Lemon Yellow Calcite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

It might be an understatement to say that the past two years were challenging.

Many things we didn’t believe were possible in our lifetime happened.

Everyone was caught by surprise, with the pandemic disrupting our lives, plans, and hopes.

But the strict health measures and unclear predictions about when it might end weren’t enough to give us something to look forward to and nurture high hopes.

No wonder the New Age beliefs, alternative medicine, and mindfulness increased in popularity in that period.

People needed something to keep them hopeful and encourage them to keep going.

Healing crystals have likely been around from the beginning of times and always had people believing in their power.

But many found solace in collecting these unique gems during the pandemic.

Although a pseudoscience, crystal healing is associated with ancient Mesopotamia and Sumerians, highlighting its long history.

Moreover, there is no evidence of crystals harming people.

Instead, many claim it has helped them, improving their health or increasing spirituality.

Although it might be impossible to prove that these gems have actual, long-lasting power, that doesn’t stop people from using them.

However, they don’t only use crystals for healing purposes.

These magnificent gems also serve as necklaces, facial massage tools, crystal-infused water bottles, and décor.

They have more than one purpose and can enrich or better one’s life, especially if they believe in crystal healing power.

Moreover, various crystals exist, each with unique properties and meaning.

But today, we’re exploring one of the most revered gems – the lemon yellow calcite crystal.

Lemon Yellow Calcite Crystal Origin

Although the healing crystals have a remarkable history and were first mentioned in ancient times, the lemon yellow calcite crystal is among the youngest ones.

This magnificent stone has an intense shimmer, resembling vibrant sun rays.

Yellow calcite is wrapped in positivity and warmth, continuously being in a state of good energy.

That also makes its healing properties an invaluable tool for crystal practitioners.

Since lemon yellow calcite belongs to the calcium carbonate group, it comes from sedimentary rocks.

Many sources claim that Pakistan is the origin of this crystal, which may be younger than other gems.

However, it’s impossible to say the accurate date yellow calcite first appeared.

But ever since it crossed paths with humans, scientists, healers, and lovers of crystals have been trying to uncover its properties, meaning, and different types of uses.

These wonderful, shimmering gems can appear in various places, such as shells, corals, and caves.

If you plan to collect lemon yellow calcite stones, you might be surprised by all the locations where you can find them.

Iceland, Slovakia, Peru, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and United States have the most important markets for these gems. I

n general, yellow calcite is prevalent in nature, and one can discover it in many places.

Because of that, this gem has a long and impressive history.

Many civilizations regarded the lemon yellow crystal as sacred and believed it had spiritual and religious significance.

Moreover, seers and shamans always loved this gem and believed it could help connect them with higher spiritual instances.

Lemon yellow crystal also has a soft and vulnerable nature, but ancient Egyptians used it in their development of the Sphinx of Memphis.

Therefore, this stone appeared in various architectural undertakings and masterpieces.

Even though the Sphinx of Memphis is not as revered as the Great Sphinx of Giza, this stone sphinx is impressive because it was made mainly from lemon yellow calcite.

Besides, it’s the largest statue made of calcite.

Many historians are convinced that the developers of that sphinx did it to benefit from the solar connection.

Overall, the history of the lemon yellow crystal calcite gets less attention than other, most popular gems.

As a result, little is known about where this stone comes from and when it first appeared.

But that doesn’t mean the interest in this gem isn’t growing and getting more attention from crystal healers and potential buyers.

Let’s explore what shades lemon yellow calcite crystal can have.

Different Colors

Lemon yellow calcite crystal has versatile physical properties and may come in different colors and transparencies.

For instance, this stone has vibrant colors and may range from intense lemon yellow to pale pastel yellow.

One can also find this one-of-a-kind in gold hues.

But the iron impurities in the lemon yellow calcite crystals help create numerous shades and diversify this stone.

For instance, it can have pale pastel colors or impressive rich lemon-yellow aesthetics.

Moreover, this stone can also have a variety of shimmers.

Some lemon yellow crystals are opaque and milky, but others are crystalline, allowing intense shine to pass through them.

These stones also come in various shapes, each equally captivating.

It can be challenging to choose one, as the lemon yellow calcite prides on being a diverse crystal, available in multiple yellowish hues, including ivory, buff, light amber, and creamy.

The color choice is wider if you want to purchase jewelry with this attractive gem.

Because of that, research your possibilities before choosing one and decide which one fits best your character, intentions, and preferences.

But whatever you choose, lemon yellow calcite has powerful characteristics, making it worthy of purchasing and adding to your personal collection.

Before you opt for one, let’s dive deeper into its properties and what to expect from lemon yellow crystals.

Spiritual Meaning

As a multifaceted crystal, lemon yellow calcite has various meanings.

Hence, it doesn’t center around one aspect of life, expanding its potential and use.

Overall, this gem plays a significant role in helping you establish a positive aura, find peace, and reach enlightenment.

Intriguingly, the Great Eliminator is the most popular nickname for lemon yellow calcite.

This crystal earned that nickname due to its capability to eliminate dark and overwhelming energy.

That makes it a magnificent amplifier and purifier.

Lemon yellow crystal has remarkable healing properties that help maintain your aura light and free, removing negative vibes weighing you down and preventing you from being more energetic and carefree.

Moreover, it boosts positivity, allowing you to reach greater heights in your life and be more cheerful.

That isn’t to say that this gem is merely an energizing tool that showers you with bling optimism and enforces rose-colored glasses.

Instead, it has more powerful characteristics and profound meaning.

Because of that, many crystal healers use this gemstone as an intense mind stone.

After all, lemon yellow calcite is stellar in helping you adjust the way you approach hurdles and overcome obstacles.

It reminds you not to drown yourself in the endless hole of self-doubts, fears, and what-ifs.

This stone helps you rise above the challenges, see the light at the end of the tunnel, and unlock your true potential.

Is there a person who doesn’t wish to tap into higher personal motivation and an improved sense of self?

That’s what makes this gemstone unique and transformative.

It is among the most efficient tools you can leverage to adjust your attitude, be kinder to yourself, and accomplish impressive things.

This gemstone is a must if you need support to relinquish toxic energy and better your life.

Lemon yellow calcite can help you get a hold of your personal power and continuously motivate yourself, even when everything goes wrong.

This stone is a reminder that things won’t always go according to plan, but that shouldn’t stop us, as there’s always another way.

Therefore, it increases your energy levels and protects you from negative vibrations and self-doubts.

Thanks to that, you can improve balance and introduce harmony to your life.

Lemon yellow calcite protects your energy fields and keeps inner demons away from you. No wonder it positively impacts the Solar Plexus chakra.

That happens because the energy of the lemon yellow calcite can subtly spread through the gut, affecting the emotional and physical body.

As the process continues, the inner core activates, allowing people to feel more in touch with their inner spirits.

Although it happens subconsciously and slowly, lemon yellow calcite can help you embark on a self-examination journey and dive deeper into what stimulates and lowers your motivation.

That way, you can identify what triggers your confidence, focus, commitment, and determination.

As a result of that spiritual process, you can unlock the knowledge of what you need to address and work on to be a more well-rounded individual and strive fearlessly toward your objectives.

This crystal reminds us of the ugly truth – if we don’t confront our inner demons and deal with them, they will eventually become a part of us.

However, lemon yellow calcite aims to prevent that from happening, forcing you to face the conflicts and understand how to solve them.

But you’ll also need to dedicate yourself to regular meditation to continue working on these challenges and relinquish negative traits.

It might be scary and exciting simultaneously, but if you focus on these issues, you can change who you are.

The goal is to become a better person and leverage lemon yellow calcite to support your healing.


Since lemon yellow calcite crystal is a positive, hopeful, and confident gemstone, it is associated with self-esteem, hope, and determination.

It is a powerful tool for letting go of toxic behavioral patterns, self-doubts, and negative energy.

This gemstone symbolizes personal motivation, courage, and drive.

It is effective at helping you eliminate accumulated insecurities and understand your inner power and strength.

Moreover, lemon yellow calcite can clear out destructive energy from anywhere, including your soul, body, and mind.

It enhances cerebral activity, mental capabilities, and analysis potential as a mind stone.

This gemstone can also improve memory, making the learning process smoother and faster.

Because of that, it’s recommended to have it during exams and tests.

Lemon yellow calcite crystal can help you memorize data more efficiently and retain information in long-term memory.

That makes it the best support and tool for students and those aiming to adopt a new skill or expand their knowledge.

Many people don’t know that, but this gemstone can connect you with inner spirit guides.

Its energy helps open up to higher vibrations and be more in tune with yourself and your needs.

That makes it ideal for taking your meditation to a greater level.

Lemon yellow calcite nurtures your higher mind, opening a path to caring and excellent spiritual guidance.

Thanks to that, it may give you a sense of renewal and new beginnings.

However, it’s crucial to be ready to let in higher energy and trust the process.

Yellow Lemon Calcite Crystal Healing Properties

Like other crystals, lemon yellow calcite has more than only spiritual properties.

It can also help heal and improve your well-being and mental health.

This gem can gently enhance your physical energy in general and boost your vitality and strength.

Moreover, it helps reduce grief, sorrow, and sadness by inviting positive emotions and acceptance into your life.

As a result, this gemstone may even act as a support for overcoming depression.

It helps you clear your soul and mind and unlock your inner wisdom.

If you’re going through a challenging period, this crystal can help you pass through it and find reasons to continue to fight for yourself.

But it can also address the stagnant energy, eliminate the status quo, and encourage you to break your routine.

Since this crystal helps increase self-awareness and boost your sense of self-worth, it can remove lethargy and inertia from your life.

It can calm nervousness and anger, facilitating compassion and self-acceptance.

If you have this crystal, it will help you make positivity your default mindset instead of turning to negative and self-deprecating thoughts and emotions in difficult periods.

Thanks to that, it makes it easier to confront adversities and see the positive sides of everything.

Lemon yellow calcite inspires you to approach things differently and find a better solution if the existing one isn’t working.

Thus, it can help you control your emotions, avoid rush decisions, and not act without thinking in the heat of the moment.

This crystal can stop you from doing or saying things you might regret afterward.

After all, everyone can learn to respond to conflicts and difficulties with patience and grace instead of acting out.

But lemon yellow calcite will help you make that your intuitive approach.

Besides, it enables rejuvenation of your emotional and mental health.

If you feel stuck and unable to find a way out of your current situation, this crystal will help you brainstorm the best solutions.

Therefore, it’s recommended for people who have difficulty dealing with negative emotions or shutting out the world when feeling down.

This crystal helps those who tend to become withdrawn or overthink every action and word they say.

Moreover, many say the energy of the lemon yellow calcite is nearly tangible.

Thanks to that, it draws you in and encourages you to accept its radiance.

Some crystal healing practitioners claim this gem has the power to keep you present at the moment and make the most of every opportunity.

It silences the chaos surrounding you and teaches you to stand tall and never give up.

Nevertheless, this unique stone also benefits your physical health.

It can help you with stomach problems (e.g., irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal complaints), upper intestines, upper back, and spine.

This powerful gemstone can enhance your immune system, metabolism, and digestion.

However, it can strengthen your heart, improve circulation, and help heal damaged tissues and bones faster.

No wonder it also helps reduce muscle aches, reinforce your joints, and be more resistant to virus threats.

Some crystal healing practitioners believe the lemon yellow calcite also helps tackle hormonal imbalance and improve clotting.

But it may also help reduce stress, make your skin clearer, reduce headaches, and stabilize your blood pressure. This crystal may even help with urinary infections.

Besides, some practitioners claim it can enhance kidney function and help your body eliminate toxins faster.

Therefore, lemon yellow calcite improves general health and strengthens your well-being.

That encompasses emotional wellness and optimism.

Yellow Lemon Calcite Crystal Metaphysical Properties

Since lemon yellow calcite has bright shades, it resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra (manipura according to ancient Sanscrit).

That energy point is responsible for one’s personal power, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

That chakra is right above your belly button and governs how you confront challenges and approach difficult situations.

Moreover, it’s the source of one’s self-worth.

Sadly, life often causes circumstances that slowly block or slow down the Solar Plexus.

For instance, that energy point could become troublesome if you experience failures or embarrassing situations.

The worst is that this chakra can accumulate with negative energy to the point of being entirely blocked.

That could stop the metaphysical plane from reaching the necessary balance.

Because of that, you might start struggling with self-doubt before even realizing it.

Moreover, you may feel everything spiraling out of control, leaving you no opportunity to make your own decisions.

When your Solar Plexus is hindered, you might doubt your reasoning and whether you can do what’s best for you and strive toward your goals.

In the worst case, you might reach the self-esteem bottom without any sense of worth and motivation.

However, the metaphysical characteristics of lemon yellow calcite can be your lifeline and pick you up when everything goes wrong.

This crystal resonates with your Solar Plexus chakra, restoring your emotional and mental strength and silencing your inner demons.

Moreover, this unique gem can help you reclaim your determination and personal power.

Essentially, it allows your body to feed onto the universe’s energy and re-establish connection with the higher realms.

That helps start your self-discovery journey and boost introspection.

But that process is never easy and gets worse before it gets better.

Lemon yellow calcite will resurface the problems you’ve been hiding from and force you to confront them, as that’s the only way to solve them.

Nonetheless, you can’t tackle challenges if you continue to hide from them.

On the other hand, this crystal also has the power to help you manifest and reach your deepest desires.

It increases the energy you project into the universe, leading to the faster accomplishment of your greatest dreams.

But this gemstone also purifies your aura, body, and soul.

It removes stale and negative vibrations holding you back and making you feel demotivated and hopeless.

That can also help reduce physical pain and prevent your immunity from going down.

As a stone that can wipe out old energy patterns and self-destructive behaviors, it can avoid the same negative things from happening in your life.

As a result, this crystal can bring new, enriching experiences to you and encourage you to use the incoming opportunities.

Besides, it boosts the overall energy level in your body, making you feel more vital, lively, and active.

Lemon yellow calcite improves your mental capabilities and makes you more analytical and committed to your goals.

It enhances your memory, increases curiosity, and helps you adopt new abilities faster.

Finally, this crystal can help you find a path toward the great divine, connect with your greater self, and feel more optimistic.

Thanks to that, it may serve as a happiness amulet and bring you closer to your goals.

Other Benefits and Uses

You can use lemon yellow calcite crystal for various purposes, as this is a versatile gem with numerous characteristics.

Hence, how you use it will mostly depend on what you need and what you hope to achieve.

Lemon yellow calcite can help you heal the issues concerning the Solar Plexus chakra and regain confidence, personal power, and willpower.

If you’re using it for that purpose, it’s best to include your sunny gemstone in your regular meditation activities.

For instance, it can be a good companion in your practice of tantric yoga or silent meditation.

After all, having this crystal while meditating can help you reach profound meditative lengths and release positive energy into the universe.

But it can also help you maintain your aura clear and boost optimism.

Moreover, lemon yellow calcite can relieve discomfort and tension.

Hence, if you’re experiencing pain or stress, placing it on the painful spot is recommended.

You can also use lemon yellow calcite while practicing positive affirmations, as it makes you more confident and hopeful.

This stone is ideal for students and anyone trying to learn something new or expand their knowledge.

Therefore, if you’re a student, hold this unique gemstone on your table, in the drawer, or in any spot where you use it to read and complete education-related tasks.

However, to improve data retention, you can also place lemon yellow calcite under your pillow before sleep.

But it can also be your daily companion if you decide to keep it in your schoolbag or locker.

These tiny habits can help you enhance your academic results and performance.

This yellow stone can also boost your mental capacity and make you more curious and open-minded.

Finally, you can use it to purify your home from negative energy and invite good spirits into your house.

If you prefer, you can keep this gemstone as décor and create a better, cozier atmosphere.

Zodiac Birthstone

Lemon yellow calcite is a July birthstone. This vibrant, sunny-colored gemstone is associated with the summer’s wild, warm, and hopeful energy.

That makes it a good gift for people born in July. It can help them be more optimistic, protect their health, and invite positive energy into their lives.

This gemstone is also the Zodiac birthstone of those born in the Zodiac sign of Leos and Cancers.

While Leo natives are typically strong-willed, cheerful, and creative, Cancers are romantic, sensitive, and family-oriented.

Lemon yellow calcite can help them achieve better results, boost self-confidence, and ease emotions.

However, it can also help Leo and Cancer natives be more creative and achieve better school and work results.


You can also use lemon yellow calcite crystal to create gorgeous jewelry.

Thanks to its positive energy and attractive aesthetics, this stone is ideal for necklace pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

It will also complement every outfit, regardless of the occasion.

Gemstones such as citrine, amethyst, and topaz are good pairs if you want to combine jewelry with lemon yellow calcite.

How to Cleanse and Charge Yellow Lemon Calcite Crystal?

Every crystal, including lemon yellow calcite, requires maintenance and occasional cleaning.

The easiest option is to hold it for a few minutes under lukewarm water and dry it with a soft cloth.

If your gemstone is dirty or greasy, wash it with mild soap.

However, never use anything rough to clean it and avoid salt.

Positive energy and gentle care will help you charge and protect your lemon yellow calcite.

How Much Does Yellow Lemon Calcite Crystal Cost?

The price of lemon yellow calcite crystal ranges from $3 to over $300, depending on the shape, hue, and size.

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Lemon yellow calcite crystal is a positive, versatile, and powerful gemstone that oozes with good energy.

It has various healing possibilities, and you can use it for multiple purposes.

But this stone is best for those hoping to improve their memory, achieve better results at work or school, and protect their overall well-being.

Regardless of your needs and expectations, lemon yellow calcite will invite good vibrations and energy into your life.

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