Kammererite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Humans have been always been fascinated with crystals, they were captivated by their looks and their usage, even thousands of years in the past, and also nowadays, people love to be connected to nature in this way.

Throughout the past, numerous mystical and divine effects have been associated with them, and there are also numerous practices for defense from negative energies. One of them is certanly the usage of crystal stones.

It makes the perfect sense, they come to nature and they may be the perfect way we are connected to nature because, in it, we can find the cure for all diseases.

In some cases, because of ignorance, there was a lot of misuse of the crystals.

It is said that the majority of religions recognize the significance of crystals, particularly Hinduism sees crystals as our connection to the energy centers of human beings.

And in this way, we can affect those centers with the proper usage of crystals. Today we are speaking of in particular.

Kammererite is the name and it is one of the most interesting crystals you can use, although it could not be found as easily as some other stones.

It is seen as the stone associated with the initiation (besides all other meanings, this is the crystal that helps us start something, and to do it we have to change something in our lives).

It serves as a helper in a process of preparation for facing the unknown with bravery (as this is what so many of us may lack in life), but also with the feeling of happiness, and stability, sustaining us as we meet our spiritual development. It directs us to our path, so to speak.

Kammererite Origin

Kammererite is a crystal that comes from Europe, in particular from Sweden, which is its land of origin.

But these crystals could also be found in Norway, Finland, and Turkey.

It got its name from August Alexander Kammerer, who was a scientist from Russia.

This stone could also be found by the name Kaemmererite. There are larger and smaller stones, more or less attractive.

Different Colors

Primarily, Kammererite has a dark purple color, and at times it can come in the shade of pink.

In some cases, the color of this stone can have some red shades on itself, which could be more or less pronounced.

This crystal has a hexagonal or pyramid form, but these shapes are somewhat rare to find, and most commonly you will not find them looking like this.

In addition, it may be found as a coating on other minerals.

It would be expected that the stone that has chlorite in itself would have a somewhat green shade to it, but not this one.

Kammererite also contains chromium which causes its shade to be different and therefore it has a completely different energy than some other stones.

Those other stones are for example Seraphinite or maybe even Chlorite Phantom Quartz which has that distinctive green color.

Healing properties are present thanks to the presence of chlorite, as it helps the organism absorb good elements.

Chlorite is responsible for an easier intake of minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the body and mind to work well.

Kammererite is amazing for the discharge of harmful build-up in the body and may enable releasing poisonous views and letting go of any negativity.

It shows that negativity and toxic elements are found not only in the body but also in the mind, as this is the place from where it all comes. First, our mind gets sick, and then our bodies.

Spiritual Meaning

Kammererite is a crystal that has a dark pink-purple color, and what that means is this – it has the energy which is associated with the sixth sense, to the crown chakra.

Some experts associate it with the third eye (some like to call it the eye of wisdom); it has an impact on our instinct, spiritual energy, the ability of prediction, clairvoyance, etc.

It could be awakened by the numerous spiritual practices, but it also occurs that it opens by accident.

Of course, crystals, and this includes Kammererite could be used for the process of opening the third eye in people, and for that it is advised that you hold between the eyes, where the third eye is located.

This crystal is also connected to more heightened etheric chakras.

The existence of chlorite in the stone itself means that this stone is amazing for healing processes and it is the crystal with one of the strongest spiritual vibrations there is.

It is said that this stone has remarkable energy, lovely and potent, and it is mostly used for meditation.

Kammererite is therefore a perfect stone that could be used for day-to-day meditation, as their energetic movement is present here to encourage the mind to make good decisions and give you focus.

This stone can assist people to spiritually grow and get in touch with Angelical beings, especially during meditation or some other ritual.

It can likewise enable you to achieve clarity about issues that are maybe the problem for you, but still using this crystal you will be able to know based on your inner feeling what you should do.

These crystals have a good activity to promote spiritual clearness, with a powerful heart-based control that permits you to gain an understanding of more profound spiritual facts, that in any other way, you would not be able to do it.

There is nothing that could help you do it, and in this way, you are waking up something that you may already know deep inside of yourself.


A Soul star chakra and any others that are associated with the higher realms are in a connection to this crystal.

It has a strong impact on them, as well as on a third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

All those who want to make their psychic skills better should use this stone, as it can assist them in reclining when utilizing it so that you can put the stone on your forehead where it can be close to the third eye as it is associated with that chakra.

This stone has a very restorative impact on the third eye.

Also, some people put Kammererite on a head as they would wear a crown; there are so many creative ways to wear and use this purple stone.

In this way, this crystal is balancing the mind where all these chakras are.

In some way, the message that this crystal of unusual name carries to the people who love to use it is to allow the enjoyment and excitement of potential to take us through times of trouble, suspicion, frustration, or pain, that are so often in our lives.

Kammererite Healing Properties

This crystal is perfect for all people who need not just physical healing but primarily spiritual and emotions.

In a physical sense, this stone can aid you if you have any problems with muscles and joints.

In these cases, it is recommended to be worn on a body, if you can as a piece of jewelry.

This stone is considered to be associated with the processes and restoration of energy and understanding, it sustains us when recuperating, whether from sickness, pessimism, or fatigue.

Anything that is seen as toxic, negative, anything that puts you down, and moves you from the spiritual path could be eliminated with Kammererite.

It does it in a way that it serves as a reminder that all of us should be aware of what we are battling for, that we picked this physical reality for a reason, but that we must give meaning to it.

In this sense, it is believed that this healing rock can assist women with the problems they may have with their reproductive health, like fertility or periods.

It is believed that this purple stone has the energy that is helpful for the stomach, to be precise it helps produce good bacteria in it.

Kammererite Metaphysical Properties

An impressive characteristic of the metaphysical qualities of these crystals is their movement to convey the pulse of the physical body into resonance with the mind.

Integrating the two may permit both dimensions of your life to work as one, in an amazing unity.

Holding one of these rocks on your body may be useful to aid your recuperation in a mental and emotional and spirtual sense.

On top of all of this, Kammererite may stimulate people to acclimate to changed occurrences and transformations of their beliefs.

This could be an easy process for sure, or easier when you have such crystal by your side.

This stone works in a way that they are getting closer to two sides of the brain, one is emotional and the other one is rational.

By doing so, Kammererite is making one the innovative and instinctive parts of the person, so that they could be harmonized.

This profound harmony within your introspections pours into all aspects of your life, allowing you to have a more balanced and proportional life.

We spoke of the importance of the crown chakra, and here with Kammererite, the vibration is also present to assist a person in the alignment of the lifting of chakras, to help you to feel calm and focused.

Other Benefits and Uses

Transition in whatever part of life, starting something over, and the process of learning are not ever effortless.

It is comfortable not to change and to stay in one place for a long time, but this is the reason why this stone should be a part of your home and life.

It should be used in moments when you want to make the pain and tiredness, and uncomfortable, but deep inside, we understand that it should be.

There are instants of discomfort, but there is even so much pleasure in the evolution of who we believed we are, into the people we want to become, we are meant to become.

This crystal could be used for such purposes because above anything else, people need the strength to make a change and later on, a balance to align body, soul, and mind.

Some people like to use this stone for protecting their homes, as it has strong protective energy.

People love to put them in the center of their homes, believing that in this way they can protect the entire home.

Kammererite should find a place in the most important place in your home, but some people like to put it in a place where they spend the most time, and another safe option is to put it in a bedroom.

It is recommended these stones be used with other protective stones, as a very strong combination.

In this sense, this crystal is the best combined for balance, with for example the Tiger eye or Cerussite. This may just work perfectly.

All of them individually and in combination are able to balance the mind, body, and soul.

Zodiac Birthstone

Kammererite is the birthstone associated with the Pisces Zodiac sign.

It is so because of the purple color and all of its qualities, which are just what this Zodiac sign needs.

It is recommended for the members of this sign to wear jewelry made out of this crystal.

Pisces people are just the ones that this stone could extract; they want to know more about life, in a spiritual sense, they are usually very interested in opening their other senses, and most of them during life are able to do it.


Crystals are worn as jewelry, and this is a very common way of using them.

This stone is also suitable to be carried in such a way.

People love to wear this type of stone as a part of their jewelry, often as a bracelet, as it is great and effective when it is put directly on the body.

How to Cleanse and Charge Kammererite?

With all crystals, including this one, regular cleaning and charging are important. But you must know how to do it.

You can clean your stones with the use of a brush that is very soft, and you can use a detergent that is very mild.

Water for cleaning this stone should be warm.

For charging you can expose this stone to the sunlight, or alternatively to the moonlight, for 24 hours.

How much does Kammererite cost?

Have in mind that this type of stone is not really easy to find, and for some, in certain countries, it can be a bit of a problem, but the best way is to find it online and to buy it from someone who specializes in crystals so that you do not end up with the fake one.

This crystal with the wonderful vibration could be ordered online.

The price varies – a very rare stone from India, that is considerable in size could be found for a whopping 1.200 dollars, but you can find it for a lot less, like 114 dollars, or even 30 dollars.

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To conclude, this crystal is very famous for its potency, as it can be such a powerful tool for your home; you can use it to shield your home from all negativity it may come your way.

Kammererite has a vibration that is especially valuable to aid your thought as it enables you to offset the mind; you will ease your mind and start thinking in a completely different way.

By obtaining the two parts of the mind into harmony, it is believed that this stone can assist you in the creation of a more balanced life.

When you utilize this crystal, for example, in prayer, or in meditation, in fact, you can achieve a more profound contemplative state and its power may aid you to make a connection with the Divine realm.

Kammererite has an amazing vibration to oblige emotional recovery and may be useful to help you to recall past lives that are connected to health problems that you may have during life.

This crystal alternative could be utilized in a mixture with other healing rocks to improve the general energy of healing.

Similarly, it also allows you to start more significant flexibility in your thought and thought form and may enable you to discharge any negativity you may feel in a physical or emotional sense. It is something that all of us need.

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