Juno in Virgo – Personality Traits & Meaning

Besides well-known natal chart elements, such as planets, including luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, and, of course, zodiac signs, there are more factors playing an important role within the overall composition of one’s horoscope.

Asteroids are relatively new in astrology, compared to planets that we know of since ages ago.

Before we reveal more details about asteroids’ place in astrology and move onto the interpretation of placement of one specific asteroid, Juno, let us talk a bit about astrology.

What is astrology? How it help us understand our lives? Humankind is connected with the skies above.

Our destinies are written in the stars, although it is something we find difficult to comprehend and fully explain.

Nevertheless, throughout our history we have been looking into skies, in search for answers to existential questions and much more.

Great figures of the past would readily seek help from astrologers, in order to plan their actions and to understand their position in the world and life.

Astrology is probably the oldest science there is.

Astrology could give us insight into things that lie beyond the visible and tangible world.

It gives us hints of what could possibly happen in the future, help us understand potentials we have and much more.

Astrology is a complex field and it has many branches.

Most people simply identify it with personal horoscope, although astrological prognoses could be done for whole countries, nations etc.

However, we are most interested and informed about personal astrology, that is, individual horoscopes, based on our natal charts.

Horoscope give us a better insight into who we are and help us understand and manage our relationships with people.

Besides individual natal charts, people are often interested into composite and comparative charts that could reveal the nature of specific relationships.

Okay, what are astrological birth charts? What do they have to do with planets and, in this case, asteroids?

Natal charts are schemes of planetary positions at the time we were born.

According to astrology, planetary placement shape up our personality and the interpretation of the placement help us recognize and manifest our potentials.

That said, astrology and birth charts are not predictions of the future in a simple sense, but more of a guideline.

By learning the secrets beyond our surface, by getting to know our true potentials, we may use them better and grow in a right direction, so to say.

Asteroids in Astrology

Now that we understand some basics about astrology and natal chart, let us turn to asteroids.

As you probably know, your natal chart presents with a unique placement of celestial bodies inside astrological houses, fields of particular zodiac signs.

In traditional astrology, only five planets were known, plus the luminaries.

In modern astrology, three more planets were added, so we could speak about ten planets in total, since the Sun and the Moon are taken as planets in astrological terms.

What about asteroids? When were they discovered and how they were introduced into astrology? Asteroids are a novice in astrology.

This type of celestial bodies was discovered pretty recently, about two centuries ago.

Even then, they were not included into astrological readings.

It happened a bit later, in the second half of the previous century.

Asteroids entered the field of astrology in times of great social and cultural changes.

Asteroids brought a refreshment into astrological analyzes, to say.

Before the introduction of asteroids, only two planets were associated with feminine energy, the feminine principle. These were Venus and the Moon.

There are many asteroids, but the four most important representatives of this astronomical/astrological category are Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres – the four goddesses of ancient pantheons.

The four goddesses historically and mythically originate from times before the dominance of men within society, in the sense of patriarchal society.

They represent female principle and feminine archetypes.

The four asteroids carry their attributes and help us discover value and understand the feminine principle within our birth charts.

Asteroids help us better understand our attitudes, our relationships, our true self.

Asteroids tell about the feminine aspect of the human psyche; not to be confused, we all have both masculine and feminine parts.

Not all astrologers include them in readings, but more and more do so, for a good reason.

Asteroids give more complexity to our already complex, colorful and unique birth charts.

The placement of asteroids gives another shade to our overall astrological nature.

Let us learn more about one specific asteroid – Juno.

Juno in Astrology

Asteroid Juno carries attributes of the goddess Hera, the supreme goddess of the Greek pantheon, the loyal and devoted wife of the powerful Zeus.

In Roman mythology, they are called Juno and Jupiter.

The goddess Hera was protector of marriage, of marital oaths, of married women in particular.

She was worshiped as a mother-goddess, the protector of childbirth, associated with motherhood and fertility.

She was devoted to her husband, even if Zeus was not that faithful to her.

Hera is also associated with jealousy.

However, she never broke her oaths and, what is more, she did not want to be with Zeus, until he promised to marry her.

In astrological sense, Juno tells about long term, solid relationships, about marriage, about lifelong partner.

It tells about the type of a partner we would like to spend our lifetime with.

In fact, it tells about the person we actually need, not the one we think we need.

Planets mars and Venus tell about attraction, about the attraction between opposites striving for harmony; although the myth of Ares and Aphrodite illustrated this type of relationship, it could also be associated with Zeus and Hera.

However, Juno asteroid tells something more.

It tells about who we should be with, not about whom we are passionately attracted to.

In life, of course, these categories do not have to exclude one another.

The archetype of Hera and the asteroid of Juno tell about the position of being dominant and being dominated, at the same time.

Hera did not leave Zeus, even if he cheated on her; however, she also embodies the principles of jealousy and destruction.

Nevertheless, she remains the saver of marriage and family unity.

In astrological sense, the asteroid Juno tells much about our relationships, our role in relationships , about all the difficulties and joys we could encounter in our relationships.

Virgo Personality and Traits

In order to understand what the placement of Juno in Virgo means , we have to get more familiar with the characteristics of the zodiac sign of Virgo.

Virgo people are said to be well-organized, tidy, a bit cold. Let us reveal more.

Virgo is the ruler of the Sixth House in astrology. The sixth astrological field is primarily associated with one’s attitude towards professional aspect of life and health.

The constellation of Virgo is ruled by mercury, the planet of intellect and communication.

Mercury rules another zodiac sign – Gemini.

However, in Virgo, Mercury is more rational and logic, while in Gemini, its energy is more youthful, communicative, more mutable, to say.

Virgos are some of the most rational zodiac representatives.

Everything in a Virgo’s life should be planned, organized, perfectly analyzed and calculated.

Virgos do not like surprises and chaotic environment.

They are detail oriented, meticulous, tidy and value minimalism over chaos.

These people are all but spontaneous. Virgos are cool headed and reserved; they are not prone to rash and impulsive decisions or affective reactions.

No, Virgos are cool, but they often appear too strict and stiff and they lack imagination.

There are no accidents, when a Virgo was in question.

They already know about all the possibilities and outcomes, because they have already planned it all.

Virgos are afraid of unpredictable events and turns.

They cannot deal well with new situations, if they cannot find a firm ground in previous experiences.

That said, they are not prone to experiments, but they will master fields they find secure in.

Virgos could be extraordinary scientists, analysts and researches.

They could be brilliant in their work, whatever field they chose. They are practical and have an excellent memory.

Virgos rarely make mistakes, which is a double-bladed sword, because they will feel completely lost if a mistake actually happens.

Virgos could be very critical towards both themselves and others.

They are typically reserved, but they could be excellent diplomats and they know how to use arguments in a conversation.

They do not get swayed by emotions; they rationalize everything.

Virgos could be either very quiet or eloquent, logic-guided speakers.

Virgo people are not particularly romantic or warm. They do not express their affection through cuddles, kisses, sweet words.

They are extremely rational and they will not lose their head because of love.

They prefer staying alone over being in a relationship or marriage for the sake of having one.

When in a relationship or married, Virgos are known to be loyal, dedicated to the institution of a relationship, so to say.

They do not change partners quickly.

Juno in Virgo – General Information

Juno in Virgo is an interesting placement, now when we have an idea of both basic characteristics of Juno asteroid and the zodiac sign of Virgo and its astrological house.

People born with Juno in Virgo are cool-headed, rational and practical.

These people do not do things simply for pleasure or to have some fun.

Everything in their lives has to be realistic and purposeful; if not so, they do not see any good reason to invest into it.

The same stands for relationships with people. They are not interested into simple small talk and would not engage into shallow conversation.

They respect others’ abilities and skills, they fall for hard-working, organized, dedicated people like themselves.

Juno Virgo people cannot stay lazy individuals and people who try to avoid their responsibilities.

They are attracted by ambitious, but down to earth people.

Juno Virgo people need to find purpose in everything, they need to have a concrete goal and they like to plan their steps.

They value order, organization, tactic.

People with Juno in Virgo seek for a partner they can fully rely on emotionally and practically.

They need a person who stands with both feet on the ground, who is punctual, calm, practical.

They do not die for romance and sweet talk.

However, they need to see in their partner a person who is ready to help and to sacrifice their time to help others and defend those who cannot stand for themselves.

They are attracted to people who contribute to society and overall well-being.

However, if they themselves are too strict and too cool-headed, maybe they will need a person who is just a little bit more relaxed; someone who still carries the desired qualities, but whose natal chart allows for a bit more of playfulness.

Juno in Virgo – Positive Traits

Juno in Virgo people are devoted, dedicated, focused.

They are so in work and in life.

In relationships, which is what interests us the most here, they do not crave for romance, they do not need their partner to pamper them with roses and romantic candles.

They would like to see dedication and readiness to help and maintain harmony in a relationship.

In marriage, they need someone practical, cool-headed, one who will not make drama over challenges, one who will be helpful, supportive and reliable.

They love routine and they would stick to it; they value people who can do the same.

With their partner, they will try hard to make the schedule fitting everyone. They strive for harmony.

Juno Virgo people are supportive of their beloved ones and they need a partner whom they can count on.

They are ready to fight for the relationship.

Juno in Virgo – Negative Traits

On a negative side, people with Juno in Virgo can be too demanding.

They may try to change their partner or the people they live with, so that they could meet their expectations.

They may try to impose on others their own sense for organization and their own set of rules.

They will have no understanding for someone’s behavior, one which does not fit their idea of organization.

They sometimes expect too much of people and feel very bad if they cannot get it.

Juno Virgo people may appear very cold and reserved.

They can leave the impression of someone who is actually not interested into forming any bonds with people, which, of course, is not true.

Juno in Virgo Man

Men born with Juno in Virgo are dedicated to their work, they have well-planned future, they are supportive and reliable.

They are excellent partners and colleagues.

They are intellectual and this is how they win their partners and vice versa.

They are not particularly romantic, but they are extremely polite, respectful and well-mannered.

These men are intellectuals and they master their fields of interest.

They love to plan things, they are a bit of perfectionists, they value order and hierarchy.

In relationships, they are focused, loyal, dedicated.

We could say these men greatly respect the institution of marriage and they enter relationships they find promising in that sense.

The same could be said for their feminine counterparts.

Juno in Virgo Woman

Juno Virgo women are similar to Juno Virgo men. Dedicated, hard-working, very realistic and not particularly romantic.

These ladies fall for intellectual stimulation, not for flower bouquets and expensive dinner.

These ladies are elegant, classy, well mannered and polite.

They are great interlocutors and they are impressed by people who have great knowledge and skill.

They seek for a partner who is reliable, who has a clear idea of future.

They could be friends with people who are not into plans and routine, but they could hardly share life with such type of people.

Juno in Virgo – Brief Summary

Juno in Virgo people are calm, organized and polite. They need a partner who brings harmony and order.

They cannot stand chaotic environment and lack of concrete plans.

These people stand firm to their values and principles and expect the same from those they share life with.

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