Lava Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Lava stone, or basalt, is one of the most unique rocks on the planet.

Officially, lava stone is not a gemstone.

However, its name comes from its origin.

In essence, lava stone is a volcanic rock.

It’s also called igneous rock or pumice stone, and it’s historically one of the most abundant stones regarding its energy and healing properties.

Lava stones are actually crystalized lava that follows a volcanic eruption.

During the process of cooling down, lava turns to black, sponge-like stones of smooth surface and bubbly formation.

So, in essence, lavas stones are molten lava that creates magnificent-looking rock formations that can be found on beaches.

Each of the lava stones is unique; there are no two identical lava beads.

After all, these beautiful rocks are formed in the fiery streams of lava after a volcano eruption.

The crystalization process is responsible for lava stones’ intricate design and beauty.

However, although incredibly beautiful, basalt is one of the most common rocks to find in oceans and beaches.

These rocks containing tiny bubbles creating a porous surface have excellent healing properties. And they aren’t hard to find at all.

In fact, lava stones are present worldwide around volcanoes, active or not.

Lava Stone Origin

Basalt is an ancient stone; it’s been part of the Earth’s core for millions of years.

However, not all lava stones you may find lying on the beach are ancient.

Since there are 60 to 80 volcano eruptions yearly on our planet, there are lots of lava rocks on the surface to find.

Different Colors

Lava stones are typically black or grey, sometimes red, with a hue that depends on the oxidized ion minerals in the resurfaced lava.

The rocks are lightweight, which makes them excellent jewelry stones.

But moreover, lava stones can retain heat, which means they hold your body temperature for a while once you remove the jewelry.

This heat is the energy exchanged between your body and lava stone.

However, once you remove the rocks, the energy transfer stays there.

Therefore, lava stones are used for grounding, focus, and calmness when stressed or otherwise challenged.

Lava stones consist of the energies of the two prime elements – fire and Earth.

Therefore, basalt stones contain two opposite primal energies.

Since it has a porous structure, the stone can absorb energy, oils, aromas, and liquid matter.

The latter is a fantastic property for great use when cleaning the rock. If soaked in essential oils, lava stone can also hold fragrances.

Moreover, jewelry made of lava stones can absorb the negative energy you pick up in your daily routine.

For that reason, humans have used lavas tones for thousands of years for different purposes.

Some were practical, and some were downright magical.

For example, the valuable lava rocks were used in daily living to make vessels, beads, cook, or dye pigments.

In fact, if you grind it thoroughly, lava stones turn into a stain that is excellent for painting fabric, furniture, pottery, walls, or even the body.

For example, if you heat a lava rock, it will hold that heat and release it gradually.

That is why lava stone was used for food preparation in ancient times.

Lava Stone Symbolism

The magnificent volcanic rock has profound symbolism and meaning, especially to those going through life’s rough patches.

Lava stone is believed to reduce anxiety and maintain emotional stability and calmness.

If you’ve found a lava stone, it might be a sign that the valuable rock chose you to pick it up because you could really use it.

This often happens to people on a spiritual path to help them alleviate overwhelming feelings and sensations.

This leads us to the following essential knowledge about lava stones.

Lava Stone Spiritual Meaning

In fact, since it holds powerful fire energy, it is believed to start the fiery passion in one’s Spirit.

Moreover, this incredible rock can give you the stability, strength, and courage to chase after your most desired outcome in life.

Additionally, lava stone has a profound spiritual effect on humans.

In fact, it has an immense spiritual impact on humans, capable of cleansing one’s energy and boosting creativity.

Moreover, lava stone can help you communicate better and have more substantial social interactions.

Since it’s also called a grounding stone, a person that wears it thus deepens their connection with Mother Nature and feels more substantial.

Additionally, the rock provides stress relief and a guiding force when needed.

Stories are told about soldiers carrying lava stones with them to remain calm, centered, and resilient during battle.

Lava Stone Healing Properties

Lava stone is an excellent healing tool because it’s so strongly connected to the Earth and Fire.

Moreover, basalt carries the energy of rebirth and fresh beginnings. Since it’s associated with one of the critical chakras, the root chakra.

Muladhara is the first chakra located at the base of your spine. It is responsible for our feeling of security, safety, and being in the present moment.

Unfortunately, many people want to go straight to the third eye or crown chakra because they feel “more spiritual.”

However, overlooking the base of the chakra ladder isn’t at all wise. This mistake can cost you since unbalanced first chakra influences all the rest.

The root chakra is critical for humans since it’s essentially the foundation stone of our essential human existence and survival.

When it’s unaligned, one doesn’t feel grounded nor connected to the Earth and the collective.

Instead, one lives in the past, rehashing old hurts and heavy magnifying emotions.

This can lead to anxiety and depression, often in human survival mode. That’s when the energy is blocked and manifestation delayed.

How will you know if your root chakra needs realigning?

If you experience some of these symptoms, you could really use a lava stone:

• Cynicism
• Negative self-talk or with others
• Existential fears
• Lack of feeling secure
• Suspicion about people and life in general
• Anxiety that seems without cause
• Survival mode, all the time
• Inability to make decisions
• Lack of focus and concentration
• Low self-esteem and self-confidence

However, balancing root chakra with lava stones revives the confidence needed to use our inner strengths and notice the abundant opportunities.

Essentially, on a spiritual and metaphysical level, lava stone can:

• Ground and protect you
• Realign your root chakra
• Boost your inner power
• Connect you to Mother Earth
• Help your spiritual journey

In addition, it’s safe to say lava stone can help you find your authentic Self, which holds the strength and power needed to face anything on your path.

Use it while you meditate, pray, or have it with you all the time with jewelry.

Additionally, lava stone works as a lovely essential oil diffuser that provides therapeutic benefits which can help you heal.

Healing with lava stones provides:

• More energy
• Grounding, mental and emotional stability
• Strength and courage
• Muscle pain relief
• Focus and clarity
• Mood lifting
• Anxiety Remedy
• Calmness
• Anger resolution
• Easier communication

Since it will ignite your fiery passion inside, lava stone is excellent for self-expression and helps communication.

So if you’re still a bit afraid to let your inner light shine, wear lava stones to draw your inner beautiful and abundant Self.

Pro tip: A lava stone bracelet or necklace will bond the stone’s energy to your inner Self, so you can call on its power whenever you need it.

In addition, having lava stones nearby can alleviate a massive amount of pain or discomfort when dealing with some of life’s most painful experiences.

Use it if you need help with:

• Dealing with the loss or death of a loved one
• Letting go of the past
• Starting over and moving on
• Clearing your mind space
• Setting realistic expectations
• Releasing the past
• Overcoming failures
• Overwhelming emotions
• Stuck creativity
• Low libido
• Fertility problems
• Cleansing and purification
• Protection
• Strength
• Calming your mind
• Communication issues
• Grounding and balancing

The number of troubles lava stone can help you overcome massive, so keep it close at all times.

You will benefit from the stone most if you carry it daily.

Trust that the fiery lava power of this incredible stone will help you stay grounded and consistently inspire the most brilliant things already inside you.

Lava Stone Metaphysical Properties

In essence, lava stones are pure volcano energy, only cooled.

In fact, the rock vibrates with powerful energy and symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.

So lava stones have fantastic benefits for anyone looking to make positive life disruptions or wish to change a specific life area.

Therefore, lava stone can help you better your circumstances, aid the manifestation process, and even boost your creative juices.

In fact, the benefits of basalt stones are immense.

For example, did you know that they could help treat respiratory issues? Simply put essential oil onto the beads and wear them during the day.

You will notice feeling fresh, and your allergies lower their intensity.

Since lava stone is deeply connected to Earth and Fire energy, it can help immensely during one’s spiritual journey and challenging life phases.

In addition, lava stones are excellent grounding materials that can dramatically help you keep mental stability and overall balance.

This stability is critical while trying to figure out your next steps.

Moreover, lava stones can treat even anger and bring positivity to the aspects of life one needs the most.

And not only that, the ancients used this valuable rock in various rituals and ceremonies.

In fact, masks, vessels, ceremonial objects, and beads made of lava stones were found worldwide.

Moreover, some of those artifacts were more than eight thousand years old.

And although the people from ancient times commonly used it for practical reasons, lava stones were always considered spiritually powerful.

These magical stones can absorb the harmful, negative energy around you.

But, lava stone does not retain it but transmutes it neutral.

Then, this energy is released.

Moreover, these magnificent properties make the rock even more powerful when combined with the healing energies of other gemstones.

All one needs to do is choose a stone or a symbol significant to them. This makes lava stone jewelry way more potent.

As a matter of fact, the rock has invaluable properties that can benefit both physical and mental states.

As a result, it’s incredibly versatile and helpful for many different purposes during different life stages.

Its porous appearance gives it unique beauty, but its permeable surface holds some fantastic benefits.

Absorbing the negative energy and releasing it is just one of them.

Lava Stone Other Benefits and Uses

In essence, a lava stone is a versatile volcanic rock that you can use to help you solve various issues on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

This stone can ground you like no other and balance your emotions to help you stay calm.

Moreover, lava stone enhances focus and helps in problem-solving situations.

Whatever problem you may face, this stone will instill calmness in you and help you tap into your logical skills.

Lava stone benefits regarding emotions

Lava stones are perfect for those with overflowing emotions because it calms them.

Furthermore, since lava stone symbolizes new birth, it also represents dealing with unnecessary attachments using the strength of basalt.

Because lava stone vibrates fire and earth energies, it’s connected to the inner strength needed to make tough decisions.

Additionally, it also helps clear thinking, which is incredibly valuable when it’s time to make correct decisions for the higher good of all.

This unique stone is ideal for protection and reconnecting with one’s Self.

Moreover, lava stone helps enlighten the hidden power we all have within, but need to connect with.

Since this basalt holds grounding Earth energy, it’s perfect to wear to strengthen the connection with Mother Earth and its healing powers.

The latter will significantly positively influence your spiritual growth, offering clarity and a new perspective on the challenges you need to overcome.

Unfortunately, all humans have internal struggles that block their most desired life from manifesting.

Luckily, lava stone can help gain clarity and balance overwhelming emotions.

After all, spiritual progress requires looking deep within, which can be challenging and draining to experience.

Lava stone is an excellent anxiety remedy that provides calmness in the face of internal or external struggles.

In addition, it helps one gain self-awareness, which is critical to correctly process whatever comes to the surface, however painful.

And not only that, lava stone is a true blessing for those that feel disconnected from their inner Self.

It helps to reconnect and restore one’s self-confidence. Finally, the stone provides the clarity needed to find one’s inner power.

The latter is critical for manifesting high-level life goals.

That is because the stone helps rid of anything that might be delaying the manifestation of desires – whether it’s of a physical or psychological nature.

Lava stone benefits regarding spirituality

If there is one thing critical for spiritual growth, it’s a thing called flow.

The latter is what lava stone provides because, after all, it’s a stone containing primal fire energy.

As such, it’s incredibly grounding and helps focus energy.

So if you want to stay centered, try wearing or carrying lava stones.

Try it, and you’ll notice that with time you will start getting insight into your strengths and gifts.

Essentially, you will learn your personal power. All humans have it; however, many don’t know what theirs is or just need a reminder.

As lava stone balances emotions, it helps actualize what is hiding your innate gifts from you and the world.

Most often, our true power lies deep under the layers of heavy lessons learned and difficult emotions gathered.

Like other healing gemstones, lava stones can help you best if you wear them on your skin or as close as possible.

That way, the potent lava stone energy transfers to you and provides flow, clarity, and calmness.

In addition, wearing these stones on a necklace close to the heart is hugely beneficial.

Additionally, deal with and cleanse heavy emotions, and wear a lava bracelet so that the stones are close to your pulse.

Soon you will notice the negativity, anxiety, fear, or any other negative emotion you may feel slowly dissipate.

Instead, the energy of vitality will clear all the painful feelings keeping you from unlocking your personal power.

Moreover, basalt vibrates with energy that can help you stay clearheaded and mentally stable.

So when challenges arise, you reach for your power within and deal with them calmly and logically.

In addition, lava stone raises the vibration and aids spiritual development.

Especially since it holds abundant Earth energy powerful enough to help you connect with the Higher realm and start your spiritual rebirth.

Additionally, since lava stone is pure raw fire and Earth is in a cold form, it’s also connected to the energy of Phoenix.

Lava Stone Energy in Life

When it comes to energy, lava stone is potent. In fact, basalt vibrates the raw, fiery, intense energy.

But, on the other hand, the Earth element in these stones are very grounding and help maintain balance and calmness.

In essence, lava stones combine two primal opposite energies, providing immense help when dealing with day-to-day life and challenging phases.

Additionally, basalt provides focus and practical restraint, which is why it’s incredibly beneficial to wear or carry with you at all times.

Lava Stone Zodiac Birthstone

Regarding zodiacs, since lava stone represents the grounding, Earth energy, it is connected to Aries and Taurus.

The latter is more prominent since the stone is used for grounding and reconnecting to Earth.

Lava Stone Jewelry

The beautiful volcanic rock formations are actually one of the most popular gemstones in jewelry.

Lava stones come primarily in black, but there are also white-colored stones.

Their porous surface is undoubtedly their most significant feature, giving lava stones uniqueness.

They indeed stand out when surrounded by other kinds of gemstones.

So, naturally, they make gorgeous necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

Moreover, the potent energy of lava stones can be amplified if you use them as an essential oil diffuser.

You can choose our favorite essential oil and put a few drops of it into the pores.

The basalt will gradually and evenly release the scent, soothe your energy, helping you stay balanced.

Pro tip: Lava stones can significantly help if used during meditation practices.

Simply hold the oil-infused lava stone during a session, and you will soon be convinced of its calming and healing properties.

Pairing lava stone with other gemstones

Lava stones’ potent energy can be amplified if combined with some other gemstones.

However, there are several that pair excellent with basalt.

Each gemstone listed below provides a particular type of energy complementing the lava stone’s earthly/fiery vibration.


Howlite vibrates with calming, relaxing energy, which makes it a perfect complement to the fiery lava stone.

Together, these two stones bring a fresh, encouraging energy pushing you towards a new, abundant new beginning.

Moreover, if you’re in the “starting over” life phase, the combination of lava stone and howlite might be just what you need.


The green beauty of a gemstone is excellent to combine with basalt since it cultivates self-love and feelings of kindness and gentleness.

Therefore, it’s ideal for those who could use cutting themselves some slack and make their inner world a safer, more supportive place.

After all, it all starts with us.

So, pairing amazonite and lava stone might be wise if you need to get those motivating positive feelings on the surface.

Rose Quartz

One of the most beautiful looking gemstones radiates peace, love, tenderness, and affection.

The gentle energy is emanating from rose quartz pairs fantastic with lava stone.

Moreover, the combination of these two stones are incredibly potent for those that have trouble letting go of past hurts.

Together, Rose quartz and lava stone bring the energy needed to heal and start over.


The blue color of solidity indicates its peaceful vibration, and it really has a calming effect on the carrier.

If that resonates with you, combining it with lava stone will likely bring you a boost of vitality and energy.

So go ahead and find gemstones that you can combine with lava stones because the benefits are immense.

Even more so since mixing them with each other in a complementing way brings the layer of protection of the energies that are negative or aren’t serving your highest good.

Specifically, if you want the strongest possible protection from negative energy, you should combine lava stones with:

• Tiger’s Eye
• Black Tourmaline
• Black Tourmaline

If you need help healing the past, releasing fears, and starting anew, combine your lava stone with:

• Aventurine
• Amazonite
• Labradorite

And if you’re restless and anxious, add these gemstones to lava stones:

• Howlite
• Moonstone
• Amethyst

So now that you know which gemstone to combine with lava stone to amplify its healing and reenergizing properties, there is only one more potent addition.

Place a few drops of essential into the porous basalt surface and strengthen the connection to the grounding and peaceful vibrations.

How to Cleanse and Charge Lava Stone?

Healing and protective gemstones should be cleansed and recharged occasionally.

Luckily, the power of the Sun and Moon can cleanse lava stones and replenish their energy.

A few hours in direct sunlight will do the job, leaving your lava stone in the moonlight during the night.

Additionally, you can bury your basalt in the ground to restore its energy.

After all, lava stones carry the energy of Earth.

Finally, if you want to keep your stone from getting dirty, simply cover it with a cloth.

However, if you plan to infuse your lava stone with essential oil, you might want to clean it with water.

Using warm water and mild agents to clean oil-infused basalt is okay.

However, use spring water to give your lava stone the most effective cleanse and regeneration.

Once your lava stone is cleansed and recharged, place it somewhere special and with a specific intention.

Then, meditate on your desired outcomes and wait for the magic to happen.

How Much Does Lava Stone Cost?

Although lava stones are energetically potent and overall beneficial rocks, they are pretty affordable.

However, jewelry basalt is more affordable than interior design lava stone.

For example, the countertops made of basalt cost approximately $300 per square foot.

The lava beads you use in interior decoration are available for around $5 to $10 for smaller rocks.

But luckily, jewelry is totally affordable to most people.

For example, there are bracelets that you can make for only around $2.

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A connection to Mother Earth, an ignited flame of heart, protection, grounding, and balance – all the remarkable healing properties in one gemstone.

That is lava stone, the Earth’s stone of security, harmony, strength, self-confidence, and everything connected to the root chakra.

The first of the seven chakras are responsible for living in alignment and being able to manifest the desired future.

After all, humans are born from Earth.

Therefore, lava stone makes an ideal gemstone life companion.

Its vibration of balance, focus, tranquility, and calmness provide courage in the face of change.

Moreover, lava stones aid mental stability and clarity needed to reflect, heal, and have a new, abundant new beginning.

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