Larimar Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

With crystal usage increased in recent years, people are more interested in their healing properties and different meanings.

Crystal healing comes hand in hand with the popularity of new-age beliefs such as yoga, alternative medicine, and mindfulness.

And while crystals are a part of pseudoscience, many believe in their healing and calming powers.

There is not any evidence to support they bring any harm, so they could be helpful if channeled correctly.

Some sources estimate that people used crystals for their benefits as far back as 6,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia.

Even Plato Atlantis mentions crystal healing and using crystals to read minds and transmit thoughts.

The practice of using semiprecious stones to boost low energy, help with anxiety, and release blocked energy through the Japanese form of energy healing called Reiki.

These stones have stable and unchanging flow, with a unique energy field and frequency which can resonate with our vibrations.

Individual crystals can bring balance to your life and mind, as each crystal has exceptional energy that can align with specific areas of your life.

Depending on what your soul and energy need at the exact moment, you can find comfort and clearance in divergent crystals.

Wisely choosing can help the most, and with a wide variety of semiprecious stones and crystals to choose from, it does not hurt to try them out!

One of the most precious and soothing minerals is our topic for today, coming in the most beautiful colors of the sea – Larimar!

Larimar Crystal Origin

As we mentioned, crystals come in all shapes and sizes, but it is not a crucial part of the selection.

Crystals and minerals can have a comfortable spot as your house décor; if you wish to use their healing properties accurately, you need to explore their powers deeper.

If your soul needs emotional, mental, or spiritual enlightenment, this rare blue variety crystal is the right choice for you.

But continue reading to see if Larimar is the right choice for your needs!

Larimar is a silicate mineral pectolite, an acid hydrate of sodium and calcium, found only in the Dominican Republic.

The people did not know the uses of the blue stone after its discovery in 1916, but they believed it came from the deep sea, treasuring its discovery.

Larimar is an extremely rare gemstone, and you can find it only in the mountainous and out-of-reach areas in the Dominican Republic (the province of Barahona).

Barahona is in the southwest of the country, and it is the center of the sugar production industry, but it is mainly known for this precious gemstone.

Also known as the “dolphin stone,” Larimar was discovered by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren of the Barahona Parish, but his request to exploit the stone had not met his standards.

The stone made an appearance for more people to recognize in 1974 when its wide usage started.

Moreover, a member of the U.S Peace Corps, Norman Rilling, and his Dominican friend Miguel Méndez found pieces of Larimar on the seashore.

The name for the mineral was created by Méndez, who took his daughter’s name Larissa and added the Spanish word for sea (mar), forming Larimar.

Larimar formed from Miocene volcanic rocks from the first geological epoch of the Neogene Period.

These rocks contained cavities filled with minerals, including blue pectolite.

When stones erode, they are carried down naturally to the beaches underneath and finally to the sea.

The process is protracted but worth it when we get gorgeous precious stones.

The tumbling across the streambed provides the natural polishing, revealing its contrasting blue hues.

Different Colors

Larimar crystal is a prominent jewelry piece due to its stunning shades of blue and green.

Most Larimar jewelry is made in combination with silver, but sometimes it is also set in gold. Its powers do not diminish in these combinations.

The unique color comes from the crystal composition, as the stone is made mainly of pectolite, a white to a gray mineral found in various locations.

The colors in the stone vary from white and translucent to light blue and green blue.

Other than that, the stone can have purple, pink, and green hues and sometimes differently colored specks and splashes.

But Larimar is also volcanic produce, carrying calcium instead of copper (usually found in pectolite minerals).

Its color is not only for aesthetic purposes but for energy too.

Blue color energy crystals bring faith, patience, and respect to your life, carrying peculiar trust and responsibility.

Light blue crystals can help with seeing forgiveness and accepting the life we lead.

Larimar utilizes a fresh and welcoming turquoise energy that brings us serenity and growth, especially for those who feel stuck in a decrepit state.

Turquoise energy crystals boost peace and harmony through spiritual understanding.

Spiritual Meaning

Larimar is swimming with the tranquil energies of sea and sky, bringing peace to those who seek.

As a water stone, it is infused with calm and light energy and can help reduce many devious states.

Born from fire and heat, brought down to the calming sea, Larimar is an idyllic stone for balancing energy, as it can be calming for those in need but also can provide inner strength for people who might feel weak and defeated.

Some say how Larimar connects to the goddess energies of sea and sky and can help women especially to attune to their inner femininity.

This stone is related to the humor and vivaciousness of your personality, but it can bring a sense of your power and how to use it fully.

It represents the healing of the Earth when connected to the ground, where it is charged for the utmost usage.

The stone is a precious piece of land, gathered from the sea and the volcano, useful in dimensional work on your being and your soul.

You can manifest your highest purpose in life while working on your receptive and intuitive nature.

Larimar projects the true goddess in women, with harm to none.

With its light charms, Larimar stimulates the third eye, throat, and heart chakras for inner wisdom and outer manifestation.


Larimar is a perfect crystal for those struggling with keeping control in their life, especially with communication and emotions.

The stone activates the throat chakra, forcing us to open to those around us.

It reminds you of the importance of not being shy to speak your mind and discussing potential issues.

Since it is a perfect blend of the tranquil sea and the unpredictable sky, the crystal has a soft, soothing energy that can bring peace to those restless.

With the delicate combination of the blues, Larimar also carries the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and the healing powers of the oceans.

The stones do not pass any light as they are opaque gemstones, but they hold a light to guide your spirit to liberation. It is up to you to use it wisely.

Larimar can help lessen bad dreams, especially those triggered by anxiety.

It is also a stellar stone to place on your bedside table for calmness and insomnia reduction.

Some people love to wear Larimar in their jewelry to keep the light close to their bodies.

This stone belongs to the zodiac sign Leo.

Leo is under the influence of the Sun, described as courageous, dynamic, masculine, and self-confident. Larimar’s purpose is to get all of that out of Leo naturally.

Larimar Crystal Healing Properties

As a healing crystal, Larimar provides many health advantages.

It can clear up mental, emotional, and spiritual energy and uplift your mind and spirit.

Stop and breathe for a while and listen to your chakras realigning.

As previously mentioned, Larimar is idyllic to have it close to your being, as it can help with manifestation and understanding.

Other than this, Larimar allows you to reunite with your inner dedication.

You may start letting go of the previous emotional and mental damages as your mind separates constructive and destructive negative emotions.

It can bring back resolution and joy as you continue with your path in life.

Larimar connects to the element of water, which rules our emotions.

The stone might help with anxiety, especially social anxiety, guilt, and sad thoughts.

With emotional healing, you are courageous to let go of self-sabotaging behavior and self-victimization.

Maybe someone else has been taking your light, but it is time to let go.

For those lost in the choices and decisions they make, Larimar assists with taking control of your life and brings a sense of peace in truthfulness after admitting guilt.

It can be a great servant for taking care of phobias and stress-related imbalances, such as excessive anger or fear.

It helps with breaking down the walls for emotional release. But do not worry, as you do not have to rely on Larimar any longer than needed.

Larimar can be used as a steppingstone for personal healing in various directions while you take courage from the experience to move on your own.

In the sense of physical healing, Larimar can help with blockages of the head, neck, chest, and constricted joints, thanks to its connection with chakras.

Larimar also opens up the acupressure and acupuncture meridians at the feet as a reflexology tool.

The stone effortlessly induces a deep meditative state for better harmonizing your body and your soul.

It can help dissolve past experiences, especially negative ones, as your soul is cleansed.

It is a great way to communicate with other realms during meditation, as only your being is left in sight.

It disconnects you from the unhealthy bonds with other people or beliefs that do not serve you accordingly and opens up the pathway to the “divine stair of ascension.”

Larimar Crystal Metaphysical Properties

As the guidance stone, Larimar is laced with heavenly vibes as it runs energy across all the upper chakras.

When your heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras are aligned, you are tuned to the sense of love, trust, communication, wisdom, and communion with other beings.

In that sense, the precious gemstone is helpful to singers and those who use their voices often.

It is widely believed this crystal can enlighten and heal the part necessary to go through a change.

Depending on what you need, it can help in various ways, especially in keeping your perspective clear.

Larimar soothes the emotional body, releasing pent-up frustration and stress.

And while sometimes you might feel down and defeated, it can create almost oasis-like calmness in your mind and emotions.

People are not latched to the stress, but sometimes it feels like that is all we have around us.

Our body deserves peace, and our mind needs constant translucent peace to relax and unwind. Larimar is a great way to begin the process until you feel satisfied.

Allow it to guide you on your path to clear the emotional and mental blockage as you release all of the inner bonds which do not serve your highest good.

The blue color is often associated with calmness, like watching the sea calming down after a storm.

Maybe your life has turbulence that disrupts your natural order, meddling with your path.

Listen to this “pocket therapist” as you guide yourself through the storm.

Larimar can be a great helper even if you have a balanced life. One could experience tremendous growth from the bounds and pain you might leave behind.

Crystals of turquoise honor the Goddess of Wisdom, so you can expect to have more understanding and spiritual exploration on your path to clearance.

Larimar is a great way to open your mind to more confidence, as you eliminate the fear of judgment if you have ever silenced yourself to please others.

Your voice needs to be heard in this lackluster world, and this precious gemstone can be the final push that you might need.

Use the various sources of energy the stone provides, and let it guide you for inner peace.

But it can also be helpful for physical pain. – Moreover, keeping the gemstone close to the painful part can soothe the energy flowing until recovery.

Larimar is a stone of clear communication, as it provides the strength to speak up from the heart and make the needed decision.

The stone also has a cooling temperature and nurtures the physical and emotional bodies. It could be a concrete partner on your spiritual and emotional journey.

As mentioned, Larimar has intense feminine energy, which maybe is more beneficial to women, but like any other crystal, it is not limited to only one group.

Use it wisely and leverage it efficiently to address your needs and expectations.

Other Benefits and Uses

Larimar is more than a mesmerizing crystal with a compelling, sky-like color. It has multiple purposes, allowing you to experiment and choose one that fits your needs and expectations best.

This crystal is the epitome of relaxation and serenity. Thanks to that, it has numerous benefits.

Larimar promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. But remember that you might overlook its benefits instantaneously as it takes time to feel the long-term effects of this crystal.

After all, it is a reminder of the importance of patience. Focus on the good things in your life, which helps you nurture a mindset that invites abundance and tranquility.

Approach larimar with that energy, and you’ll notice remarkable things happening.

Because of that, this crystal helps turn excessive irritability, anxiety, resentment, and temper into peace and composure.

People often convince themselves they must fix everything and strive toward perfection in their lives.

If you’re one of them, this gemstone will help you find peace of mind and remember you can’t control everything.

It relaxes your body and soul until you embrace tranquility and reach acceptance. – Heaven is a place on Earth, and you don’t always have to do or experience something larger than life to feel it.

Even if chaos and challenges surround you, you can learn to feel at ease and live in the present. Larimar will help you unlock that mindset and inspire you to nurture it.

Since this crystal opens a path toward the ultimate inner peace, it will also make you feel more secure and levelheaded.

This gemstone brings the warmest feelings and boosts confidence, poise, and faith.

Thanks to that, it also encourages you to believe in your capabilities and feel like you can do anything you want.

Larimar reduces overthinking and prevents you from analyzing every detail and event in your life.

It teaches you to perceive your limitations as possibilities and to eliminate the ‘’can’t do’’ mindset.

As a result, you learn to overcome your fears and thrive in situations that make you uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone.

This crystal is connected with the Divine Feminine energy, encouraging you to practice self-love, give affection, and receive gifts from the universe without guilt.

Moreover, suppose you struggle with mental and social exhaustion and have difficulty recharging and shutting off the external noise.

In that case, larimar will remind you it’s okay to feel that way and reclaim your power.

Sometimes you must do what your soul and heart yearn for, even if that makes you feel selfish or inconsiderate.

This crystal encourages you to listen to your emotions and do what it takes to feel replenished.

Thanks to that, larimar is an ideal nighttime gemstone, nourishing and restoring your soul and mind.

Therefore, it helps you find tranquility and fears and overcome your fears. But it’s also perfect for balancing the inner Divine Feminine.

However, larimar is also associated with the throat chakra and can help you let go of silenced expression.

That will encourage you to speak your truth and stand up for yourself.

Larimar promotes self-power and authenticity, inspiring you to have challenging conversations you’ve been avoiding.

You will feel more courageous to express your expectations and needs and set emotional and physical boundaries.

This crystal is about stability, calmness, and balance. Because of that, it’s ideal for easing tension and harmonizing intense energies.

If your household is busy or you can’t compose your thoughts in a chaotic office, larimar can boost balance and make disorganized environments calmer.

For instance, you can keep it an open, vast space, allowing energies that pass through to be more serene.

Bring larimar to your office and keep it in your home to promote stability.

You might notice that it affects people to communicate more efficiently, be present in every moment, and stay calm in chaotic situations.

Larimar makes the atmosphere more pleasant, allowing people to feel at home. But it can also ease racing minds and restless souls.

If you want to reconnect with your inner self and calm your thoughts, hold this crystal while gazing into the ocean-like patterns or sitting at the beach.

Since larimar is associated with dolphins, you can use it to bring yourself closer to dolphins’ healing powers.

Visualize underwater critters, listen to dolphin-call music, and surround yourself with blue candles while enjoying a warm bath. That will help you feel more tranquil and keep your mind at peace.

This unique crystal can also help you overcome the fear of surgeries, injections, hospitals, and doctors.

If you have health issues and must handle medical procedures, keep larimar with you, and embrace the courage.

No wonder it also helps future mothers combat the fear of motherhood and giving birth.

Thus, this crystal can alleviate post-partum depression and support new parents in the most vulnerable moments.

Larimar is associated with the Water element. As a result, it can refresh hectic environments and subdue heated discussions.

For instance, if you struggle with intensely active kundalini energy or experience hot flashes, focus on this stone’s depth to feel better.

This crystal represents the throat chakra, making it ideal for necklace pendants that aim to unleash your inner wisdom.

Intriguingly, singers and musicians often use it to protect their voices and improve their music capabilities.

Because of that, this crystal helps heal throat infections and reinforce your health.

Besides, it can help women reduce PMS symptoms and period pain.

Larimar is also suitable for controlling blood pressure and easing tachycardia.

On the other hand, it can also eliminate sleepless nights by helping you combat insomnia.

You can also use larimar to find your one true love. This gemstone helps heal relationship-related traumas and unaddressed fears and issues.

Thanks to that, it opens you to new romantic opportunities and increases the odds of attracting your soulmate.

Finally, larimar can help you unlock a different perspective and optimistic, child-like approach to things.

It can encourage you to keep exploring and embracing all the good things life can offer.

Zodiac Birthstone

Larimar has many purposes, possibilities, and meanings. This multifaceted crystal is considered a natural birthstone due to its mesmerizing blue color.

Many astrologers and crystal healing practitioners believe it’s the birthstone of those born before the winter ends and the spring equinox starts.

Therefore, larimar is the protection stone of people born in the reign of the Pisces Zodiac sign.

After all, that’s the period when the world wakes up from a prolonged, passive hibernation-like state and embraces a new beginning in the form of spring.

That is the time of hope, trust, renewal, and faith.

As a birthstone, larimar brings people patience, respect, and commitment.

However, some people also associate this crystal with those born in July and August, the peak of summer.

Therefore, larimar could also be the Leo birthstone, making it an ideal gift for these courageous and creative natives.

In both cases, this birthstone represents optimism, new beginnings, and warmth, despite its turquoise color, which is often associated with frost and cold temperatures.

However, this versatile crystal is rarely associated with Zodiac birthstones due to not being a traditional gemstone.

But if you’re a Pisces or Leo native, larimar could resonate with you and bring you the inner peace and wisdom you seek.


Larimar is among the most revered crystals and popular choices of jewelry makers.

This gemstone possesses an undeniable depth that pulls you in.

Its turquoise hues are captivating and combine well with various pendant chains and materials.

However, it might match best with boho jewelry.

This crystal looks attractive when worn against the skin.

Regardless of your skin tone, larimar’s blue shades will create an ideal contrasting effect.

Moreover, jewelry with crystal talismans and medallions is the most efficient when pressed against one’s skin.

This gemstone will increase your vibrational energy and align it with its own.

It will listen to your needs and desires and identify what needs to be healed.

But it will also send the right message to the universe and direct your energy in the right direction.

Besides, this crystal is ideal for tight necklaces that go right around your neck, touching your throat.

That touch allows it to connect with your throat chakra, keep negative energy away, reinforce your inner voice, and improve your communication.

Larimar is also a stellar companion of bracelet pendants, allowing this crystal to connect its vibrations with your pulse.

You can also wear them as earrings, ensuring your upper chakras are free from negative vibrations.

Thus, larimar matches with various other gems.

However, agate is likely the best choice, as this stone has the same tranquil energy and can soothe your vibrations.

Hence, to increase larimar’s power, combine it with pendants with agate gemstones and get the best effect.

But you can also match it with amethyst or quartz stones, as these soothing crystals resonate with the heart chakra.

How to Cleanse and Charge Larimar Crystal?

Even if not dirty, every crystal deserves good care and occasional cleaning, including larimar.

After all, these gemstones work on the energy principle and can soak in too many negative vibrations while protecting you.

If you want your larimar to stay efficient and keep its healing properties, clean it and charge it regularly.

That way, you ensure your crystal does its best to protect you and stay on top of its game.

Plus, it’s easy to clean your larimar crystal. All it takes is to hold it under running tap water for a few minutes or dip it into spring water, which will help relinquish negative energy.

But never leave it in the water for too long (no more than two-three minutes).

Moreover, this crystal is photosensitive and shouldn’t be exposed to bright sunlight for extended periods of time. Otherwise, your larimar could fade.

This crystal also requires regular charging. Dip it into the soil for a few hours, smudge it, or use sound bathing.

Larimar also reacts positively to good vibrations and energy.

Therefore, your happiness and satisfaction will make this crystal more efficient.

How Much Does Larimar Crystal Cost?

The price of larimar ranges from $10 to $2800, depending on the size, shade, and embellishment.

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Larimar is a soothing, soft, and tranquil crystal that can restore your energy, attract joy, and protect you from self-sabotage.

It can also enhance your communication abilities and help you find your soulmate.

But this gemstone also requires care and gentle handling.

However, regular cleaning and charging your larimar will help soak in the negative energy and fill you with serenity.

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