Lemurian Quartz Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Nurturing is everything we do to nourish our bodies, and the crystal amplifies any positive, healing energy it comes into contact with.

They can be used to enhance health and have a direct effect on energy levels.

Some people use them as part of their daily routine and can do a lot for skin care and overall well-being.

Using crystals on a daily basis, can heal you, and make you more beautiful than ever, from the inside and outside.

It is something that is called a glow, that can only be woken up from a source that is pure, such as crystal.

Whoever said that Lemurian crystals are just like the real-life magic wands did not make a mistake in qualifying it in this way. They certainly are, and much more.

This type of crystal has such a long and interesting origin, that some like to say, that this crystal is old as the time itself.

It could be used as a wand that directs, enhances, and focuses the Universal energy.

By using that energy we can heal, work better, become smarter, and put our emotional life into balance.

Lemurian Quartz Origin

One crystal that has such an interesting name, Lemurian Quartz, or as some like to call it Lemurian Seed Crystal.

The country of its origin is Brazil, and these are some specific localities where it could be found.

This type of crystal is quite delicate in its construction and its unique characteristics are what help its form to stay in the way that it is are enabled by its name.

Lemurian crystal can grow within a group, it can be so delicate that it will intrinsically tumble out onto the bottom of the crystal den.

Now, to connect this to its name – ancient people knew about these crystal caves and have seen such crystals on the ground and they believed that such seed is the knowledge cultivated to be taken.

Now, what is Lemuria, from which this crystal comes?

It is believed that this is a lost city and that it was the birthplace of people who were very progressive for that ancient time.

They existed almost 12 thousand years ago.

The city of Lemuria, by looking at numerous factors does associate us on the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

Many centuries ago, scientists of that time theorise that the human beings as we know them today came to be from three races, and one of them came from Lemuria, which was located near today’s Australia.

Information that crystals are recognized by numerous ancient civilizations is nothing new.

We know today that many of them considered crystals to be symbols of divine power, and the same is with Lemuria.

In ancient times, stones served as tools and weapons. Numerous myths tell us that some divine beings were born from stone.

In some civilizations that do not exist, the stone crystal characterized the presence of the Divine and was honored in numerous ways.

In this way, the crystals of many kinds become such an important part of common lives, it became just like an altar.

Also, crystals that fell from the sky also gained a lot of interest among ancient people, and in this case, even more, they were considered stones from the Divine.

In the case of these quartz stones, they have a component of both types, they fall from the sky, as it was believed, and they were picked up from the ground as seeds of Divine wisdom.

Different Colors

These crystals that are so old and come from a very special place, are quartz stones, and in them, there is a silicon dioxide mineral.

In most cases, you can see this stone in the shape of an egg or in some kind of wand.

At first look, these stones look like they are just quartz stones that have a somewhat transparent white shade.

But the most wonderful appearance these stones get is when they are exposed to the light.

Then they are showing pink colors and also some shades of brown.

In some cases, they can have green shades, blue and pink, but in the majority of cases, they are translucent white.

Spiritual Meaning

Of course, that Lemurian quartz could be used for healing and meditation. But the expansion of their usage is enormous.

This type of stone should be used for personal spiritual evolution and should be used in times when you want to grow in this way, learn and progress.

In this sense, you can combine this stone with some others, but this one should be the central one.


It would be correct to say that normal crystal Quartz is similar to this one, but there is one thing that sets these two apart, and here we are talking bout the existing ancient energy that could not be found in regular Quartz.

This could be seen in the stone itself – the horizontal stripe of segments implanted in this stone is what is most notably called “recollections”, of the past time.

Each and every strip carries its own energy, and along with it, the necessary information.

It is believed that the power that comes from Lemurian crystal is able to produce intellectual energy to supply us with the purpose that we may not see right now.

This is a clear connection to the people who, as it was believed in the ancient and lost Lemuria, become very spiritual, and were more in trace with their more elevated selves.

This relationship is directed to their race being very competent, excelling in technology, principles, and feelings.

Now, when we get in contact with crystals that were in a contact with these beings many years ago. A lot of spiritual energy is hidden here, for us to use.

Now, experts believe that these precious stones were left to us to find, and all for a higher meaning.

These beings, as it is believed, left Lemurian Quartz for us with the purpose – it is reigniting society’s contact with the Universe itself, as have lost it.

Nowadays such an idea has even more sense than ever before.

Lemurian Quartz is here to remind us that we are given the power to make and create whatever we desire.

It is needed to invest our intellect, spirit, and heart.

It reminds us that the majority of things that we look for in life are already here, present, and waiting.

Lemurian Quartz Healing Properties

This crystal is known for its relation to the feminine energy and the divine spirit.

It has a distinctive soul purpose to unify it, and give the pass to age-old Lemurian wisdom and understanding of that world that is huge and beyond compare as it is believed today.

Also, Lemurian quartz attaches human beings to the healing energies of the Lemurian mind.

It is advisable to use these stones if you want to overpower spiritual seclusion and despair.

Using this stone constantly will open up the gate toward numerous gifts of understanding and instinctive mind; all of them being awake, ready to be used. This stone is seen as a very useful healing tool.

When managed suitably, these beautiful gemstones are the best in the process of cleaning the energy area, disbanding negativity, stopping outdated energy, and restarting the chakras as we know all crystals have this type of effect on us.

This type of quartz is associated with one specific type of healing – we are talking about the emotional type.

People love to use it for this purpose and claim that after using these gems thanks to the admiringly loving vibration of these stones, their lives become rapidly better.

Lemurian Quartz Metaphysical Properties

This crystal is considered to be the one that is able to take you on the path to the past since it has such a high vibrational field.

It is the vibration that you will most certainly feel, for example, while you are meditating with it.

To connect to the past, it is advisable to stroke this gem with your fingers to connect with that ancient times and learn something relevant for you in your current life.

Some claim that this stone is so magical that you will be able to reach some beings that do not belong to this world.

Reaching such “distant” places, and by distant we do not mean far away in miles, even in years, but in the terms of dimensions.

Also, this is the perfect stone that will in this sense assist you, when you need to resolve a certain health problem that you do not see the reason or solution in this realm.

The answer lies in the karmic debts, and with this stone, you will be able to find the reason, why you are in a pain in this life, and it will provide the solution on how to resolve it.

In the end, as the most important part, using the Lemurian crystal you can heal and visit your past lives, and understand the world in its totality, as life itself (one life, the current one) does not matter and it is not final. We are more than that.

Other Benefits and Uses

As you were able to see for yourself, using this precious stone from ancient times means that you will be able to remove any negative structure of the energy barricade.

If you war aware of it or not, these may be the primary reasons why you have not been able to move from the place you do not want to be anymore.

And by using this stone, all those negative fences will be gone.

This type of stone is considered to be a strong healing gemstone that may assist you when you are in a process of healing as we have said, it is perfect for that.

But, one more thing is relevant; like the majority of crystals, this one also could be used for meditation.

Its appearance is very interesting and for some, it may seem odd, but in fact, its beauty is in its look.

Its sides are different, they are smooth and striated, and it looks wonderful, plus those wonderful stripes are making it even more gorgeous.

Precisely these stripes are the reason why this stone is associated with ancient wisdom and knowledge.

This type of Quartz is recommended to be used in any daily routine.

Anything in your daily life that you feel needs assistance, this stone may be the right for you.

But the primary objective here, for the maximum effect, is to use this stone for yourself, not others.

Lemurian Quartz is able to improve your life on a daily basis. The way you should use it is to put focus on yourself.

This stone is associated with the heart chakra and that is the reason why it is so effective when it is used for emotional issues.

After you have used this stone, you will feel calm and relaxed, and you would want to sleep like a baby.

People who feel that they are isolated from their own purpose should use Lemurian quartz since it can help them recover from such a feeling. This is also the stone that reconnects you to the purpose.

This is the gem that successfully evokes powerful feelings; and are serving as a reminder of what you have focused on on your path; where are you going and how it makes you feel.

Its energy may help you in fixing deep-seated problems from your own personal history, whether in this life or in a past one, which may be really valuable.

Zodiac Birthstone

This crystal is associated with the Taurus Zodiac sign, as crystal experts claim that this stone was known in ancient times as the gem that help enter the divine energy during the reign of Taurus.

This connection to the Zodiac sign Taurus is important since all members of this sign at times may feel so alien and withdrawn from their own life, that they need something to pull them back into the “game”.

At times, also these people can fall into the unhealthy cycle of overeating, overspending, etc, any type of excessive behavior, and they need to recover from it.

It works that the vibration of this Lemurian stone is directing people toward the spiritual self, and then they recover them in real life.


When it comes to the jewelry that has this crystal as its part, the most common way people wear this crystal, because of its characteristic shape, is in a form of a pendant on a necklace.

This is the most suitable way to wear this stone, having in mind its size, its weight, and its effectiveness.

But the best way you can use this stone is to put it directly on your body, as in some cases these stones could have a shape that is best used in this way.

How to Cleanse and Charge Lemurian Quartz?

When it comes to their cleaning and charging, it is important to have in mind that they are coming to us from the ground, the earth itself, and they should be put back on the ground after you have used them. This process will allow releasing of energy.

Do not skip this step since all crystals, and that includes this one needs to be cleaned from the accumulated energy.

Also, it is advisable to rinse your stone under the running water, after the usage, for at least five to ten minutes.

How much does Lemurian Quartz cost?

The price of these remarkable crystals can vary.

There can be bigger stones that weigh almost one kilogram, and their price is higher than 1000 dollars, while the smaller versions could be purchased for 250 dollars and less, for about 50.

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A Lemurian quartz crystal constructs a relationship with the female energy, the Divine spirit, it is associated with the consolidation of the soul and passes to the understanding and wisdom.

Such an old knowledge is a part of learning that was known in Lemuria, in those ancient times.

Such a crystal ties with the restoring capabilities of Lemurian understanding of the world that is beyond anything we know nowadays.

It sustains overwhelming spiritual solitude that can be accompanied by anxiety and even depression.

Lemurian quartz arouses numerous blessings of an empathic and instinctive mind.

It is something that all of us need, as we in these, modern times have forgotten how to be empathetic toward other human beings, and beings in general, and also how to trust our mind on instinctive levels.

The Lemurian crystals are furthermore repeatedly described as gems that allow the stunning inner transition.

They repair all chakras and empty energetic stoppages and restore disruptions in the power fields of your ambiance.

They support you on your pathway to a higher mind.

It is, by all means, an excellent rock for all people who desire to be more connected to their inner being.

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