around them.

Taurus people are not very complicated. They know what they want and they do not actually need much to be happy, even though they will gladly live a life full of luxury.

There are a few basic things Taurus people find important in life: home, family, and friends.

Yes, Taurus are materialistic, but not in an obsessive career-only way. They like to do things on their own, by their own hands.

Taurus people enjoy having pleasure, cuddling, having fancy meals, and what else not.

However, they have no problem with working hard. They will be fully concentrated on their job and goals, patient and systematic.

These natives are rational and very stable. However, they lack a bit of flexibility.

It would be really hard to change their views and opinions on something, for they already have a well-established set of goals and principles.

Taurus people are strong in character, they are not easily irritated, offended, or annoyed, but beware if you manage to make them angry.

At their core, these natives are peace-loving. They do not like fights, arguments, and competing.

People born under the sign of Taurus are pragmatic and fair players. They respect others and treat them justly.

Ruled by Venus. Taurus need a lot of affection in their lives. They are romantic and gentle, but they do not lose their heads.

They value stability in life, material, as well as emotional. They do not rush and make hasty decisions.

When it comes to romantic relationships, they are loyal and a bit conservative. Sometimes, it could turn into jealousy.

Juno in Taurus – General Information

Juno in Taurus is a wonderful placement, seen in people who are inclined towards finding some stability and harmony in life, especially when it comes to romantic relationships, family, and marriage.

As both Taurus and Juno are associated with some form of continuity, stability, patience, and even some type of security, this placement is at its core harmonious, if, of course, aspects were favorable.

People with Juno in Taurus have strong self-integrity, they usually know what they want, and they will work hard to reach their goals, but without much stress and drama. It is simply how they are.

These natives prefer a slow pace, steady building and routine over adventure, adrenaline-filled lifestyle, and spontaneity.

They tend to build their own security and provide it for others, and their family in the first place.

Juno Taurus people are very realistic and down-to-earth. They are aware of the importance of financial and material stability in life, so they will work hard to get it.

They do not consider themselves opportunists and conformists.

They simply cannot think in an abstract way, that is all. They are generous and warm; their materialistic part of self does not make them calculated, cold, and distant, on the contrary.

These natives value organization and discipline, when it comes to work, income, etc.

They are pretty conservative in their views and there is not much chance it could ever change.

They could be stubborn at times, although they rarely become truly angry.

Juno in Taurus – Positive Traits

On the good side, Juno Taurus people are simple, they know what they want, they do not complain if working hard and they do not fear failure.

They rarely fail, because they have enough patience and have no problem doing things slowly, step by step.

They are warm-hearted and affectionate.

They enjoy providing for the people they care for. Juno Taurus people are stable and independent and they seek a person who they can rely on. They are faithful and persistent.

Juno in Taurus – Negative Traits

On the bad side, Juno Taurus people could become a bit too possessive and even very jealous, if aspects were not favorable towards this placement.

Both Juno and Taurus have a tendency to become very possessive and jealous.

The problem is they think they should possess everything and everyone they want and love.

In practice, it could turn out to be a very nasty habit of constantly checking up on a dear person, because of a lack of trust.

They also tend to be very stubborn, not allowing anyone even to try to change their opinion.

In addition, they could become obsessive over material and financial stability. While it is not a bad thing per se, it could become destructive towards everything else in their life.

Juno in Taurus Man

Juno Taurus men are strong, hard-working, and oriented towards concrete goals, usually in relation to financial stability.

They will work very hard to make their own life and the life of their family pleasant and comfortable.

They feel the best when they can provide the best life for their family.

They value family above everything else and they will do everything to make their dear ones happy, comfortable, safe, and secure.

Being warm-hearted and generous, they need a person who will answer to their affectionate nature.

Their ideal partner is someone emotional and maybe in the need of their protection, which they will gladly offer.

Juno in Taurus Woman

Juno Taurus women are stable and war-hearted ladies who, just like their male counterparts, would work hard in order to provide for the people they care the most about.

They place the family on top of their list.

These ladies are kind and sensual, romantic, but not living life looking through oink eyeglasses.

They are realistic and serious, but they let themselves enjoy the pleasures of life to the fullest.

Juno Taurus women seek a partner who is strong, self-confident, and ready to build a life with them from scratch if circumstances are like that.

In partners, they seek love, support, passion, sensuality, reliance, and trust.

Juno in Taurus – Brief Summary

Juno in Taurus people is stable, very down-to-earth, pragmatic, and realistic.

They are materialistic and they like to have things under control, especially when it comes to finances.

However, family and strong bonds are what they work for.

They are serious and mature, but that does not make them play hard to get or be reserved.

They need gentleness and affection, being very sensual and passionate.

Taurus Juno do not rush and they will wait for the right person to step in.

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